Weekend Edition: Between Barack and a Hard Place – Obama’s Options

Barack Hussein Obama, from behind, has led the United States once great and respected position on the world stage, down the path of destruction.

We have, in 5 years, gone from the world’s only remaining superpower to…

Super powerless.

It didn’t start with Syria and, it won’t end there either.

To understand the available options in this Obama Syrian disaster, we must first, know how we got to this point.

It started with the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, a position for which, aside from traveling to different countries while Bill was in office, she was unqualified to hold.

Hillary blew the Russian reset, accepted a handshake from North Korea, ignored Libya, hired our enemies as security, allowed her own security team to run drugs and hookers and mismanaged every last thing that she touched including, having as her top aide…Huma Abedin…Whose family is deeply connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama began the free-fall when he opted NOT to assist the freedom and democracy movement in Iran THUS SENDING A CLEAR MESSAGE to the Mullahs that Iran could proceed unhindered.

He exacerbated it further when he told Israel to fall back to their pre-1967 indefensible borders thus telling Israel’s enemies that THEY need not fear U.S. protection or assistance to Israel.

By leading from behind in Libya, Obama sent a clear and unmistakable message to al Qaeda that he was prepared to assist them in the conquest of a country and he provided them the arms with which to do so.

In fabricating the You Tube video story after the al Qaeda attacks in Benghazi, repeating that lie for 3 weeks, keeping the FBI from investigating IN Benghazi and the subsequent cover up OF Benghazi, Obama has sent the message to our enemies that they have nothing to fear even when they kill our diplomats.

In Egypt, Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood, thus giving terrorism’s only political arm control of an entire nation and one which HAD kept the peace accord with Israel intact for more than 3 decades thus sending the clear message that the United States, under his rule, would turn our backs on our friends.

And so…Syria…

After Benghazi and the attempt to covertly funnel weapons from Libyan al Qaeda to Syrian al Qaeda imploded, Obama had to find a way to arm Syrian “rebels” openly and that proved too difficult in the light of day.

1 year ago, Obama set a “red line” for Assad and, watched him cross it several times while offering no discernible opposition. He also wasn’t able to get the weapons he wanted into the hands of al Qaeda in Syria either.

Obama had, after Netanyahu started talking about a red line with Iran, and in the closing months of his campaign, in an effort to try and steal thunder from a true statesman, he set his OWN red line…Something he should have never done.

With the world watching and Obama’s frustrations growing over not being able to arm al Qaeda in the light of day, a sudden and deadly sarin attack takes place inside Syria in the midst of a 2 plus year long civil war between 2 really bad actors…Assad and al Qaeda.

Suddenly, Obama saw an opening…A way to offer the assistance to al Qaeda he had no doubt promised, under the table in Benghazi, and a way to be the tough guy the world knew he could never be.

From the time he entered office and during active wars,, Obama had systematically purged the United States military upper brass of those who would and had, stood up to him or told him no, replacing them, as well as his Secretary of Defense and his Secretary of State with sycophants.

Top military minds, Admiral David Gaouette, General Carter Ham, Gen. David McKiernan, General Stanley McChrystal, General John Allen, General David Petraeus, Secretaries of Defense… Robert Michael Gates and Leon Panetta, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff… Adm. Michael Mullen have all been removed or forced into retirement under Obama during a time of war.

He had put himself in position to act as he choose to act and do, militarily, what he couldn’t do when logic, strategy, clearer objectives and military decisions outweighed political decisions where active force was involved.

A week ago, Obama sent John Kerry out to beat the drums but, a world that knows Kerry more for his turning his back on his fellow soldiers 4 decades ago and his current marital status than his acumen for steering the ship of state wasn’t about to take seriously the Shakespearean “CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR” from a falsely decorated clown.

Obama then, the very next day, threw the clown under the bus and relegated him to making an obtuse case for war before members of an unwilling congress with whom he, Obama, was suddenly and uncharacteristically submitting to for advice and consent.

That brings us to Obama’s options regarding the Syrian disaster of his own making.

None of them are good.

As congress looks poised to vote overwhelmingly against military action in Syria, Obama could, characteristically ignore them and let fly with the cruise missiles.

Bad move.

Assad would easily weather the “limited” no boots on the ground strike and claim to the world that he had beaten the once mighty U.S. and there would be nothing to prevent him from a display of WMD, in-your-face, reprisals.

Hezbollah is poised to unleash their own reprisals against Israel should Obama attack Syria and Iran would claim a proxy victory.

Obama could accept congress’ decision and NOT bomb Syria.

Bad move…That would allow Iran, Russia, Assad, Hezbollah and a host of others to paint Obama and the United States as weak and they would be encouraged…EMBOLDENED to wreak havoc in the region.

Obama COULD do what he SHOULD have done with Gaddafi and Libya…And what he should have done 2 years ago in SYRIA when it would have been effective…Launch a full scale invasion and rid Syria of Assad AND all terrorist elements while assisting REAL democracy activists there to take control and create a FREE Syria.

The consequences of this would bring about a worldwide crisis.

He lacks the will and, the military minds in the Pentagon, for such an endeavor and it would set off massive and long lasting retaliations by the very terrorist organizations he has, traitorously befriended for years, against Israel and Jordan as well as here in the U.S. and no one would take such a declaration of all-out war seriously from the “president” who left Iraq before THAT job was finished and who has telegraphed our departure date from Afghanistan.

Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, al Nusra and various other terror organizations along with the Muslim Brotherhood would declare the equivalent of WW3.

Obama has boxed himself in to the point that nations attending the G-20 handed him his hat and roundly told him to go pound Syrian sand.

Everywhere he turns, his options are bad, worse and downright globally disastrous but, there is one option left. One good option but, it’s one that goes against Obama’s every core belief and stands directly opposed to his socialistic ideology.

It is the under ground option.


Obama, in his address to the nation Tuesday, would have to admit that he defeated himself on the world’s stage.

Then, he would have to announce, not only his okay, but fast track the Keystone XL pipeline.

He would have to tell the nation that he will use the power of his executive order pen to lift all restrictions and regulations standing in the way of drilling, fracking and building new refineries and abolish the EPA in the process.

He would need to drop requirements for differing blends of gasoline and cease and desist in the aiding and abetting of the destruction of the coal industry.

Instead of making another “Sputnik” reference…Obama would have to summon the resolve that took Americans from sub-orbital flight to the moon in under a decade ALONG WITH ANNOUNCING THE FULL REPEAL OF OBAMACARE  to encourage the nations PRIVATE ENTERPRISES to build a nation of energy independence before the year 2020.

Doing these things would bring jobs, FULL TIME jobs SCREAMING back and set our economy on a steep upward climb.

The stronger our economy at home, the stronger our position on the world stage.

It would send a clear and unmistakable message throughout the Middle East and North Africa that the United States would no longer be constricted by the reliance to OPEC and our influence there would be relegated to assisting and defending TRUE democracies in the region.

The resulting growth in our economy would include greater revenue and thus, a stronger military to back our diplomacy as might, in the hands of freedom loving capitalistic nations…makes right.

THESE things can only happen with the election of a true CONSERVATIVE to the most powerful office in our nation in 2016 along with the complete retooling of our military’s rules of engagement.

There is nothing, not one thing, Obama can do…Including his immediate resignation, that can right the ship of state at this point.

No longer can we, as a nation, order our military to win the hearts and minds our enemies. Our military must be allowed to do the jobs they are trained to do when pressed into action.


Win soundly, overwhelmingly and QUICKLY.

This, I believe, is the only viable option left to Obama and, I am equally sure, it is an option upon he will NEVER be able to bring himself to accept and it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the COLOR of his skin but…


Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 9/8/2013

4 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: Between Barack and a Hard Place – Obama’s Options

  1. Great concept Craig! Lousy leader tho. What targets in Syria do you think he is itching to take out? Must be a hot request from the Muz Bros.

  2. Barry knows he has put the Republicans in the position of blame whether they vote for or against any bombing in Syria. The president has voted present again.

  3. I agree, Craig. The only GOOD option left for the dingbat to save face would be to just say that the American people have spoken and they are against more war, and then do exactly what you said, which is to declare an all out intent to become energy independent, so that we don’t have to worry about threats from the Middle East. They are very worried that we will do just that, and have expressed that openly. But also, as you said, Socialist (and possibly Muslim Brotherhood supporter) Obama will never do what is in OUR best interests. Only what is in HIS best interests, and seemingly, what is in the best interests of Islam, The Religion of Blown To Pieces.

  4. When we have savages fighting savages we should stay the hell out of it. The only way to win a war against savages is to become a more brutal savage your self. Which will never happen because our guys get court- martial pissing on the enemy who has been trying to kill them. You can not fight a war and be political correct at the same time. We let the muslim brotherhood write our “Rules of Engagement “ so not to offend the muslim sensibilities.

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