Benghazi/Syria Connection – A Constitutional Crisis in the Making?

Yesterday, on the anniversary of the dual 9/11 attacks, I connected the dots on Benghazi.

Today, I will connect THOSE dots to Obama’s Syrian debacle in a way that will send chills up your spines.

I believe this runs much, MUCH deeper than the gun running between Benghazi and the al Qaeda “rebels” in Syria.

To do this, I must connect “implied” dots as this administration is in full cover up mode and blocking the truth at every turn but, a circumstantial case CAN be built.

What we are facing, when you connect Benghazi with Syria is a true, full-blown, Constitutional crisis of EPIC proportions.

Now, to plumb the true suspected depths of the looming Constitutional crisis, one must sit down and hang on tightly.

Hillary’s chief adviser during her years as Head of State was Huma Abedin whose family is deeply tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama’s chief adviser is Valerie Jarrett, an American born in IRAN who, to this day, has ties TO Iran.

Obama’s administration contains no fewer than 6 members of the Muslim Brotherhood…

Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser.

Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser, founder of Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director.

Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar, Islamic Society of North America.

Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the only terrorist entity with an established political arm and it wasn’t until AFTER the Obama backed Muslim Brotherhood was OUSTED from power in Egypt that Obama decided a military strike on Syria was necessary.

Obama, a Muslim barely pretending to be a Christian and, steeped in taqiyya, the art of lying to protect and further the Islamic agenda, did not, in my estimation, simply bet on the wrong horse in Libya and again in Syria…

In my opinion, Obama is IN BED WITH THE ENTIRE STABLE of wrong horses and they now have the megalomaniac exactly where they want him.

I believe Obama made promises to al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood that he now, is unable to keep. He promised them power vacuums in Libya, In Egypt AND in Syria where al Qaeda could establish forceful control and the Muslim Brotherhood could establish political control.

The al Qaeda attacks in Benghazi shed too much of a light there for the Muslim Brotherhood to move in.

Mubarak was forced out in Egypt and Obama backed, to the nth degree, a Muslim Brotherhood government there but, that fell apart too, despite Obama’s protestations and that left Syria, where the al Qaeda “rebels” were losing to Assad.

There can be little doubt that both the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda are more than upset with Obama’s handling, specifically his follow-through, in these situations.

Obama has not kept his end of the bargain as he has not been able to manage the world stage to the liking of Islamists.

Am I speculating here? Yes and, as I said before, the cover up is blocking truth from seeing the light of day but, when one begins to piece the puzzle together, without a picture as a guide, as a circumstantial case, one begins to realize that more, much more than we currently know, has to be taking place.

ONE thing we are 100% SURE of is that al Qaeda, in Libya and in Syria know EXACTLY what transpired in Benghazi and EXACTLY what the link to Syria is.

I believe Obama is being BLACKMAILED by al Qaeda.

I believe they are threatening to release communications PROVING Obama’s treason, arming our enemies in a time of war in Benghazi and in Syria, his complicity in the Islamist agenda, and if the Muslim Brotherhood is doing the same, AS THEY HAVE INSIDE KNOWLEDGE BOTH FROM HUMA ABEDIN AND THE 6 MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, OBAMA ADMINISTRATION MEMBERS NAMED ABOVE AND, MOST LIKELY VALERIE JARRET AS WELL…Obama has suddenly found himself on the verge of losing his power and his office in ultimate disgrace…a disgrace so profound that his party, dominated by socialists, may well never recover, thus ending the “fundamental transformation” of the nation.

I believe such communications, in an era of electronic communications where everything sent via internet connections floats around in cyberspace for all eternity, do exist and those parties of evil, al Qaeda and their ilk, have hard copies of them.

Consider this.

Obama made his “red line” regarding Syria comment on August 21st 2012 in the heat of his reelection campaign. This would have not only bolstered his tough guy facade for his socialist voters but it would have also bolstered his al Qaeda allies in Syria.

Then, on July 3rd, 2013, Morsi fell in Egypt dealing a blow to the Obama backed Muslim Brotherhood and try as he might for the next month or so to put his backing behind them again, Obama’s decision to NOT call it a coup, his decision to end military shipments to the Brotherhoodless Egyptian army, and his incessant attempts to label Morsi as a “democratically elected” president even though Morsi and scrapped the Egyptian Constitution for an Islamic Dictatorship, Obama could NOT prop up the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

He had to do SOMETHING to keep those elements, al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, who all knew too much of the truth that led to Benghazi, from spilling the beans. He had to show them he was still relevant to their ideology, their cause and their agenda.

All of a sudden, on August 21st, there was a sarin gas attack in Syria. Obama’s insurance policy, his “red line” came into play and Obama, who hasn’t, in 12 full months, been able to find the truth of Benghazi, was, in less than 3 days, able to derive HIS truth that it was ASSAD who perpetrated that sarin attack and, Obama, his Secretary of State, his Secretary of Defense and his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs…All sycophants replacing those who either did or would dare to stand up to Obama, started the war chant against ASSAD in Syria.

Within days, that too began to fall apart.

Videos showing al Qaeda and al Nusra “relebs” firing chemical weapons came to light. Carla del Ponte, from the United Nations, let it be known that evidence was pointing to the Obama backed al Qaeda and al Nusra “rebels” as being the groups behind the sarin attack.

1 day, John Kerry is telling Americans how urgent it as to strike. The next day, Obama is throwing the decision to congress. Over the next week, polling shows a decreasing number of Americans think a U.S. military strike is the right thing to do. The “plan” from the Pentagon changes a reported 50 times in less than 7 days. The numbers in congress are looking decidedly against Obama’s plan to make him relevant again to his Islamist allies.

Obama decides to speak to the nation, to gin up support in congress when, out of the blue, PUTIN…ASSAD’S primary ally, steals his thunder and Obama is left to make what is quite possibly, THE most absurd speech in presidential history.

On Tuesday night, Obama again says ASSAD committed the attack but, as yet, he has shown no proof of that to the American people. He stresses the fact that the United States MUST take action and then, declares a cooling off period and urges congress to delay any vote on a military strike.

The entire thing was absurd and, if one is accustomed to Obama’s speaking style, one could hear desperation, an urgency in his speech but the context of it urged nothing but delay.

Clearly…CLEARLY…Obama’s speech on Tuesday night was meant to send the message that HE  still has some control of this, he is still relevant and HE can fix it but, just as clearly, that message was not meant for Americans as we, Americans, know he has LOST control of the Syrian situation and the world stage as well.

I believe Obama was not asking congress to delay a vote as much as I believe he was asking his Islamist allies to delay their release of the truth.

If the truth of Benghazi comes out, Obama is finished. That is why HE’S been engaged in this epic cover up.

If the truth of Benghazi comes out, and Obama falls, the SOCIALIST “transformation” of the nation is finished. THAT is why the socialist MEDIA and SOCIALIST HOLLYWOOD”  AND SOCIALISTS IN CONGRESS HAVE BEEN SO COMPLICIT IN NOT GOING AFTER THE TRUTH AND AIDING IN THE EPIC COVER UP.

And…Should all of that transpire…Imagine how emboldened al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist organizations would be if THEY took down the president who took down bin Laden.

If the entire truth, not only regarding Benghazi but, Obama…His past, his affiliations, his ascent to power, his elections, al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt, Syria…ALL of it were to come out, be exposed, should my scenario ever be proven true, the ramifications to the Republic would be earth shattering.

As Obama falls…Every law bearing the Obama signature, every appointment, federal judges appointed BY Obama including both United States Supreme Court…ALL of their decisions, every foreign and domestic policy enacted upon of initiated by Obama…EVERY LAST THING including all of his executive orders, would be suspect and may well need to be reversed.

THAT is the sort of Constitutional Crisis that would only be COMPOUNDED by whatever Obama’s NSA has on Members of CONGRESS not to mention the COMPLICITY of many who have assisted in this cover up and THAT could well be why some, from BOTH sides of the aisle, have been, inexplicably, backing Obama. On his way out the door, in that sort of disgrace, Obama would employ a scorched earth policy, taking down the Republic in the process.

And then, what of our allies? What of Israel? What of Jordan? What of our diplomatic posts throughout the region and the world? What would happen to oil prices? Saudi Arabia, jihad sponsors that THEY are?

The world would become an Islamist target and OUR ship of state would be rudderless.

If what I have outlined in this article is NOT the truth, I should like to know what the truth IS for I can NOT derive ANY other reason why Obama would be SO intent…SO desperate…To aid and abet the very enemy who perpetrated 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2012…Why he created the power vacuums in Libya AND  Egypt where they were filled by Islamists and why he is hell bent on doing it again in Syria if he, Obama himself, is not deeply in league WITH them.

I believe there are those, on BOTH SIDES of the congressional aisle, who already KNOW the truth but, for the reasons above, are actively trying to bury the truth.

I believe, even a truth as ugly and destructive as what I speculate, MUST come out for ONLY if we choose to DEAL with it can we right the ship. Such a tsunami of truth would wash away those elements of un-American activity that currently exist in elected office and it would, in a tragic but necessary way, awaken those who have been asleep too long.

I would much rather see the truth of Benghazi and its connection to Syria come from those Members of congress, the likes of Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz and Darrel Issa than to have it delivered by the evil of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood as I believe our republic would climb back to its rightful and righteous place on the world stage were WE to make it public FIRST.

The longer the truth is hidden, the worse the scenario becomes but, whatever IS the truth, WE, as Americans, deserve to know it.

26 thoughts on “Benghazi/Syria Connection – A Constitutional Crisis in the Making?

  1. I believe he is a plant also. I think he is holding something over the heads of most of the Congress keeping them from taking any corrective actions. Congress needs to understand that regardless of what leverage Obama has that they need to step up and support the oath’s that they vowed to uphold. I think citizens would be forgiving of whatever Obama is holding over their heads if it meant that We The People could come together in a position of strength and get out Country back on track. There should be no deals for this administration when the truth does come out. Obama, Kerry, Hillary, Jarrett, Holder, and the IRS members that perpetrated lies and coverup’s should all serve major time for the offensives, the violations and the coverups that they have blatently committed against our great nation.

  2. Wow. You need to submit your article to as many people in Congress as possible that are still loyal to America. I think your accuracy rate regarding our “leader” is about as close to 100% as one can get.

  3. I’m saving this article as I find it fascinating and would like to refer to it as this fiasco plays out. Thanks for writing it.

  4. Very thought provoking. With the exception of the one paragraph:

    If the truth of Benghazi comes out, and Obama falls, the SOCIALIST “transformation” of the nation is finished. THAT is why the socialist MEDIA and SOCIALIST HOLLYWOOD” AND SOCIALISTS IN CONGRESS HAVE BEEN SO COMPLICIT IN NOT GOING AFTER THE TRUTH AND AIDING IN THE EPIC COVER UP.

    I have usually discounted any conspiracy theories that begin to involve so many people that the secret could not possibly be kept. I think Hollywood and the media are just useful idiots. They don’t actually know what is going on but they will never lift the rock for fear of what might be under it.

    • Tarmangani,

      I am not saying at all, that the media already KNOWS the truth…What I am saying is that the media DOESN’T want to know the truth. This is why they, the liberal/socialist media is complicit in NOT GOING AFTER the truth.


  5. The Middle Eastern perspective offers even more clarity – and support – to your scenario.
    ( – Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said that had Libya not fallen–in a revolution backed with military force by President Barack Obama–the four Americans who died in Benghazi one year ago would be alive today. “Without Libya falling, our four heroes we honor today would still be alive today,” Gohmert said at a press conference on Wednesday at the Capitol. –
    Gohmert, along with several other members of Congress, visited Egypt over the weekend of Sept. 7-8. In his remarks about Benghazi and his trip, Rep. Gohmert said, “I just returned from the Middle East with some of my friends. It was amazing. They [our Middle East friends] certainly get it. Privately, some of them–who did not want to be identified–said, ‘You know, you had the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan fight for you and initially defeat the Taliban.’ “’You had Mubarak as an ally,’” Gohmert recalled them as saying. “‘You had many agreements with him. He was your ally. He was trying to help hold the peace with Israel. There were problems with Mubarak, but he was your ally.’” “’Gaddafi since 2003 had been a staunch ally,” Gohmert recalled them saying. “’Some have told us–I don’t know that it’s certain–but they had said he probably provided more intelligence on terrorists in the Middle East than anyone besides Israel to the United States.’” He continued: “’And you brought Gaddhafi down because without your air strikes, without you eliminating the Libyan air force, he would not have fallen.’” –
    “Without Libya falling,” said Gohmert, “our four heroes we honor today would still be alive today. Decisions have consequences, either for good or for bad. In this case, we turned on allies repeatedly and what our friends said — they didn’t want their identify known – was, ‘We’re wondering which one of us will be the next ally you throw away.’” “Friends, that is no way to conduct foreign policy,” Gohmert said. –
    See more at:

  6. I believe your general premise is correct. I am not sure about who has the hold. The evil players and handlers in this government make picking one over the other a challenge!!

  7. Excellent, well researched, well written article successfully “connecting the dots”. WE THE PEOPLE need this to come out from our side, our Nation in order not only to save face, but to right the wrongs down by this administration. This administration, all inclusive (meaning everyone from the top down to everyone involved in any capacity whatsoever) needs to be removed with any control terminated with charges, indictments and convictions of TREASON, which without a doubt are obvious to everyone. This is a MUST READ article.

  8. Obama is either directly in league with our enemies which makes him unfit to be President or he is an incompetent boob which makes him unfit to be President. Great article as always Crig, keep it up please.
    From an American in Canada.

  9. I would like to pass this on to for more circulation. I will not do it without permission. But I will wish I could!


    • Monkeyface…
      May I call you…Monkey?

      Please do share anywhere you believe it needs to be seen. We ask that you post the opening paragraphs and then, a “read more” link back to the article in The National Patriot. If that works for you, Feel free!!! Thanks!!


  10. Why would anyone want to depose Qadhafi and Assad? Gee, I dunno. Maybe because they were/are two of the biggest thugs and murders to run countries?

    I think your tin foil hat needs adjusting on this one.

    • Terry,

      The issue is not whether or not they were bad guys. They ARE or WERE…The issue is who has REPLACED them…al Qaeda…WORSE GUYS!!!

      I think your PRIORITIES need adjusting.


  11. Another well written article. Well put together. I agree with you and thanks for writing this article that may help others to see the picture that your connected dots have drawn so clearly. It is clear to me that Senators and Congressmen have been blackmailed. It is clear what Obama’s agenda has been from the beginning. And it is clear that he is desperate to start this war with Syria. Why so desperate? Your article spells it out. I’m sure there is more to the story and hopefully we will know the truth before it’s too late. Thanks, Craig.

  12. Thank you for your thoughtful ‘dot-connecting’ article. We are of one mind.
    I would go so far as to say in respect of your, “In my opinion, Obama is IN BED WITH THE ENTIRE STABLE of wrong horses and they now have the megalomaniac exactly where they want him,” that Obama is so in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood that it is not a question of his being where they want him. When our family wants us to do something, and we want to do it, and we have difficulty accomplishing our collective heart’s desire, we are not “where they want us.” We are too closely linked to not still be on the same side. Now, a kind and loving family would not likely ‘throw us under the bus’ when we become, essentially, dispensable. In a case like this, in a society that believes in suicide bombings, there is no reason for him to expect further mercy.
    Frankly, when you stop to consider what he’s ‘accomplished’ so far – pretty much destabilizing the United States – he is to be applauded. Unfortunately for him, it may not be enough for the Brotherhood to accept on a global scale. We have a Constitutional crisis anyway. It’s being successfully ignored.

    • @Impeach Obama…We ask that you post the opening paragraphs and then, a “read more” link back to the article in The National Patriot. If that works for you, Feel free!!! Thanks!!


  13. I have felt that information collected by NSA has been used to threaten members of Congress, that this was the main objective of allowing illegal information to be kept. If just one person would come forward and tell how he is being blackmailed and by whom–just one. Maybe that would be the push that is needed to make all the dominoes fall.

    BTW, Obama surely has gotten gray lately. Either that or he has quit dying his hair.

  14. I agree with you. I have felt that obama has been a plant for along time, I also feel the muslim brotherhood staff members should never be allowed in any kind of political offices much less in the White House. Keep up the good work My prayer has been from day one Lord let obama be exposed for who and what he truly is. Prision I hope will be his new residents.

  15. If those who can’t wrap their head around all the scandals coming from those who Occupy DC, this will certainly cure their vertigo. Thank you Craig!

  16. I have sent this on to my friends…. this is very interesting…. I have had a feeling something like this is what’s going on!!! Thank you for the article!

  17. well written. may i repost this on facebook (with credit to you)? I have done plenty of reading and there has been enough articles (dots) to cause me to agree with you.

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