The Obama Doctrine and the al Qaeda Apocalypse

You can’t win a war trying to win the hearts and minds of the enemy because, in no uncertain terms, our enemies are not imbecilic, touchy feely liberals.

The enemy, al Qaeda, the Taliban, Ansar al-Sharia…Whatever their nom de plume might be  today, are not weak in the knees, sissified, groveling appeasement worms and trying to win their hearts and minds is like trying to teach pigs to sing.

It’s a waste of OUR time and it annoys the PIGS.

Did we win the hearts and minds of the terrorists in Iraq?

Nope but, Obama did tell them when we were leaving.

Have we won the hearts and minds of the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Nope but, Obama HAS told them exactly when we’re leaving.

How about in Libya?

Did we win the hearts and minds of Ansar al-Sharia by giving them weapons and hiring them as guards for our diplomats in Benghazi?

Ummm…Nope…They took those weapons, ousted their Dictator with them and then, turned them on OUR diplomats in Benghazi.

One thing is certain.

Our enemies don’t see one bit of strength in a “lead from behind” strategy.

“Time and space” for diplomacy to work in Iran?

That’s laughable and nobody’s laughing harder than Iran.

The dawn of the Arab Spring in Egypt led to the ousting of a new and even more diabolical Dictator, Morsi, in a military coup.

So much for Obama’s man of democracy, Morsi,  in Egypt and OUR 2 bit Dictator can’t even bring himself to utter the WORD coup.

Did anyone else notice that as long as the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge of Egypt, Obama had not a qualm in the world regarding the sending of F-16’s and tanks TO Egypt but…

The moment the Muslim Brotherhood was pitched from power, Obama put the delivery OF those formidable weapons on hold?

Outside the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama is despised in Egypt.

Now, we have the closures of 20 U.S. Embassies in the parts of the world where our enemies run loose like diseased monkeys.

It’s all part of the Obama doctrine.

Does anyone want another Benghazi? Certainly not but, this isn’t the way to prevent it. This is nothing but a stall tactic just like the stall Obama has been putting on congressional committees.

What we SHOULD be doing in the face of al Qaeda threats is HARDENING the threatened targets.

What we ARE doing is running away with our diplomatic tails between Obama’s and John Kerry’s cowardly legs.

It’s just days short of 11 months since Benghazi and what has Obama done about it?

He talked tough. Said we would bring those responsible for the attacks in Benghazi to justice. Then, he went to Las Vegas, campaigned on the lie that al Qaeda had been decimated and, 11 months later, the only Americans to ask questions of the Ansar al-Sharia ringleader has been a couple of journalists.

Obama has been covering up the truth since 20 minutes into those attacks.

From Obama’s cower from behind strategy, our enemies have taken inspiration. They have grown in strength and guile and issued new threats that have Obama closing our Embassies.

Our enemies expect nothing more from this regime as the rules of engagement for our soldiers have turned G.I fighting machines in the theater of war into little more than unarmed targets for those being given guns BY this absurd administration.

The politically correct call it “green on blue violence.”

I call it treason.

It was working so well for our enemies in Afghanistan that our enemies in Libya elevated it to attacks on our Consulate and now, our enemies across the Middle East have used Obama’s cowardice to make our diplomats run for the tall grass.

After 4 ½ years of the Obama Doctrine, Our enemies in the Muslim world are now emboldened to act as they will without fear of reprisal.

Oh sure, there is the occasional drone attack, turning an al Qaeda or Ansar al-Sharia 2nd in command into a grease spot in the sand but, those are more than acceptable losses for those who encourage their children to blow themselves to Islamobits on a regular basis.

Has anyone but me noticed that it’s almost ALWAYS the 2ND in command and almost NEVER the LEADER of some terrorist pool of slime that gets droned?

I suspect that’s because, just like we know where the leaders of the Benghazi attacks are spending their time, we also know exactly where the al Qaeda, Ansar al-Sharia and Taliban LEADERS are too. Don’t want to go after THEM…Do we? But, a show of wobbly strength for the Kool Aid slurping masses from time to time, doing away with someone who can be called a “second in command,” keeps the masses in line and the enemy in power.

Yes, “bin Laden is dead and GM is ALIVE,” but, bin Laden was a figurehead, a symbol of former al Qaeda power and the Pakistani doctor who confirmed his whereabouts is now rotting in a jail cell as the U.S. and Obama hasn’t lifted a finger to protect him.

Al Qaeda is alive and DETROIT is dead.

You won’t be hearing THAT in the 2014 midterm liberal campaigns.

Emboldened by their success in Benghazi and Obama’s cowardice, al Qaeda IS on the run…They have run right out of 3 prisons and back to the battlefield…They’ve run to fill vacuums in northern Africa and taken over an area bigger than the state of Texas and they’ve run American diplomats OUT of the Middle East.

Emboldened by the success of the Boston Bombers, al Qaeda now knows that, under Obama, any such further act in America will result in the suspension of our rights under the 4th Amendment.

Who’s running the show in the Ft. Hood case?

Clearly, it’s Nadal Hassan, acting as his own attorney, still collecting his pay and thumbing his nose at the U.S. system of justice while those killed and wounded BY him are labeled “victims of workplace violence” and not eligible to collect combat benefits.

Score another one for al Qaeda.

If Obama really wanted to prop up the Obama Doctrine and show how viable it was, let alone put an end to the “phony” Benghazi scandal…He SHOULD have dismissed his Secret Service detail on his recent $100 million dollar African vacation and HIRED Ansar al-Sharia to protect him.

If it was good enough for Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods…Why wasn’t it good enough for the Dictator?

 It’s not often that I will agree with Lindsey Graham but, according to the RINO, “Al Qaeda, after Benghazi, is on steroids.”

What do our Muslim enemies have to fear?

The penalties for cheating in baseball are harsher than for killing 4 Americans in Benghazi.

2 thoughts on “The Obama Doctrine and the al Qaeda Apocalypse

  1. Actually, al-Queda has been decimated. One of the definitions of decimated is to like the group up and kill every 10th person. So we probably have killed about 10% of al-Queda. And the rest ARE on the run. Right at US.

  2. The leader of these terrorist groups see the number two man is starting to threaten their position and gets the dictator to drone the guy. That way the leader needs to appoint a new number two who needs to build his power base.

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