Zimmerman’s Best Defense for Self-Defense is The Prosecution

Yesterday, the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial showed the jury a recorded interview with George Zimmernam from the police department about an hour or so after the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

It was astounding for several reasons.

Zimmerman, the man who had called the cops and identified himself in the minutes BEFORE the shooting was giving HIS side of the story. He told the police in that 1st interview that Trayvon Martin was on top of HIM, beating him and HE…ZIMMERMAN…Was calling out for help.

At the time of the interview, Zimmerman was NOT lawyered up and now that THAT interview along with the video of a still UNREPRESENTED George Zimmerman, with bandages on the back of his head, walking a police detective through the scene the next day have been shown to the jury…Zimmerman has given that jury HIS side of the events of the night of February 26th, 2012 and he can NOT be cross examined by the prosecution on either of those statements.

As we continue to watch and to an extent, be distracted by the George Zimmerman case, perhaps we should look at it from another angle.

What is happening, day by day in that Florida courtroom, is startling to say the least.

I am not an attorney nor do I claim to play one in the blogosphere but…

Good grief.

One need not BE an attorney to express disbelief at the proceedings.

One by one…The PROSECUTION brings to the witness stand cops, witnesses, experts and the like and…

One by one, they provide a better situation for the DEFENSE rather than for the PROSECUTION.

It is astonishing.

Yesterday, the prosecution had to treat their OWN witness with a degree of HOSTILITY.

What in the world is going on?

As a NON attorney, even I know that you DO NOT put someone on the stand unless you know EXACTLY what they are going to say.

That does NOT at ALL seem to be the situation with THIS prosecutor as each witness they have put on the stand thus far has made the case for George Zimmerman…Or IS it?

At this rate, there will be no need whatsoever for the defense to bring even ONE witness.

To understand this, we need to step back…way back to what most simply do not remember about the George Zimmerman case.

Here is how this all started.

In April of 2012…A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR was appointed to the Zimmerman case.

That Special Prosecutor was one Angela Corey.

The very 1st thing Special Prosecutor Corey did was to dismiss a Grand Jury just hours before it was to convene in the Zimmerman case.



I suspect that Corey was between a rock and the proverbial hard spot.

It has been said that a Grand Jury will indict a ham sandwich.

Judging by the testimony up to this point in the trial, there doesn’t seem to be a shred of lettuce, no mayo, no bread and no ham in the prosecution’s case against Zimmerman. Angela Corey, would no doubt, have known that from day one on this case and she would have also known that there would be no indictment by the Grand Jury.

HAD the GJ NOT indicted, it would have reeked of a cover-up regardless of the lack of evidence because, in a racially charged situation such as the Zimmerman case…SOME wanted Zimmerman to pay no matter what.


And a distinct and clear lack of evidence against Zimmerman was not going to say them from seeking blood for blood.

The problem with Grand Jury business is that it is done behind closed doors and a certain segment of the populous would not have taken a GJ no indictment well no matter the lack of evidence.

Therefore…Corey was left with an alternative.

Charge Zimmerman, with 2nd degree murder, and let the lack of evidence play out IN PUBLIC…IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS…FOR EVERYONE TO SEE.

NOT charging Zimmerman would have caused INSTANT riots the likes of which have not been seen since the 1992 acquittal of police officers in the Rodney King affair.

CHARGING Zimmerman, despite any evidence to convict him would, at the very least, delay such happenings.

It has taken the prosecution over a year to scramble together what little they could and spin it in such a way as to put on what is, by any account, an anemic trial but, anemic is all they have had since the very first day.

Remember, in those early days and weeks, authorities didn’t even have enough to effect an arrest of George Zimmerman. In fact, it was not until the Special Prosecutor filed charges, without convening a Grand Jury, more than 2 months AFTER the shooting that George Zimmerman…TURNED HIMSELF IN.

In fact, seeing exactly what is happening in the televised trial, CNN has now shown Zimmerman’s Social Security and OTHER personal info ON THE AIR and there are already HUNDREDS vowing to use that info AGAINST Zimmerman because, it IS becoming clear, that Zimmerman will NOT be convicted.

Now, as the case against Zimmerman grows more and more anemic by the day, that segment of the population, bent on having Zimmerman arrested from the moment of the incident on February 26th, 2012, is again, actively seeking blood as the handwriting begins to appear on the wall.

Death threats against Zimmerman or against anyone who LOOKS like Zimmerman are clearly drawn along racial lines and yet there is no MSM outcry against them.


Unless the prosecution has another “star” witness more stellar than their FIRST “star” witness and a video tape showing CLEARLY that Zimmerman was out of bounds this case SHOULD be decided by a straw vote before juror #4 has time to adjust her chair in the deliberation room.

The only other way to convict Zimmerman would be if the jury had decided to do so before the bailiff asked people to “please rise” on the first day OF this trial.

It is becoming more clear by the day…George Zimmerman should NOT be on trial as the prosecution, after a full year of preparation, has NOTHING with which to convict him and they knew it going in. The prosecution knows exactly what their witnesses are going to say AND that they are, in fact, better witnesses for the DEFENSE.

In over a year, the prosecution has been unable to discover evidence that would convict Zimmerman but…It doesn’t exist. All the evidence, at least what they have shown thus far, shows that Zimmerman was acting in self-defense.

George Zimmerman is on trial for one reason. Racial pressure.

Expect Obama to insert himself into the fray and call for calm at the moment this case goes to the jury and again after the verdict is rendered.

Expect there to be riots should Zimmerman be acquitted (I believe he WILL be acquitted) and the immediate filing of an appeal if he is convicted.

And expect that the riots will NOT be contained solely to Florida.

After watching more of the Zimmerman trial than I ever intended to watch, one thing is clear…

The shooting of Trayvon Martin was NOT racially motivated but…The TRIAL of George Zimmerman IS.

6 thoughts on “Zimmerman’s Best Defense for Self-Defense is The Prosecution

  1. Go ahead and riot….show the rest of America that he was RIGHT in defending himself and watch while OTHERS defend themselves when you try to riot. Screaming RACISM over every little thing isn’t the “Solve All” for every situation.

  2. Presidential interference and misguided racial appeasement are the only reasons Zimmerman is being prosecuted. 2nd degree murder was an extreme overreach from the start which is now apparent to everyone watching the trial. Involuntary manslaughter would be the only possible thing Zimmerman could ever be convicted of, and clearly thos was a case of self defense as shown by the trial proceedings so far.

  3. To call this case a “distraction” is actually misguided a bit. Yes, it does serve the purpose to a degree, but one can not afford to miss the bigger picture. The primary purpose of this trial is to further divide the country and turn neighbor against neighbor, and to that end, it has succeeded beyond the government’s wildest dreams. When Zimmerman is acquitted, and if there is but a glimmer of common sense on the jury, he will be, then the nation will in all likelihood witness a scene reminiscent of the MLK assassination riots and the Rodney King riots. No matter that the verdict is just, the sharks are circling the boat and the bait is about ready to be tossed overboard!

  4. Great article, thanks…..George Zimmerman is 100% innocent, period, regardless of what the low information voters desire! Riot, let them!

  5. I will tell you what is going on here. Zimmerman is innocent. Plain and simple, he`s innocent. Dumb as a brick for putting himself in that position, but innocent. The prosecution knows it, but they can`t admit it. The media, and the “minority” community won`t allow it, so the D.A. will spend millions of the taxpayers money, stand up there and trot out the facts, the witnesses, the video, all the while knowing it supports Zimmermans case. He`s taking a dive, because he`s pissed off about being bullied into this case by outside forces.

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