Not guilty of 2nd degree murder.

Not guilty of manslaughter.

The jury of 6 women in Sanford Florida weighed the evidence, deliberated and decided.


Is there a chance that Obama will call George Zimmerman and congratulate him?

The man defended himself as the Constitution spells out with his 2nd Amendment right, endowed him by the Creator. Obama has sworn an oath to uphold and defend that constitution.

Obama HAS called a professional athlete to offer his congratulations n being gay.

He called a 30 something year old law school student, Sandra Fluke and befriended her when she was called a slut.

George Zimmerman???


The NAACP, less than 30 minutes after the verdict was announced DEMANDED an immediate DOJ civil rights investigation.

That’s interesting as I don’t remember them demanding any such thing when the New Black Panther Party offered a $10,000.00 BOUNTY on George Zimmerman’s HEAD.

Personally, I am sick and damn tire of ANY group demanding ANYTHING based on skin color and why the NAACP and other black “leaders” continue to harken back and long for the days of 1964 inequality, other than a continued effort to justify their sad and sorry existence is beyond me.

Here are just SOME of the tweets posted just moments after the verdict was read tonight.

Members of the mainstream alphabet media must be beside themselves tonight as they had so heavily invested in a guilty verdict that they worked, as NBC did, to selectively edit tape to cast guilt upon what we now know is an officially innocent man.

They did it based on skin color.

The prosecution presented everything they had.

What they had proved that Zimmerman acted in self-defense.

Still, there are far too many who believe that Zimmerman was guilty DESPITE the evidence because, to them, the evidence didn’t matter.

Those are the people who will claim that, if the gun was BEHIND George Zimmerman, Trayvon COULD<T have been reaching for it if he was atop Zimmerman as the defense and so many experts and witnesses said.

What they WON’T answer is…If the gun was BEHIND Zimmerman…HOW DID ZIMMERMAN GET TO IT???

The evidence DID matter to the 6 women on the jury but to others, BLACK was the only evidence that matters.

They, Sharpton, WHO STATED tonight, “An atrocity, one of the worst situations that I’ve seen…We had to march to even get a trial, and then at trial when he’s exposed over and over again as a liar, he is acquitted. This is a sad day in the country. A slap in the face to those that believe In Justice in this country.” Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan, Maxine Waters…Have done more to set the clock back to 1964 than anyone. They are sad, sorry excuses for leaders of ANY group and those in the black community deserve far, FAR better.

Nobody invested, as those named above, the New Black Panther Party, Obama who said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon…The 17 year old who attacked and beat5 George Zimmerman on a February night in 2012 and those who have and will continue to post vile and hate filled Tweets as those seen above…Not ONE of them wanted “Justice for Travon” as they claim…What they want is someone else…ANYONE else…to pay…perhaps with their lives, the THEM being BLACK.

Tonight, a verdict was reached.

Regardless of Trayvon Martin’s skin color…His last 4 minutes on earth were spent beating a man down.

Justice has been served.



  1. Remember all the protests and Riots from the white people after OJ Simpson was acquitted?

    Me neither….

  2. The President also stuck his foot in it before when the black Harvard professor was out of line with the Boston police. The President, without any facts, was able to point out the one “undeniable truth” which was the “police acted stupidly. His racism boils to the surface every now and then.

  3. It seems all the protests are all about people of dark skin who don’t want to admit one of their own was beating up someone of another race and got shot for doing it. They can’t seem to admit to themselves this punk was killed in self defense and no protest will change the non-guilt of Mr Zimmerman.

  4. It’s is so horribly sad that the 1st “Black” President has only ignited the fires of RACIAL DIVISION & cause the Black population to think that it is open season on anyone who is “not in their clan”. The Civil Rights movement has completely been destroyed because of one man, BARACK H. OBAMA…….
    I will be on guard now more than ever & I live NO WHERE NEAR this town in Florida. I don’t think it matters where anyone of us lives. If we are WHITE, we most likely have a target on our back.

  5. AND if this street thug was a brown man would Jesse Jackson and all the other loud-mouth, has-been, blow-hards stepped up for a Mexican. Don’t think so. And George Zimmerman would still have protected the community.

  6. Those protesting the Zimmerman verdict do not want Justice. They want a man to be lynched for protecting himself. There will never be peace for those who lack the responsibility to take care of themselves and become contributing members of their country. As long as there is a welfare state there will be this kind of reaction on both the part of white and black government dependent individuals. Color is no longer the reason for any of this, it is simply lack of personal responsibility and lack pride is one’s self.

  7. Seems the system worked as it should.
    The six jurors nullified the jury of public opinion and the race baiters.

  8. I just dont understand all the hate. People are so mad about this they cant even form the words of an audible sentence. Because there are no riots (yet), they are furious. By tomorrow they will have worked themselves into a full blown group of hating morons and start burning their own neighborhoods. SMH

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