“Immigration” Bill – About Amnesty or ELIGIBILITY??

If you don’t think there’s anything to the whole Obama fraudulent birth certificate thing…

Think again.

If you don’t think he’s terrified of the truth coming out via the Sheriff Joe Cold Case Posse and Mike Zullo’s investigation…


This Dictator and his band of socialist leg humpers are DESPERATE for a solution and they are trying to rush through legislation to cover his eligibility and other personal issues related to it.

Friends and Patriots…That piece of legislation is cleverly hidden in one of todays most watched issues.

It’s called…


Socialists want to render Obama’s ILLEGAL activities, his forged birth certificate, his bogus social security card and his fraudulent selective service registration as well as his Indonesian citizenship null and void.

Those “republicans” supporting this Senate Immigration Reform bill are desperately trying to avoid a Constitutional crisis in the hopes of never having to grow a set of balls.



It’s all there. Contained within the 1000 page immigration bill. Buried DEEP within it.

Obama’s exoneration.

What in the HELL am I talking about???


In the immigration bill is language which would DECRIMINALIZE…

‘Falsely representing or knowingly using a Social Security Number obtained with false information’

‘Falsely claiming citizenship on Form I-9′

‘Knowingly altering a Social Security Card’

‘Document fraud to prove eligibility for employment’


Oh yes, this is all meant for those 11 million ILLEGAL ALIENS already residing in the United States as part of the AMNESTY provisions…


Obama had to be an Indonesian citizen to attend school there as a boy and, he NEVER repatriated.

He is STILL an Indonesian citizen meaning that he is in THIS country ILLEGALLY.

Whether he KNOWINGLY or UNKNOWINGLY is using a SOCIAL SECURITY card issued to a CONNECTICUT man in 1977…Under the provisions of the IMMIGRATION REFORM bill, He would NOT be held to account for it.

As Obama’s Birth Certificate, the one he had posted on the white house website as being his OFFICIAL birth certificate has been proven to be a FRAUD…Under the provisions of the IMMIGRATION BILL…HE WOULD NOT BE HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR IT!!!

Falsely claiming to be a U.S. citizen?


Are you getting the picture here?

ALL of Obama’s fraudulent and created out of thin air past would be…DECRIMINALIZED…ALL of it.

While the distractions just keep coming…

Fast and Furious…Benghazi…IRS…NSA…Snowden…Hillary’s State Dept. Sex and Drug scandal…And while this absurdly corrupt and amoral regime continues to “fundamentally transform” the United States by paving the road between Sodom and Gomorrah…

There is DESPERATION in the senate to pass this immigration bill BEFORE ANYONE HAS A CHANCE TO READ THROUGH IT just as they did with Obamacare.

The immigration bill WILL pass in the senate BEFORE the 4th of July and will THEN be placed on a dusty shelf in the house, never to see the light of day. The house will write their OWN bill and the negotiations between the hose and senate will begin and trust me, the senate will want to keep IN the bill, the language that will make Obama eligible despite his fraudulent background.

It’s clear, when you see the above decriminalizations, why socialists and the elected Obamabots want this shoved down the throats of Americans but, why would someone like Rubio and other “republicans” be behind it?

Well, in Rubio’s case…a good deal of it could well be that it would also clear HIM from any questions of eligibility regarding the fact that his parents were NOT American citizens upon HIS birth. Is he being BLACKMAILED into it by socialists in the senate? WHO KNOWS???

For Rubio and others…it would also eliminate a Constitutional crisis should Obama’s INELIGIBILITY come to a head.

Think of it…EVERY bill containing Obama’s signature…EVERY executive order he’s signed…EVERY appointment he has made…ALL of it would then have to be deemed NULL AND VOID were Obama be proven INELIGIBLE to serve as Commander in Chief.

The ramifications of that would be EARTH SHAKING to say the least as not only domestic policy bearing his signature but…ALL foreign policies…war policies…EVERYTHING with his fingerprint on it would be rendered invalid.

We’re talking about those who would rather turn a blind eye to it NOW and throw wide open the door to FUTURE abuses of the Constitution regarding eligibility down the road than to actually open a congressional investigation, confront the reality and do what MUST be done to preserve the integrity of the eligibility clause of the Constitution!!!

I contend it is far better, no matter the difficulties or ramification, to face this head on NOW rather than allow the destruction of the Constitution and our founding principles to continue unabated.

Clearly, there is PLENTY of crap contained in this “immigration” bill that SHOULD be grounds for NOT passing it.

In the bill one can find where ILLEGALS will be paid MORE than U.S. Citizens doing the same job. There’s federal money for LOBSTER BAITING in Maine.

The fact that this “immigration” bill establishes AMNESTY before border security means that it is an open, engraved invitation for MORE to pour across the border ILLEGALLY and, it give authority to determine whether or not the border is actually secure directly to the DHS Secretary.

THAT means that if JANET “The border is more secure now than ever before” NAPOLITANO says the border is secure…NO MORE SECURITY MEASURES…like fence building or added border agents…WILL BE EMPLOYED.

Damn good reasons ALL to relegate this bill to the house trash dumpster forthwith.

According to Nancy Pelosi…“We have to pass the bill.”

Why? Why is Pelosi SO insistent? “We have to pass the bill.”

Simple…Because it was one Nancy Pelosi…NOT the DEMOCRATIC PARTY of HAWAII who, in 2008…CERTIFIED Obama as eligible to serve as president and it was Pelosi did so even though the wording of the official certification OMITTED the following: “- and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.”

One copy, seen here at the left CONTAINED that language and the other, below, the one sent to all the states…DOES NOT!!!


In fact…BOTH Obama’s AND Biden’s names appear on that “OFFICIAL” form with the OMITTED language meaning NIETHER has been certified as “legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.”


Add THAT to the Constitutional crisis.

For MORE on THIS…Please click this link to WND.

These words, outlining what is to be decriminalized, contained in the “immigration” bill would ALSO prevent whoever FORGED that laughable Obama birth certificate, whoever obtained an already issued social security number and whoever dummied up that selective service registration…Along with those who have worked so hard to bury Obama’s thesis, college records, transcripts, and his citizenship from being prosecuted for THEIR parts in what is the BIGGEST hoodwink in American history!!!


In the immigration bill is language which would DECRIMINALIZE…

‘Falsely representing or knowingly using a Social Security Number obtained with false information’

 ‘Falsely claiming citizenship on Form I-9′

‘Knowingly altering a Social Security Card’

‘Document fraud to prove eligibility for employment’

Know this and know it well…IF this AMNESTY bill SHOULD become the law…it means amnesty for ILLEGALS…


13 thoughts on ““Immigration” Bill – About Amnesty or ELIGIBILITY??

  1. Thanks for the enlightening article. I just want to remind people that I am the person who discovered that Obama is using a phony social security number. I gave that information to the CCP in AZ when they first started looking into Obama’s past and contacted me. I know that the CCP would not try to take credit for uncovering the information but I am getting tired of people who are taking credit for my work.

  2. This article is very enlightening and explains why ‘decriminalization’ is in this Bill. Thank you, and I’ve sent this link out to all of my friends. Wake up, America.

  3. Another great article and research, Craig! Keeping the facts on the surface.

    Let’s keep Extortion 17 in the shortlist of Obama scandals~!

  4. What if an illegal murdered a congressman,and pleaded not guilty,would he be let off, if this bill was to pass? I don’t think so.

  5. I don’t think obama would be covered under this,when he knew he was committing a fraud to deceive the most powerful country in the world,their have been lawsuits for the last 6 years,and investigation into the fraud. I just think this is way to big, to just brush it under the carpet.

  6. Craig,you know me well,you and I agree,this is exactly what the criminals in DC are trying to do,but do you think it will cover congress for being complicit in this crime,complicity to a crime is a felony. Patrick, you have no idea what he is talking about,must be a liberal, where facts don’t matter,and like admin said,there’s NOT one shred of verifiable evidence that BHO is even a U.S. citizen,not one,none.Now if you (Patrick) have that evidence then why haven’t you brought it forward,because there is no evidence,words are not evidence,so Patrick,we have our evidence,where’s yours,until you have said evidence your argument falls short.

    Craig,I personally think that congress doesn’t give a damn about immigration,their main objective is to try and cover their own butts for the crimes they’ve committed in allowing this criminal fraud to become president,not once,but twice. What’s your opinion.

    • Lynne,
      As I understand it…Yes. It will cover illegal aliens for those past offenses and therefore…

  7. I believe you are totally correct! Seem this POS is always shoving it down our throats ALL to suit HIS agenda!!! Remember, there is a purpose behind everything he does — the man is a SOCIOPATH and this is what they do best!

  8. Holy Moses, Craig. You could be right. I hadn’t connected it this way until now. But wouldn’t he still have committed fraud under the laws he became POTUS under? If this is true, no WONDER they are pushing immigration reform like the house is on fire.

  9. Except that you already know, due to the conversations I’ve had with you, that Obama IS constitutionally eligible. Nonetheless, you claim he’s not. That makes you a liar.

    • Patrick,

      There is not ONE shred of verifiable proof that Obama is eligible. NOT ONE and YOU know it.

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