Obama Will Not Make It Through 2nd Term

The wheels are coming off the Canadian made campaign bus.

Right about now, behind the scenes, Obama has to be sweating like Kelly Pickler on Jeapordy.

The revolving door of lies is spinning like a lathe and none of what is hitting the fan is sticking to the walls enough to cover the handwriting.

Benghazi is NOT going away. It’s heating up and now that ABC has abandoned the Obama sinking ship, it’s only a matter of time, and a few more whistle-blowers before others in the MSM head for the life rafts of truth.

SOMEBODY had to issue the stand down orders and SOMEBODY had to know that Benghazi was a hotbed of Ansar al-Sharia (al Qaeda) terrorism MONTHS before the attacks. SOMEBODY had to make the call to blame that You Tube video and SOMEBODY had to DENY additional security.

Somebody had to authorize the hiring OF Ansar al-Sharia as guards and SOMEBODY had to rewrite all those lying points.

SOMEBODY knows EXACTLY what was going on and it’s all BOUND to come out.

Then there’s the IRS scandal.

The IRS…Targeting ONLY conservative groups under 501c3 and 4 designation leading up to and during his reelection campaign.

Nixon might have weathered the Watergate storm but, HIS use of the IRS for political thiugery was the last nail in Tricky Dick’s disingenuous reign.

This IRS debacle is NOT isolated to just the Cinncinati office and he knows it. Already, information is coming out that it all STARTED in 2010 and, it hit congress and the news in 2011.

How in the world the Dictator didn’t hear a word OF it until last Friday is beyond any reasonable belief but…

As the truth of BOTH these Obamanations breaks the dams of lies, more and more Members of his own socialist party will do what rats do when the ship starts heading for Davey Jones’ locker.

Sure…Socialists, both garden variety and pundits will scoff at that notion but, like ostriches blinded by sand, they just can’t or won’t admit the truth.

2014 is coming fast and these 2 torpedoes, Benghazi and the IRS are already screaming towards his hull.

By this time next year, on the campaign trails across these fruited plains from sea to shining sea, will NOT want ANY part of this administration and it’s coattails.

The once and constant Campaigner in Chief will be left in the dust. Home alone and getting tear drops in his home brew.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if, by the end of this summer, DC town crier, Beltway Jay rides off into the sunset to…garner a little more family time and…search out new horizons. Nobody can take the beating he took last week for very long and eventually, he’ll be tired of being the punching bag.

Any…And I mean ANY pipe-dream hopes the socialists have harbored regarding their invasion and recapture of the house are OVER.

They’re going to have their hands full just trying to hold on in the senate and, as the rabbit hole continues to deepen, that may well prove too hard a task to be done.

The left has had a field day slapping labels on the right for the last 4 years but now…All those tin foil hat wearing right wing nut job conspiracy theorists are being vindicated faster than the Dictator can say, “Let me be clear.”

The devastating debt is piling up faster than the Tea Party vindications. During the 2012 Republican National Convention, our national debt hit the $16 TRILLION dollar mark and it will hit $17 TRILLION before the 4th of July and THAT’S not going to work in the Dictator’s favor either.

But wait…There’s more…

Looming out there like the grim reaper is yet ANOTHER tin foil hat right wing nut job conspiracy which will turn into yet another vindication for conservatives.

Yes, it’s been quiet for a while but, it’s about to lift its head from the shadows again.

Obama’s qualifications to actually HOLD the office.

In the last couple of weeks, in a court case in Alabama, yet ANOTHER version of the “official” Obama birth certificate has been entered into evidence. This one has a REMARKABLY different BACKGROUND than the “official” Obama birth certificate he showed off in the white house briefing room.

They can’t BOTH be THE “official” certificate but, that’s just the tip of the birther iceberg.

The one he held up and claimed was “official” is a fraud. We KNOW that due to the hard work of Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse and its lead investigator Mike Zullo AND we also know that his Selective Service registration and Social Security number are frauds.

None of that may matter.

There’s also the FACT that, as a child, the Future 1st American Dictator attended a school in Indonesia and that to do so, he had…HAD to be an Indonesian citizen. Indonesia has NO dual citizenship and, his school records there INDICATE that he, Barry Soetoro, was…INDONESIAN and that his religion was…ISLAM.

Yep, it seems he’s been lying about that too.

There seems to be NO repatriation papers for the young Dictator to be and therefore…He should be still…A CITIZEN OF INDONESIA…Making him ineligible to rule in THIS country.

Old history? Never mind??

What of the records and school chums of the COLLEGE Obama who say he attended COLUMBIA with FOREIGN STUDENT ASSISTANCE?

Nope…THAT’S not going to go away EITHER.

Want more?


Obamacare…The largest TAX increase in American history…All 2000+ pages of it and its more than 17,000 regulations that are proving to be both economy destroying AND impossible to enact. One of the authors OF it, Max Bachus, has called it a TRAIN WRECK and old whimpy Harry Reid has been begging for MORE tax hikes to fund it.

Guess what?

He ain’t gonna get ANY more money AND…ALL of it has to be administrated by the now CORRUPTLY EXPOSED IRS!!!!!

That means the already flagging public support for medical socialism is going to go into an even steeper dive.

Finally…Remember the beginning of the end of MSM media support I mentioned at the start of this article?

Well, there’s nothing that will make his propaganda protectors dump the Dictator like a loaded diaper faster than having the Dictator’s administration spying on and trying to intimidate the press in direct opposition to the 1st amendment.

Yep…That’s the latest scandal of the day.

We now know that this Dictator’s Sheriff of Nottingham, the contemptible Eric Holder, had HID Department of Injustice secretly obtain two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press in what the news cooperative’s top executive called a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into how news organizations gather the news.

Yep…Instead of looking for the SOURCE of leaks from within his OWN corrupt administration…Obama had Holder go after the REPORTERS at AP because THEY dared to publish what Obama’s MINIONS leaked TO them.

According to AP President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Pruitt, “There can be no possible justification for such an overbroad collection of the telephone communications of The Associated Press and its reporters. These records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the newsgathering activities undertaken by the AP during a two-month period, provide a road map to AP’s newsgathering operations, and disclose information about AP’s activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know.”

If this Dictator doesn’t think the AP and the REST of the media is gonna go golf balls to the walls when one of their OWN becomes the target of an oppressive regime…He has another think coming!!!


The lame Ducktator can either face the music – The Impeachment Symphony by the Congressional Orchestra OR…

He can opt for the Resignation Blues.

Either which way you choose…We’ll Be sounding off about “President” Crazy Joe before the end of next year.

7 thoughts on “Obama Will Not Make It Through 2nd Term

  1. It would be better for our country but I have lost faith in government and the media doing the right thing.
    He has weathered the “birther issue” and now when it gets brought up people just roll their eyes and tune out.
    People knew about Benghazi after it happened and the Susan Rice issue was walked back before the election and nobody gave it another thought.
    The IRS issue will fade when the blame falls on some low level employee and they are let go and forced to take a desk across the aisle.
    The AP will get a big apology and a few choice newsworthy nuggets and they will be happy. The WH will spin it as legal under the Patriot Act. Which then means it is Bush’s fault for giving them the ability to gather information for national security.

    Again, it would be nice but I have more hope when I buy my lottery ticket than I have in Washington and the media doing the right thing.

  2. I SO HOPE you are correct!
    Just think of the savings from all the freaking vacations! I always thought they went all the time because they were convinced they had to get the perks in before they were found out.
    I find it rather hilarious that this happened to the AP, also. I can only hope they are recognizing how important their job is, at least when they report news instead of parrot talking points. 😉

  3. I hope you are right. Then we would only be one step away from having a Republican in the Oval Offfice, and another historical 1st event.

  4. If it were HIS country! His, me thinks, is another country, not sure which though.

  5. The real enemy of our democratic republic is the main stream media. Presidents come and go every four to eight years, but the socialist/Marxist controlled media continues it’s progressive agenda. Two steps forward then when the light of truth shines on their dastardly deeds, one step back. Progressives believe in this inch by inch approach to fundamental change. A truly free press is a necessary component of our grand experiment in self rule. Our press has been captured by a very small group of like minded people who have shaped the news to advance their agenda. Our media is far from free to print or say the truth. Our press is not free at all.

  6. If only that were all of it, but it’s not! Connecting ALL of the dots is required here. Of course, those of us paying attention know of Fast and Furious and an Executive Order that shut down further investigation of that dead in it’s tracks. We know of the false birth certificate, selective service registration, hidden college records, etc. (along with another possible alias from his credit file). We now know of the AP ordeal (hey, even the media that helped him along had to be smart enough helping that kind of power grab would affect them sooner or later too). We know of the IRS ordeal targeting Conservatives as well as internet monitoring of Conservatives as well which has been hardly mentioned.
    It’s the things that are barely mentioned such as the statement supposedly made by General Lyons statement that Benghazi was a staged event by Obama in order to set up a prisoner exchange for a high profile terrorists with the ambassador that went awry (that would explain how they knew, or thought they knew, a timeline). It’s the statement that they didn’t want to jump the gun until all the facts were in yet a film maker was put in jail and still there as far as I know. It seems the only person that knew of that film was Obama and I wouldn’t put it past him that his administration forwarded that to the Middle East; yet, even still, that cannot be tied to Benghazi. So, was that in and of itself not jumping the gun that they said they weren’t doing?
    There’s the fact that even at this moment we have American soldiers in Afghanistan unarmed and being treated like second-class citizens to the Muslims and being forced to train the very people they know are going to kill them.
    There’s the fact that the number of our soldiers being killed is not a daily head count as it was under Bush yet the numbers are astounding counting the number maimed. Let’s hear from them!
    Then, there’s the DHS training right here at home to invade the homes of Conservatives, people speaking against tyranny, etc. Check it out!
    Why? Why on earth would a POTUS make statements against those speaking out against tyranny? Did that not raise the hair on the back of the necks of EVERY American? He’s telling our young adults basically to embrace tyranny and not listen to anyone who tells them they are free Americans with the right to be free? WHY?
    Unless all of the dots are connected you are left with a lot of criminal acts in and of themselves. With the dots connected, you see the taqiya!

  7. I do not think he will resign because he is a pathological narcissist, and he also won’t do what is right for his country, because he hates his country. He will only love America if and when it is remade in his image.

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