Mark Kelly – Exhibit A – Exposing the Hypocrites

So…There he was, a week ago, in Tucson where even dogs know exactly who he is, at a gun store…BUYING a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun.

The day AFTER giving testimony in Colorado as they attempt to ban everything from pea shooters to shotguns.

Mark Kelly.

Mr. Gabby Giffords and former astronaut.

Socialist controlled puppet for the gun ban crowd.

Here’s what he told CNN.

“As I was leaving, I noticed a used AR-15. Bought that too. Even to buy an assault weapon, the background check only takes a matter of minutes.”

“I have no use for a gun like that.”

Gun for the goose…None for the gander.

Naturally, in the age of cell phones and citizen journalists, he was snapped filling out the paperwork and as often happens in the 21st century (and beyond) Buzz Lightyear (to the left of liberal) Kelly was outed.

Isn’t it something when…

Gravity sets in?

Suddenly, Cosmo Kelly felt the need to “clear things up” and issued a rushed statement on the AR-15 purchase.

“It’s important for me to have firsthand knowledge about how easy it is, or difficult it is, to buy a weapon like that. Actually pretty easy, you know, for a weapon that’s so deadly, and really designed for the military, especially with the high capacity magazines, it is a pretty easy thing to do, even with a background check.”

So…All this time…All the media hyped appearances at anti-gun venues and he had no idea how easy it was to purchase an AR15?

He was talking about things of which he had no knowledge?

Is THAT what he’s saying?

Well…THAT would be a first wouldn’t it? An anti-gun nut talking about things he had no knowledge of. Wait, what?

Never mind.

Anyway…The space cadet then went on to inform the Dictator’s base that, now that he has an education, he’ll be turning the weapon over to local police.

How nice.

How socialist of him.

How incredibly stupid.

Here in the great state of Arizona…

A weapon…ANY weapon turned over to the law enforcement agencies is considered an…


What exactly does THAT mean?

Well, in his attempt to walk back his AR-15 purchase…

Mark Kelly says it will be turned over to police where, by the law of Arizona…



The guy who said he wanted to find out how easy it was to buy a gun has become the middleman in a gun transaction and HIS AR-15 will soon be somebody ELSE’S AR-15.

Godspeed Mr. Kelly.


NONE of this, however, will make a diddly squat of difference to socialists who want to infringe on that which shall not be infringed.

They don’t care that Kelly says one thing and does another.

It must be nice to be so unprincipled. Life would be a great deal easier wouldn’t it?

So, why then bring it to light?


It’s time for Conservatives, both here in the universe of citizen journalists AND for those elected to office to take a page from the socialist campaign handbook.


More AR-15’s have been sold over the last several months by the Dictator than by all the top-flight gun store clerks combined.

Mark Kelly is NOT the FIRST in his family to appreciate a good weapon either.

In fact…There’s wife Gabby at the shooting range.

Smiling from ear to ear…


Neither Zero G Kelly or his former Congresswoman wife had any great desire to trample the 2nd Amendment BEFORE she got shot but…kick the tires and light the fires…They’re sure gung ho on gun no now aren’t they?

This is a well-worn socialist trait with its roots in Hollywood of all places.

How many times have we witnessed some Hollywood know-it-all Velcro themselves to a cause only AFTER appearing in a make-believe la-la land movie about it?


All of a sudden…They are the FACE of one cause or another because they played dress-up.

Until a socialist is personally affected by something, they could give a rat’s patootie about it but…

There’s nothing like being shot by a freak to make you the face of what NOBODY should be allowed to have.

Yep, the best way to make the world safe from mental cases, criminals and freaks with a bent toward the destruction of others it to make the law ABIDING pay the price.

Every place Mark Kelly goes…Every time he and Gabby Giffords show up to tell some group why law abiding citizens should not be able to purchase the weapons of their choice…


Gun makers should be buying full page ads in newspapers and gun magazines THANKING Obama, Feinstein, Schumer and ALL the anti 2nd Amendment ilk for driving their profits THROUGH THE ROOF!!!



For that matter…Every time one of these…ninCOMMIEpoops spouts off…Splash their image EVERYWHERE and THANK em for pulling the trigger on bullet sales!!!

The time to make examples of hypocrites who are actively trying to do away with our rights is NOW and we must do it at every turn. We need to start showing up at their events, at their venues and exposing them, their agenda and their hypocrisy.

If the MSM won’t cover their hypocrisy…MAKE THEM COVER US…EXPOSING THEIR HYPOCRISY!!!!

Code RED.

Show up in great numbers, wearing RED shirts and carrying the Constitution. Get LOUD…Speak out. CHALLENGE THEM AT EVERY VENUE, AT EVERY EVENT and don’t be either shy about it.

Yesterday, in Colorado, where Mark Kelly spoke the day before buying an AR-15 in Tucson, socialists passed 5 of 7 gun control measures.

They are trampling on the 2nd Amendment, expanding federal background checks and curtailing the number of bullets which can occupy a magazine.

Gun RIGHTS activists in Colorado are now openly talking about defying these new laws and measures which achieves exactly what we’ve told you the socialists want. They are about to make criminals of law abiding, constitutionally free citizens.

Let us not forget, it was those labeled as “criminals” who rose up in revolution to begin this once great nation and they will, if necessary, do so again.

4 thoughts on “Mark Kelly – Exhibit A – Exposing the Hypocrites

  1. A .45 Auto? This is a death machine. If Gabby had been shot with a .45 Auto, instead of a 9MM Glock, she would be pushing up tulips for sure. I wonder if Mark Kelly’s intentions for the .45 are to shoot targets? If so, it seems to be a complete waste of expensive ammo and over kill to put holes in paper. I shoot targets with a .22 to reduce cost of ammo and reduce damage to my hearing. I own a heavier firearm, for self defense, but the Liberals seem to think no one other than Police are suppose to defend us.

    Help us here Mark. Handguns resulted in more than 25 times the murders, last year, than all rifles combined. Why are you trying to limit the number of rifles available to the citizens, but then purchasing the largest murder weapon of them all, a handgun, for yourself? Are you attempting to protect the citizens, from each other, or are you attempting to protect the Goverment from the people?

  2. Thank you for having a strong american backbone and standing up! Its sad there are those that are narrow minded and cant see the big picture, all they can see is the word “free”! I guess they dont realize they are now tyrants and traitors too! Im so glad I wont have to look a child or anyone in the eyes as they take their last breath after a robbery ect, having to explain why I didnt have the brass to protect them! I hope they enjoy the “walk of shame”!

  3. Thanks for exposing the hypocrisy, Craig. I am so sick of these commie jerks.
    I saw a post on FB the other day, and all it asked was if people were having trouble buying ammo. It had thousands of comments from citizens from every state, and every single person said, that yes, they were having trouble finding it. My question is, WHY? Sold out until more manufactured, OR the government buying it up?

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