An Ode To Those Who Cling

Every day’s a Holiday

Unless of course, you’re Christian,

Mohammad’s  considered acceptable

But Christ is an affliction.


Reading the Koran in the Park

Is clearly Not Detested,

But Quote the Bible in Public Places

And You will be Arrested.


Freedom OF Religion

Is What the Founders Said,

But Freedom FROM Religion

Is the Atheists Flag of Red.


Plant a Tree As a Deity

If a Druid you might be,

But Upon a Hill You Place a Cross

And Your Day in Court You’ll see.


Yell Allahu Akbar while shooting Americans

At the Fort Hood Army Base,

And You Can Avoid a Trial

If You Refuse to Shave Your Face.


But Write John 3:16 upon a Sign

At a High School Football Game,

And the ACLU Will Threaten to Sue

If You Give Thanks unto HIS Name.


If before exams You bow in Prayer,

There is No Telling What Price You’ll Pay

But Teaches No Longer Are Allowed

To Ignore a Pagan Celebration Day.


The Study of OTHER Faiths

Will Never be Upended ,

But Mention God Just Once at School

And You’ll Surely Be Suspended.


We MUST be All Inclusive

That’s What The Left Will Say,

But NO Good Socialist Would be Caught Dead

With a Sandwich From ChicK-fil-A.


If “One Nation Under GOD”

Is the pledge YOU make,

The socialist will claim offense

Your Freedom’s Now at Stake.


The Ten Commandments On the Courthouse Wall

Is a Sign of Disrespect,

And In God We Trust Upon Our Money

Is What They Will Reject.


There IS No War on the Christian Faith

They’ll Tell You Loud and Proud,

This Mao Hanging Ornament on Their Holiday Tree

So Tolerant Liberal Crowd.


They Want God Removed From Our Schools

Our Courts and Public Spaces,

They Want No Prayers or Bible Verses Heard

In Any of Those Places.


They Put Up Signs Around the Fences

This IS a Gun Free Zone,

And Wonder Why So Many Die

So Long Before They’re Grown.


At the Movies, At the Mall

And In the Classroom Too,

It’s GUNS that are the problem

That’s What They’ll Say to You.


Not One Law They’ve Vowed to Pass

Nor Any of Their Bans,

Will Do One Thing To Keep the Guns

Out of Evil Hands.


They’ve Spent Decades Now, Removing God

So Evil Has no Face,

And the Rights of All, For Which You Stand

Now Must Take Its Place.

The 1st Amendment Says We Have the Right

To Cling to Our Religions,

But Socialists Say The Government

Should be Making Those Decisions.


The 2nd Says we have the Right

To Decide on Our Protection,

But Socialists Say That Guns Are Bad

And our Houses Need Inspection.


So Who Will Stand and Proudly Say

“You Can Not Take Our Rights?”

And Will We See Our Flag Again

By Dawn’s Most Early Light?


When I was young We Prayed in School

And Never Feared Attack,

So If We Want to End This Mess

We Must Take Our Country Back.


Family and Morals

And the Values That We Cherish,

Must No Longer be Considered

Incorrect or Garish.


Religion’s not the villain here

But the People WITH the Guns,

It’s Those who bend toward EVIL

NOT the Moral Ones.


To Those With Evil in Their Hearts

No Laws They Will Obey,

So Why Would Tyrants Come to US

To Take OUR Guns Away?


But Patriots there Will Come a Time

At The Height of Tyranny’s Infection,

When Those Who Stood For Socialism

Will Pray For OUR Protection.


It Shouldn’t be US to Whom They Pray

But to God Through Trembling Lips,

We’ll Give to Them 10 Bullets Each

And Keep Our Extended Clips.


We’ll WIN the Fight BECAUSE We’re Right

As God is on OUR Side

And We’ll Clean up The Mess That the Socialists Left

By the Constitution We’ll Abide.


So to Socialists Who Now Believe

That the Tea Party Will be Compliant,

With “Gun Control” and Your War on Religion

You’ve Awakened a Sleeping Giant.