Weekend Edition: Gun Appreciation Day

Today is Gun Appreciation Day.

January 19th, 2013.

It’s not making those on the left…Liberals…Socialists…Very happy.



The 2nd Amendment.

These are things greatly demonized by the left.

It’s time to put things in the proper perspective.

Those on the left aren’t going to like this much either.

I don’t care.

How many times have we already heard that the 2nd Amendment no longer applies because our founders never could have seen the advancement of weapons we have today?

The 2nd Amendment is irrelevant those on the left are quick to tell us and, they claim, it should be altered at the very least or, done away with completely.

Why? Because of assault “rifles” and high capacity clips?

Proper perspective…Remember?

At the time the 2nd Amendment was conceived and written…Muskets were the assault weapons of the day. Not many who were hit with a musket ball survived. Not in one piece anyway. It wasn’t terribly accurate and it’s range was limited but, it packed a deadly outcome.

There were less effective weapons. Knives, axes, clubs, pistols…

Given all of that, our founders and framers decided that the people had the right to be armed and, they put upon that right, no restrictions or limitations.

Those on the left try to convince us that nobody needs more than 10 rounds in a clip. High capacity clips, they claim, are not for the people.

Now, add the proper perspective.

Cops have clips with 15 rounds and laws proposed or passed allow exemptions for cops. They NEED those extra rounds in a clip because the bad guys have more than 10 rounds in THEIR clips.

If those bad guys ONLY threatened or engaged the COPS in gun play…those on the left might have a point but, it doesn’t work that way…Does it?

If the cops need those extended clips because the bad guys have them, what will making extended clips illegal accomplish?

ONLY the bad guys and cops will have them but, how many times have you heard of the bad guys breaking into the police station late at night with bad intentions?

Those with bad intentions and guns break into homes and businesses and often times they’re not alone. Will they wait for you to call the cops? Do THEY want a fair fight or an even playing field?

Of course not. THEY want the advantage and a law limiting the rounds per clip will ENSURE them of the advantage.


The ONLY people I have EVER heard try to relate an AR-15 to HUNTING are those who want to limit or remove an individual’s right to keep and bear arms and, every time I hear them utter such nonsense I can only believe they are trying to convince THEMSELVES of it.

WE know you don’t use an AR-15 for hunting. WE know that for HUNTING, you use a MUCH more powerful weapon like a 30 06. There are a couple of big differences between the AR-15 and the 30 06. The 30 06 has a big enough projectile and enough muzzle velocity to blast that projectile through 3 people standing one behind the other. The AR-15 does not.

The OTHER major difference is that those who want to limit the individual’s right to keep and bear arms DON’T want to ban the more POWERFUL of the 2 weapons.

THEY claim that the AR-15 is an ASSAULT WEAPON but, they KNOW that’s not true. THEY ALREADY BANNED assault weapons when they said that an AUTOMATIC WEAPON was an assault weapon and we haven’t been able to buy THOSE weapons for a long, long time.

An AR-15 is NOT an automatic weapon. They are SEMI automatic. You pull the trigger of an AR-15 and HOLD that trigger back…1 bullet comes out. You have to RELEASE that trigger and pull it AGAIN to get ANOTHER bullet to come out. ASSAULT WEAPONS need only ONE trigger pull to EMPTY the clip and THAT is the difference.

The ANTI gun crowd says the ONLY reason one needs an AR-15 is to kill people.

Yep. They’re right.

We have a RIGHT to keep and bear arms to protect us against those who would try to harm us.

The anti-gun crowd says that guns, like the AR-15, are weapons of war.

When those in the military stop laughing, we’ll have them explain the differences but suffice it to say, the ONLY way a Member of the military would be caught with an AR-15 on the battlefield…Is DEAD.

Perhaps those on the left, the ANTI gun crowd, can explain to US why federal AGENCIES like the Social Security Agency are buying MILLIONS of rounds of HOLLOW POINT ammo?

And what about the NRA?

Those who hate guns and the fact that we have a right to own them REALLY hate the NRA.

They call the NRA a bunch of thugs, compare them to Nazis, bemoan the fact that the NRA has a powerful political lobby and puts money into campaigns.

Nazis? REALLY? As the NRA PROTECTS the individual’s right to keep and bear arms and the NAZIS advocated REMOVING guns from the people…It seems the anti-gun activists are trying to do a 180 degree rewrite of history.

The rest of the gnashing of liberal teeth over the NRA is laughable.

Powerful political lobby? Financing campaigns?

You mean doing the exact same thing UNIONS do for socialists?

And THUGS? If you want THUGS…Look at the unions. THERE ARE YOUR THUGS.

The NRA is and always has been an organization promoting safe and responsible gun ownership. The NRA stands for and protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms as spelled out in the Bill of Rights.

The NRA vets candidates according to their adherence to the Constitution it’s true but, unless you are among those who would rather the Constitution not get in the way of your ideology, what’s wrong with looking for candidates who take their oath of office seriously?

The reason the left wants to ban the AR-15 is because it LOOKS like a military weapon, it’s light, easy to shoot and can be reloaded quickly. NOT because it can do more damage than OTHER weapons.

To prove the point and, as long as we’re making socialists mad…Here’s champion shooter Jesse Duff on Hannity at the NRA Gun Range to show you the difference. Note that the ONLY weapon she shoots that the left wants to ban is the 1st weapon she shoots…The AR-15…The weapon that does the LEAST amount of damage.

Right now, weapons like the AR-15 get a lot of press because bad guys use them. So do the GOOD guys and THAT is an even playing field but, an even playing field is NOT what the ANTI gun crowd wants. BAD guys are NOT going to give up THEIR guns but the ANTI gun crowd says if the GOOD GUYS give up THEIRS…We’ll ALL be safer.

What a foolish view of reality. Who are they trying to kid?

Yes, a great deal of tragedy, a great deal of loos, a great many evil deeds have been done with guns.

WITH guns…Not BY guns.

Bad people, evil people, those bent on destruction of life and property do bad and evil things WITH guns but the guns themselves are not responsible. NO gun loads itself, walks out into a public place, squeezes its trigger, aims or fires on its own.

For a gun to kill, it absolutely requires the intervention of someone. Guns USED in mass shootings, guns USED in domestic disputes, guns USED in drive-by shootings, guns USED in ambush or robbery are inanimate objects.

Banning them ONLY removes them from those who would abide by the law.

Those who USE them in the COMMISSION of a crime will NOT be swayed by ANY law.

So…Why then are WE, as Conservatives, so insistent about keeping and bearing arms?

Why do WE stand so staunchly FOR the 2nd Amendment?

Not only to protect our lives and our property from those who would try to take both away from us but…

Also because of the tyranny we have been warned about by the founders and framers.

The only thing that stands between us and the loss of liberty IS the 2nd Amendment and THAT is what those socialist, anti-gun people REALLY fear.


One thought on “Weekend Edition: Gun Appreciation Day

  1. Actually I do use an AR-15 for hunting, quite often.

    I hunt varmints and coyotes, and my son shot his first Deer with it last season.

    It is a great starter rifle for young shooters as it has little recoil, and is lightweight enough for youngsters to carry it. The adjustable stock enables the weapon to be used my multiple shooters in my family, as it can be fit precisely to the shooter in seconds.

    It is a fun gun to shoot at the range, and makes a great home security system, as proven last week by a 15 year old by in Texas.

    “An Armed Man is a Citizen, an Unarmed Man a Subject”

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