Weekend Edition: 2nd Amendment Crusade (Pt. 1)

Just a couple of days ago, Melody Valentin…A n elementary school student, found in her pocket a folded and torn piece of paper…A square with the bottom quarter torn away.

She threw it in the trash and another young student, obviously a victim of indoctrination, programmed to be scared to death and to inform on offenders, then notified the government, in this case, a teacher, the nearest figure of authority.

“He yelled at me and said I shouldn’t have brought the gun to school and I kept telling him it was a paper gun but he wouldn’t listen.”

The teacher yelled at Melody, telling her that the cops should be called and that she should be arrested.

He searched her in front of her classmates.

Melody’s classmates started calling her a murderer.

Little Melody Valentin was suspended and the incident will now be a part of her permanent record thus reinforcing to her classmates that even possessing a folded and torn piece of paper which may or may not simply LOOK like a gun is something for which they will be punished and possibly arrested.

Where did this indoctrination of today’s youth and affront to common sense take place?

Why…In the very birthplace of freedom…Philadelphia…of course.

This was NOT last week’s ONLY such event.

Last week, a 5 year old girl from Mouth Carmel, PA  was interrogated for more than three hours, forced into psychological testing and then suspended by school officials.


Because she was accused of making “TERRORISTIC THREATS” for joking about shooting her friends with a PINK, HELLO KITTY…BUBBLE GUN!!!

My friends, this is the exact same “zero tolerance” policy that this administration, this socialist, tyrannical government want us…ALL of us…To live under.

ANYTHING that even LOOKS like a gun will NOT be tolerated and…If Melody’s 10 year old classmates are this deeply indoctrinated NOW…Just imagine what they will be like, after another 7 years of programming as they head off to asylums of HIGHER indoctrination and…Voting booths.

This is the OTHER side of the socialist coin.

What they can’t get now, through legislation or by decree, they will have an easy time within the NEXT decade as more and more of the indoctrinated begin to vote.

Make no mistake.

When Obama says he’s not coming for your handguns, your rifles or your shotguns…

He is.

When Obama says he believes in the 2nd Amendment and the right of the people to keep and bear arms…

He most decidedly does not.

 “Getting this bill signed into law will be an uphill battle, and I recognize that — but it’s a battle worth having.”

Those were the words of Diane Feinstein as she, a couple of days ago, rolled out her proposed gun ban legislation. Legislation that would ban 150 different weapons.

Know this…The proposed bill will NOT pass NOR do I believe it will even reach the floor of the Senate for a vote.

It was a trial balloon. A test to register the response from the Dictator’s own party.

Does that mean it’s dead?

No. Far from it.

Obama’s campaign team is back, reformed into a 501c 4 organization, tax free and ready to raise money for the Dictator’s new campaign.

Populous control disguised as “gun control” for your and your children’s safety.

Enacting such a ban on so many various weapons as Feinstein proposes, would absolutely ensure that only cops and, bad people with bad intentions and no respect for the law would have them and that, according to Feinstein and others, would add to YOUR safety and the safety of your children.

How many times are the cops where the bad guys with bad intentions are. Are the cops in your home when the bad guys break in? Are they in the convenience store when it gets robbed? In the classroom or the movie theater?

It is SO absurd in fact that those pushing this tripe could not possibly believe, allowing only those bent on destruction to have these weapons, would lead to your added security.

Therefore, there must be some OTHER reason for proposing such legislation and for taking guns away from the people.

We’re not stupid.

We CAN see the real reasons and we have been warned about them.

Patrick Henry – “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.”

James Madison – “Americans [have] the right and advantage of being armed — unlike citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust people with arms.”

Were such words spoken or written only by those who framed the Constitution more than 200 years ago? This is, of course, the argument employed by those wishing to nullify the 2nd Amendment – That is  out of date and therefore useless by today’s standards.

Certainly not.

Don B. Kates, Jr., Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, MacMillan Publishing Co, NY, 1986 – “However controversial the meaning of the Second Amendment is today, it was clear enough to the generation of 1789. The amendment assured to the people “…their private arms, …” said an article which received James Madison’s approval and was the only analysis available to Congress when it voted. Subsequent contemporaneous analysis is epitomized by the first American commentary on the writings of William Blackstone. Where Blackstone described arms for personal defense as among the “…absolute rights of individuals…” at common law, his eighteenth century American editor commented that this right had been constitutionalized by the Second Amendment. Early constitutional commentators, including Joseph Story, William Rawle and Thomas M. Cooley, described the amendment in terms of a republican philosophical tradition stemming from Aristotle’s observation that basic to tyrants is a “…mistrust of the people; hense they deprive them of arms.” Political theorists from Cicero to John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rouseau also held arms possession to be symbolic of personal freedom and vital to the virtuous, self-reliant citizenry (defending itself from encroachment by outlaws, tyrants and foreign invaders alike) that they deemed indispensable to poplar government..”

It is not YOUR safety for which this administration and their “gun control” campaigners show concern but THEIR safety, as part of an ideology plotting tyranny.

Tyranny today? Tomorrow? Next year or in the next decade?

All of the above, for tyranny, absolute control of the populous and a nation of subjects both willing and otherwise, is the goal of socialism.

They will start under the guise of YOUR protection but more importantly, the protection of the children because anyone who would stand against government protection of children must and will be labeled a monster and they will do it by legislation or decree whichever is more expedient.

Today, it’s “assault weapons” but, hiding in the Feinstein bill are more than 150 different weapons.

Obamacare was not going to cost you a dime but hidden within THAT bill were 21 new taxes.

They’re not going to take away your existing guns.

This is the first step towards that very measure.

Banning these guns is for you safety and the safety of children.

When Feinstein succeeded in banning “assault weapons” back in 1994, it was found to be an utter failure and those bans were reversed in 2004.

Naturally, the better thing to do now, according to Feinstein, is infringe on MORE of your rights.

They will label as criminals, the Patriots who stand for their Constitution.

Like little Melody Valentin in that grade school, Patriots will be made an example of in front of their peers.

Melody was suspended. Patriots will be jailed.

Nobody will be more safe but, the People will be disarmed through societal pressure, regulatory measures, whatever laws that may be passed, decrees and, by force.


Think Ruby Ridge and Waco if you don’t think that your government is capable of firing on and killing its citizens.

And of course, in time, little Melody’s classmates will vote and yes, they will be running for office themselves.

“Gun control” by attrition.

It’s a bleak picture isn’t it?

Maybe not as bleak as you might think.

In tomorrow’s Weekend Edition, I will lay out what WE must do. How WE can meet this overreach of government head on.

Meanwhile, keep this in mind…

Just as little Melody Valentin was made an example of in her Philly school last week, we to can make an example of her.

Without knowing it, without trying to be, I will suggest to you that Melody Valentin may well be the littlest Patriot and great things come in small packages.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s National Patriot: Weekend Edition!!!!!

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 1/26/13

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  1. God help us if these mentally ill people take the House in 2014. If that happens this ship will run aground. These people are pure evil.

    They will have children ratting out their parents and neighbors ratting out neighbors. looking more and more like Nazi Germany, Mao’s Great Leap FORWARD, and Stalin. If we don’t educate our children, THEY WILL.

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