Teacher Stomps on Flag – Lesson Learned?


According to Michael Copeland’s daughter who was in the Lexington – Richland South Carolina School District classroom when it happened…

“He drew a couple of symbols, like one of them was a cross, and he said, ‘What does this represent’ and everybody said ‘Christianity. Then he proceeds to take down the American flag and said, ‘This is a symbol, but it’s only a piece of cloth. It doesn’t mean anything,’ and then he throws it down on the floor and then stomps on it, repeatedly.”

The girl was talking about her English teacher at Chapin High School.

The teacher, as part of some lesson he was giving his students…

Took down the American Flag, told his students it was a symbol but only a piece of cloth, that it meant nothing…And STOMPED on it…REPEATEDLY.

The United States Supreme Court says the right exists, under the 1st Amendment, to free speech and freedom of expression including desecration of the American Flag.

That doesn’t make it right.

To say the American Flag means nothing, is wrong.

Dead wrong.

On that floor and under his shoe was every soldier who has ever worn the uniform of the United States of America.

Those who came home and those who never did.

Every body beneath the green grasses of Arlington was under that teacher’s shoe and every body buried in far away places who fought and died in war while wearing that flag was right there on the floor as well.

And what of those students in that school who may well have mothers or fathers, brothers or sisters in the service of our nation today?

Yes, they too were being stomped upon.

Let me tell you of Stephan Ross.

He’s now 81 years old.

67 years ago, when he should have been in school, Mr. Ross wasn’t.

He was a prisoner…at Dachau Concentration Camp.

At the age of 14, he was found there, starving, emaciated and scared nearly to death.

He was found by an American GI named Steve Sattler.

Sattler had rations, his own rations, which he gave to the skeleton of a boy who stood before him. Sattler knew the boy needed those rations more than did he but Sattler didn’t just walk away.

No…He waited for Ross to finish eating.

When Ross was done, Sattler gave him something else.

A Handkerchief that he had turned into an American flag.

Red, white and blue, with stars upon it.

Sattler gave his American Flag to that boy at the concentration camp.

Last November, on Veteran’s Day Mr. Ross…

Wore a blue and white striped shirt and cap just like the shirt and cap he was wearing on that day in 1945 when he met Steve Sattler and Mr. Ross went to the State House in Boston where, for the first time…

He met the family of the now departed Steve Sattler.

Sattler’s children and grandchildren were there.

Mr. Ross carried that handkerchief American Flag and presented to Sattler’s family a boxed American flag.

Watch this moving video.

Mr. Ross had been looking for the American who gave him that flag since he arrived, as an orphan, in the United States in 1948.

Just a symbol?

A meaningless piece of cloth?

Something upon which to be stomped????

Some might wonder where this “teacher” got such an impression of the American Flag.

Not I.

I have a pretty darn good idea where he got such an impression.

That was our “First Lady” at the 10 year Memorial for 9-11 at a Flag Ceremony asking her husband…”All that for a damned flag??”

The American Flag covers the caskets of our fallen heroes and, at their funerals, is crisply folded and presented to the grieving family.

Those Flags, folded into triangles where only the stars in the field of blue show, become heirlooms and cherished displays in homes representing a father, mother, brother, sister, daughter or son.

At the Smithsonian, one can view the…THE…Star Spangled Banner. The American Flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the National Anthem.

Tell the soldiers who were in the fight of their lives at Iwo Jima that the flag is meaningless.

For millions upon millions of immigrants who sailed to America, freedom was theirs when they saw 2 things. The Statue of Liberty and the American Flag.

Our athletes are honored to carry the American Flag in the games of the world.

Our Flag stands to this day on the moon.

In fact…that English teacher at South Carolina’s Chapin High School was stomping upon the very symbol of the country whose Constitution ensures his right to act like a complete ass.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

It’s a fair bet that this unnamed teacher would rather live in a country where people pledge their allegiance to a person rather than a flag however, in places like that, one would be wise NOT to throw a flag to the floor and stomp upon it.

This “teacher” now on administrative leave pending an investigation does have some support.

One who shares his lack of respect posted on a local South Carolina website, “There are so few teachers in South Carolina willing to show students a broader perspective. When we are lucky enough to have one, they should be supported, not undermined. Obviously the administration and parents need to sit in on the lesson and listen as well.”

Yes…By all means…We MUST broaden the perspective of youth in America to include the total disrespect of our nation, our military, those who have for more than 2 centuries, looked for the sign of hope that is the American Flag and clearly, we must “teach” those in our schools that the Flag…The American Flag, is worthless and nothing but a symbol upon which to be stomped.

I do have a  questions however…

What on earth was the lesson being taught in an ENGLISH class that included a CROSS and the STOMPING of an American Flag???

This was not a history class nor political science nor Constitutional Law class. It was in an ENGLISH class where this “teacher” pulled this stunt of indoctrination.

The real lesson it seems, was taught by Miss Copeland, a student and a Patriot who related what took place to her father who, in turn, went to the school.

The teacher has been suspended, placed on administrative leave while the “lesson” is investigated and will, hopefully, be looking for a new job soon.

In Miss Copeland, we find hope for the future.


The “teacher” has now been identified as Scott D. Compton!!!

We have been able to find only 1 person by that name living in the Lexington – Richland South Carolina School District 5 area.

Scott D. Compton – 203 Hollenbeck Road Irmo SC 29063

How about this idea…Get a small AMERICAN FLAG and send it to Scott Compton with a note encouraging him to use it to decorate a soldier’s grave at a local cemetery?

The National Patriot asks that NO vile or abusive letters be sent to that address…ONLY AMERICAN FLAGS!!!


9 thoughts on “Teacher Stomps on Flag – Lesson Learned?

  1. Well written and presented Craig! It pisses me off to no end that we have people like that in our schools. He is probably part of the Commie plan to dumb down our children.

  2. Pretty sad that America has come to this and let traitors teach in our schools. If my children went there they would soon be moved if the teacher had not been fired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pray for our country that is the only answer.

  3. Good he didn’t do that in Illinois,
    The State of Illinois makes it a Class 4 felony for anyone to misuse or mutilate the U.S. or the Illinois state flag. The law also forbids the use of either flag for advertising or publicity purposes. Half of fines collected in the successful prosecution of this charge go to the school fund of the county in which the conviction is obtained. [720 Ill. Comp. Stat. 620]

  4. Craig,
    Nice article. It is obvious that this idiot has no place in our education system, nor the United States for this matter. It is my hope that the school will fire him and restructure what these children were libwashed with. I also hope that the parents and citizens of this community make it “very hard on him” to spew his agenda and obvious hatred of America.

  5. Beautufully written, Craig. I remember another image of someone standing on and desecrating our flag. Obama’s good buddy, Bill Ayers. He not only hates the flag, he hates our country.

  6. Wow! Powerful Craig!! I, too, would have been flying down to that school and it would not have been pretty!!! Disgusting how these people in our FREE, thus far, country have NO respect for what they they have!!! FREEDOM – that’s what OUR flag represents – thanks to the men and women who have fought for their country. For FREEDOM! Something this Emperor is going to destroy!!

  7. That teacher should be very glad that he wasn’t teaching one of my children, as I would be certain to offer a very effective counter lesson in front of those sam children and stomp on that mans face, and offer,”It is only matter on which I am standing and has no other significance.” I would be happy to catch a case for that lesson.

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