Remember the Benghazi 4???

It’s been 4 months since the attacks in Benghazi.

4 months.

How’s the search for the real killers coming?

Well…The only TERRORIST held in connection with the attack has been released from a jail in Tunisia due to a lack of evidence and, one can only surmise that the same lack of evidence is also responsible for keeping the only FILMMAKER who had nothing whatsoever to do with it locked up on federal charges not at all related TO the attack in Benghazi.

Obama, who has, time and time again, vowed to bring those responsible to justice apparently was unable to find a culprit in the golf courses of Hawaii during his recent $6 million dollar vacation which may well be due to the absence of strawberry frappes on sidewalk café menus there.


Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods are still dead.

Hillary Clinton who, reportedly knew a whole lot about what happened and what didn’t has, again, agreed to testify so long as a stomach virus, concussion, blood clot or wine tasting doesn’t interfere with the timing.

Shall we start a pool on the number of times she won’t be able to recall details?

There ARE survivors of the attacks. Those whom Tyrone Woods defied orders to save from the Consulate and those who managed to survive the attack on the CIA safe house.

Where in the HELL are they?

I say THOSE people need to be interviewed before the House Committee so we can find out what THEY know of the horrific event.

Then there’s the former CIA chief whose affair with his biographer forced his resignation. Petraous HAS been before the committee but, his testimony left quite a bit to be desired.

Did I mention that Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods are still dead?

They are you know and we are no closer to finding the responsible parties that we were the day before they were killed.

The day BEFORE?


The day BEFORE, on September 10th, we knew that Benghazi was dangerous, that the Consulate there was unguarded for all intents and purposes, that there were al Qaeda terrorists running amok, that we had been attacked in Benghazi twice already, that the British had pulled out and so had the red cross, that there had been 234 terrorist attacks in Libya since the removal of Gaddafi…

Need I go on?

The Department of State knew. They KNEW this was bound to happen and they did nothing.

When it DID happen, they sat and watched it like a reality show on their CSTV monitors.

It was live on TV in the White House Situation Room as well.

We now know that several, including Woods and Doherty, General Ham and a Rear Admiral all wanted to go to the rescue of those whose lives were being threatened.

Half of that crowd is now dead…The other half relieved of duty.

What we DON’T know is WHO issued the “stand down” orders.

It’s a fair bet it wasn’t some low level State Department janitor.

While most Patriots and the House Committee want to hear from those at the upper levels of this whole mess, I rather think the committee should start at the bottom and work their way UP, eliminating all who had NOTHING to do with it along the way.

THAT, it seems to me, is the ONLY way to get to the TRUTH.

The “internal report” that Hillary was supposedly waiting for did nothing but name positions and those IN those positions had their Titanic deck chairs shuffled about but none were thrown over the rail.

The only reason we DON’T yet have the truth is because the TRUTH would be VERY uncomfortable for Obama, Hillary and Panetta.

Uncomfortable? Treason is ALWAYS uncomfortable but…

Not nearly as uncomfortable as were the RESULTS of it for Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods.

By the way…THEY are still DEAD.

What will be found, IF the TRUTH is found, is what has been uncovered by Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge at Fox News.

Gun running…From the Consulate in Benghazi, through the Turks and TO al Qaeda elements in Syria for the purpose of bringing down Assad.

The guns and weapons used against our OWN in Benghazi were most likely donated in a “lead from behind” operation for the purpose of bringing down Gaddafi.

Stand Down orders, such as those given to Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty as well as to general Ham and the Rear Admiral can ONLY come from the HIGHEST levels which means either Panetta or Obama and it’s clear that Panetta wouldn’t give such an order had HE not be ordered to do so.

That the Benghazi Consulate and the Ambassador were left virtually unprotected in the nastiest al Qaeda vermin infested place on earth and in fact, had their security DRAWN DOWN after repeated pleas for MORE security can ONLY go to the very TOP of the State Department.

AHHH yes…The reason we DON’T have the truth is because NOBODY at a LOWER level IS responsible for what happened.

HAD lower level career State Department folks been responsible…THEY would have been FIRED and, it’s a pretty easy bet that those whose deck chairs got shuffled KNOW the truth and that’s why THEY are still employed.

We will continue to deal with the distractions…Gun bans…Appointment fights…Fiscal Cliff debates…Debt Ceiling debates…Upcoming Immigration arguments…The threat of Executive Orders…

And let’s remember that the whole situation between Israel and Iran is going to flare up BIG time this spring as Iran nears the nuclear red line and Assad is nearing the end of HIS regime as well as the expiration date on his now mixed chemical weapons.

There will be the State of the Union, budget battles and on and on and on but…

We will NOT forget about BENGHAZI because…No matter WHAT else happens…

Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods are STILL DEAD!!!

One thought on “Remember the Benghazi 4???

  1. …and so they will all get away with murder UNLESS someone has the balls to TELL THE TRUTH!! We all know had this been any other president, well you know the rest!!

    Now wouldn’t it be wonderful IF the Hillstard actually told the TRUTH, I’m not talking “her truth” I mean the TRUTH, you know, the truth that would bring that POS Down! But I’m afraid we will be taking those bets on how many times “I don’t remember” rings through the air! I think the truth would bode well for her in the future!! I mean think about it, she’d bring this jerk down to his knees (lol) can you just imagine the MSM… I can hear Pelley, “I wonder…” He sure “wonders” a LOT! idiot!

    Yes, the emperor is up there so smug in thinking he’s pulled this one off!! It just boggles the mind how people can continue to cover up for this — Why aren’t those families screaming to get at the bottom of this? What are they going to do when the shit hits the fan w/Iran and Israel? I shudder to think!

    Great one Craig — you make my day 😉

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