Oh To Be an Obama Youth As Decrees Are Signed

Yesterday, there were 2 school shootings. 1 at a business school in St. Louis where a man opened fire on a finance officer and then himself…Both are expected to survive and the other, at a community college in Hazard Kentucky where a man opened fire in a parking lot killing 2 and injuring a child. That attacker may have turned himself in to the local police.

Obama is responsible for both shootings.

I’ll explain that later.

Today, the Emperor will surround himself and his dictatorial rule with the most egregious of human shields.


As the Emperor announces the measures he will decree upon the formerly free citizens of his kingdom, he will have around him children who have supposedly written to him, begging him, in his wisdom, to subvert the Constitution.

Because guns, on their own, kill mostly children in gun free zones, the Emperor will take pen to paper and issue his control…

On behalf of the children.

Law abiding people MUST be subjected to grander control and law abiding people must NOT be allowed THEIR God given rights.


For the sake of the children of course.

It’s a fair wager that many, if not most of the children who will be there today…To protect the ideology of the Emperor, wrote their letters under the watchful eyes of union thug orchestrated teachers as a “class project,” if indeed they wrote to the Emperor at all.

He may well even read some fortunate child’s letter, calling that child by name and…Smiling approvingly towards that child and his or her parents.

Oh, the pride of those parents.

They know there will be extra food stamps for them this week.

As many find the use of children as political props somehow, disgusting…

Not I.

I will look upon those children with wonder today.

Did I say “with” wonder?

My apologies…

I meant to say…”AND” wonder.

I will wonder if they know just how lucky they are?

How FORTUNATE they are to be there…

There will be nearly 1.3 MILLION children who couldn’t make it to the ceremony today.

1.3 million.

They didn’t write letters detailing the Emperor’s need to act without the permission of congress.

They were aborted last year in the United States.

In the last year for which numbers have been compiled, 2011, there were 12,940 people whose lives ended due to firearm related injuries.

That includes…

851 from the accidental discharge of a firearm.

766 who took their own lives.

11,101 from homicides.

222 from undetermined intent.

12,940 in all and that is from all manner of firearms. Handguns, rifles, semi-automatics, shotguns…all of them put together.

But today’s actions are being pushed through, ramrodded, because of 20 children in Newtown Connecticut who died a month ago.

20…..We MUST take action immediately to prevent another Sandy hook. Right?

1.3 MILLION children were killed by abortion.

Guns are bad.

Those who support the Emperor’s decree to restrict the 2nd Amendment can see nothing whatsoever wrong with abortions.

Abortion is something, that those who believe guns are bad, want the TAXPAYERS to support.


I will watch the Emperor and his juvenile ideological flack-jackets and wonder…

How many of those children, so concerned about “gun control” have the slightest idea that they owe the government $50,000.00 right now as their portion of the national debt?

I wonder if they realize how much higher that number will be by the time they’re old enough to vote?

But the Emperor will USE those children to pull at America’s heartstrings and yet give no regard whatsoever to the umbilical cords pulled apart by 1.3 million abortions each and every year.

I wonder if any of the photo op children at today’s Obama youth rally have any idea why those “Gun Free Zone” signs on the fence outside their schools didn’t work at Sandy Hook?

Do any of these walking political props know anything about the Constitution?

If…IF they really DID write letters to the Emperor after Sandy Hook they did so ONLY because it was in the news.

Did any of them write to the Emperor asking why he gave guns to Mexican drug cartels while he wants to take them away from law abiding citizens?

Certainly not and there’s a reason for that.

At their houses, no news program watched ever mentioned Fast and Furious until the day Holder was charged with contempt and even then, if they blinked, they missed it.

Do these precious little useful idiots know that under the direction of the man to whom they wrote pleading for ”gun control,” guns were being run to terrorists in Syria from the Consulate in Benghazi?

Probably not.

Okay…Obama was responsible for yesterday’s St. Louis and Kentucky shootings?

Yes. 2 days ago, during what he called a “press conference,” when asked about the record numbers of gun sales, Obama clearly stated that the gun lobby is “ginning up” fears.  “Part of the challenge we confront is that even the slightest hint of some sensible, responsible legislation in this area fans this notion that somehow, ‘Here it comes, everybody’s guns are going to be taken away. It’s certainly good for business.”

So, the sharp increase in gun sales is the fault of gun lobby ginning up fears and the retailers going out of their way to make those sales before “sensible, responsible legislation” kicks in huh?

Well then…The 2 shooters yesterday were OBVIOUSLY trying to get THEIR vile and evil deeds done YESTERDAY before Obama made shooting innocent people ILLEGAL today.

Today, the impetuous offspring of foreign and domestic enemies will surround himself with the brainwashed youth his comrade in arms running called for so many years ago, to announce his unilateral decree to put an end to gun violence.

Behind the vacuous smiles and wide-eyed wonder of the Emperor’s pen pals resides the total lack of understanding, that the guy who provides Obama phones, free contraceptives to 31 year old law school bimbos and “free” healthcare that costs more than the healthcare their parents used to pay for…The guy who gleefully raised their parents taxes even though he said he never would…The guy who spends more for a single vacation than they’re likely to make in a lifetime and demonizes the rich while he’s playing golf on courses they would never see…Is not Santa and he can’t keep them safe no matter what he signs.

Perhaps one day, when they’re older, they’ll understand that no piece of paper, no legislation and no sign on the wall that says otherwise will stop evil people from doing evil things and that, if they really want to protect THEIR kids…

They’ll buy a gun and stop supporting abortion.

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  1. Welcome to the ObamaNation’s AmeriKa! USSA! When is anyone going to DO something about his acts of TREASON!!! WHEN! – as he continues his Sociopathic run on America!

  2. Patriot –

    You hit all the appropriate and spot on “notes!” Obama is clearly a user and manipulator – and, we must never forget a con artist (liar) extraordinaire. I will add this link to my latest moralmattersdotorg website in which I again, question this Obama government. I ask:

    “When did Obama’s big government tell the truth; the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”

    Supposed Sandy Hook shooting appears as a hoax: Facebook personality draws a plausible conclusion


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