Desperation in the Words of the Dictator

If you are a minority, gay, illegal immigrant from a communist country, yesterday’s coronation of the Dictator was your dog and pony show.

Politically direct enough for ya?

The orification from the Orifice in Chief was a deep courtesy to the ilk of Lenin, Mao, Castro and Gay Guevara.

Look…I realize that I have mentioned “gay” in 2 out of the first 3 sentences but, before anyone comes unhinged, yesterday’s unhinged ceremony included the divisiveness of gays and straights in the body of the Dictator’s speech AND  in its closing prayer not to mention the divisiveness of race and class standing to boot.

The Dictator used his coronation to draw a clear line that he only sees ONE side of what divides this nation…THE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST side.

Don’t think so?

How about THIS quote?

“Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.”

If you thought the last 4 years made you sick…You have not yet begun to vomit.

Yesterday, I told you that the Dictator’s oath of office would be a tsunami in a vast sea of lies and my friends, Patriots, women and children first, into the lifeboats of Conservative values if you care to save this formerly great nation.

The Dictator, Obama, left no doubt whatsoever that his agenda for the next 4 years is that of entitlements, collectivism, socialism, and Imperial actions.

The only worthy recipients of his big government handouts are those who view themselves as society’s victims.

Yes, there are REAL victims, there is REAL racism, REAL problems that linger in our nation and our society but, when, as the Dictator does, those who are NOT victims of ANYTHING other than a frustration over the slow progressive nature of socialism, REAL issues are rendered null and void.

Reagan said that “Government IS the problem.”


Should nothing get done through the halls of congress, from here on out, his highness and his court minions will blame republicans for not bowing down to socialism in order to achieve communism.


For 4 long years, socialists have referred to conservatives as the party of “No.”


If we, as conservatives, allow any of those we elected stray off the turf of freedom and liberty in order to find common ground with socialism, we are forever giving away the very future of the republic.

In 2014, we Conservatives MUST execute the same tour de force we employed in the midterm election of 2010 and, in 2016, the time to champion individual candidates of choice is during the primaries however, when a nominee is chosen, be it your individual favorite or not, those who do not unify in order to oust communism from the palace ARE themselves wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Yesterday, the Dictator attempted to channel Lincoln and MLK in a speech that would have been more at home in 1962 or 1862 but the social issues he spoke of were decidedly 2013 non issues.

Woe on us as a society that some must stand in line for 3 hours to vote.

Woe be upon us if we don’t allow illegal aliens to partake of the sharing of other people’s wealth.

And woe be it to they who prefer traditional family values and American values.

Imaging the disappointment of the Dictator upon walking through the capitol and NOT seeing a sign upon a bathroom door that read, “For White, Straight, Citizens Only.”

He spoke of global warming as though he, the new black Moses, could reduce the effects of the sun by raising his staff and bowing to the east.

Before he uttered his bits and pieces, the widow of Medgar Evers spoke. SHE recited the Pledge of Allegiance, leaving out the words, “Under God” before she began her “prayer.”

Under the guidance of the Dictator’s next 4 years, “Life” will be at the whim of a bill that had to be passed before anyone was allowed to read it…”Happiness” will not be pursued by individuals but doled out by the hand of government and government will decide who need more or less happiness in whatever life they’re granted by Obamacare.

And Liberty?


You will be granted Liberty from your freedoms and you’ll be thankful for it.

Are we left nothing but to bemoan our losses?

I say No. HELL NO!!!



While the Dictator and his ilk create problems from which they can concoct false solution, WE must deal with the REAL problems and articulate HONEST solutions.

While they look to create victim where no victims exist, let US work to protect the REAL victims and change the mindset of those who take advantage of them so that they who were once the victims can thrive.

Let the socialists make a living off of the exploitation of tragedy.

Let US provide the moral character it requires to overcome them.

Yesterday, the Dictator said:

“The change we seek has always required great struggle and great sacrifice.”

Ayn Rand said:

“The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master.”

At NO point during his 18 minutes speaking did the Dictator mention the economy, jobs, debt or deficit but he DID talk about pouring money into green energy, spending to fight global warming and spending on social programs.

It was a direct call for more government and less freedoms.

The inherent problem with socialism is, the faster you create victims the sooner you will run out of other people’s money…Leading to greater struggles and deeper sacrifices.

Minorities have been taught by socialists that it’s more important to be a skin color than to be free.

Hispanics are being suckered by the socialists insistence on extending “protection” to their illegal alien “brothers and sisters.

All it costs is their votes but Hispanics should take a long, hard look at the plight of blacks in the inner cities. Their unemployment rates, their family values. They used to be every bit as strong in their religion and family units as traditional Hispanics until they traded it all away to elect liberals who vowed to make their lives better.

Will the gay community now follow suit? Will THEY trade THEIR freedoms for the “protection of liberals” that has rendered blacks to the highest unemployment, highest degree of government handouts and the least amount of opportunities to alter their situations based on free choice?

Who will become the next demographic group of professional victims reliant on the government for their basic needs?

There was a sense of desperation in the Dictator’s words… Knowledge that he must ramp up efforts to establish socialism. The need to create as many victims as quickly as possible, hook them on government for their needs and wants in order to control them, secure their votes by spreading lies and fear regarding any who would depose him and lead the nation to fiscal ruin in order to buy their votes.

Socialists…We’re on to you. WE know your ilk and your methods. WE see it and so do others who are now LEAVING your plantation no longer willing to trade their votes for their freedoms.

WE, as conservatives, are now spreading the truth, we’re coming and the power of freedom is coming with us.

You have been warned socialists…You have been warned.

11 thoughts on “Desperation in the Words of the Dictator

  1. Thank you for your great article, Craig. The election “results” were devastating to me….the idea that obama was “reelected” galls me to the bone. Is this the new reality in America??? Public enemy #1 is in the white house, his 3rd and 4th terms are virtually assured by rampant voter fraud, and no one in congress has the balls to stand up to this travesty??? We need a champion. Rand Paul, maybe?? Marco Rubio??? Someone??? If we could somehow unite against this corruption……Please God, help America defeat this evil.

  2. The facts are undeniably visible. We have got to remove this pathetic piece of communist garbage from the white house and if necessary , to do it in any way possible including deadly force. That goes for the corrupt treasonous congress and supreme court as well. When we get that part done, we MUST make damned sure he is run out of, deported from, along with his family out of the United States and any of it’s territories, or states outside of the lower 48 states, and Alaska. The same goes for his Zionist puppet masters wherever they are in this nation, primarily those who have infiltrated OUR. “We, the people’s” government. Anything short of this WILL NOT DO THE JOB REQUIRED si we may take OUR nation back from the rotten bastards that have stolen from us for the past 250 years … period …. point ….blank.

  3. It took great courage to write the truth. Does one have the courage to read the truth?

  4. Years ago they came up with Affirmative Action. They might have just said that they think minorities are not smart enough or talented enough to make it without the liberal’s help. So they lowered the bar for the minorities to make it “fair”.

  5. Why, Craig, why are you so concerned about the Obamunists’ “panem et circences” doctrine being applied to the United States? The Roman Empire used it over a thousand years ago, and look how well the Roman Empire is doing today!

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  7. Brilliant article, Craig. It echoed the woe I have felt deep in my stomach since accidentally tuning in to the dictator’s speech yesterday. You have captured the essence that many have missed and that’s his need for new demographic groups to surrender their freedoms and to trust him, but your portrait of the demise of the black community is the truth that he doesn’t want them to see. Normally when I post an article on fb, I try to select a few sentences to draw the readers interest. However, every paragraph is one that deserves to be featured. Thanks so much for your work in putting together this important statement and battlecry for conseratives. I join in the mantle: “Not NO, but HELL NO!”

  8. I avoided all coverage of the Emporers activities yesterday, and it is still going on today. Mark Levin gave an interview to Breitbart, where he said there is only one thing we can do. FIGHT! We may fail, but it’s all we can do and what we HAVE to do, even if we fail.

  9. I wanted to share this article to my Facebook site but there’s no button…and I haven’t a clue about working with RSS feeds. So…how do we get this out to more of the public??

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