My Name is Holocaust

For their own good, I made sure their weapons were taken away.

I relegated them to the status of 3rd class citizens while I rallied the people to my issues.

I told them we would dominate and that the government would protect them.

For their own safety, I rounded them up. I took them from their homes and from their work and I sent them to places where we could guarantee they would be kept from harm.

When they arrived at their destinations, I took their belongings and removed their individual identities. I shaved their heads and humiliated them. I took their clothes and I separated them from their families.

Those who were weak or old or too young were sent to one side while those, able bodied, were sent to work.

The able bodied never saw the old and weak or their children again.

I enslaved them.

I starved them.

The goal was to wipe them out. To rid the world of their kind. To do the rest of mankind a favor. That was the goal.

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Hypocrites Shooting Off Their Mouths on Gun Control

Oh the hypocrisy.

Media Matters has been pushing “gun control” for some time now and, as the Daily Caller discovered, its founder, David Brock has an ARMED BODY GUARD!!!

Some staffer, a former Brock aide, Haydn Price-Morris, used to carry a Glock and, at times, a shotgun, to protect Brock but, the problem begins because the hyphenated bodyguard never had a conceal/carry permit.

I say BEGINS because…the hyphenated thug carried in Washington DC and in California where, as it turns out, he committed several FELONIES by possessing the weapon.


Now then, David Brock…FAR be it for me to cast aspersions regarding one’s mental health but this guy, Brock, has for YEARS struggled with mental health issues and has for YEARS claimed that he has been targeted by right wing assassins.

Brock, it seems, is one loud noise away from hiding under Randy Quaid’s couch cushions in Canada.

Quaid, as you may remember, is ducking criminal charges in the U.S. by trying to live in Canada because, he says, Hollywood Star-Whackers are trying to kill HIM.

But I digress…

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2nd Amendment Crusade – 2016 Strategy

As I outlined in yesterday’s Weekend Edition…NOW is the time WE must take a stand. Obama’s gun grab agenda IS the rally point for the 2014 midterm elections and he MUST be stopped.

The ONLY way he can bring FULL socialism to this nation is to REMOVE the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, render the 2nd Amendment null and void and then…the rest of our rights will come under assault.

Socialists have been at this for DECADES and they are now, closer than ever before, to full assimilation turning the Republic into a socialist based system.

Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” is at hand and WE must get serious.

We CAN have the same effect on the 2014 midterm as we did in 2010 but…WHAT HAPPENED IN BETWEEN???

The opportunity to remove the Dictator from office presented itself in November 2012 but, WE missed it.

How then, do we avoid the same missed opportunity in 2016?

By recognizing the error and NOT doing the same thing again.

I have been told, many times, that I preach to the choir.

True enough for, the socialists have no interest in listening to any plan other than their own.

Rather than a choir, for the sake of this article, let’s call it an orchestra.

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Weekend Edition: 2nd Amendment Crusade (Pt 2)

Neither Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein nor any of the rest of the socialist ilk in Washington give a damn about your safety or the safety of your children.

In yesterday’s Weekend Edition, we pointed out what we’re up against as Patriots when it comes to the assault on the 2nd Amendment.

That assault didn’t start yesterday or 4 years ago.

It began with the introduction of socialism into the highest levels of our government and Woodrow Wilson. Over the decades, socialism has progressed, grown and now, it is not just knocking at the door, it’s trying to kick the door down.

I believe, at the heart of it all, IS the assault on the 2nd Amendment.

Why the 2nd?

Of the 27 Amendments to our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the 2nd is the growling, snarling dog patrolling the perimeter fence.

Socialists want to pull the dog’s teeth thus, infringing on your God Given right to protect your liberty.

Of all the Amendments spelled out in the Bill of Rights, the 2nd is the ONLY one to include the words, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

Our founders and framers well knew the danger to the republic should the amendment which protects all others, be infringed.

The poorest states in America are all run by liberals.

The poorest cities are all run by liberals.

Every high crime city in America is under the control of liberals.

Think about that.

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Weekend Edition: 2nd Amendment Crusade (Pt. 1)

Just a couple of days ago, Melody Valentin…A n elementary school student, found in her pocket a folded and torn piece of paper…A square with the bottom quarter torn away.

She threw it in the trash and another young student, obviously a victim of indoctrination, programmed to be scared to death and to inform on offenders, then notified the government, in this case, a teacher, the nearest figure of authority.

“He yelled at me and said I shouldn’t have brought the gun to school and I kept telling him it was a paper gun but he wouldn’t listen.”

The teacher yelled at Melody, telling her that the cops should be called and that she should be arrested.

He searched her in front of her classmates.

Melody’s classmates started calling her a murderer.

Little Melody Valentin was suspended and the incident will now be a part of her permanent record thus reinforcing to her classmates that even possessing a folded and torn piece of paper which may or may not simply LOOK like a gun is something for which they will be punished and possibly arrested.

Where did this indoctrination of today’s youth and affront to common sense take place?

Why…In the very birthplace of freedom…Philadelphia…of course.

This was NOT last week’s ONLY such event.

Last week, a 5 year old girl from Mouth Carmel, PA  was interrogated for more than three hours, forced into psychological testing and then suspended by school officials.


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Friday Fume

From the Dictator’s manifesto to Hillary’s campaign testimony…It’s been quite a week.

Socialists are just giddy over the onset of another 4 years of Imperial orders, Constitution trashing and big government control aren’t they?

The garden variety socialist is now firmly convinced that Obama is gonna buy them all lottery tickets and when they win, they can finally move to the Caymans to get away from the tax hikes they all voted for.

Naturally, they’ll want international calling on their Obamaphones…

Anyway…It’s FRIDAY my Patriot friends so hang on TIGHT BECAUSE…


Well, well…

Yesterday, Neville Chamberlain began his confirmation hearings to become our next Secretary of Appeasement.

How nice.

In his opening statements, Kerry made it clear that he would use all his office’s power to find a diplomatic solution to prevent Iran from obtaining nukes.

It makes one wonder…


Really…Does he honestly believe that the oh-so-rational IRANIANS have ANY interest in taking SUGGESTIONS???

I’ve got some breaking news for the great appeaser…

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Hillary’s 2016 Campaign Off and Running

The amount of crap forced down the one and only toilet at an All You Can Eat Burrito Buffet PALES in comparison to the TURD FEST that spewed forth from Hillary’s testimony before the senate and the house yesterday.

Clearly, in yesterday’s senate and house hearings, there were two objectives.

Socialists on the committees were there to build Hillary’s street cred for a 2016 run at the palace.

Conservatives on the committees were there to get answers as to what happened in Benghazi.

It was, to be sure…Orwellian.

In what could ONLY be described as a BALD FACED ATTEMPT to divert the topic and aid in the cover-up of the Benghazi attack…Dick Durbin ACTUALLY SUGGESTED A HEARING ON WMD IN IRAQ!!!!

Tom Udall took the time to thank Hillary for handing out COOK STOVES to those in impoverished countries.



In fact, the amount of praise heaped upon Hillary between the two hearings was enough to make a maggot barf.

It was also clear there was a great deal of collusion between Hillary and the socialist Members of both committees.

Those with a (D) after their names, regardless of senate or house Members, asked the same questions dealing with almost anything BUT Benghazi and Hillary’s answers to those questions were the same, nearly word for word to the house committee as they were in the senate hours before.

I would be absolutely SHOCKED if Hillary didn’t write those questions herself and distribute them to (D) questioners ahead of time so that the questions would then correspond with her pre-written and well rehearsed answers.

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Doin’ the Dictator Limbo

We have been told that elections have consequences.

Indeed they do.

Therefore, they also carry unintended consequences.

Yesterday such an unintended consequence reared it’s conservative head in the state of Virginia.

There, where the state senate was all tied up…20 conservatives – 20 liberals…One senator ducked out for a political moment.

Senator Harry Marsh, giddy at the prospect of another 4 years of the Dictator’s rule, dashed off to DC to sing, dance, spike the football and presumably, imbibe in beverages of an adult nature at the Dictator’s coronation.

Party on Senator.

In his gleeful absence, Virginia conservatives quickly put forth and passed, redistricting.

Based on the consequences of the 2012 election, the new districts will give the Virginia Senate a 26 – 14 majority of CONSERVATIVES.

There will be a great deal of socialists with their collectivism panties in a wad over this but, like the guy who jumps from the stands to streak across the field of play before getting blasted from his feet by an athlete who packs the punch of a freight train, they should have seen this coming.

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Desperation in the Words of the Dictator

If you are a minority, gay, illegal immigrant from a communist country, yesterday’s coronation of the Dictator was your dog and pony show.

Politically direct enough for ya?

The orification from the Orifice in Chief was a deep courtesy to the ilk of Lenin, Mao, Castro and Gay Guevara.

Look…I realize that I have mentioned “gay” in 2 out of the first 3 sentences but, before anyone comes unhinged, yesterday’s unhinged ceremony included the divisiveness of gays and straights in the body of the Dictator’s speech AND  in its closing prayer not to mention the divisiveness of race and class standing to boot.

The Dictator used his coronation to draw a clear line that he only sees ONE side of what divides this nation…THE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST side.

Don’t think so?

How about THIS quote?

“Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.”

If you thought the last 4 years made you sick…You have not yet begun to vomit.

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A Tsunami in a Sea of Lies

FromGuantanamo bay to be closed within a year” to “You Didn’t Build that.” The Dictator, Obama, has lied as often as Biden has gaffed.

It’s been an amazing 4 years of bald face lying to those who elected him and to those who didn’t.

The clear difference is, those of us who declined to anoint the Dictator KNOW he’s lying and those who DID…KNOW it but simply don’t care.

What follows is but a partial list of whoppers from the Lyin’ King.

“I Won’t Raise taxes on those making less than 250,000 per year.”

77% of Americans are not happy with that lie.

“The Unemployment rate will be 8.5% without stimulus.”

What the Dictator apparently FAILED to tell us was that WITH the stimulus…Unemployment would rise to more than 10%.

“I’ll Cut The Deficit in Half by end of first term.”

As our annual deficit has doubled, I’m not sure if this is 1 lie or more than 4 TRILLION lies.

I am immediately instituting PayGo “Pay as you go.”

Sooo…You DON’T need another debt ceiling raise after all???

“We shouldn’t Mandate the purchase of health care.”

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