Weekend Edition: It’s Always Somebody Elses Fault

So…Whose fault IS it anyway?


Whose fault???

When George W. Bush was the president, apparently, the economy was his fault.

Obama said so.

Obama told us back then that a half trillion dollar deficit was irresponsible.

Obama told us it was…”Unpatriotic.”

It was Bush’s fault.

Now, the economy under Obama is…Bush’s fault.

While Bush was operating with a half trillion dollar deficit, Obama has increased that deficit to $1.2 – $1.3 trillion dollars. Is the NEW deficit irresponsible? Is it…”Unpatriotic???”

Not according to Obama. He now wants unlimited and unchecked ability to raise the debt ceiling.

Whatever it was then, it’s not today but one thing remains unchanged. According to Obama, it’s Bush’s fault.

Last week, Bob Costas told the world that the murder/suicide involving Jovan Belcher was the fault of a “gun culture.”

Costas was alive, well and broadcasting back when Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered and O.J. Simpson stood trial but, did Costas blame THAT on a “knife culture???”


Guns, according to most socialists, kill people but other inanimate objects…Don’t.

Tonight, during halftime, will Bob Costas blame yesterday’s death of Dallas Cowboy player Jerry Brown in an “alcohol culture” or on a “car culture???” Brown lost his life when a car, driven drunk by teammate Josh Brent flipped.

Whose fault is it?

What we have in this nation is not a gun culture or an alcohol or car culture. What we have is a lack of personal responsibility culture.

After decades of finger pointing from those who occupy our highest offices, is anyone surprised?

There was a dead woman in a half-submerged car owned by Ted Kennedy who went home, slept it off and THEN called the cops. Whose fault was that? Certainly not Ted Kennedy’s fault. HE went on to have a long and storied career in the senate and even sat on the senate Ethics committee.

Yesterday, Josh Brent got drunk in Dallas. His fault? Who poured him the drinks? Shouldn’t it be THAT person’s fault? Maybe somebody else bought a round or two…THAT person’s fault?

Who sold Brent the car? Who didn’t take away his keys?

Maybe it’s really Jerry Brown’s fault. After all, HE got IN the car.

Last week, as Kate Middleton was recovering from sever morning sickness in a hospital, a couple of morning radio personalities in Australia placed a prank phone call and actually got THROUGH, reaping a few bits of information by pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles.

Everybody had a laugh. Even the REAL prince Charles joked about it.


One of the nurses who divulged the information…Killed herself.

The radio personalities are now suspended indefinitely and, Lord Glenarthur, the chairman of King Edward VII’s Hospital, has written a stern letter to the Australian radio station.

He writes of “the humiliation of two dedicated and caring nurses who were simply doing their job tending to their patients,” and states that, “The longer term consequence has been reported around the world and is, frankly, tragic beyond words.”

Lord Glenarthur scolds the radio station’s management, “not to let such a thing happen again.”

So…Whose fault was it?

The radio station management?

The morning team?

Alexander Graham Bell…He DID invent the phone.

One wonders, did the hospital…Lord Glenarthur possible, give to these two nurses a stern talking to? Were their jobs threatened over a lack of professionalism, a violation of patient confidentiality and a breach of royal protocol???

What else may have been happening in the life of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who killed herself over this?

How close to the edge WAS she that a lapse of protocol could cause her to end it all and, IF she was that close for ANY reason, SHOULD she have been in a position to care for OTHERS to begin with???

Whose fault is it really???

The top 1% of American earners pay 40% of all income taxes in this country.

The top 10% pay 70% of all income taxes.

The top 50% pay almost 98% of all income taxes.

The bottom 50%?

Well…THEY pay about 2% of all income taxes.

Obama says the top 1 or 2% aren’t paying their “fair share” and socialists who voted FOR him agree.

They say the “rich” 1 or 2 % need to pay MORE and THEIR plan would have then pay just enough more to fund government spending for a whole 8 ½ days.

Clearly it’s not a SPENDING problem? Right?

Clearly Belcher’s gun acted on its own.

Clearly something other than a drunken driver can be pointed to regarding Jerry Brown.

Clearly morning radio jocks half a world away are responsible for a British nurse’s suicide.

Watch a few episodes of “Cops” and count up the number of times punks with drugs on them run from the police because, “they didn’t know it was the cops” or…”They were scared because the cops did something to somebody else.”

If YOU drive an SUV…YOU are at fault for “Global Warming” but clearly it has nothing to do with the SUN.

Taking guns away from YOU second amendment loving law abiding citizens will SAVE lives but clearly, CRIMINALS with guns will gladly give theirs up too.

What exactly is the problem? Must we “share the blame” amongst those who are NOT at fault just to be “FAIR???”

It’s all about personal responsibility and as long as other can be blamed and society accepts that tactic, personal responsibility will simply fade away.

We’re only a couple of generations away from personal responsibility becoming the rotary phone, 8 track tapes and 32 ounce sodas.

Taking responsibility or, assigning it to the correct entity is nearly horse and buggy thinking NOW.

Spread the wealth from those who earned it to those who didn’t and spread the blame from those who ARE to blame to those who AREN’T.

Please…Remind me again…Whose fault was it that Israel was dropping bombs on Hamas???

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 12/9/12

3 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: It’s Always Somebody Elses Fault

  1. The ‘fault’ behind all of America’s ills ultimately lay in the State legislatures for having removed their official capacities under exclusive ‘federal’ district jurisdiction.

    To begin understanding how this came about, it’s important to know that in March of 1791, the Congressional Senate authorized Washington to institute a separate ‘federal’ jurisdiction overlaying their individual States in which to levy and collect the ‘Whisky Tax’.

    In order to circumvent the explicit prohibition against Bills of Credit, by 1967 all the States had exited their original, ordinary jurisdictions. Worse, they hikacked their constituencies by making acceptance of this shift coincident with voting registry. Thus, by voting, folks unwitingly ‘accept’ the Congressionally granted status of ‘citizen of the United States’, in place of their naturally inherited birthright ‘citizen of (one of the several States)’.

    This was, of course, a Fraud so, it’s moot a priori and the current States’ legislators (all their officers, in fact) proceed under mere color of law. The Law authorizing veracity of their positions derives ONLY from the original State Constitutions … which they vacated!

  2. Always remember, when you point one finger at someone, four point back at the guilty party. For you dimwits who cant figure it out, THAT MEANS YOU. LMSW/#

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