Weekend Edition: 2013 – Resolve Over Resolutions

While others busy themselves making predictions for the New Year and others with formulating resolutions, I have neither the time nor the patience for either.

Instead, I will relate MY RESOLVE for the New Year.

Before I begin, you should know that I mean these wholeheartedly and I am quite serious about each and every one of them.

So…2013…Where should I begin?

First…I intend to start an online petition which, should it gain 1 million signatures, would outlaw all online petitions.

Seriously…Name ONE online petition which has EVER gained the required number of signatures and has then gone on to accomplish ANYTHING. Name ONE. Go ahead…We’re all waiting…

I…And I suspect YOU…Are bombarded by such petitions DAILY and they are ALL posted as though the future of the world depends on YOU signing the thing. Well…Guess what?

IT DOESN’T and YOUR signature might make you FEEL good but, in reality…IT’S ALMOST AS MEANINGFUL AS AN EMAIL FROM A NIGERIAN PRINCE.

I’ll get the ball rolling and if YOU’LL just sign on…WE CAN STOP ONLINE PETITIONS FOR ALL TIME!!!!

Second…I am finished with listening to ANY “End of the World” prophecy garbage.

It’s not because I feel it is a waste of time or nonsense.

It’s because I simply can’t take any more of that sort of disappointment.

EVERY damned time SOMEBODY says the world is going to end…IT DOESN’T.

As an optimist, I have become very pessimistic regarding supposed end of the world dates. If the world really IS going to end, and YOU’RE the one who KNOWS about it…Keep it to yourself. I have gotten my hopes up too many times only to have my emotions SHATTERED by waking up the next day.

The Mayans ruined it for me and, as far as I’m concerned…THEY CAN ALL JUST…DISAPPEAR!!!!!

http://www.fugly.com/media/IMAGES/Funny/the_real_cause_of_global_warming.gifThird…Guess what? It’s WINTER…AGAIN…and once again…I’M FREEZING MY NUGGETS OFF…Sooooo…..Whosoever believes in global warming or whatever they’re calling it THIS week…CAN GO SIT ON AN ICICLE!!!!

Honestly…Global warming, like Scientology, Islam and whatever claims KWANZA as a holiday are MADE UP RELIGIONS AND NOTHING BUT A REASON TO PASS A COLLECTION PLATE.

I decree that anyone who is too cold should turn on a heater and those who are too warm should turn on a fan.


Any organization subscribing to the religion of global ANYTHING is NOT worthy of a NICKLE of our taxpayer dollars.

Speaking of taxpayer dollars…


I thought using OUR money for stupid ideas like Solyndra and treadmills for shrimp was stupid.

Now…Thanks to a combination of a law enacted by congress back in the 1940’s and a current congress that can’t get out of its own way, or ours for that matter…



You know what THAT means don’t you?

I should have had the cat declawed.

As we head directly for the fiscal cliff and 8 buck moo juice…the EMPEROR signs yet ANOTHER Imperial Order giving that blow-hard Joe Biden and FEDERAL WORKERS a big fat RAISE…


One wonders what might happen if WE go on strike and REFUSE to PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS???

Perhaps before I put an end to all online petitions with an online petition to end all online petitions I should ask people to sign an online petition to seriously refuse to pay any more taxes until congress gets a grip on their out of control spending and…udders.


The next time someone says to me…” I DON’T PAY ANY ATTENTION TO POLITICS” and then proceeds to tell me they voted for Obama…

I am going to write to their election officials and demand their voter registration be shredded.

Such people should NOT be allowed to vote for 2 reasons.

They have no clue whatsoever regarding what is going on or…They are socialists trying to camouflage themselves as apathetic fools.

Either way, I suspect giving them a wedgy would break their necks.

We don’t NEED a voter ID law nearly as bad as we need those who show up to vote…TO PASS A TEST IDENTIFYING KEY PEOPLE , QUOTES, WORLD EVENTS AND PLATFORM ISSUES.

Those who are unable to pass the test should be immediately DEported or EXported.


Speaking of deportations…

Piers Morgan…

Does that Limey, self-aggrandizing, pompous, cranial-rectal lump of goo have ANY idea WHOSE ass WE kicked to START this country???

WHY on earth would we entertain the idea of passing the laws of the country we THREW OUT OF HERE 236 YEARS AGO???

Listen Morgan…You lost the revolutionary war and…LOST THE WAR OF 1812!!!

According to PIERS… A petition was created on an official White House website demanding my deportation for ‘attacking the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution’. This, of course, is the one that alludes to an American’s ‘right to bear arms’. “

“The concerted effort to get me thrown out of the country – which has so far gathered more than 90,000 signatures – struck me as rather ironic, given that by expressing my opinion I was merely exercising my rights, as a legal US resident, under the 1st Amendment, which protects free speech.”

Soooooo…The British wanker want’s HIS right to free speech but DOESN’T want US allowed the right to keep and bear arms.

Now…He claims if we DON’T change our gun laws, basically doing away with the 2nd Amendment…HE MIGHT JUST DEPORT HIMSELF!!!

Here’s what I think 2013 should bring for PIERS…He should be deported from New York and sent to CHICAGO where THEY have the STRICTEST gun laws in the nation. At least, for as long as he lasts…he will have an up close and personal view of what he wants for the rest of the country.

And by the way Morgan, should you choose to deport yourself…Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

And finally…

Morality and values.

While we’re all concerned about the nation going fiscally bankrupt…those on the socialist left are SCREAMING into MORAL bankruptcy and they see no problem with EITHER.

According to the left, we MUST remove any aspects of MORALITY or anything ALLUDING to morality from the public domain and lexicon.

How’s that working out for ya?

We have FAR too many people afraid to say what’s on their mind for fear they might offend someone who, in most cases, NEEDS offending and far, FAR too FEW people who will stand on the very foundation upon which our nation was built…The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

We now have a couple of generations of people who have no respect for life or property…THEY think they’re ENTITLED to what others have worked for and they don’t care what they have to do to get it.

These, by and large, are the same people who want gifts from the government but demand there be no Christmas.

They, like Piers Morgan, demand THEIR right to be HEARD while they demand that YOU give up YOUR rights.

Ahhhh…The double standard.

In 2013…As we begin a New Year…It seems to me that things like “political correctness,” “double standards,” and the notion that there is no place in the public square for God and morality are things we must strive to vanquish.

As a nation, we have our priorities exactly backwards.

Think about it…

A football player in KC kills his girlfriend and then himself and those on the left blame the gun, a “gun culture” and they immediately look to government for answers and solutions while…Tim Tebow is considered…”Controversial” because he adheres to religion and morality.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?????

The NFL is FULL of players who will, at the drop of a hat, embarrass their team and their city with off field behavior but NOBODY seems to want a REAL role model who drops to one knee and asks God for guidance even though there are PLENTY of NFL teams who could USE Divine Intervention.

I’m not saying we should all BE Tim Tebow but…Shouldn’t we all try to be a little more LIKE Tim Tebow?

Friends…Patriots…We can’t turn it around by signing petitions because those who read the petitions don’t care.

We CAN turn it around by STARTING to bring morality and values BACK.

It’s NOT going to be a quick fix but it CAN be a lasting fix IF we start at home.

More “Leave it to Beaver” and less “Simpsons.”


In 2013, I will make no “resolution” to uphold MY end of turning things around…I intend to STRENGTHEN my resolve in the actions I take to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Resolutions, like online petitions, are signed and forgotten while firm resolve is contagious and cannot be ignored.

Let 2012 be the year we “signed on” but, let’s make 2013 the year where we STAND UP!!!!!

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 12/30/12


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    But seriously.


    Blessings Friend!!!

  2. I am all for the petition against petitions! They do NOTHING, and I no longer sign them. Besides, some of them are going to be a handy list for a tyrannical government. A quick identification of their “enemies”. No thanks. Keep up the great job writing, Craig. I read and share them all. I expect you to one day be famous:). We all need to keep speaking out, even if it means our eventual arrests someday. Never know, with this bunch in charge.

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