URGENT!!! Amerika…THIS is Your Final Warning!!!

Are you awake yet Amerika???

That is NOT a typo.

I’m talking to YOU…Citizens of the Socialist Banana Republik of the Former United States.

Some of you, far too many, have been hitting the snooze button for far, FAR too long.


Are you awake…YET???

Yesterday, in what was surely the strangest press conference I have ever seen held by a president…One masquerading as one made some EAR SHATTERING announcements.

Ear shattering only if you aren’t DEAF to the sound of a nation’s destruction.

Normally, appointing Joe Biden to do ANYTHING would be a laughing matter but, this simply isn’t funny.

Biden has been put in charge of Obama’s commission to end gun violence.

The reason this isn’t at all laughable is because Biden couldn’t lead anyone’s way out of a wet paper sack and Obama damned well knows it.

Biden, therefore, is nothing but a figurehead and future pavement under a Canadian made bus should anything go wrong.

The entire commission, whoever should be appointed to it is a sham.

To be succinct…This panel or commission or board…Whatever it ends up being labeled…Is nothing different from the group of scum who drew up the Sharia law “constitution” for Morsi in Egypt.

It’s a kangaroo committee.

Make no mistake…The Emperor means to disarm Amerika and lay waste to the 2nd Amendment.

Allow me to connect a few dots and decode a couple of things from yesterday’s presser.

Obama said, “The fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing.”

I have never, NEVER heard ANYONE say that the issue of the 2nd Amendment OR “Gun Control” is too complex so we should do nothing.


In this, the Emperor is simply making crap up out of thin air…Telling a lie to be passed about by socialists as fact.

The Emperor continued: “The fact is the vast majority of gun owners in America are responsible. But you know what — I am also betting that the majority, the vast majority of responsible law-abiding gun owners would be some of the first to say that we should be able to keep an irresponsible law-breaking few from buying a weapon of war.” 

First of all, regarding the number of law abiding gun owners…IF the “vast majority” of that number would “say that we should be able to keep an irresponsible law-breaking few from buying a weapon of war,” They wouldn’t be SOME of the first…THEY WOULD BE ALL OF THE FIRST TO SAY IT.

Second…THEY ALREADY HAVE SAID IT. That is exactly why we have the laws we already have regarding allowing those who break our to laws NOT to buy weapons of war…Many of which are NOT being enforced.

Third…Weapons of WAR???

Allow me to decode THAT for you.

The Emperor is stating, clearly, that should it ever come down to it…We the People should NOT be allowed to shoot at a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT with ANYTHING resembling the weapons that the GOVERNMENT would be using to shoot at WE the PEOPLE.

Forget about becoming GREECE…This Emperor has us on the path to become SYRIA.

The Emperor went on to state that he would use, “all the powers of my office to prevent more tragedies.”

Decoded…He will use EXECUTIVE ORDERS to disarm Amerika should congress not legislate it.

As I have stated time and time again…MANY of the Emperor’s OTHER Executive Orders have been nothing more than TRIAL BALLOONS to see how far he could go without reprisal from elected Members of congress.


He no longer feels bound by the rule of law in any way.

Now, allow me to connect a few terrifying dots for you.

Obama subverted congress in announcing that the Attorney General would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage act…An existing law on the books. Congress did nothing.

Obama subverted the congress in making recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board when congress was, in fact, NOT in recess. Congress did nothing.

Obama let it be known, PUBLICLY…That he could NOT implement the “Dream Act” on his own as LAWS and the CONSTITUTION prevented him from doing so. Then…HE WENT RIGHT AHEAD AND IMPLEMENTED THE “DREAM ACT” ON HIS OWN…SUBVERTING CONGRESS IN THE PROCESS. Congress did NOTHING.

NOW…We have “Gun Control.”

As Congress has allowed, over and over again, Imperial subversion of the rule of law…HE IS NOW FREE AND CLEAR TO DO IT ON THE MOST MASSIVE SCALE IMAGINABLE.

While it is nearly impossible to believe that our military would ever take up arms against United States citizens…I don’t for one single minute believe the Emperor has ANY intent of using the CURRENT military in that regard.

Connect the dots.

This EMPEROR has several crucial voting blocs that OWE him.

First of all…the YOUTH who have, twice, OVERWHELMINGLY voted FOR him and have received HIS entitlements as a thank you.

Second…Let’s look at that Dream Act decree. There are some 12 MILLION…ILLEGAL aliens in this country and all of them have been PROTECTED by this socialist administration.

Third…The UNIONS and their ever ramped up VIOLENT responses to any and EVERYTHING conservative. Socialists WILL fight on the side of SOCIALISM.

Fourth…The “OCCUPY” crowd. They are free to do whatever anarchy asks of them and, as they lean HEAVILY toward SOCIALISM…They will become foot soldiers in the Emperor’s new army.

Fifth…Dot by dot by dot…Remember those “weapons of War” the Emperor spoke of yesterday…The ones HE claims that the “vast majority” of decent folks would NOT want in the hands of criminals???


Oh yes…He’s MORE than willing to arm THOSE criminals but he certainly doesn’t want US to have access to the same weaponry DOES HE???

Think about that…A certain former DRUG USING Emperor has ARMED Mexican DRUG CARTELS, told our border agents to run away and hide if shooting starts, PROSECUTES border agents who DO fight back, tells us that our southern border is safer now than ever before AND…Just let it be known that, thanks to new pot laws in Washington and Colorado, the feds will NOT prosecute pot offenses any more THUS opening 2 BRAND NEW MARKETS FOR MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS!!!

And don’t forget who ELSE has been found just south of our border…HEZBOLLAH…The military arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Didn’t our government just sent the Muslim Brotherhood 20 F-16’s in Egypt?

Yes they did.

And…What of all those who RELY on government handouts? Welfare…Unemployment…Food stamps etc…What of THEM??? When you become reliant on government you become BEHOLDING to government and easily controlled BY the government.

THIS will be the Emperor’s army but, what about the EXISTING military?

Well…connect a few MORE dots.

As we approach the fiscal cliff and yes, for decades leading up TO the fiscal cliff…What has been one of the most fervent desires OF socialists???

That’s right…CUT THE MILITARY!!!

Cut their funding…Cut their numbers…Cut their supplies and CUT their training.

While THAT’S been the mantra…what have the socialists done TO the current military?

They have forced upon them a POLITICALLY CORRECT AGENDA. Rules of engagement have left our military ill-prepared to face contrived situations. We can’t arm ourselves when Afghans we are trying to help are shooting at us. We can’t flag those IN the military who are about to do great harm such as Ft. Hood. We can’t extract information which might save lives. We can’t even enforce military rules and MUST allow the Ft. Hood TERRORIST sport his JIHAD beard in Court as HE faces charges of…WORKPLACE VIOLENCE!!!

Am I the ONLY one who noticed that, following his announcement regarding the disarming of Amerika…Reporters asked him all about…THE FISCAL CLIFF???

Willing accomplices. HE doesn’t WANT to discuss or reveal DETAILS and the Pravda Press KNEW it.

Do you remember, the day AFTER the Benghazi attack when Romney gave a press conference and all the reporters bombarded him with the exact same question???

Remember how they got caught on a live microphone COLLUDING in that line of questioning???

Odd isn’t it…That after making his “gun control” announcement…ALL THE QUESTIONS HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH…GUN CONTROL???

Distract, dismiss and refocus the public’s attention.

We will be told this is all for the children. We must do this “gun control” for the children.


In his press conference, The Emperor rattled off a list of murders by the dregs of society and where they occurred.

NOT on his list was…CHICAGO.

IF this had ANYTHING to do with the children…The following lists would have been given lip service ESPECIALLY since they have been compiled from the city WITH THE STRICTEST GUN CONTROL LAWS IN THE NATION!!!

In Chicago, so far THIS YEAR…


Chicago is the laboratory where Obama and his socialist, anti-American order, like a creeping cancer on society…Have tested their system of planned violent ideological anarchy on a gratefully duped, willfully led by the nose populous.

Chicago was told that the nation’s strictest “gun control” laws would protect them and, because they have been run by socialists for decades, they bought into it hook, line and sinker.

The result is that Chicago, under the “OH…SO…PROTECTING cloak of “GUN CONTROL” has, in fact, become a KILLING FIELD.

Now…his Highness intends to bring that exact form of “protection” to the rest of the country.

Socialists, the Hollywood elite, Obama supporters, occupiers and the “intellectually superior” have been calling for violence via social media  with ramped up fervor since last Friday’s horrific event in Connecticut.

Thanks to what the Emperor is proposing and has in mind…They will get their wish. More killings. More violence. More funerals…More…More…More until society decays into near total anarchy.

Then what?

Then…Obama will have what he’s been after since day one and that for which he’s been laying the groundwork by playing the race card where it simply doesn’t apply and promoting class warfare.

War in the streets and…The excuse to declare Marshall Law.

Stand up for the Constitution or your Rights THEN and see what happens. You could be arrested or, detained…INDEFINITELY…held for mental evaluation. Those would be your PREFERRED options.

For OTHER options…See Syria.

So…WAS yesterday’s press conference a warning? Perhaps not. It may well have been a de facto declaration of war.


9 thoughts on “URGENT!!! Amerika…THIS is Your Final Warning!!!

  1. Great piece.. dead straight on.. i will dig thru some of my research and see if i can anything..

    1. dont trust the govt
    2. stock your larders
    3. keep your powder dry
    4. make allies in your towns
    5. have second/backup communications
    6. PROVIDE, PROTECT and repeat for your families

    God help us help ourselves.. wwiii is coming

    it’s not a matter of if BUT WHEN

  2. I dont know why there are not 10,000,000 people infront of the White house Demanding his Arrest? if America Falls where you ganna run. for anykind of Freedom we must make America The Citidal Of Freedom that it once was. or truly all is hopelessly lost- Man

  3. A vast majority of police (men and women – not “officers”), military personnel are not going to go head to head with the 2nd amendment and take guns away from America citizens, nor for that matter or any blue helmeted buffoons from corrupt Europe. It would be suicide. And civil war would undoubtedly break out. Surely congress knows that giving a sitting president carte blanche over the constitution is the death knell of the country. A treasonous act if ever there was one and subject to prosecution, trial and execution by either a state militia upholden to the constitution or a military tribunal in case the traitorous (elected) governments fail to stand up against such tyranny.

  4. You think that legalizing marijuana in Washington and Colorado opened up 2 “new” markets for Mexican drug cartels? You clearly have no idea how prohibition and the black market work. Now that it can be freely grown and sold and bought, the black market has no foothold in those states. This was an intersting article, but when you you get this simple concept blatantly wrong, I wonder about the rest of your logic.

    • Brandon,

      Think of it as a free trade zone.

      I said NOTHING of the “black market.” With our southern border wide open and the “Dream Act” in place…Mexican drug business is OPEN for business in Colorado and Washington state.

  5. I really think there’s no hope of not sliding into a Socialist Republic akin to Soviet Russia and may last just as long. What can we do about it? The majority of people won’t be down with starting any kind of violent revolution at this point. Only when guns are finally banned, allowed by the people, and Socialism really kicks in aka all the money runs out and people start starving will they realize it’s not such a good thing. Oops. And if, big IF, there were to be some collective revolutionary effort, you’re right, Obama has that Martial Law executive order in his pocket. That would only hasten the Socialist plan. But I think it’ll continue to be a slow burn, lulling the people into complacency until they no longer have the means to fight back. So what can we do besides teach our children the truth of what America was founded on and hope their generation will rise from the ashes of the failed Socialist agenda? Didn’t Ronald Reagan say that if America fell into Socialism it would lead to 100 years of darkness? Perhaps if the people would have heeded his words then we wouldn’t be in this mess. But personally I know my hope is in Jesus and hope His return comes quicker rather than later. But Republics only last about 200 years historically…maybe this was inevitable.

  6. War has been Declared on us..We the free People of the United States..Obama’s Army is Comming..Let NO One stand between you and your GOD Given Rights of Life, Liberty,or Persuit of Happiness..

  7. This is another reason all public schools must be closed…they don’t educate they indoctrinate…Remember the Hitler Youth..? Heres obama monkeys..!

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