The Law of Unintended Consequences Strikes Back

The Law of unintended Consequences has struck with a particular Wham-Bam-Thank You- Ma’am over the last week and a half.

Go to a gun store today and try to buy an assault style rifle.

Go ahead…Try…You’ll be lucky to find a store with one in stock.

They’re sold out and awaiting resupply.


Because liberals and socialists mounted the largest gun buying frenzy in memory.

Oh, not that THEY were actually BUYING the weapons. Heavens NO…THEY want them BANNED and THEY have been VERY vocal about it in the last week and a half.

Unintended consequences.

The socialist call for a ban on assault style rifles has led to the biggest ever purchasing frenzy OF them in history. Law abiding citizens, filling out the paperwork and buying every such gun in sight.


In your fervor to trash the Constitution and make it illegal to purchase a semi-automatic rifle…”to protect children…” YOU have, in fact, managed to sell MORE semi-auto rifles than ever before.

Bushmaster should add you to the Christmas card list for next year.

Of course…being so adamant regarding “gun control” isn’t the ONLY stupid thing socialists have done in the wake of the horrible situation in Newtown Connecticut.

In New York, a local paper, the Journal News, ran an article a couple days ago in which they provide an interactive MAP of where people live in Westchester and Rockland counties who actually have GUN PERMITS!!!


In doing this, these dumb-as-a-bag-of-hair socialists have ALSO provided the exact locations of all homes in those two counties that are NOT protected by the 2nd Amendment.

Naturally, the Journal News is standing behind their bag of hair decision claiming that law abiding people want to know which of their neighbors are packing for…”safety” reasons.

Guess what…NON law abiding citizens are ALSO very interested in that information.

Guess which houses are now MORE likely to be broken into???

That’s right Westchester and Rockland county socialists…YOURS!!!!!

Trust me…I WILL get back to this before I’m done with this article!!!

I had a conversation over the weekend with a couple of folks who just KNOW that the answer to all our problems is to make it illegal to buy an assault style weapon and reduce the number of bullets a clip will hold.

Oh…I TRIED to explain the 2nd Amendment to them but THEY didn’t want to hear it.

THEY told ME that NOBODY needs an assault weapon to hunt moose.

I told THEM that the 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting. I explained that, should We the People ever need to go to war against our own GOVERNMENT…The CONSTITUTION protects our RIGHT to be so armed.

Their response?

“Who in the world is going to go to war against the government?”

MY response…”Keep trying to take away the rights of the people and you just might find out.”

Predictably, they used the bazooka and nuclear weapons line of socialist logic and I further explained that even when the Constitution was written the people had access to many of the same weapons as did the military BUT…the military has ALWAYS had weapons that the people could NOT obtain.

I also explained that the only reason for “gun control” was to disarm the law abiding citizens and. As is always the case, THEY changed the subject before I had the opportunity to go into my NEXT set of facts that would surely have upset them further.

Socialists have set the table and they’re not going to like the meal about to be served.

They have seen to it that “Illegal” doesn’t mean it’s against the law.

Illegal aliens.

Socialists give ILLegal aliens drivers licenses, free this and that, an education, in-state tuition, “DREAM ACT” AMNESTY…You name it. And why? “Because it’s the right thing to do.”

Socialists have been telling us for YEARS that these ILLegal aliens have NOT broken any laws.

So…What has THAT to do with “gun control?”

Remember what happened when the government decided liquor was against the law and they trifled with the Constitution and passed prohibition?

It was THE biggest BOON to organized crime in U.S. History.

Well…Go ahead and trifle with the Constitution regarding our right to bear arms and let’s see what happens.

Organized crime will see a HUGE opportunity to deal in BLACK MARKET weapons to U.S. citizens.

What’s that you say, socialists? That would be illegal???


Just because it’s ILLegal doesn’t mean it’s against the law…RIGHT???

Buying a banned weapon on the black market SHOULD be no more against the law than being in the country ILLegally and if we apply the same standards as socialists have in THAT regard…those who DO purchase a banned weapon on the black market SHOULD have their ammo and mega clips PAID for by the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS!!!!

Socialists HATE facts and LOVE knee-jerk reactions ESPECIALLY where the possibility of removing our rights are concerned.

According to the FBI…Somewhere between 600,000 and 2.5 million crimes or acts of violence are thwarted every year in the United States by law abiding gun owners.

Let’s take the lowest end of that figure…600,000 and, for the sake of being conservative, let’s CUT that number down to 365,000. Okay?

That would mean, on the “WAY CONSERVATIVE” end of the chart…

1000 crimes or acts of violence are thwarted…EVERY DAY…By law abiding gun owners in the United States.

Average that out…50 states…That’s 20 crimes or acts of violence…PER STATE…EVERY DAY…Thwarted by LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS in the United States.

So…Socialists…Please DO explain how exactly MORE “gun control” will make us all safer.

Explain how the CRIMINAL element will respect MORE “gun control” legislation when they clearly don’t respect the “gun control” laws already ON the books.

In 1980, William Spengler beat his 92 year old grandmother to death with a hammer and did 17 years in prison for the crime. Did anybody want to outlaw hammers or regulate them? No.

On Christmas Eve of THIS year, Spengler, who lived with his sister in the exact same house where he had killed his grandmother, set it ablaze and lay in wait for first responders. As fire fighters arrived, the convicted FELON who by existing law CAN’T OWN A GUN…opened fire. He had with him a .30 revolver, a 12 gauge shotgun and a Bushman AR-15…NON OF WHICH EXISTING GUN LAWS ALLOW HIM TO POSSESS.

2 firefighters were killed and 4 homes burned before Spengler shot and killed himself. Police have now discovered, in the charred remains of his home, another body thought to be that of his sister.

Explain to us all, socialists, how you can legislate away such abhorrent behavior.

The problem with having a NATIONAL conversation regarding such events as Sandy Hook and William Spengler, the Aurora movie theater shooting, Virginia Tech, Columbine and Tucson is that such a conversation needs to be RATIONAL.

A RATIONAL conversation would include the FACT that NO laws, regardless of how constrictive, will keep IRRATIONAL people from committing horrible acts of violence.

A RATIONAL conversation would include the FACT that ONLY RATIONAL, LAW ABIDING people would RESPECT such laws.

But…RATIONAL, LAW ABIDING people AREN’T any more the problem than are the GUNS.

Here’s the problem.

Neither William Spengler nor Jarrod Laughner nor Klebold nor Harris…Neither Cho nor Holmes nor Lanza or any other such ilk are RATIONAL people and any attempt to legislate RATIONAL BEHAVIOR to keep THEM from IRRATIONAL acts of violence will be folly.

“Gun control” will do absolutely NOTHING to control such scum and given THAT fact…

Tell us all…Socialists…Exactly how “gun control” will make things safer for anyone OTHER than a tyrannical government once RATIONAL people are disarmed.

Now then…Back to the Journal News.

Because Dwight Worley was unable to get names and addresses of CRIMINALS WHO POSSESS FIREARMS in Westchester and Rockland County…He, his Editors and the Journal News President did the next best thing…THEY OBTAINED AND PUBLISHED THE NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF…RATIONAL, LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS INSTEAD!!!


Apparently, in their socialist soaked minds…Those law abiding citizens are as dangerous to a neighborhood or community as are sex offenders and everybody should know exactly where the RATIONAL and LAW ABIDING folks live.

You know…To protect the kids.

In that regard…I feel a need to alert the public to socialist fools.

And others involved in the Worley article are:

Journal News President: Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane Mamaroneck, NY 10534 (914) 694.5204

And Editors: Cyndee Royle, 1133 Westchester Ave., Suite N110, White Plains, NY 10604, 914-694-9300 and Nancy Cutler 9 Woodwind Ln, Spring Valley, NY. (845) 354 3485

Ahhh…The Law of Unintended Consequences indeed.




10 thoughts on “The Law of Unintended Consequences Strikes Back

  1. The Stalinist media outlet will smile all the way to the bank unless you institute a boycott, organized and methodical of all the advertisers to that communist rag.

    Note that that outlets main ties are out of mclean, virginia. Federal Govt land. The O’s pals are hard at work turning this country into a failed model of govt. Oppressive and murderous, the journalist who left retirement to make threats of bodily harm against other people is a prime example of the rise of this dragon. Both repubs and dems just let crooks and theives walk away with millions of people’s homes and life savings, no they rewarded them for it. Yet another “slap on the wrist” just went down this week protecting said villians from reprecussions of their evil deeds. The libs have just a few party lines they repeat over and over on all blogs: gun owners are afraid of bogeymen. Yet they expect the govt is going to protect them from the odd crazy shooting up a school or other venue.

    Janet hassan and barack heussein use of armed guards is a prime and lovely example of the dangerous hypocrisy of a political movement determined to destroy this country. Her monumental arrogance in publically blacklisting and attempting to humiliate law abiding citizens who disagree with her needs be met with every legal and civil force to destroy her objective.

    How many kids in those targeted homes spend a few hours home alone before parents get off work? She brazenly brought their safety into question with her actions while arming watchmen over her own and for that she needs pay. (legally and civil actions, not a threat of any kind, though she is very fortunate I do not live there and did not have MY children placed in jeopardy).

  2. If anti-gun nuts are successful in making it impossible for law-abiding citizens in the US to own guns, what will their next goal be? Making it impossible for law-abiding citizens to own sharp objects? And you know what comes after that, don’t you? Making it impossible for law-abiding citizens to own blunt objects.

  3. It’s one thing to say that removing weapons from the hands of the public is an answer to mass murders because there is no way to tell which people might be mentally ill. It’s something else entirely to regard ALL people as being “potentially” mentally ill and not worthy of being trusted. This has been the liberal argument from the very beginning. If one is accused of a crime, one is considered guilty, until innocence is proven, under socialism. Therefore, under socialism, a gun owner is considered to be already mentally ill for the “crime” of owning a firearm. Since, under socialism, socialists are considered to be more enlightened than non-socialists, a person who adheres to beliefs of personal freedom, responsibility and liberty is already considered suspect in their intentions if not in their actions. The belief in socialism is like a “religion” in that socialists regard themselves as more hightly evolved and think the rest of us “knuckle draggers” need to follow their example. What socialists fail to take into account is that crime is an activity of choice not compulsion. Criminals use guns to commit crimes just as carpenters use nail guns to build houses. A gun is simply a tool. A carpenter doesn’t use an air driven nail gun to commit crimes against other carpenters, even though it is possible to do so, because carpenters are not criminals and do not think like them. In the same way, law abiding American gun owners do not see their guns as implements of crime, but just the opposite. They see them as instruments of self protection from crime. Socialists see Christians, as “mentally ill” for believing in religious fables and thus are not mentally responsible enough to handle firearms without being supervised by a socialist. It now becomes apparent that it is socialists who are mentally ill and are blinded by the glare and grandeur of their own delusions of self importance!

  4. I call upon all conservative supporters of the Second Amendment to stand up and take a solemn oath. From this day forward vow to never deliver a GUILTY verdict as the member of a jury sitting on the trial of anyone that fires a gun in defense of innocent victims. Furthermore, I challenge conservatives to spread this challenge on all forms of social media. Let this be the first step in a comprehensive effort to retake this nation from those that would enslave us in victimhood. Let every conservative go forward secure in the knowledge that should they have to exercise the gravest of all liberties they will have comrades within the halls of justice that shall stand for them where no other man can.

  5. Open war is now inevitable. It is no longer a matter of if, only when. There is a hard reality to face – no one will escape the coming conflict. The choice we must all now face is to ignore the signs or accept the truth and prepare.

    The single greatest act of preparation is not the gathering of tools or the formulation of plans – rather, it is coming to terms the the inevitabilty of what must soon come and the understanding that you may actually have to act against friend and neighbor and the cold acceptance of that fact.

  6. Liberal logic = oxymoron! I posted this writer’s info yesterday….I mean, in the spirit of Christmas “sharing” & all, it just seemed like the right thing to do!

  7. So, by socialist/liberal “journalism” logic, our children will be safer from sex offenders if we publish the names, addresses, and GPS locations of all those people who have never been convicted of, or even charged with, a sex offense. Curious; indeed!

  8. This article does a disservice to bags of hair!

    Also, after listening to this morning’s FOX NEWS Happening Now (with holiday fill-in cast), I was dumb-founded by everyone’s lack of knowlege. One of the, Jamie, the FOX news person stated, “Well, if they are showing the names and addresses of the gun permit holders, it does not mean that the homeowner owns a gun. Duh…in NYS, one must buy a handgun first, leave it at the store, apply for a permit for that particular gun (serial number required)…and only after getting the permit (in Orange County New York, it took me 18 months because the judge who approves them is a liberal democrat), you take the permit to the store to pick up your pistol or revolver. After that, it is illegal to separate them. Carry the handgun, permit is required to be on your person. If stored in a closet, permit needs to be nearby!

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