Haul Hillary In on a Gurney DAMNIT!!!


She didn’t want to testify until her own “internal investigation” was complete.

Hillary wanted her own people to come up with their own facts regarding Benghazi.

“Let us complete our investigation” we were all told. Then, she said, she would have the facts.


Next…She couldn’t testify before a congressional committee because she had…Prior plans.

A wine tasting in Australia.

Oh…But she WILL testify we were all told. They were in the process of completing their “internal investigation.”

After that, Hillary contracted a “stomach virus” which kept her at home.


Then, finally…The “internal investigation” we were all waiting for was finished but, what’s this?

Hillary fell down.

She gave herself a concussion.

She couldn’t testify because she had a concussion but…Don’t worry…She WILL testify we were all told. She will…Just as soon as she’s better.


Just as a SENATE report on Benghazi is released and just days before she was scheduled to testify…finally…

Hillary has a BLOOD CLOT.

The clot, we’re told, was discovered in a “follow-up” examination after she fell down and became concussed.

A…”FOLLOW-UP” examination?

Doesn’t a “FOLLOW-UP” mean there was an…”INITIAL” exam?

Hillary never DID go to the hospital after falling down but now, that’s to the “follow-up” of an exam that never happened to begin with…


The same pond scum who cheer the deaths of prominent conservatives like Andrew Breitbart and tweet their wishes for the violent deaths of others like Sarah Palin or Wayne LaPierre will, without doubt, call ME some sort of cynical ghoul or, far worse names, should I say I’m not buying any of this.

Well…I am NOT buying ANY of this.

The string of coincidences is all just…TOO…coincidental to lend itself to believability.

In other words, as the now “clotted” one would say…

“You have to suspend your disbelief” to buy this crap.

A week or so ago, I asked in an article…”What’s next? Memory loss?”


Would anyone, at this point, be terribly surprised if Hillary suffers a very…slight…stroke…do to this blood clot?

You know…The sort of stroke from which she can fully recover in time for a 2016 run for the oval office BUT…one that affects her…recent…memory.

This is exactly the sort of thing meant to, if she eventually runs out of excuses for not testifying, keep committee Members from raking her over the coals with ripping, deeply probing questions.

How DARE anyone handler Hillary with anything BUT kid gloves now.

She’s fragile.

She’s delicate.

She…just…can’t…recall…the details. Oh, she WANTS to but, she just…Can’t.

Gosh, she’ll be sorry. She’ll apologize. She’ll act as though she’s searching her memory to struggle with finding the answer but…oh dear…that’s okay…We understand.

She went wine tasting in Australia…came home…got the flu…fell down…got concussed…never went to the hospital…worked from home…went in for a “follow-up” to a non-existent “initial” exam…found a blood clot…

Yes, we understand.


There is the matter of John Kerry. What to do, what to do?

Hillary obviously can’t trot the globe in her condition and there ARE pressing matters which need the attention of the Secretary of State.

How on earth can senate republicans refuse to confirm John Kerry NOW?

They were all set to withhold their votes until Hillary testified but now, we have no idea how long it will take until she so bravely walks into a hearing, using a cane, perhaps with an IV stand and a doctor standing by, to tell us all that she just…can’t…remember.

Kerry MUST be confirmed at ONCE. There is no time to waste. The United States MUST see to it that negotiations with despots, thugs, thieves and murders continue.  After all, Netanyahu’s red line is drawing closer and closer and there might well be a Ketchup tasting or an urgent need to slam our military…Both for which he, and only he, is uniquely qualified.

There is less time and space for diplomacy now. We MUST have the appeaser, OUR version of Neville Chamberlain seated as Secretary of State.

Perhaps I am being cynical. It wouldn’t be the first time but, I come by it honestly.

The Clintons have not been known for their forthright honesty over the years.

From the death of Vince Foster and the missing Whitewater documents to the Monica Lewinski scandals…Hillary’s behind closed doors failed attempt to bring about Hillarycare…Her ethical lapses regarding intervention on behalf of big pharm companies that then donated big time to Bill’s campaign…And then there is Benghazi.

The whole Benghazi thing has been fraught with corruption, lies, misdirection, cover-ups, stonewalling and most likely treason.

Let’s face it, NEITHER Clinton has been ethically unchallenged and Hillary herself has been at the epicenter of many scandals.

Here is where I, and I guarantee MANY if not the vast, vast MAJORITY of conservatives part with the pond scum socialists.

I harbor Hillary Clinton no ill will. IF she IS suffering from REAL maladies, I wish her a complete and speedy recovery.

We MUST have answers and we MUST have the TRUTH regarding the 9-11-12 terrorist attacks in Benghazi and we MUST have them NOW.

It’s been nearly 4 months since the attacks and so far, the closest we have come to holding ANYONE responsible is a reporter finding the mastermind of the attacks sipping strawberry frappes at a sidewalk café in Benghazi.

The fact that 4 State Department employees, identified by job title in the “internal investigation” are keeping their jobs despite either “resigning” or “being fired” simply adds to the reasons for cynical thought.

While socialists will rant and rave and call me vile names for my disbelief regarding Hillary’s “blood clot” I will simply say…ALL of this could have been avoided had Hillary NOT gone to Australia to sip wine and offered her testimony, under oath, when she was given the first invitation to do so.


3 thoughts on “Haul Hillary In on a Gurney DAMNIT!!!

  1. Well my first thought was, WHO has “follow up” visits to a doctor on Sunday? huh?? That, to me anyway, was a dead give away … and has anyone actually SEEN the Hills since she got the “flu??”
    The whole thing is unbelievable!!!

  2. She is a liar…and a cheat! And so is Kerry. Why oh why, are all the Dem leaders so demonic…? And why does America keep electing these reprobates???

  3. Oddly, as I was reading this article, LO and behold my local liberal media spoke about dear Hillary’s fragile condition. I think I am going to HURL!

    It should be noted that the investigative team of the Benghazi incident (murders) were appointed by Hillary, and guess what? Not ONE interview was done of Hillary herself! How convenient! This whole thing smells worse than rotting road kill!

    SUBPOENA HILLARY!!! I think we are going to have to squawk until she is hauled in. I am thinking she will NEVER be held accountable!

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