ENOUGH ALREADY – Arrest Hillary and Obama

The report that Hillary Clinton has been waiting for, before she agreed to testify regarding Benghazi has arrived and it’s little wonder why she now has a headache.

“…a pervasive realization among personnel who served in Benghazi that the Special Mission was not a high priority for Washington when it came to security-related requests, especially those relating to staffing.”

“Systemic failures…”

“Leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus.”

The security posture at the Benghazi consulate was “short-term, transitory” and “relatively inexperienced” — and ultimately “inadequate.”

The review board “found little evidence” that the guards provided by the militia “offered any meaningful defense”

The attacks “were unanticipated in their scale and intensity.”

U.S. officials were unable to find Ambassador Stevens “for several hours.”

So far, there is now one single thing, in the non-classified portions of the report, which states anything…ANYTHING different than what we, at The National Patriot, have reported.

Not one single thing.

In the 3 months since the terrorist attack in Benghazi which took the lives of 4 Americans, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has steadfastly refused to testify until this “internal report” had been concluded.

Odd isn’t it…That within a week of the report being made public, Clinton had a…stomach virus and…suffered a “concussion” which will prevent her from testifying at tomorrow’s hearing?

Just plain good damned timing is what I’d call it.

Oh…She’s well enough to “work from home” but far, far too incapacitated to show up and answer questions.

What’s next…Memory loss???

Don’t bet against it.

The “internal report” suggests 29 ways that the State Department can improve operations but, oh what a shock…It recommends not a single disciplinary action.

Systemic failures…Unanticipated scale of attacks…No meaningful defense…

No disciplinary action.

Purposefully, the Mission in Benghazi was left undefended…Purposefully security personnel were pulled out…Purposefully stand down orders were given…Purposefully 234 previous attacks in Libya, dozens of which took place in Benghazi, 2 of which took place at our Benghazi Mission, 2 attempts on the life of the British Ambassador and the pulling out of the British and the Red Cross because of terrorist activity in the city were ignored…

And this “report” states that the attack was…UNANTICIPATED???

This “report” is exactly what we knew it would be…A 90 day stall tactic which would reveal nothing that we didn’t already know…

And it has now been followed by another stall and distraction tactic…A concussion.

Give me a break.

A football player is slow to get off the turf and we know he has a concussion immediately but, the Secretary of State “falls down and gets a concussion” and we don’t know about it for nearly a week???

Hillary Clinton is THE most high profile woman in all of this administration…She is in the spotlight EVERY day. She can SNEEZE without the media being alerted but, she can fall down, go boom, hit her head hard enough to obtain a “concussion” and NOBODY hears about it for HOW MANY days???

And now, more than a week AFTER the…”Concussion…” she just can’t testify before the committee.

One has to wonder if Hillary has a fake doctor’s note obtained from a Wisconsin union gathering to go along with her fake concussion.

This is nothing but Hillary’s version of “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman,” and the only difference is that “concussions” don’t leave a stain.

This one however, does leave a stink.

Hillary’s FIRST excuse for not testifying was that she had “prior plans…” a wine tasting in Australia.

THIS time it’s a “concussion.”

Next time…Expect some other Clinton to suddenly be hospitalized or some other catastrophic calamity.

If she DOES finally testify…be prepared to hear, over and over again…”I can’t recall…”

I would say that faking stupidity is a Clinton family trait but, I suppose that all depends on what the definition of “is” is…doesn’t it?

4 Americans were killed in a terrorist attack that Stevie Wonder could have seen coming…Our Ambassador was running guns to Syrian terrorists through a Turkish connection…Security was intentionally drawn down…during a 7 hour long attack, military quick response teams who could have been there within 2 hours were told to stand down, a General and an Admiral have been relieved of duty for wanting to assist those under attack, the head of the CIA has resigned over an affair, the General heading up our war in Afghanistan is in deep weeds…


WE haven’t caught a single terrorist responsible even though the “mastermind” of the whole thing as been seen sipping strawberry frappes at a sidewalk café IN Benghazi and the ONLY PERSON BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE IS THE GUY WHO MADE A SILLY YOU TUBE VIDEO WHO IS NOW IN JAIL!!!!!

Here’s the down and dirty…

TREASON has been committed by those at the HIGHEST levels of this socialist administration and…


I’ve had more than enough of this crap. Watch these videos.

4 Americans were MURDERED by TERRORISTS right?

HERE we have 2 people admitting responsibility…RIGHT???


If they won’t appear before a congressional hearing…Let them own up to the responsibility they have already taken. It’s way past time to get to the bottom of this mess and the families of those lost to it deserve action and answers.

Will this happen?

NO WAY IN HELL because Eric Holder would NEVER issue arrest warrants and NOBODY in congress has the BALLS to do it.

SHOULD it be done???

DAMN SKIPPY it should.

5 thoughts on “ENOUGH ALREADY – Arrest Hillary and Obama

  1. On the day after the 4 embassy people were murdered by Muslim on order from Obummer and the Hildabeast, I mailed a letter asking for the two evil people to be tried for treason. I sent the letter to U. S. Rep Bob Godlatte asking for their indictment. It is a matter of record and I have asked others across the country to do the same. talk the talk is stupid unless you walk the walk.

  2. Any one remember when President Bill Clinton was Impeached, but neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton could remember anything when they were in court and then they wrote a tell all book? Hillary Clinton has just learned a few tricks under the Obama (Soetoro / Bounel / Dunham) admnstration.

  3. Now you have three scapegoats resigning over this instead of the two that really deserve to be sent to Gitmo.

  4. Had this been any other person/people/administration, they would be shouting from the rooftops to be HELD ACCOUNTBLE! and yet, and yet THEY have gotten away with everything they’ve done???!!! TREASON at every turn of the page, and yet, Nothing is done??!! it all starts at the top!
    They act like this is a freaking joke! This whole administration is a disgrace; they act like children playing a game – to see how much they can get away with before they’re caught; except when they’re caught, there are NO consequences are there! Got a bunch of Socialist Narcissistic Sociopaths running this country! God help us all!
    Great article Craig!

  5. Great article Craig. I’ve done some additional digging here.

    Hillary’s concussion which required a week of work at home but no hospitalization is as big of fraud as she is.

    Where in the report was it noted that Benghazi was not designated an Embassy but was little more than a place where the US could provide weapons to al Qaeda?

    Was the CIA holding secret prisoners in Benghazi? (links provided in the article below. Thanks for this Craig, your FB friend J.C.


    See video below of press conference given by Paula Broadwell.

    In 2009, the Obama administration signed an executive order banning secret CIA interrogation prisons overseas.

    The week is up, by Thursday and still she refuses to testify. Is anyone concerned enough to ask why?

    Is there enough estrogen and testosterone circulating in the bodies of our elected officials to hold this administration accountable?

    Don’t bet on it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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