Clint Tarver’s Business Destroyed by Union Goons

Have you heard what happened to Clint Tarver at the hands of labor union goons in Michigan?

Have you heard about how WE can help Mr. Tarver???

I’ll get to that.

As the mainstream media ignores the violence which took place in Lansing regarding the Right to Work legislation, we will not.

The true nature of unions came shining through…again…just as it did a year ago in Madison Wisconsin.

Union Membership has been dwindling for decades and now, in the private sector, less than 8% are union employed. As Michigan passed legislation to become the nation’s 24th Right to Work state, a move aimed at keeping more businesses IN Michigan, attracting NEW businesses to the state and bringing more population to the state, unions lashed out violently and a good deal of it was caught on video.

One suspects that a couple of those union goons responsible for the violence outside the Michigan State Capital on Tuesday spent their day yesterday, in hiding.

One, tentatively identified as Chris Opalewski, a name stitched on his jacket and the back of his helmet, was caught on video helping to destroy a tent owned by Americans for Prosperity.

Inside that tent were women, children and senior citizens at least 2 of which were in wheelchairs.

This baboons ass was also heard in the video of the assault of Steven Crowder yelling, “He’s got a gun!” “I’ll kill a [the?] motherfucker with a gun! I killed 20 motherfuckers with a gun!”

Crowder was unarmed and so, it seems, this nut-sack was doing nothing more than trying to incite MORE violence.

The other, also tentatively identified, seems to be one Tony Camargo of IBEW Local 876 in Grand Rapids Michigan.

The man tentatively identified as Carmargo is the goon who attacked Crowder leveling no less than 4 punches at the reporter, chipping a tooth of Mr. Crowder and cutting him on the head.

The attack was unprovoked unless one considers asking legitimate questions such as, “Why are you against Right to Work” and asking that they not rip down a tent full of women, children and seniors provocation.

My guess is, these two cranial-rectal specimens spent yesterday in their homes, shades drawn and on the phone with their socialist labor union mouthpieces.

Both of these stories have gotten a fair amount of coverage from Fox news and we in the business of covering the news on our sites and both these idiots should go to jail for their crimes.

That said…Have you heard the story of Clint Tarver?

Mr. Tarver has been something of a Lansing landmark for years. The man is an institution.

Those who know him or have frequented his business will tell you that Mr. Tarver is quick with a smile, gracious with a greeting and one of the nicest guys around.

He’s The Hotdog Man.

Clint Tarver is a great deal more than just a guy with a hotdog cart who sells lunch to hungry Lansing business people every day.

It’s not much but, it is his. Or…it WAS his.

Tuesday, there was Mr. Tarver, hired to cater to the AFP group outside their tent, selling dogs to the assembled crowds and giving away free smiles.

That’s when it happened.

Suddenly, after the AFP tent had been destroyed, shouts of “NIGGER” and “UNCLE TOM” rang out from the union snot-wads.



They descended on Tarver’s hotdog cart and tore it to shreds, scattering his supplies and food everywhere and leaving the cart itself destroyed and Tarver to clean up the mess.

It was uncalled for, crass, violent, vile, racist and beneath contempt.

It was typical union mob mentality and without mob mentality, union jackasses would have no mentality at all.

As word got out, yesterday, one group decided to take action.

The exact OPPOSITE type of action taken by the pro union goon squad.

Conservatives…NOT CARING whether or not Mr. Tarver was a conservative or not…started donating money to help Mr. Tarver recover his losses.



$3000.00. $4000.00. $5000.00…the number just keeps growing.

All of it being donated by conservatives and conservative groups. All because some mob of goons destroyed Tarver’s means of earning his own living.

YOU can help get Clint Tarver back on his feet with a DONATION by CLICKING HERE!!!

Now…according to Linda Lee, Clint’s wife, he is overwhelmed by the donations being sent his way. She says that as devastated as he was by what happened, he is even MORE touched by the support he has received.

Mr. Tarver has stated that, “The working people did not respect the working man. I was not there to be political; I was just there to serve.”

So far, the amount raised is close to $15,000.00 and, it shouldn’t stop there.

A bigger, better cart that the one destroyed by goons can cost up to $8,000.00 but…

Can you even IMAGINE the good that Mr. Tarver could do with $20,000.00 or $25,000.00 or $30,000.00?

I say we make sure he has THAT opportunity.

Please consider a small $10.00 donation.

If but 500 of our National Patriot family of readers do this TODAY…We can increase the total by $5000.00 and friends…I’d be willing to bet Mr. Tarver would do GREAT things with that money to help others!!!

You can also leave a message for Mr. Tarver in the blog comments!!!

Let’s make this the Merriest Christmas for Clint Tarver and lots of others in Lansing!!!

2 thoughts on “Clint Tarver’s Business Destroyed by Union Goons

  1. Be careful. I made a contribution. When all credit card details were entered and I hit enter, I got a message that there was a problem and to re submit my details. I did that and my account was charged for 2 transactions.

  2. Dear Mr. Tarver,
    You are a great American, a great Patriot.
    The very best for you and Mrs. Tarver.
    May God continue to bless you and your family.

    Warm Regards,

    A.D. Johnson CMSGT USAF [Retired]

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