Weekend Edition: Petraeus – A 4 Star Scapegoat

General David Petraeus, head of the CIA, resigned last week.

His resignation was sudden and it was…


Just days AFTER the election and just days BEFORE he was scheduled to testify before congress regarding the terrorist attack in Benghazi…General David Petraeus resigns.


Because of an extramarital affair? An affair uncovered by the FBI due to emails sent between Petraeus and his biographer with whom he was involved?

Those emails were sent, back and forth from Petraeus to Paula Broadwell, the “other” woman on his personal Gmail account. NOT his official CIA email which would lead one to believe that anyone attempting to hack his email would have ended up seeing ONLY personal messages and NOTHING to do with the closely held secrets the head of the CIA would be privy to.

Naturally, an affair opens someone such as Petraeus to blackmail but, that’s ONLY if someone such as Petraeus wants to keep the affair a deep dark secret and is willing to do ANYTHING to maintain that secrecy.

Petraeus, obviously, was NOT about to do that. In fact, by revealing the affair and “walking” away from his distinguished career, he proves he’s not willing to protect his private life over the security of the nation or the people he directs.

It seems that the FBI investigation uncovered this affair MONTHS ago. And if there was some concern over his ability to keep state secrets this all would have come to an end…MONTHS ago.

Also, by law, if the FBI comes to the knowledge of something that rises to the level of a threat to national security, they must inform the white house and the Senate Intelligence Committee immediately.

They did NOT.

Supposedly, James Clapper, the National Intelligence Director didn’t know anything about this until election day. Obama supposedly didn’t know about it until election day and…Diane Feinstein, head of the Senate Intell Committee didn’t find out until it hit the press last week!!!

So…Why NOW?

It appears that the affair was known by the FBI and therefore, one suspects, at higher levels, BEFORE the attack in Benghazi and, were there anything to fear from it, Petraeus would have been…”asked” to resign then. He was not.


Petraeus has already put himself out there by agreeing, initially, that the Benghazi attack was the result of stirred up Islamists due to a You Tube Video.

It seems, Petraeus was willing to go THAT far for Obama but, it also seem that is where he drew the line.

When it became known that “Stand Down” orders were given…To former Navy Seals then under the employ of…The CIA…Doherty and Woods…The CIA, headed by General Petraeus, was NOT willing to fall on THAT sword.

The CIA made it clear that it was NOT they who issued the “Stand Down” orders to their people.

That was just days BEFORE the election and THAT put Obama squarely in the spotlight as the one who HAD to have given the “Stand Down” orders.

To have had Petraeus “resign”  at THAT point would have turned the spotlight into a laser beam directed at the Obama cover-up.

Therefore…The “resignation” would have to wait until AFTER the election.

Now, it just so happens that Petraeus was scheduled to testify to Congress regarding the CIA role in the Benghazi attack…NEXT WEEK.

Of course, congress can compel, via subpoena, ANYONE to testify and Petraeus is no exception…Head of the CIA or now, newly minted private citizen.

So, how does the “resignation” help with the cover-up?

Connect the dots.

It doesn’t seem likely that the CIA was the source of the gun running between the Consulate in Benghazi, through the Turks, placing weapons into the hands of al Qaeda linked terrorists “rebels” in Syria because, 2 CIA employees, Woods and Doherty, were the ones ordered to “Stand Down” when they wanted to help those under attack.

Had the CIA been IN on the gun running, THEY would have known the score and either would have been prepared for such an attack or, never insisted on assisting at the risk of their own service not to mention their lives.

It seems MUCH more plausible that the gun running was orchestrated by the white house and engineered by the Department of State.

After all, the operation was handled through the State Department Consulate and BY Ambassador Stevens rather than through the CIA annex in Benghazi and it was the Ambassador who met with a Turkish “diplomat” on that fateful night and NOT the CIA.

Petraeus’ CIA statement that it was NOT the CIA issuing “Stand Down” orders seems to back this up.

So…To have a man such as Petraeus testify, under oath, before congress regarding what HE knows about what went down and why is…HIGHLY problematic for the Obama administration, isn’t it?

Knowing that as the head of the CIA or as a private citizen, Petraeus would give sworn testimony, and knowing FULL WELL that you can’t make someone with such a high profile as a 4 Star General and the Head of the CIA disappear…another tactic must be employed.

A Chicago thug tactic.

Paint Petraeus’ somewhat less than honorable private situation all over his MORE than honorable service to his country and discredit his future testimony because of it.

A guy who would have an affair, after 38 years of marriage, disgracing his family and possibly putting state secrets and the security of the nation at risk can’t be trusted to give honest testimony…Can he?

Petraeus will NOT testify next week. He’ll have a stand-in but, it’s a given that somewhere down the road, private citizen Petraeus WILL be subpoenaed.

That means, there is now MORE time to discredit David Petraeus and I would expect a slow stream of such character assassination tactics to continue to emerge. In fact, it now appears that the FBI is investigating the “other” woman, Paula Broadwell and if Chicago thug tactics hold true, she too will be completely discredited.

Next week, rather than Petraeus, the CIA “interim” head, Mike Morell, the man who tracked bin Laden, will deliver testimony and in place of Hillary Clinton, who “politely declined” the “invitation” to testify, congress will again hear from State Department diplomat, Ambassador David Kennedy.

Kennedy will again, one suspects, provide another song and dance for the congressional hearing but it’s the testimony of Morrell which has ME interested.

If Morrell testifies that the “Stand Down” order came from the CIA it would fly in the face of previous statements from Petraeus wouldn’t it? And that would further discredit FUTURE testimony FROM Petraeus wouldn’t it?

Obama, desperate to find a scape goat, is paving a road onto which Patraeus will be thrown to be run over by the Canadian made campaign bus.

If we’re ever to get to the bottom of all of this, Hillary Clinton, David Petraeus and Obama must be subpoenaed and forced to testify. ALL communications between Ambassador Stevens and the State Department MUST be investigated. WHOEVER was involved from the Turkish side of the gun running program MUST be questioned and ALL communications between the white house and the State Department MUST be turned over to the House Committee.

Whoever ran the FBI investigation into David Petraeus must ALSO be subpoenaed and all communications pertaining to THAT investigation must be made available to the House Committee and here’s why…

I suspect that if we can get to the bottom of that FBI investigation, we could well discover that the timeline there coincides closely with the timeline of the gun running between the Consulate and the Syrian rebel Islamists.

Such a revelation would point to a Petraeus as the fall guy from the beginning.

The Ambassador who was the key to running those weapons and his communications assistant, Sean Smith, are dead and therefore, unable to blow the whistle.

The 2 former Seals employed by the CIA, Tyrone Woods, who defied the “Stand Down” orders and went to the rescue at the Consulate and Glen Doherty, who joined the fight at the annex, also defying a “Stand Down” order are also dead.

Dead men tell no tales.

General Carter Ham has been removed from his command at AFRICOM because HE was willing to defy “Stand Down” orders and Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette of the Middle East Carrier Strike Force has been removed for the same reason.

Hillary will “retire” from her position as Secretary of State soon and now, CIA Chief, 4 Star General David Petraeus has…”resigned.”

Treason is at the bottom of all of this and it should come as no surprise that Obama and Hillary Clinton would do all in their power to point a finger at someone as highly decorated as General Petraeus to get away with it.

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 11/11/12

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: Petraeus – A 4 Star Scapegoat

  1. Knowing this administration, she was planted anyway! What better way to control the one man who could bring barry to a noose?

  2. Will Petraeus come forth with the truth or has he been promised another cushy job if he shuts his mouth and pleads the 5th. It does seem this administration has an affection for gun running that backfires on them…..might be becuase we have an (o) running the country.

  3. This is seriously like a movie.
    I have a good ending to this sad movie which could be very possible. It will likely take some time to sort out all the details of Benghazi maybe even upwards of 2 years. During this timeframe we will see and hear various testimonies into the details of what happened before during and after that night. Giving the mainstream media the benefit of the doubt (yea, right) they will almost be forced to cover this event at least on some level. I really hope when people start to see the true colors of the administration and obama they will start to realize the coverup that is taking place. I am hoping that by the time it comes to vote for congress in 2014 the senate will be replaced with a majority of republicans and then they can act on impeachment proceeding to charge obama with treason.

  4. Gunbattle in the streets — alleged “robbery” — so if he was killed, it was the robbers. Nothing is as it seems. So he won the gunbattle, wasn’t killed, had to be removed elsewise. If there had been a second assassination attempt, it would have been “suspect” — as if this isn’t enough already!

  5. The whole ‘affair’ excuse is bogus. Assassination attempt failed so suddenly he had to removed with whatever excuse. He knows too much about Benghazi, needed to be ‘neutralized’. Now the question is, the “request” (why not a subpoena?) has been cancelled, congress ‘looking into’ possibility of calling him again anyway.

  6. Obama Topples Top Coup Leader After Washington Gunbattle
    According to this report, after his refusal to meet at the White House with Obama this past week, US Federal Forces loyal to the President stopped General Petraeus’ vehicle in DuPont Circle in Washington D.C. yesterday (Friday) morning whereupon a short gun battle ensued (Washington D.C. police are reporting this incident as an attempted robbery). General Petraeus was, then, apprehended, brought before Obama and forced to resign in disgrace over his supposedly admitting to an extramarital affair.

  7. Somebody explain to me why it’s front page news that the general was getting a lil something on the side when Obama has been openly screwing MILLIONS of us for years??

  8. Craig, the day I heard and watched on Fox news about the attack on Stevens, I knew there was something amist. Guns came to mind right away, funny how simular this is to Mexico, we know that the terriorist are coming in groves up from South America into Mexico and why are they so quiet now about fast and furious. We need to stay on top of all this. The administation is an abomination to human kind. The General is a man of honor and I pray he blows this wide open. He should either take a deposition or write all down with a notary to validate hid
    statement before the hearings

  9. We know that a decorated general was not going to lie to protect dear leader, so he resigned. Whether or not there was an affair, certainly one of the two was fit to serve, and the other is not. Unfortunately, the one fit to serve has resigned.

  10. Does anyone else detect a similarity between this and Obama’s senate race against Jack Ryan when he managed to get court divorce records unsealed to discredit Ryan? This then leads me to wonder how Obama cheated in the national election. He plays dirty and underhanded so I am of the belief that he would know he would have to cheat against Romney. How does someone get over 99% of the vote an any area much less 12 wards? That wouldn’t fly in Stepford! And the military vote split in Virginia? We already know that Obama was accepting donations from other countries.

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