NOT LEFT to Die, They Were SET UP to Die!!

To understand the whole Benghazi mess, I mean, REALLY understand it, one has to look at it from several points of reference.

If, after reading this, you feel there is nothing here to get worked up over, you’re simply not paying attention.

I will admit that I have followed this with a greater intensity than many but, for a damned good reason.

I have gone so far as to call this treason and, I stand by that call but, as Catherine Herridge, Jennifer Griffen and others at Fox News reveal pieces of the puzzle, my job of connecting the dots into a picture becomes more and more disturbing.

Let’s break this cover-up down.

The Pre Attack Scandal.

In the weeks and months leading to the 9-11 attack in Benghazi, things were far from “optimal.”

We had to sneak our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, into Libya on a Cargo ship because, we are told, it was just too dangerous to get him there any other way.

For approximately 16 months, since the killing of Gaddafi, there were 234 terrorist attacks in Libya.

Of those 234 attacks, 48 took place in Benghazi.

There were 2 attempts on the life of the British Ambassador.

The Red Cross had been attacked.

Then, both the British and the Red Cross pulled out of Benghazi…

While all of this was taking place, the professionals charged with security for the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, the Consulate in Benghazi and Ambassador Stevens’ personal security had communicated with the State Department for added security personnel and upgrades to the buildings.

Each time they requested more security, they were denied and nothing was done to make the buildings safer or to bring them up to standards of safety as prescribed by the State Department. All the while, the situation became more and more dangerous and the flag of al Qaeda was seen over many government building IN Benghazi.

Obama, his campaign and his administration were actively engaged in the denials of extra security and, in fact, one month before the attack, in what could only be described as a hostile zone, the Security team was DOWNSIZED.

This means that the first segment of the Benghazi scandal involves making our Ambassador, State Department personnel and our Consulate in Benghazi a direct target for our enemies.

Late last night it was revealed that a cable, sent from the Regional security Officer in Benghazi, outlined again, not only the need for physical upgrades to security at the Consulate but the need for added security personnel. That cable also detailed the situation in Benghazi was going from bad to worse. The cable mentioned, among others, Ansar al-Sharia, as a growing threat. Ansar al-Sharia is an al Qaeda affiliate and the group now believed responsible for the 9-11 deadly terrorist attack.

The cable also stated clearly that the Consulate could NOT withstand a coordinated attack and that the RSO would…AGAIN…make a formal request for upgraded security.

Now, here’s the kicker…


This is far more than ineptitude and far more than ignoring the situation in Benghazi because it didn’t fit the Obama political narrative.

The picture emerging from the individual pieces of the puzzle is one of the most disturbing I have ever seen and I don’t have any other way to explain this.

Our people, in Benghazi, were set up by our own government.

So far, Obama, his campaign and his administration have covered up the details of the meeting between our Ambassador and the Turkish diplomat and, as orders for military deployment and/or intervention would have had to come from the very top, the 3 stand down orders had to have come from Obama as he watched the attack in Benghazi from the White House Situation room.

As you can see from the video, there is a report out there that Stevens was brokering an arms deal…sending shoulder fired missiles and RPG’s to Syrian rebels via a Turkish conduit. We also know that more than 20,000 such weapons that we gave to rebels in Libya are missing.

It is reasonable to believe that Obama, his campaign and his administration are covering up an arms deal gone bad in the effort to arm Syrian rebels who, we know, are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood or al Qaeda/al Qaeda affiliates including Ansar al-Sharia who attacked the Consulate in Benghazi.

After the Attack.

The day AFTER the attack and killing of 4 Americans, Obama stood in the Rose Garden and generically spoke of terrorism but never directly linked Benghazi to an act of terrorism. After the Rose Garden Speech, Obama flew to Las Vegas for a fund raiser.

In the days and weeks that followed, Obama, his campaign and his administration continued to blame a You Tube video for the attack.

As Obama and Hillary stood in front of the 4 caskets, Hillary blamed the You Tube video. Jay Carney blamed the video several times from the press briefing room. Susan Rice blamed the video on 5 Sunday shows. Obama blamed the video at the U.N. and Letterman and other shows.

Soon, the official line was that we are still investigating…Fog of War…sketchy intell…we’ll find who is responsible and bring them to justice.

This was the Cover-Up of which we became aware  and the one most are following today but, as we are learning, the scandal runs very, very deep.

This is, in fact,an UMBRELLA Cover-Up.

Under the umbrella, we have the willful downsizing of security in the face of repeated requests from security professionals on the ground for UPGRADED security and the knowledge by Hillary Clinton that Benghazi had become a hotbed of terrorist activity as the cable of August 16th, address directly to her office, detailed.

Willfully making out own people sitting targets for the enemy is treason.

Also under the umbrella is the probable illicit arms dealings, by which Obama and his administration were actively arming rebels, affiliated with al Qaeda…OUR ENEMY IN A TIME OF WAR…in much the same way as they had armed some of the same factions in Libya prior to the removal of Gaddafi from power.

Arming the enemy is an act of treason.

As the RSO and others charged with security compelled the State Department over and over again to add to security and were denied,in fact, by having security purposefully DOWNGRADED, the only reasonable conclusion, especially considering the August 16th cable, is that our top government officials WANTED that Consulate attacked.

KNOWING full well that there is not enough security personnel to protect the Consulate or our people there…KNOWING full well that terrorist activity is increasing in Benghazi…KNOWING full well that the compound can’t withstand an assault…KNOWING full well that by DOWNGRADING security you are making the Consulate and our people there MORE accessible as targets to our enemies is in and of itself, an act of treason.

And we have, also under the umbrella,the 3 stand down orders.

The fact that our military was not allowed to assist Americans being attacked by the enemy when we had ready strike teams, ground intell from the scene of the battle, laser designators painting the enemy positions, and the fire power necessary to repell the attack within 2 hours of a battle which lasted 7 hours…AND ORDERED THEM ALL TO STAND DOWN…thus allowing the enemy freedom to continue their attack on Americans and American assets…

Is treason.

From the legal definition of treason, “If a subversive act has any tendency to weaken the power of the United States to attack or resist its enemies, aid and comfort has been given.

The maximum penalty for treason is death and the minimum is 5 years in federal prison.

A set up?

Consider this…

During the attack in Benghazi, Gereral Carter Ham, in charge of AFRICOM, had a quick response team available and ready to deploy to Benghazi. General Ham was hearing the same calls for help, in real-time, as were being heard in the State Department and in the White House.

HE was also, like Tyrone Woods, ordered to STAND DOWN.

Reprotedly, General Ham was about to, just like Tyrone Woods, defy that order when, suddenly, he was relieved of his command. 1 day later, General Carter Ham “retired” just a few months SHORT of his mandatory retirement age of 64.

Or…He was fired.

Who exactly IS General Carter Ham?

A 4 star General with 40 years in service to his nation.

He has commanded the U.S. 1st Infantry Division, the U.S. Army in Europe and AFRICOM.

General Ham served in Desert Storm, Operation Able Sentry, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Liberty Dawn.

General Carter Ham has won the Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal and the Army Achievement Medal.

General Ham would NOT defy a direct order without a DAMNED good reason would he?

There are only 2 ways the “stand Down” orders could have been given. Either Obama ordered that help be sent to Benghazi and Panetta defied that order and told those involved to “stand down” or…Obama gave the “stand down” order to Panetta who passed it along to those involved.

As we now now that Panetta and Obama were together in the White House during the attack, it seems HIGHLY unlikely that Panetta could have disobeyed a direct order from the president, issued the opposite order, and still be employed today.

It is also HIGHLY unlikely that General Ham would have been shoved out the door had he obeyed the order given by the president.

General Ham could have either obeyed the stand down order and become a willing participant in treason or disobey the stand down order and put 40 years and 4 stars on the line.

HE chose HONOR over TREASON.

Now…Convince me that our people in Benghazi were not set up for an attack.


18 thoughts on “NOT LEFT to Die, They Were SET UP to Die!!

  1. I am not sure that there are enough AMERICANS left with guts to force the truth from these lying scumbags who have control of our government. I wonder how long it will be before the BLAME BUSH?????????

  2. How would any of us have felt if those were our family members or friends denied protection because our president doesn’t want us to think there is any more threat from terrorists? Or for that matter, any other reason?? As someone above said, “It is shameful!” Where is the rest of the media? Why aren’t they being forced to tell
    all the truth about all the stories regarding our pathetic president? What can be done to force the media to project the truth about national matters?? Thanks to anyone who cares and votes for Mitt Romney!!

  3. Freedoom isn’t free, and neither will the American People be under four more years of Obama’s Elitist Social Justice Crony Captitalism Keynesian Obamanomics Obamunism, which eventually REPLACES our U.S. Constitution with Obamacare and other Obama Adminsitration and Democratic Party legislation, Exectuve Orders and U.N. treaties. Please FREE YOURSELF from the Democratic Party Plantation of Government Dependency Programs For Democratic Re-election or D.P.P.G.D.P.F.D.R.!!! Go Romney/Ryan 2012/NOBAMA!!!

  4. This president and his power monger traitors are traitors to this country.the sad part is that they will probably get away with it.

  5. Go to: Freedom of Information Request; request all emails, videos, and audio tapes of all activity related to the Benghazi attack. Under item 10 select “Yes” and state your reason is that any fees should be waived because the American people have a right to know everything about the attack. Send in the form. You Might not Get any Response, But it lets them Know in No Uncertain Terms, We Are Paying Attention! And That WE Want Answers, Not Stonewalling! Lies or Deception from this Administration Or Any Other Dept of OUR Government Either!

    I Sent This;

    7. Request all E-Mails and Videos/Audio Recording Available Wherever Located, on the September 11th 2012;
    Attack in Benghazi and White House Situation Room Activities With All Follow on Communication,
    E-emails, Videos, and/or Audio tapes of all activity related to the Benghazi attack Ad Placed in the Pakistan Media.
    All Documents used to Support the UN proclamations for the VIDIO EXCUSE and Subsequent Communications,
    Received To Date from All Sources including Statements/Responses to Media And Congress;
    Over/or About this Issue and Letters from Congressman Issa and Senator Graham.
    And From Any and All E-Mail/Letters or Correspondences in /or Related to the Congress,
    And Senate Representatives, And Members of; The Select Ethics Committee, Standards of Official Conduct Committee,
    Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Rules and Administration Committee,
    And Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee Et Al. That, are Related/Pursuant and Relevant At this Time
    To All Americans/Veterans and Active service Members and Civilians deciding to Re-Elect the Sitting POTUS/Or
    Replacing Him/With Election or Impeachment For Removal on Just Cause, For Derelictions of Duty and Violation of
    The Oath of Office to Protect and Defend the United States/Citizens/and Constitution from All Enemies/Foreign or Domestic
    Under the Republic of the United States Constitution, Article III Section 2 and Section 3.

    10. reason is that any fees should be waived because;
    “The American People” Who Are the Employers of The Government;
    “Have a Right to Know everything about the Attack and the Lack of Response;
    From the Sitting POTUS.

  6. The White House is treason to our Country. How do you explain “Fast and Furious” or even back to the USS Cole? And who knows how many other scandles… I agree with Gary ! If we do not put God and our Constitution back into our Countries’ fiber we will be distroyed. Our Country was great because we acknowleged God and Thanked HIM for our freedoms. We don’t even say the Pledged of alliegence to our flag or sing our great Nations Patriotic Hymns! What a shameful thing we have done and a disgrace to God, who gave us this country to be the leader and a place of refuge for the world.
    God will not Bless America unless we Repent and Bless God!

  7. While this article and discussion has lots of the pieces of the story, it seems some are missing.

    Why was there direct access surveilance video in an obscure consulate? With direct feed to all listed offices?? An ambassador and his communications officer were all alone, without defences! But their bosses watched.

    Why were all the principals watching? Were there links to the 2 Iranian tied women in the WH and SoS?? What was the real plot??? Did it involve a Blind Shiek??? In exchange for an ambassador?? Kept alive and well so as to not upset the LBGT community?? An an October election suprise????

    The attackers were highly trained and coordinated troops on a well planned mission. Were they guaranteed security if they made it look like a catestrophic 9-11 attack, while kidnapping the ambassador??

    Did anyone have a plan “B” in case two former SEALS at the CIA HQ heard the attack and went to the defense? Did the October Suprise turn to mud? Was it “Oh S**t, lets get some sleep and go campaigning in the morning”?? Did weeks of confusion and coverup and double talk and no press coverage save the necks of the really guilty???

    Do we trust our government?

    • Bob,

      Allow me to try and answer some of your questions.

      There are pieces of the story still missing. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the picture is suppoed to look like when it’s done.

      Direct Access Surveil, as I understand it, is standard at ALL U.S. Missions around the world and just about the ONLY standard security feature at the Consulate in Benghazi.

      The direct feed goes, I believe, to the main Embassy in country, the State Department and, from the White House situation room, they can watch just about anything they want to watch except NFL RED ZONE.

      Stevens and Smith were NOT alone. There were nearly 25 people there. What little security there was were in a different building when the attack began. As they tried to help, they were cut off from the main building. When Woods and his small team arrived, they were able to evacuate something like 20 people.

      We know the feed was watched by Charlene Lamb in the State Department because she testified to this. We DON’T know if Hillary watched. BO was having a meeting with his security team when the attack started and we now know that he and Panetta went to the situation room where they could see what was happening. The reason they knew of the attack was because of the immediate calls for help on an emergency system from the Consulate in Benghazi. You must remember…It was something like 4:30pm in Washington what it began.

      Any ties to Jarret or other Iranians? No idea at this point.

      When you say “real plot” and follow it with “Blind Sheik” I get where your going but MY question then becomes…Why would highly trained and coordinated attackers KILL the guy they’re supposed to kidnap?

      Islamic terrorists don’t give a crap about the LGBT community.
      I think it’s obvious the Consulate was intentionally left unprotected…we know BO was running guns from there to Syria…and from there, we still have puzzle pieces missing.


  9. I am thinking that the Radical 60’s Activists/Anarchists and Marxist/Socialist,
    And All the Tsar’s Sycophants’ in the Obama’s Czar Bizarre Ship of Fools,
    was Patterned off of the 60’s Movie “Wild in The Streets!”

    If You Haven’t Seen it, I refer you to Google:

    1. Wild in the Streets (1968) – IMDb – Cached – Similar

    Rating: 5.9/10 – 982 votes
    Share this Rating. Title: Wild in the Streets (1968). Wild in the Streets (1968) on IMDb. Want to share IMDb’s rating on your own site? Use the HTML below.
    ‎Full cast and crew – ‎Plot Summary – ‎User reviews – ‎Photo gallery
    LSD Concentration Camps in the 1968 film “Wild in the Streets …

    ► 6:28 1, 2011 – 6 min – Uploaded by Blyledge
    Following the Yippie protests of 1967, *Wild in the Streets* took Jerry Rubin’s slogan “don’t …
    Wild In The Streets (1968) Trailer – YouTube

    ► 2:34 10, 2008 – 3 min – Uploaded by OurManInHavana
    Uploaded by OurManInHavana on Mar 10, 2008. Trailer for the classic 1968 exploitation …
    Wild In The Streets 1968 – LSD Movie! – YouTube

    ► 2:42 22, 2011 – 3 min – Uploaded by TheVIDEOBEATdotCOM
    They don’t make teen movies like they used to! Everyone over 30 is sent to forced -retirement …
    7. More videos for 1968 movie wild in the streets »

    That This is the Template for What we have in Congress with the DNC,
    and All of the Senate Right Now.
    So I Don’t expect any Answers Forthcoming from them until,
    After New Blood is Elected to do their Duty,
    and Follow the Oath of Office To Protect and Defend,
    the Constitution From All Enemies, Foreign or Domestic!

    With This In Mind, for All of US!
    I recommend You Watch at least the Trailer.
    If this Sounds Familiar FEMA CAMP’s Anyone?
    What is Your Voice and Vote Worth?
    For Those who Have Served, I Thank You, For those Who Haven’t;
    I Think You Should Remember Who Sacrificed For Your Rights to Vote,
    Life, Liberty and Freedoms that you Enjoy at their Expense.


    It is Paid for With The Blood, Sweat and Tears of, The American Families of those Who Gave their All,
    WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, DEASERT STORM and IRAQ, and Afghanistan. To Date:
    I Remember, I See the Body Counts, Daily!
    I Count My Brother in 1968 as Our Families Contribution to the Long List of those Who Gave their All,
    On Freedom’s Wall.
    Their Sacrifice Should Not Be In Vain! And This Administration Haven’t a Clue What to Do?

    How About Our Congress Start IMPEACHMENT NOW, and After the Election is Over,
    Then Indict, Prosecute and Incarcerate, Those Responsible for Their Actions/Inaction,
    to Protect and Defend this Nation, Citizens’ and Ambassador and Team from Attack.

    I Should Also Add in Fast and Furious For Desert! Derelictions of Duty,
    Failure to Secure Our Borders, Allowing the Transfer Weapons to Criminals,
    AND Drug Cartels with the DOJ Blessings that Slaughtered Hundreds of Mexicans,
    and Killed Our Border Agents.

    And Right, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! How About YOU?

    Kerry L. Marvin/USN/DAV/68-77. OATHKEEPER!

  10. Can congress demand General Carter Ham to testify under oath? It just seems that if congress can get all these people involved to testify then the dots will be connected and it will point right back to Obama and he can be charged with treason.

  11. I believe everything you say. it really up-sets me, that he continue’s to get away with all unlawful things. How in the hell are we to stop this Muslim terrorist; that sets in our oval office ?

  12. Sometime in life reality has to set in”these people are 100% Responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghaz. If the Media would stop protecting this irresponsible administration america would be at war with thiaas so called Government.Yes me Obama is dead but al’quida is stronger than ever, we have 4 dead Americans that you have suddenly forgotten about.
    Mr. OBAMA its time for you to Stand Down.

  13. The more I learn, the angrier I become. I am so ashamed of this administration. They/HE did nothing, NOTHING, to help our Ambassador and the other brave Americans. Please continue to put the facts out there so everyone can know and realize that we, as America, have got to have new leadership.

  14. Why can’t liberals put this 2 plus 2 together??? They now know Obama and Hilary lied about saying it was about a video…So obviously Obama needed a scape goat…why can’t they seem to follow this thread out to the obvious treason that it was???? Are they that insecure about needing to “be right” in their vote for Obama in 08 and won’t admit their mistake no matter what or are they just to stupid to put one foot in front of the other?

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