Weekend Edition: The Proverbial Fool Laughed

I have, for some time, questioned whether I would ever come across someone who’s arrogance could rise above that of Obama.

After watching last Thursday night’s Vice Presidential debate, I no longer have that question.

Joe Biden’s performance reeked of arrogance, reeked of disrespect and reeked of a deep psychosis.

It just flat out reeked.



1) a brief popular epigram or maxim : adage

The thing about proverbs is that they are precursors of future events.

The Biblical Proverbs were written nearly 3000 years ago and are as true in their wisdom today as when they were written.

Take, for instance, Proverbs 29:9.

There are many translations but, essentially, they are the same.

“If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.”

Last Thursday night, a wise man argued with a fool. The fool raged and the fool laughed. The fool interrupted the wise man 81 times in 90 minutes with his raging and with his laughter.

There was no quiet.

Fortuitous? Indeed. However, one need not go back so far as the days of Solomon to fins a man, wise enough, to be fortuitous.

No. One need only go back to a Thursday night in late August.

August 30th to be exact. That’s when Clint Eastwood garnered the scorn of the liberal left for talking to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention. Eastwood pretended that the chair was Barack Obama.

The liberal left, as they often do, witnessed wisdom and labeled it foolishness.

What was it that Eastwood said again??

Oh yes…

“Of course we all know Biden is the intellect of the Democratic Party… Just kind of a grin with a body behind it.”

Dirty Harry meets King Solomon.

Joe Biden, the proverbial fool, was unseemly throughout the argument. He raved. He laughed. He smirked.

It mattered not the topic. The debt. The deficit. Taxes. Syria, Iran, nuclear weapons, Israel. Economics, Medicare, spending…war.

Even during the topic of the murders of 4 Americans in Benghazi by terrorists…

The fool found it…funny.

He disgraced his office.

He disgraced the American people.

Joe, the proverbial fool, disgraced the memories of those lost in the service of their nation.

Liberals will say that Joe wasn’t laughing at THOSE things…He was laughing at the things Mr. Ryan, his opponent…The wise man…was saying.

That makes it all better?


The fool is a heartbeat from the highest office in the land. Should the unthinkable happen, he would be the president.

Imagine if you will, a PRESIDENT Joe, sitting across a table from another world leader. Perhaps an ally. Perhaps not an ally. That other person, wise or dangerous, says something with which the fool doesn’t agree.

He laughs, turns away. Smirks. Derides his “opponent.” Insults him or her.

Imagine that. After last Thursday night, it’s not hard to do.

We are told that Joe is Joe. That’s what the left says of the fool. Joe always speaks his mind. He’s real. He’s not a phony. That’s what liberals say of their number 2 fool.

On Thursday night, the fool said that he’s met with Netanyahu more than 12 times. The fool said he’s known Netanyahu for 39 years. He called Netanyahu his friend.

The fool continually called Mr. Ryan his friend on Thursday night.

We saw how he treated someone he calls “friend” on Thursday night and liberals insist that Joe’s no phony.

Therefore, we must believe that he treats Netanyahu the way he treated Mr. Ryan.

It’s not hard to imagine is it?

Point THAT out to a liberal and they will tell you that YOU’RE the fool and that there is no way Joe would EVER treat Netanyahu as he did Mr. Ryan.

If that’s the case, we must conclude that the fool is a phony. If he’s a phony, he is not to be believed and therefore, nothing the phony fool said on Thursday night in that argument can be taken as truth.

The question regarded Medicare and the fool, looked directly into the camera and said: “Look, folks, use your common sense on this. Who do you trust on this?”

It’s really the only question which matters on any of the topics listed above when it comes to this election… “Who do you trust?”

On Thursday night, that choice was between a wise man and a fool who found each and every topic funny or the same fool who is a phony.

So…Who DO you trust?

As the American people clamor for bipartisanship in Washington to get SOMETHING done…Ask yourselves that question. “Who do you trust?

Barack Obama who promised to cross the aisle and has in fact, done exactly the opposite or…

Mitt Romney who, as a Governor with a legislature that was 87% made up of the party to which HE did not belong, got things done?

Perhaps the fool gave us the best possible precursor of what another 4 years under HIS control would be like.

“If they would get out of the way and let us pass the tax cut for the middle class and make it permanent. If they would get out of the way and pass the jobs bill. If they would get out of the way and let us allow 14 million people who are struggling to stay in their homes because their mortgages are upside down but they never missed a mortgage payment. Just get out of the way. Stop talking about how you care about people. Show me something.”

Regarding bipartisanship…”Who do you trust?”

The wise man pointed it out on Thursday night and I will take it further.

The fool is the president of the senate and in their first 2 years in office, the fool’s party controlled both the house AND the senate. What did they do about the debt? The deficit? They increased them both. What did they do about Iran? Nothing. Did they pass a budget? No. In fact they haven’t passed a budget since the day they TOOK office. Syria? Nothing. Tax reform? Nothing. Medicare? Well, they took $716 Billion OUT of Medicare to fund Obamacare and they PASSED Obamacare with its 21 new taxes, 12 of which hit the middle class.

Get out of the way? Really. For the first 2 years of their term, NOBODY was in their way.

Now then, those whom the fool wants out of the way and those he demands of, “Show me something,” What have THEY done?

Well, there are currently some 30-35 jobs bills that those that the fool wants “Out of the way” have sent TO the fool’s senate and what’s become of them? The fool’s party has shelved them and never allowed ANY of them to come to a vote.

Those whom the fool wants “Out of the way” have sent 2 budgets in the last 2 years, written by the wise man himself, TO the fool’s senate and what became of THEM?

They too sit on a dusty shelf never being brought to the floor for a vote.

“Who do you trust?”

The fool and his party have been demanding specifics regarding the wise men and their party’s plans for tax reform and exactly what loopholes they would close. They want ROMNEY alone to put those specifics on the table.

The wise men both say that those loopholes must be chosen by a bipartisan collection of elected officials, servants of the people if you will, and NOT by decree of ONE man alone.

“Who do you trust?”

“If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.”

I will trust the wise man who came to the debate armed with facts rather than a designed strategy of personal destruction. I will trust the wise man who showed respect to his opponent while disagreeing with his opponent’s position. I will trust the wise man who has passed the only 2 budgets in the last 4 years. I will trust the wise man not to laugh in the face of those he calls his friends.

And I will trust the man wise enough to choose the wise man as his running mate.

Romney/Ryan 2012.

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 10/13/12

7 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: The Proverbial Fool Laughed

  1. The polls have shown that the fool did not succeed in shutting down the wiseman, Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan conducted himself honorably with undeniable logic while showing respect for the office holder and the interviewer. We could not ask for anything more or anything better. Paul Ryan gave the Republican Party overdue respect and good standing. We owe Paul Ryan our gratitude.

  2. Joe may be an idiot, but he is Obama’s useful idiot.
    Mary B said it, she couldn’t hear Ryan’s answer, because of the fool,. I believe that was the fool’s mission to distract people from Ryan’s answers, also, to belittle him people’s eyes, but more than anything I believe that in a way the fool wanted to intimidate/shut him down!
    Ryan is not the type to intimidate, but I think he should have been less “polite”, and should have punched Biden out a couple of times!
    I know that that would not have been a good thing to do, but it would have served that clown right, and would have done us a lot of good, for a while at least!

  3. Yes, Joe IS Joe, the icon of the Democrats…a complete jackass! Further proof of why he should never be allowed out in public! The man has no filter in his brain to stop him from regurgitating whatever nonsense that pops up. Maybe it’s true that nobody told him the truth about Benghazi cuz they know he simply cannot be trusted!

  4. Joe is Joe? THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! the Right,Conservatives, and Americans DO NOT need to accept that as an answer!

  5. Im absolutely disgusted with how this government has taken our right to have our side heard.

    We were robbed once again by this administration from hell. The American people were handed a grave injustice, and I protest. I protest loudly.

    “Who do you trust?” Its sure as hell not Biden or Obama or Holder or Pelosi or Reid or any of the government. I protest as loud as Im ‘allowed’.

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