Weekend Edition: Slamming the Door On a AAA Policy

On Monday night, Mitt Romney has the opportunity to slam the door on Obama’s failed presidency in a most pronounced way.

The old conventional wisdom has always been that debates don’t make all that much difference but, that’s all out the window now.

The first debate swung things solidly in Romney’s direction.

Joe Biden, in the even MORE traditionally ignored Vice Presidential debate, was so widely disdained for his tremendously disturbed behavior that the hole became deeper for liberals.

In the second Presidential debate, Obama’s attack mode of desperation was glaring but, as the singular question regarding Libya was fact checked, Obama came out on the short end and the first of the polls from AFTER that debate are showing that Romney’s momentum remains strong.

So…Monday night…The 3rd and final debate between the tops of the tickets.

In a campaign and an election that’s supposed to be all about the economy…Foreign Policy will take center stage and it is Foreign Policy which stands the greatest chance of obliterating Obama’s presidency in much the same way as it is thought an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs.

Libya is just the tip of the asteroid.

The cosmic forces that set it in motion and put it on a collision course with planet Obama are the combined absurdity of 4 years of Obama’s foreign policies.

From the day Obama occupied the oval office, he embarked on foreign policy failure which can best be described as a Triple A policy.


Ideologically, Obama grew up around those who believed that America was always the bad guy, always in the wrong, and always too big for her britches. As a student, Obama surrounded himself with socialists, Marxists and those who adhered to the ideology that the United States was the world’s bully.

As an adult…People like Van Jones, Bill Ayers and the Reverend “God DAMN America” Wright were his confidants.

Obama embarked on his apology tour, skipping from nation to nation, extolling the “America was arrogant but we’re different now” approach to his audiences.

This accomplished only 2 things. It made our allies question our resolve and it allowed our enemies to know they could start taking greater, bolder actions against us, and our allies.


Obama’s foreign policy has, for the most part, been one of appeasement toward those who mean us harm.

From offers to engage in conversation with despots to promises of more flexibility to Putin…From taking the side of the Palestinian Authority regarding Israel’s borders to throwing a State Dinner for the Chinese President complete with anti-American music…Appeasement.

Obama has appeased the Muslim Brotherhood with a seat at the table in Egypt, appeased the Taliban in Afghanistan, appeased the extremists in Iraq by pulling out and not insisting on a remaining security force, appeased North Korea with easy acceptance of hollow promises without any program in place for verification and appeasement of Iran by not lifting a finger or lending a giant ear when their own people begged us for help.

Obama even appeased the Mexican drug cartels with thousands of gift wrapped weapons and an issue of Executive Privilege.


Starting with the absurd notion of presenting the Queen of England with a gift of his own speeches on an iPod to the removal of the Churchill bust from the oval office, Obama has been arrogant beyond belief.

He has snubbed Prime Minister Netanyahu, said during his 2008 campaign that Muslim hatred of American would stop when he was inaugurated and Obama created a “Dream Act” magnate for illegal immigration by Executive decree.

From day one of the Obama Imperial reign until today, he has believed his mere presence on the stage would be enough to provide stability.

Obama, on Monday night, will no doubt try to hang his hat on a dead bin Laden and a series of drone strikes to prove his foreign policy has been a success. Mitt Romney should not allow him to get away with it.

Killing terrorists is NOT a foreign policy. Bin Laden and the dronings are military tactical missions and the long range aspects of droning is that we are no longer even attempting to capture those terrorist elements. Drone attacks not only kill the target but they kill any information those targets may carry.

In the 2nd debate, Obama told Mitt Romney that Romney would be the LAST person who would crack down on China.

Romney could put an abrupt end to that myth by simply stating that Obama appointed a Jobs Creation adviser, Jeff Immelt, who sent a full division of HIS company, GE…To China and that Canada is currently negotiating WITH China for Keystone XL Pipeline oil BECAUSE Obama declined to build that pipeline.

In that respect, Romney should make it clear that our foreign policy would be strengthened immeasurably by becoming energy independent. Relying on North American fossil fuel resources would free us from dependency and on oil from nations that simply don’t like us much thus strengthening our strategic and economic leverage in critical and strategic regions.

Most likely, Obama will try to dismiss Romney’s experience in the foreign policy arena. That too would be a huge mistake as Obama himself, upon attaining the office, had zero foreign policy experience and Romney, in saving the Olympics in 2002, had to deal in foreign affairs not only from a policy standpoint but an economic standpoint as well.

On Israel, Romney needs to again make it clear that no daylight will be between our two great nations.

On Iran…Romney must make the case that nothing but NOTHING is off the table and the time and space for diplomacy that Obama insists is there…is not. Romney should be matter of fact that he will stand with Israel in the Iran nuclear issue and that Iran has, as far as he’s concerned, already crossed the red line.

A statement like that, or a Romney position strongly advocating the removal of Assad in Syria will no doubt bring about that old liberal/ Ron Paul allegation that Romney wants war.

This should be an easy thing for Romney to dispel. NOBODY wants war but…a foreign policy of peace through strength is a much better deterrent to war than a Triple A foreign policy.

Reagan said, “Trust but verify.” Romney needs to be clear that until Iran allows nuclear watchdog agencies to access any given site at any given time for verification, there is absolutely no reason to trust Iran as far as one can throw a nation.

Should Obama press Mitt Romney for specifics regarding Iran, Syria or ANY part of his foreign policy plans, Romney should shut him down and up by simply stating that, “Unlike your beliefs and policies over the last 4 years, Mr. President, a Romney administration will operate on a firm adherence that our enemies are on a “need to know” basis and frankly, they don’t need to know ANYTHING we plan to do or when we plan to do it.”

Libya. The tip of the asteroid.

Romney should have a litany of questions to hammer away with on Libya regarding all the lies told by Obama and HIS administration over the last month and a half.

Romney should make it CLEAR that under a ROMNEY administration, our embassies and diplomatic personnel WILL be made as secure as possible. Marine guards will be STANDARD issue at EVERY diplomatic post. Under a ROMNEY administration, when our diplomats or their security details say they need MORE security…They will NOT be denied.

Mitt Romney should DRILL Obama on the You Tube video responses coming from HIM and his administration, DRILL Obama on all the ignored warning signs leading up TO the 9-11 attack and DRILL Obama regarding his use of terms like, “bumps in the road” and “not optimal.”

Romney needs to make it CLEAR that acts of terror will NOT be treated as crime scenes under HIS watch and that should a tragedy like Benghazi occur, he will NOT send the FBI to cool their heels for 3 weeks he will sent MILITARY investigators and enough military to guarantee they can reach the scene within 24 hours.

Romney needs to be resolute in the fact that “leading from behind” is following and that we are the United States of America…We do not follow…WE LEAD and HIS foreign policy will reinstate the United States as a LEADER on the world stage. We will NOT, on his watch, apologize for American exceptionalism nor will we engage in the appeasement of those who do not share our ideals of freedom and human rights.

Our foreign policy under a Romney administration will be based on mutual respect between us and our greatest allies and strength in the face of our advisories. Our military will be 2nd to none and our enemies will not doubt our resolve.

By becoming energy independent we will increase our leverage in troubled regions of the world and our foreign policy will NOT revolve around trying to make our enemies “like” us.

Nations reshaped by the fortunes or misfortunes of political change cannot count on the fortunes of foreign aid from the United States if they do not share our interests in freedom and liberty of their people.

Romney should make it crystal clear, on Monday night, that HE will replace Obama’s failed Triple A foreign policy of Apology, Appeasement and Arrogance with a Triple R foreign policy standard.


Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 10/20.12

7 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: Slamming the Door On a AAA Policy

  1. Excellent work, Craig, as usual! Dick Morris said yesterday that the next thing Obama will do as an October surprise is talks with Iran regarding nukes. And sure enough, that is what he is going to do. But neither Obama or Achmapoopjad can be trusted! Obama will undoubtedly appease per usual and issue strongly worded warnings (Pffft!), while Iran will no doubt help Obama, knowing what a pushover he is, and then, if Ovomit is re-elected, will go right back to what they were doing Liberals are going to get us all killed.

  2. The abomination, aka Obama, is living proof of the abortion of reason/common sense that pervades this country. The very idea that he is STILL in office instead of prison & is seeking a second term is appalling to those of us who’ve been paying attention.

  3. You’ve been reading my mind AGAIN! Good to know I’m not the only one who noticed the village idiot’s blaster hypocrisy re: China/Immelt/outsourcing! I can add to your “A”list…apathy/asinine/accessory/abomination/abortion. His apathy toward the idea of America (land of the free, home of the brave) is reflected by his asinine behavior & belief that all things must be equal across the board for everyone, regardless of effort or achievement. Equal opportunity does not guarantee equal outcomes anymore than fairness guarantees winning! This potus, imo, is an accessory to the murders of our ppl in Benghazi

  4. We all know that Obama is incompetent and that he is lying about Banghazi. Now if Mitt can get the truth out without stumbling. But there is a larger picture here and that is Obamas whole foreign policy is made up of lies..that he has killed Bin Ladan and Al Queda is on the run. The truth is that the opposite is true and Obama is causing the US to become vulnerable to terrorist attacks. His drone activitity in muslim countries.has killed our enemies but it has also inflamed the terrorists. We are hated more now than ever before. The fact that he has refused to protect our people in Banghazi is an exmple of a deeper problem that Obama is either incompetent or worse complicit. When you treat your allies as enemies and your enemies as friends you end up with neither.

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