Weekend Edition: Remembering The Hero of Benghazi

Somewhere in the home of Charles Woods there is an American Flag.

That Flag has been crisply folded, by United States Marines, into a triangle.

Only the stars are showing.

Most likely, that folded Flag is in a frame. It might be made of oak or, perhaps walnut.

Charles Woods may have placed that Flag where it can be seen by all who enter his home or, he may have placed it in a more private place. A study or a home office.

Make no mistake though. That Flag is there.

For the rest of his life, Charles Woods will have that Flag but not his son.

American Flags, crisply folded by United States Marines are for Heroes.

I suspect, like most Heroes, Tyrone Woods would not use that label to describe himself.

Tyrone Woods would, most likely, tell you he was just doing his job.

What job was Tyrone Woods doing when he earned that crisply folded Flag?

Well, from what we know now. It went something like this.

Tyrone Woods was at what was supposed to be a secret CIA annex in Benghazi Libya on the night of September 11th, 2012.

We don’t know, for sure, whether he heard gunfire from less than a mile away first or, if he received a communication, possible a phone call first. But we do know that Tyrone Woods suddenly became aware that, at the United States Consulate, less than a mile away, people were in trouble. Bad trouble.

They were being attacked.

Tyrone Woods, working for the CIA, was…WAS…a Navy Seal.

Tyrone Woods asked his superiors to send him to the Consulate, to send HIM to help those who were under attack.

He was told…No. Stand Down. Do NOT go to the consulate.

Shortly after, we can easily suspect, Tyrone Woods could hear the sound of mortar fire, explosions, more gunfire coming from the Consulate.

He asked, again, for permission to go to the consulate.

Again, someone told Tyrone Woods no. Stand down. DO NOT go to the Consulate.

Tyrone knew some things with certainty. He knew that those being attacked were Americans. He knew they were on American soil. Tyrone Woods knew that those being attacked were his friends. He knew the Ambassador was there.

Tyrone knew he was a Navy Seal…A highly trained fighting machine and a highly trained THINKING machine. He knew he could help and he knew if he didn’t, those at the Consulate would die.

Tyrone took it upon himself to defy the stand down order and he went. He went to the Consulate. He went straight into hell.

The grounds had been crawling with bad guys, the building was on fire, explosions, people running. Tyrone Woods gathered as many of his fellow Americans as he could find. He also found the body of Sean Smith. Navy seals don’t leave anyone behind.

Tyrone Woods could not, however, find the Ambassador but, I will draw MY last breath believing he looked for him and look for him HARD.

He could not find the Ambassador.

Tyrone Woods then took his charges, including the body of his friend Sean Smith and got them the hell out of THERE. He took them to the only place he knew of that he could protect them. He took them back to the annex where he was soon met by Glen Doherty, another Navy Seal whose family now has a crisply folded American Flag in their home.

Tyrone Woods knew he had risked his life at the Consulate but, he was a Navy Seal and risking his life was just part of…doing his job.

Tyrone Woods also knew he had just risked his career because he had, indeed, defied orders by GOING to the Consulate but he also understood that, before he went. Remember, Tyrone Woods was…WAS a highly trained thinking machine.

Several hours later, Tyrone Woods and now, Glen Doherty, heard gunfire again.

This time it was not nearly a mile away.

This time it was right there. At the annex. The annex was now under fire. Now, the annex was being hit by mortars and RPG’s.

Once again, Tyrone and his fellow operatives called for help. Send a gunship. Send help. We’re being attacked. Gunfire. Mortars, RPG’s.

Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, 2 highly trained Navy Seals, tenacious, gritty and keenly able to assess the situation.

Imagine a situation where 2 Navy Seals knew it was so bad that they needed help. Imaging that.

They had the bad guys, the mortar positions, painted with a laser. Send the gunship. Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, from what we can tell, were on the roof. High ground. THEY were painting the target.

Send the gun ship…send it now…we’ll guide it in…We’re painting the target.

And once again, just as had happened earlier in this long, long night, Tyrone Woods was told…


Stand Down.

Do not engage.

There will be no gunship coming.

Glen Doherty, we are told, earned his crisply folded American Flag when he was hit directly by a mortar.

From what we now know, Tyrone Wood continued to fight.


Without the help he had called for.

We’re not quite sure exactly when on that night, Tyrone Woods earned that crisply folded Flag but, it IS believed that the weapon, a gun, has been recovered.

We’re told that Tyrone Wood’s gun was caked…dear God…Caked with blood.

We are left to believe is was his blood.

Tyrone Woods tried to go through channels. Tried to get help. Tried to get permission to go to the Consulate. He tried to do it the right way but he was denied.

When he couldn’t do it the right way, Tyrone Woods did it…Anyway.

He save American lives.

He recovered Sean Smith’s body.

He no doubt saved MORE lives at the annex and even after his fellow Seal was killed, Tyrone Woods did NOT call it a day.

Tyrone Woods fought, and fought, and fought some more. He fought until he earned it.

That American Flag, crisply folded, by United States Marines.

When that flag still draped his coffin, we now know that Tyrone Woods’ “commander in chief” could not even look Tyrone’s father in the eye and provided him the weakest of handshakes. Hillary Clinton couldn’t dredge up a moment of sincerity either.

The vice president offered a disgusting, crude comment.

If Tyrone Woods could tell the story today, he’d probably say he was just doing his job and that’s he’s not really a hero.

But we know different.

He was doing the job that those in the highest office told him NOT to do. Tyrone Woods did the job that those in the highest office refused to help him do. We know that Tyrone Woods was just doing the job that could have cost him his career.

We know it DID cost him his life.

And we know that Tyrone Woods is the sort of Hero that OTHER Heroes call a Hero.

But…He was just doing his job…Right?

Let me ask you this.

What are YOU going to do at work tomorrow?

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 10/28/12

10 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: Remembering The Hero of Benghazi

  1. Thanks, Craig….we’ve been following this tragedy through the special on Fox News as well as the removal of Gen Ham from Africom when he chose to disregard the “stand down” order. Now Gen. Ham is another casualty of this Benghazi-GATE re-election stunt. One of these days, Obama and his minions will fall…….just praying it will not be too late for America!!!! All good men who died for their country. Sad times, fearful and frightening times. God will see us through them……that is what we have to hold on to. Thanks again, Craig….

  2. I am SICKENED by our treacherous president.



    Fair Winds and Following Seas! My God comfort and bless The Woods, Dogherty and Stevens families as well as the fourth man’s family. Let them know WE ARE A GREATFUL NATION who RECOGNIZES their sacrifice, even when their own government won’t.

  3. The whole episode makes my stomach turn. We need to know who was responsible for this insolence and put them away NOW! All the politicians are trying to save their careers at the expense of these brave true American heroes. Obama still somehow feels he is fit to lead and Hillary is in major damage control to save her expected run at the white house in four years. Both should be in federal prison for many years to come.

  4. How anyone can remain unmoved by this man and the others who died terrifying deaths that day, is far beyond my comprehension. Thank you for giving him due honor, Craig.

    Fox News has learned from sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that an urgent request from the CIA annex for military back-up during the attack on the U.S. consulate and subsequent attack several hours later on the annex itself was denied by the CIA chain of command — who also told the CIA … READ MORE: http://bwcentral.org/2012/10/special-updated-report-on-benghazi/

  6. Heartbreaking. How can these people sleep at night?

    Very well written, brought tears to my eyes.

  7. Many of us would do what Tyrone Woods has done because it was the right thing to do. Oboma knew he was offering peace to his al-quida brothers via doing nothing, it is my opinion Oboma also offered the 30 Navy seals that were shot down in a helicopter after the Bin Laden search raid. Oboma is an Indonesian by adoption and a muslim by desire because deception is acceptable to muslims to fool the non belivers. Oboma had never applied for an American passport , because they don’t give American passports to Indonesians. Oboma went to through the Ford foundation to come to American schools as a foreign aid student. Oboma’s mother Stanley Dunham worked for the Ford Foundation. We have a Usurper in our Whitehouse.

  8. What happened to this hero in Benghazi is a small version of what we all face here at home. These are frightening times, watching Obama pushing down his boot on the throat of this once powerful nation, and realizing that there is absolutely NO ONE to turn to. There is no one to turn to in the Senate, which will never call for a special prosecutor because this is Obama’s Democrat Senate. There is no one to turn to in the House of Representatives, because most are cowards who would not dare go beyond feigning outrage. There is no one to turn to in the Supreme Court, as we have witnessed how the Chief Justice became a puppet in Obama’s hands. There is no one to turn to at the Attorney General’s office, as he is nothing more than the chief puppet in Obama’s hands.
    The system of checks and balances established by the Constitution has collapsed, and AMERICA IS ON ITS OWN!!! The real tragedy is that there is NO ONE to turn to demand accountability from those responsible for this horrific tragedy or for what may come if Obama is re-elected

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