Weekend Edition: IT WAS TREASON – Arrest Obama

Last Thursday, I wrote an article titled, “Obama & Libya – A Case Study in Treason” and in that article I stated, “When a president fails to lift a finger to protect Americans, at home or abroad, in the face of overwhelming intelligence and evidence, by ignoring obvious warning signs and the advice of those entrusted to offer such protection…”

“It is treason.”

I meant every word and yes, I am well aware of the weight of the word, “treason.”

I do not nor have I ever used it lightly. I see that word bandied about on social media and while I understand full well the passion of those who use it, I rarely, if ever, believe that the issues to which it is applied, truly rise to that level.

This situation, in Libya, I am convinced…Does.

To explain, let’s first look at the legal definition and it’s context within our Constitution.

Definition of Treason in the Constitution:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

Legal Definition of Treason:

The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.

Under Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution:

Any person who levies war against the United States or adheres to its enemies by giving them Aid and Comfort has committed treason within the meaning of the Constitution. The term aid and comfort refers to any act that manifests a betrayal of allegiance to the United States, such as furnishing enemies with arms, troops, transportation, shelter, or classified information. If a subversive act has any tendency to weaken the power of the United States to attack or resist its enemies, aid and comfort has been given.

Day by day…Nearly hour by hour, we learn more about what transpired in Benghazi on 9-11-12.

Yesterday, we learned a truly horrific truth.

As the first shots rang out at our Consulate, the calls for help, coming from the “safe” annex were sent to Washington.

Not once.

Not twice.

Three times, Tyrone Woods and a CIA operative, at the annex, called for help and asked permission to go TO the Consulate to offer assistance…To fight.

Washington denied them.

Not once.

Not twice.

Three times, Washington denied them help or permission to join the fight.

After the third denial, Ex Navy Seal, Tyrone Woods, went against the direct order to stand down and, he stood up.

Tyrone Woods went to the Consulate defying a direct order and he got as many of our personnel out of there as he could…Including the body of State Department officer Sean Smith.

Tyrone Woods could not find Ambassador Stevens.

Tyrone Woods took those he rescued and the body of Mr. Smith back to the annex where he was joined shortly after by Glen Doherty, another Ex Navy Seal who had just arrived from Tripoli.

A few hours later, that annex came under fire from terrorists now believed to be Ansar al-Sharia, a well known affiliate of al Qaeda.

We also learned yesterday that Woods and Doherty were on the roof of the annex and from their vantage point, could see the position of the mortars being fired at them. They “painted” that position with a laser used to guide weapons from military aircraft.

Military aircraft that were not coming to help.

Those aircraft, from Italy, which could have included Blackhawk helicopters and a C-130 gunship, had also been ordered, from Washington, to stand down.

For those unfamiliar with a C-130 gunship, it is one of the most feared weapons in our military. The C-130 is specifically designed for close air support roles include supporting ground troops, escorting convoys, and flying urban operations. Air interdiction missions are conducted against planned targets and targets of opportunity. Force protection missions include defending bases and other facilities.

As far as the enemy is concerned…When a C-130 gunship comes into the picture…Hell comes with it.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta spoke on Thursday and, as a reason for NOT sending help, stated: “The basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on, without having some real-time information about what’s taking place. And as a result of not having that kind of information…[we] felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation.”

The problem is this.

We DID have real-time information. Those in the State Department were literally watching the terrorist attack happen live via video link AND we had what we now know were 2 unmanned drones over the attack site in Benghazi. If that’s not enough, at the annex, less than a mile away, we had a Navy Seal, Tyrone Woods AND a CIA operative.

By the time the second wave of the attack began, at the annex, we had the CIA operative and 2 Navy Seals, Woods and Doherty and THEY were “painting” the position of the mortar launches with a laser used to guide the very weapons that a Blackhawk or C-130 could have brought to bear.

If that’s not enough, our military is the most highly trained military on earth. Those who fly those ships of war train each and every day for exactly the sort of eventually that was transpiring that night in Benghazi. Their very job is to go into harm’s way.

Combined…all of this lays waste to Panetta’s explanation and reduces it to nothing but a bald faced, unadulterated lie.

Back to treason.

For an act of treason to occur, a state of war must exist.

We are indeed at war. In Afghanistan, we are currently engaged in war against al Qaeda.  Ansar al-Sharia IS a well-known al Qaeda affiliate and Ansar al-Sharia was attacking our consulate and annex, both considered American soil.

For an act of treason to be committed, one must manifest a betrayal of allegiance to the United States, such as furnishing enemies with arms, troops, transportation, shelter, or classified information.

There are some 20,000 shoulder fired rockets, RPG’s and other heavy weapons MISSING that were provided to Libyan rebels in the attempt to oust Gaddafi from power. We didn’t know WHO those rebels were at the time we armed them and, in fact, within hours of Gaddafi’s death, the flags of al Qaeda were flying in Benghazi.

Furthermore, in cables from security personnel in the months leading up TO the fatal attack, it was clearly stated that those al Qaeda flags were still flying over several government buildings in Benghazi.

Also, regarding an act of treason, If a subversive act has any tendency to weaken the power of the United States to attack or resist its enemies, aid and comfort has been given.

The order for Navy Seal Tyrone Wood to stand down, the orders to our military in Italy to stand down and the repeated…not once…Not twice but…Three denials of help from Washington does, by any definition, equate to a “weakening of the power to resist its enemies.”

During the 2nd debate, when a question regarding Libya was posed, Obama responded:

“Secretary Clinton has done an extraordinary job  but, she works for Me. I’m the president. I’m always responsible.”

The State Department was watching the attack live, in real-time.

Emails were sent to some 400 people in Washington DURING the attack, in real-time.

Among the recipients of those emails was the White House Situation room.

At the time those emails arrived at the White House Situation Room, Obama was meeting with his Security Team.

Obama says that HE is the president and HE is responsible.

I am sensing a very, very…VERY short chain of command here.

The calls for help from the CIA operative and Tyrone Woods were NOT ignored and did NOT go unanswered. The requests to enter the fight from bases in Italy were NOT ignored and did NOT go unanswered.

All were DENIED.

That shows a purposeful action.

All of those calls for help and requests for deployment were DENIED purposefully.

The result was that our enemy, those conducting the operation against our Consulate, our annex, our assets and our personnel in Benghazi, was aided…AIDED…by a purposeful lack of response…DIRECTED FROM THE HIGHEST LEVELS IN WASHINGTON.

Our Consulate in Benghazi was destroyed while Washington officials watched, received emails and denied calls for help in real-time.

4 Americans were killed while Washington officials watched, received emails and denied calls for help in real-time.

Whatever confidential papers or records contained in that Consulate were either destroyed or went missing while Washington officials watched, received emails and denied calls for help in real-time.

“…such as furnishing enemies with arms, troops, transportation, shelter, or CLASSIFIED INFORMATION…”


Who gave the willful and purposeful order to deny help when Navy Seal Tyrone Woods called?


Who gave the willful and purposeful order for Tyrone Woods and the CIA Operative to Stand Down?


Who gave the willful and purposeful order for our highly trained, apt and heavily armed military in Italy to stand down?


“Secretary Clinton has done an extraordinary job but, she works for ME. I’m the president. I’m always responsible.”

For the very life of me, I cannot conjure a single conclusion other than treason, brought about by political cowardice, for denying help not once, not twice but, three times in the midst of a terrorist attack and not one reason but treason, brought about by political cowardice, for the willful and purposeful order to those in a position to offer needed help in the midst of a terrorist attack, to stand down.

2 quotes come to mind. The first, from Marcus Tullius Cicero, describes the sort of man who would issue orders not to send help and for Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty to stand down in the face of the attack.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

And the second, from John15:13, is the precise description of the last hours and minutes of the lives of Woods and Doherty.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Ultimately, only one person could have issued the orders not to help and for the military not to deploy.

Only one. Barack Obama.

Will ANY Member of Congress show the moral clarity and courage of Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty? Will ANY Member of Congress stand AGAINST political cowardice and call this what it was?

An Act of Treason.

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 10/27/12

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  1. As A Former USMC I”m embarrest at the response the Whitehouse gave.,There’s alot of secerets the goverment will deceive to the American people.The bible dose say in the end times everyone will abandon Isreal.GOD guide us to what we need to do about this tragedy.AMERICA WAKE UP before freedom is gone.

    • Patience George…

      We moderate ALL comments but, once you have a comment published, your FUTURE comments sail right through.

      Keeps out the squirrels ya know.


  3. Treason, Craig–TREASON!!! Now what?? What do we do as America? I’ve found myself pondering this, processing logically what is happening. Grief (crying, deepest sadness) mixed with extreme p*** off anger (don’t plan to have Thanksgiving with the Obama side of my family this year). I’m liquidating everything we don’t need or have to have immediately, prepping for the inevitable. I guess I keep looking for a leader to show up and take control. To bark orders to the military, then put on a sweater to talk to us on the tv as Reagan did. Comforting but also confident and always patriotic. I look at my kids and don’t know what to tell them, besides learn your scriptures. They will always be your peaceful place, no matter what happens. Go to your books, your classics and learn something. Thanks for your article–very informative and well-written. I needed this truth in this garbage of pithy talking head sawdust. Just a bunch of ventriloquist dummies. Thanks again for making me square my shoulders (again) and put my head back and bring out the sass at least in attitude. Have to be strong for my little ones. Peace of God to you and your family.

  4. Thank you for the eye opening article. Do you know what really bugs me? BO should be treated for treason. Is anyone taking steps to make sure he is tried for treason. BO does not deserve to graciously even lose the Presidency. He deserves to be kicked out! Why doesn’t this happen? Please someone who knows how to do it take this to the courts and have him tried for treason!

  5. God please help us………….this is 2012 ………..maybe God is on his way, Amen!

  6. 1. I find it Egregious as well as Unconscionable that they could, Arrest AFRICA/COM, Command General, Ham. And Relieve Him of Command, and No One can do the Same to Obama, Panetta, or Hillary for the Same Reason, that they Impeached Nixon of Malfeasances and Misprisions and Derelictions of DUTY, and of their Sworn Oath of Office. And, that they Have Justification Under the Constitution, for the Same act of TREASON. Yes I Use that Word with all of the connotations, it entails!
    2. And, There is No Other Recourse at this time for Congress other than Impeach, Indict and Prosecute them, for these Act’s as well as Fast and Furious And Holder along with them.
    3. And that they, Have Committed, During this Whole Affair of/and Cover-Up of the Attack, that Killed Four Americans! And that Giving Comfort and Aid to our Sworn Enemies; Islamic Insurgents, And Criminals, Drug Cartels who are, the Enemies of the United States, is TREASON! PERIOD
    4. Now, Not “When The Election is Over” and, They think that They will be able to Ride out the Clock? Ally, Ally In Free?
    5. I Hope the Congress and Senate that will be Dually Elected will think Differently and Hold Them Accountable for their Actions, And Inaction to DO THEIR DUTY under the Statutes and Laws of United States Constitution, the Congressional Investigation Regulations And the Duty of the Congress to Uphold the Constitution and Their, Sworn Oath and Duty for the Americans that Lost their lives in the Attack, The Families of those Victims’ have Justice.
    6. Unlike Holder and Fast and Furious, this is The Time to Make Sure that Justice is Served COLD!
    7. Senator Graham said and I Quote:

    GRAHAM: Yes. I think there would be a lot of military members that be shocked to hear that. How many operations have we launched to help comrades in distress not knowing what the outcome would be but knowing that’s what we should do?
    And here’s what the American people don’t realize. In June, our consulate was attacked, on June the 6th. They blew a hole in the wall that 40 people could go through. About a week later, the British ambassador’s convoy was attacked in Benghazi, Libya. Guess who came to their aid? Lieutenant Colonel Wood, an American military member, a member of the Utah National Guard, part of a security team, left the American consulate to come to the aid of the British ambassador and extracted wounded people out of the convoy while it was being attacked by al Qaeda.
    I find it very odd that we can help the British — and I’m glad we did because they’re our best friends in the world. We were able to help them in June, but nobody could help our people on September the 11th? Don’t you find that a little odd that we could get to the British convoy in Benghazi, Libya, within 20 minutes of being attacked in June, but we couldn’t help them for over seven hours on September the 11th? I find that very disturbing.
    GRAHAM: I think he’s — I think he’s trying to run out the clock. The question — how many — there were three requests for assistance. The president told us that he told his people to help those folks, provide assistance. Well, nobody went to their aid. Why not?

    Was the president told of the April and June attacks on our consulate? Why did we leave our consulate open when the British and the Red Cross decided to leave Benghazi because it was too dangerous? How did it become a death trap? Why did we deny all the requests for security?
    You don’t need an independent panel to address that. The president knows whether or not he was informed of the previous attacks in April and June. The president knows whether or not anybody tried to help after he ordered them to help these folks. And the president cannot possibly believe 10 days after this attack this was a riot based on a mob that never existed. They’re not answering my questions or anyone else’s questions because I believe they’re trying to run out the clock here.
    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/on-the-record/2012/10/31/graham-i-wish-pres-obama-would-have-given-libya-attention-when-it-mattered-it-became-deat#ixzz2Atdi4xrf
    9. Unquote:

    Kerry L. Marvin/USN/DAV/68-77. OATHKEEPER!

  7. Let it be known that I telephoned the OGR office at 202 225-5074 as well as the office of Rep. Darryl Issa’s office at 202 225-3121, as recommended by contributor Cheryl Arledge on Oct. 27th at 8:28 AM above. I reached a live person at both times and when I told the first young man my purpose in calling, to wit: a public hearing on this matter, before the election. I was told that he would pass it along. I asked if he did not want my name or other information and he said, “no the phones are really busy”. When I called Issa’s office the young man told me that Issa had already held a hearing on this matter. I told him I was demanding that this not be left to bubble under the surface as we are talking about treason. He also gave me short shrift. I only hope that our salvation may not have to be a military coup.

  8. This Investigation into the Attack need include the RADIO Call’s that are the Critical Evidence of the Investigation. Know that the Transcripts of All Communications are At The NSA, And This Administration Was Monitored at the Situation Room Real Time. Obama, Hillary, And Pinetta and the CIA etc. Et Al, Need to produce the Radio Transcripts’ ASAP, UNDER OATH with all the Chain of Command, Denial’s,
    And Who Made the Call’s, IMEDIATELY!
    This Is Not About any Damn Election it is about the TRUTH!

    I have Called and Faxed and Signed Petitions to My State Representatives,
    I Posted my Fax/Letter to My Congress and Senate Representatives,
    Select Ethics Committee, Standards of Official Conduct Committee,
    Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Rules and Administration Committee, Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee, And, Posted it to, PAtriot Action Network; PAN: This is THE ISSUE Before US, and The Election!Blog. to Fully Investigate, And IMPEACH, INDICT, Prosecute and Incarcerate, those Whose Sworn Oath of Office, That We All, Heard them Take Upon their Swearing into their Political Positions,
    And the Dereliction of Their Sworn DUTY, With Malice and Forethought;
    And Their Culpability With Malfeasances in Office and Failure to their JOB!
    Then, Lying and Cover-Up of the Truth, With Obfuscation and Obstruction,
    To Blame The Attack on a Damn Video? And/or Of Any Investigation,
    Into this Tragedy From DAY ONE!

    Now is the time for All Good Men to come to the Aid of Their Country!
    That Means RIGHT NOW! If We Want Justice, IT IS JUST, US!
    The Time to Act is Upon US! Please Pass This On!

    Our Right to Petition the Government for Redress is the Only Way,
    we The People will get the Answers we needed For over a Month Now,
    “ Not After the Election is OVER! “

    Kerry L. Marvin/USN/DAV/68-77. OATHKEEPER!

  9. If we are to also believe there is a “War On Drugs”, wouldn’t it also then be an act of treason to supply the enemy (Mexican drug cartels) with weapons that ultimately are (were) used against Americans? I certainly believe so.

  10. Barry ‘many names’ Soetoro was inserted to take the faux country down. He doesn’t give orders he takes them. Romney’s task is to gut it. He’ll do as he’s told too.

    The united states of america is a corporation.
    Google the Missing 13th Amendment.

    Barry is an undocumented worker, arrest him, forget the process of Treason.

    Where is the declaration of war that is required by CONgress?
    Was there one for Iraq? I haven’t seen it, anyone else? Afghanistan? Lybia? Syria? Need we go on?

    Everything bogus barry has signed as a Senator or as the despot in the White Haus is null and void. His handlers spent 3 million tax dollars to keep all his records sealed. How many people even looked at his voting record as a Senator?

    Gerrick Busl
    October 27th, 2012 at 628am

    Enjoyed reading your comment.

    I also believe the Ambassador was the target. Was he put on the ‘kill list’ with the three others simply being considered as collateral damage?

    Barry’s handlers kill whistle blowers no problem.

  11. I have been holding my tongue since this incident occurred, but now I’m done.

    My partner has high security clearance and has seen the video from the drones which were circling overhead. All three (ambassador, 2 seals) were on the rooftop. Ambassador was already hit and had I.V.’s inserted. Both seals were also suffering wounds, they spent 4 hours keeping the enemy at bay, calling for help, attending to the ambassador and awaiting relief.
    When the enemy finally breached the roof, the first seal turned to his partner and put a bullet in his head, it was unclear to me whether the second seal ate a bullet or was killed by incoming fire.
    All three bodies were abused, including sodomy.
    You would think that the President would have enough sense not to screw with the spec-ops community, but then again, this President never had an overabundance of intelligence.

    I wish nothing but eternal pain to the powers that be.

  12. Sign The Petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/benghazi-truth/signatures

    Enough lies, enough excuses, enough blame! This administration owes answers not only to the American people, but ESPECIALLY to the families of those four brave heroes that lost their lives in Benghazi. This petition is intended to demand answers from the Obama administration. If the liberal media won’t demand answers, the American people will! De-classify the videos, recordings and any other information that would’ve been transmitted during the attack. We WILL NOT accept silince until AFTER the election. We want answers, the families deserve answers, and if neccessary, we want charges to be filed against those the refused to provide help to those that fought and died in Benghazi. Stop dancing around the questions, Mr. President, Mr. Biden, and Secretary Clinton! Stop trying to save your job, Mr. President. Your job involves protecting the lives of Americans. You work FOR US. You’ve proven that you don’t have what it takes. Enough already, it’s time for the transparency you promised us!
    Please pass this on, America. When we have the names we need, I WILL forward this to those in Washington that can get the President to answer our questions.

  13. I spent 8 yrs in the Navy…I cannot believe in (Zebra) Obama {not blk not white} he isn’t even a man, to let the men die is a treasonable act! Nixon did nothing compared to this. PPPPPllllease vote. And then we will impeach him for this Chicago type act.
    God Bless America

  14. With the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune Flying Straight and True,
    This O-Be-the-One and His Farce, is Not SKY Walker the Cool-Hand Luke, and,
    Is What We Have Here is Definitively: “A Lack of Communication!”, He and His Minions,
    Can’t Follow the Transcript anymore, Nor Can He, Without His Teleprompter!
    He Can’t Remember the First Lie He Told, To Cover-Up His Second Lie or His Third Lie.
    and The Bodies Keep Piling Up! First with Fast and Furious!
    and Now, Benghazi-Gate it is Too Late!

    This Perfect Storm in the Northeast is Divine Intervention,
    Or The Hand Of God,
    The Real Shame is He Does Not See the Hand of God Write Large!
    The Fickle Finger of Fate Moving On! Having Writ His Fate He Does Not See,
    Slapping His Whole Scheme, and Dreams of His Father, Down The Toilet!
    And Will Move this Nation, Back to its Founding Principles,
    And PROCLAMATION of Independence and Constitution, With the Bill of Rights,
    That WE THE PEOPLE are Sovereign Not The Government!

    Who Works For US? And Who Works for THEM?
    We See in the Media Who is and Isn’t For The People.

    So Know that the Lord is in Charge, and Have Faith, His Will Be Done!

    Kerry L. Marvin/USN/DAV/68-77. OATHKEEPER!

  15. Obama is indeed a traitor, but the treason goes much deeper than Obama, who is just a puppet following orders from the sociopaths that control the money. It’s definitely a bad, bad situation. There will be no genuine remedy coming from Congress, because most of them are in it as deep as Obama. A large and determined citizen’s posse might have a chance, but apathy is the American way of life now, because we have been brainwashed to believe that we are powerless and cannot serve ourselves.

  16. I suspect that the reason the Obama people refused to send help was the fear that some muslims may get hurt in the process. Americans are expendable in their view. Is everibody blind in this country. Wake up America!!!

  17. I have not read over the comments, so I apologize if I am redundant. Simple question: where was Ambassador Stevens’ body, if it was not found when Woods and Dougherty recovered the body of a slain American and headed/herded those remaining to the Annex? It appears that there is a 4-7 hour time lag during which his whereabouts or location is not known? So how did it wind up at a local hospital and in what condition. I faintly recall that Ambassador Stevens was a known and admitted homosexual, so it is possible that the homophobic terrorists sodomized his body in disgust because of their religious beliefs. I am perfectly cognizant that this is merely rumor, speculation, or myth, but nonetheless, I believe that the public has the right to know what happened or did not happen to its brave diplomat. Is the mainstream press afraid to discuss this matter?

  18. Admin,

    Thank You. Your Articles and My Posts of Fax/And Petitions to My Representatives is What WE ALL, can Do.
    I applaud You Sir, and Those, who are telling Us, to Step Up and Do Something After We Post for their Benefit, and Enlightenment of the Ways and Means to Take Action, have the Unmitigated Audacity to Call us Out?
    For Having Done so? And For Those Who Spew Bile, and Call Names’ at those who Disagree, with This or Nay Democrat Like MSPMS Mathews, or Maddow telling US, that it is Unconstitutional?
    For Us to Oppose this Radica, Marxist or His Regime? Meanwhile, Back at the Raunch,
    Obozo and Grinds His Teeth and Axle and His Minions, Mumble and Bumble about Zero Fiddling,
    While the Perfect Storm has attacked the Whole East Coast, and Is A Boon for their Campaign?
    Remember Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste? While Trillions, are Wasted and Squandered away to WHERE?
    No One Knows, or is Silenced, Intimidated And/Or isn’t Telling, and You Can’t Ask any Questions of the FED?

    So Yes More of US are Paying Attention, We Didn’t Drink the Jones Town Kool-Aid either, And For DAMN, Sure, WE THE PEOPLE Ain’t Taking it Form Them Demon-a-Crap and Hypocritical Slime Ball’s in the Media Either!

    Kerry L. Marvin/USN/DAV/68-77. OATHKEEPER!

  19. The president is a pathological liar. He was raised and taught HOW to hate and destroy America. He is like a ‘Boys of Brazil,’ character, manifested. obama was a hated child, his hippy mother hated America, his father, a foreigner, abandoned his son, his mother, in shame, also abandoned this – hitler in the making- shoving him off to her parents somewhere in now communist Hawaii. Then they too were disgusted with ‘the fourth reich leader to be.’ That is why this corrupt man has so much inflammation of the brain! He is and always was a hated child, and now hated man! His pathology is one of someone screaming inside… – “Love me! Or I will force you to love me!” Even if that force ends up killing YOU! How did this character ever get into our House? And all ‘his’ friends that he knows them but says – “oh…ahh…I met him once.” Yes..you met him once and you met her once…at the Grand Destroy America Ball!

  20. I love the idea everyone is so impassioned with feelings of betrayal and are feeling something must be done. Why in the name of God are you posting your thoughts on a blog and not contacting your representatives in DC to find out who is responsible shows a lack of responsibility on our part. Why aren’t you contacting major media outlets and tell them to do some investigative journalism. Show your outrage to the people supposedly in charge. Create a firestorm in DC and make them realize this is the final straw. Demand accountability for these actions. Demand to know what happened before the election. Make the media pay attention to the story by lighting up their switchboards. Send emails. Stop the mental masturbation and get involved. Sorry if this seems harsh, but how can you expect change when no one will try to change. We have become a nation of PC sheeple. Please prove me wrong and get involved, if it is no more than and email to a Congressperson or a major media outlet.

    • TLC…

      I suspect that you HAVE contacted your Members of Congress and media outlets etc.

      What exactly makes you think that I HAVEN’T???

      Not only have I done exactly as you prescribe but…I have ALSO written this, and many OTHER articles regarding this whole situation in Benghazi.

      Now…WHO needs to step up to the plate????

  21. We all are is agreement that this is TREASON. The question is are there anough senators and rapresentatives in congress with BALLS to actually take action against this man? Before he himself straps a bomb on his daughter and sends her out to a mall or some other crowded place. His friend Bill Aires did the bombing the cowardly way. This Kenian man is made of the the same fabric.
    Deport the SOB If we cannot get him for treason.

  22. The news-media should be ashamed of itself and by all means criticized on their handling or non handling of the tragic Benghazi incident. Whether I watch TV stations or read newspapers, little or nothing is being mentioned. Only the Fox network had been reporting on what was going on in Benghazi from the very beginning. Thank you Fox News for being fair balance and unafraid and willing to bring out what was needed to be brought out while others just stood by. This tragedy will be written about in history for all of us to remember. I am hoping for it to be a turning point on how we look at our leaders in high office, this one, the highest of all, the presidency. It is time to clean-up our act and work together in presenting to the citizens of this wonderful country of ours the proper way in reporting news objectively regardless of political leanings. It is unfortunate when good, responsible and honorable people have to die in order to remind the rest of us of what this country of ours is all about. I just hope to god the lives of these four men will not have died in vain. We should all pause for a moment and reflect and once and for all remind ourselves of our convictions and why we so dearly love to feel and say from the bottom of our hearts, “God bless the United States of America.”

  23. Heart-wrenching information, no doubt. But what’s even more disturbing is that this isn’t going to impact the politicians and the American public one damn bit. As far as the public, they’re not interested in what’s happening elsewhere. Hey, the World Series just finished, it’s the middle of football season, and the NBA is just around the corner. Now, THAT’S what’s important to the majority of Americans. A skyrocketing national debt, fewer and fewer jobs, a debauched currency, war, war, and more war — don’t trouble the people with any of this because they won’t pay any attention.

  24. Is treason even possible anymore? If the NDAA is not treason, i.e. designating the American populace as potential enemy combatants and denying them the right to trial with indefinite detention etc., then I don’t know what is.

    This morning I was thinking about our military. Who owns it? I know the American people finance it through taxes, but who actually owns it? Think of all of the wars we have been in. As far back as WW2 there are people that claim that Pearl Harbor was a false flag. So when was the last actual war where America had to fight at home or abroad to defend the American people? Not Vietnam. Not WW2. Not Korea. Not all of the black ops wars. Not Bosnia, Iraq twice or Afghanistan. War is manufactured by elites, fought and financed by poor and middle class Americans. Qui bono? Who benefits? The rich elite bankers and the purveyors of natural resources and the markets that they create. We fight so McDonalds and Exxon can expand into Iraq. Not for “weapons of mass destruction or freedom.”

    When there is a UN war, tell me who supplies 80% of the war machine? After we allowed NAFTA to deport our middle class jobs around the world, America has de-industrialized to the point where the only thing we manufacture and supply the world with is war and death. Even our nuclear industry gets to coat the munitions with their vile depleted uranium, a nasty by-product of our energy dependent society. So take a look at all those deformed Iraqi, Bosnian, Afghan children and pat yourself on the back, because your taxes helped lower the birth count in a third world country so that our Satanic elite and their God-Damned NWO could utilize our brave men and women to do Satan’s bidding.

    You see the inaction of this Administration as treasonous. I say the entire system is frought with treachery, and the way we choose to “defend” ourselves with our military is all the proof I need. It is obvious to me that all of the regime change and fighting in the middle east is not making Americans safer, it is making us a huge target. So that is treason, is it not? Aiding the enemy in a sense?

    How about economically? Is not what the IMF did to Greece, Italy, Ireland and Spain through the guile of their elected officals a form of treason? Are our leaders any better? Do you remember Goldman-Sachs/Federal Reserve bully Hank Paulson and Nancy Pelosi threatening Congress and Bush with martial law if they didn’t bail out the banks in 2007/2008? And then we give them the keys to the treasury to boot! The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATELY OWNED bank! We just gave them the keys to the Treasury! Is that not treason? Jefferson feared central banks with the ability to print currency for soveriegn nations as even more dangerous than standing armies themselves.

    We have been sold out from top to bottom in this country. Some people might think the housing collapse was an accident, that the banks just made a mistake. They would be wrong. The housing collapse dates back to Clinton repealing the Glass-Steagal act, and Bush loosening regualtions on the investment/banking industry. The whole thing was manufactured. Just like WTC 7 being demolished with explosives right before your eyes, and America still can’t tell the difference between a terrorist act and an act of treason.

    Of course the people that need to be watched and spied on are the people who have no administrative power to do anything at all. I don’t even believe our vote is sacred ever since Bush2 got a free ride compliments of the Supreme Court! These people spy on us, tap our phones, radiate us with Rapiscan body scanners, fly drones over our heads capable of ending our lives with the push of a button. Yeah, I’d say they are treasonous. Hell, I can’t think of one time these elite bastards have upheld the Constitution, or the INALIENABLE rights of the citizens of the United States of America in the last 20 years. Inalienable means, my GOD gave them to me, no man can take them away….ever. You can not separate me from my rights period.

    Thank you fo letting me rant. I’m a little upset as you can tell. The way I look at it to calm myslef down is if they can’t enforce the speed limit, how are they going to enforce half of this crap. No one can control you unless you submit control.

  25. Do you people still think Mr. Obama is running the show? Here’s what happens to those who disobey orders from the real people who are running the show:


    Check out this lawsuit:


    And what happened to a senior CNN executive’s children:


    I’d be willing to bet that these guys control this bunch too:


    It takes an especially evil person to murder innocent…completely and totally innocent children!! Begs the question, what are WE going to do about it?

    If you think Romney is going to be any different than Obama, you’ll have a long four years ahead of you!

  26. This is no different than the USS Liberty.
    Remember Johnson’s quote (look it up)
    “I want the god-dam ship to go down.”

  27. OB uses drones at the drop of a hat against cave dwellers in Afhganistan and Pakistan but fails to lift a finger to help his own consulate? WTF is up with that? Obama, Hillary and Leon are dead to the world of love, truth and hope. They are three of the four horsemen of the revelations.

    OB is indeed the “Manchurian Candidate,” a planted traitor, but for whom does he work? OB may or may not be a coward, but he is for sure a thief, liar, and murderer and…traitor…

    The Republic is dying at the hands of many traitors. We have been the asset and engine that has financed, through massive US borrowing, the NWO and now that Americans are awaking to their folly we are rapidly becoming a liability!!!! We are in a very dangerous and percarious situation.

    Watch out for a large scale co-ordinated attack from Asia, Africa and Europe. Traitors have severely and quietly weaken our strategic military. Why would they gather to attack the US? On the surface, The US has been painted as the “Bad Guys” to peoples of the world? The World’s battle cry will be: “Stop The Evil Empire!” And, there is some truth to that, but remember politicians us the truth cover up their lies.

    The real reason for the attempt to destroy America is that a 100,000,000 Americans and growing are saying NO to the NWO!. The Oligarchy cannot allow the rogue Americans to upset their final stages of implementing their One World.

    As for me and my house we shall worship the Lord and say NO and eschew evil at all costs. Win, Lose or Draw… “…even if our God does not deliver us we shall not bow down to your golden image…” Book of Daniel Those are the words of Shadrach, Meshach, and A Bad Negro… 🙂

    Good Day…

  28. Another well intentioned, but still missing the forest for the trees, article exposing the hoax perpetrated upon America by the Kenyan usurper. Should he be arrested? Without question. Arresting him for the Libya fiasco ignores the larger picture: Soetoro/Soebarkah/Obama is not Constitutionally eligible for the office. He should be arrested for fraud thereby negating everything he has done while OWH: Occupy White House. To remove him for any other reason lends credence to and will let stand his unlawful EOs, signing statements, signed legislation, appointments, and who knows what else? Where are the Constitutional Sheriffs with back bone?

  29. Yes it is treason at the highest level and everyone involved should be EXECUTED. But so what? What will be done about it? I will answer that with one word. NOTHING. I mean really, what type of power do you think YOU have to stop these heavily armed mass murdering government terrorists? Do YOU have nukes? Do YOU have air born bio-weapons? Do YOU have HAARP arrays? Do YOU have mind control devices in almost every Living Room in AmeriKa? Do YOU have armies of millions under your command and control, completely stupid brainwashed idiots that actually believe they are fighting for freedom? No, YOU have none of these things. You have NO power at all to fight and destroy the real terrorists. So sit down and SHUT the hell up already. Exposing the truth is useless and futile, especially with two faced operatives like Alex Jones feeding YOU inflammatory info. It is my belief that YOU will never change anything.

    Fortunately I have no horse in this race so none of it matters at all to me. I care nothing about changing anything. In fact, it’s all rather amusing watching all these doomsayers running around like chickens with their head cut off!

  30. This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t all sat on your butts and allowed this impostor to remain in the WH.
    You don’t need birth certificates or college records to know Obama is illegitimately occupying his position.
    Just look at the legislation put through the senate signed off by Soetoro himself.
    John McCain was natural born because his parents were both American citizens.
    Get that!!!!
    Thus he was an eligible candidate.
    Soetoro’s father was British making him a dual citizen.
    He could never be President and just how many of you objected.
    He has destroyed your country, taken your freedom and murdered your citizens.
    And is up for RE-Election.
    How crazy are you.

  31. What is it called when you attack a country like Bill Cltinon did to get the heat off his arse? What do you call it when George Bush lied and got us into a war and then killed a million Iraqi civilians and many thousand of our people killed? That loos like murder to me. Everything thise government does is a lie. They have the CIA starting trouble all over the world. I

    George Bush allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur. You think his father doesn’t know what went on that day? George Bush is a murderer and there are countries he can not visit, because they will arrest him.

    The way it’s suppose to work is that Marine disobeyed direct orders and now he is supposed to be court martialed. There are men in war who are told to wipe out a village and if they don’t they go to court. An order is an order. The guy should be arrested.

  32. I agree with the comment written by David Rice. This could very well be a “plot gone wrong”. Look at the history of BO’s last 3+ year in office. Look at the Fast and Furious plan that also went very wrong that ended the lives of other American patriots. Another “Back Room Deal” this so-called president made to help him remove the Second Amendment Rights from the American people. After many called on the release of records that would confirm his and Eric Holders guilt, BO sealed those records under Executive Privilege. He would do the same here, if needed. He would call it “National Security” this time around.

    It would not surprise me in the least if this was another plot gone wrong to try to influence the American people and the world. BO would use American lives without question in order for him to remain another 4 years in office. Disgusting to say the least.

    The American People and the whole world desperately need to have him voted out in November and tried for treason for this as well as many other actions during his term. He can’t blame Bush for this one, this time.

  33. Yes, those who ask how this guy got in…..ask yourself, did u check him out? Did you encourage others to?? And people continue to ask,”HOW COULD HE…..” BECAUSE PEOPLE GOT CONTENT “AS A NATION” AND INDIVIDUALS!!And yes, it was a long planned ‘deal’ for the Shiek, blind or not…and yes, TREASON was committed!! But he’d LIE TO(and did)HIS OWN WIFE, as by being a Muslim somehow spares them(his daughters too)? I fear for them, as with all women who WILL SUFFER DEEPLY under SHARIA LAW!!!! People(MOST)Dont HAVE A CLUE WHO HE IS, and INCREDIBLY, APPARENTLY DONT CARE THAT THEY NOT ONLY DID EVERYTHING above, they ALL have AMERICAN BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, HARSH, PAINFUL WORDS for this PATRIOT, who wants SOMEONE,ANTYONE,IN GOVERNMENT TO HAVE THE GUTS TO SAY”NO MORE”!!!!!! Lies, Treason, Impeachment, ALL RULES AND LAWS GOVERNING THEM HAVE BEEN “SURPASSED”, much less REACHED!! Yes the Ambassador was involved in smuggling arms to rebels!!! But WHO WERE THEY??? Stevens knew and yes, was going public, BUT THAT COULDNT HAPPEN, CALL THE “BROTHERHOOD” for ADVICE!!! MURDER x 4!!!! Period!! Requests made, requests DENIED, in fact AIDS THE ENEMY BY GIVING THEM ‘APPROVAL’ BUT No Stevens wasnt SUPPOSED TO DIE, but hey, HES JUST THE AMBASSADOR!!! TREASONOUS, GODLESS, POISONOUS ADMINISTRATION!!!

  34. I have been saying for months, barak obama is a traitor. I served during the Vietnam war, but to clarify, I was never in Vietnam Nam. If I were, and one of our troops called for help and it was not sent. I would definitely call out the office of the president.
    He is a criminal. Blatantly doing the crotch salute to the Flag. Not crossing his heart at the singing of the National Anthem. Afraid to embarrass his Islam, and Muslim friends. Try him, strip him of his right to live in the country he wouldn’t fight to help save some of its citizens.
    My name is Ernest C Trent, and I approve this message!

  35. And if Obama is guilty of treason, then so is Hillary Clinton and Leon Pannetta. Yes all of them, and especially Hillary because she helped to disseminate the LIE told to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, and further shamed our NATION by actually BUYING AIR TIME to run her and OBAMA’S Disclaimer in Pakistan.
    They were all aware of what was going on over there, and KNEW FULL WELL who was responsible for the attack, yet they lied to us anyways for more than 2 weeks, and their minions in the Party and the MSM are still trying to say that stupid video factors into the attack.
    There is much more going on here than simply trying to cover up for their own incompetence. And It has to do with their Shared policy of Appeasement of the MUSLIM WORLD. Those who can’t see this, are evidently those who have NO idea the leftist agenda in this country.

  36. I Posted my Fax/Letter to My Congress and Senate Representatives,
    Select Ethics Committee, Standards of Official Conduct Committee,
    Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Rules and Administration Committee,
    Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee, And, Just Posted it to,
    PAN: This is THE ISSUE Before US, and The Election Blog.
    Please Feel Free to
    Send Yours Also On DearPolitician (dot) Org,
    as it is FREE and the Faxes Go Out, IMMEDIATELY!

    If We All Do This Come Monday Morning there will be An Uproar in,
    Both Houses of Congress and the Senate will Have to,
    Have Open Hearings For they, Are supposed to be OUR Representatives,

    Not US their Subjects!


    I Hope You All Do this,, MY GOD we have to Do Something! To Save this Republic,
    If Not US then Who?

    This Truly Is The Linchpin Moment and with God’s Grace and All, Of Us,
    “We Can Make a Difference for Our Children,
    Grandchildren and Their Future, And Our Country!”

    We Did it in 2010!
    We Must Do It Again!
    2012! With RESOLVE!

    Kerry L. Marvin/USN/DAV/68-77. OATHKEEPER!

    This is the Fax I Sent on Dearpolitician (dot) org:
    Date 10/26/2012 @ 6:30pm
    Issue federal
    To Senator AlexanderSenator CorkerCongressman RoeSenator BoxerSenator BrownSenator IsaksonSenator PryorSenator RischSenator RobertsCongressman BilbrayCongressman BurtonCongressman ChaffetzCongresswoman ChuCongressman ClayCongressman ConnollyCongressman CooperCongressman CuellarCongressman CummingsCongressman DavisCongressman DriehausCongressman DuncanCongressman FlakeCongressman FortenberryCongressman FosterCongressman HodesCongressman IssaCongressman JordanCongressman KanjorskiCongresswoman KapturCongressman KennedyCongressman KucinichCongressman LuetkemeyerCongressman LynchCongresswoman MaloneyCongressman McHenryCongressman MicaCongressman MurphyCongresswoman NortonCongressman QuigleyCongressman SchockCongressman SouderCongresswoman SpeierCongressman TierneyCongressman TownsCongressman TurnerCongressman Van HollenCongresswoman WatsonCongressman WelchCongressman WestmorelandCongressman ArcuriCongressman CardozaCongressman Diaz-BalartCongressman DreierCongresswoman FoxxCongressman HastingsCongresswoman MatsuiCongressman McGovernCongressman PerlmutterCongresswoman PingreeCongressman PolisCongressman SessionsCongresswoman SlaughterCongressman BonnerCongressman ButterfieldCongresswoman CastorCongressman ChandlerCongressman ConawayCongressman DentCongressman HarperCongresswoman LofgrenCongressman McCaulCongressman Welch
    A Congressional Investigation To Be Determined ,
    After the Election is OVER?
    This, ”Is Not an Option” for After the Election!!!
    For their 3:00 AM Call’s Ignored! We Have to DEMAND ACTION IMEDIATELY!
    Re: My Fax to My State Representative and All of the Congressional House of Representatives, and Senate: AGAIN!
    “The proper office of a representative assembly is to watch and control the government.” – J.S. Mill
    I demand that you, a United States Representative, call for an official investigation into the events surrounding the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on our Libyan embassy.
    That Obama and his Administration would blatantly lie about this issue in unconscionable, especially since it cost for American lives.
    I, along with the American People, demand that your Chamber exercise its investigative power to discover the truth.
    Now, with the Denial of Resources, to DO THEIR JOB and Protect and Defend American Lives and Ambassador, Embassy Sovereign Territory, Constitutional Responsibility Ignored, By Their Own Sworn Oath and Duty, WHY?
    (a) we know that our people on the ground in Benghazi made three separate requests for backup during the 6 – 9 hours of that attack and were denied,
    (b) that State Department officials watched the attack in progress in real time on video,
    (c) that such requests for help and one of our consulates being under attack would have gone up the CIA chain to Langley and into the White House Situation Room,
    (d) that there was a meeting among Obama, Biden and Secretary of Defense Panetta in the White House while the attack was underway, and
    (e) that military assets were in positions where they could have been used to make a probably life-saving difference, yet were never given the “go” order.
    Leon Panetta’s pathetic claim a few days ago that no military assistance was sent because of the “fog of war” and the caution of not sending more forces in until the situation on the ground was more clear is blatantly belied by today’s revelations of our people on the ground (and who should know better?) describing the on-the-ground situation during the attack, even to include that they, acting as Special Ops FO’s (forward observers) often do, had laser targeted the mortar positions which where shelling the consulate annex and which subsequently killed some of our people.
    That means aircraft could have been sent in (instead of just to make loud noise or possibly just cause collateral damage to innocents, as one Obama official said) but to make precision target strikes on those mortar positions and the terrorists manning them.
    So, apparently, although they well knew what was happening on the ground in Benghazi, to include that our people were being attacked and likely killed, and that make-a-difference military assets were available to be used in a timely manner, the Obama people in the White House, in the White House Situation Room, at the State Department and at the CIA watched and waited, hesitating or not desiring to not only do anything but also not to do the right thing?
    As a citizen of the United States I am deeply angered about this administration’s handling, of the terror attack in Benghazi – specifically their deliberate attempt to mislead the American people.
    The American people deserve the truth right now – not after the election.
    With All the Lies and Cover-up of Critical timeline events, E-Mailed Directly to the White House Situation Room, And 400 Administration Individuals, The Abuse of the Office and Powers of the National Security Team, Secretary of State and Direct Representatives, White House Spokespersons and Manipulation of the Media, To Downplay the role they have Played to Further manipulate the Data, & 700,000.00 to fund Ad’s in Pakistan, To Push the Role of a Movie No One Has Seen. While Nothing Was Done to Protect and Defend our Ambassador, and his security Team While they Watched in Real Time from a Drone Flying over the Benghazi Residence and, Safe House annex?
    But It Was the Movie from a 14 min trailer is their Answer?
    Meanwhile the Congress is Not Informed, and Lied to by this Administration and Mr. Obama in real time! While He Goes off to Campaign on talk shows and the Families of the Slain Are Left in the Dark to this Date?
    Nixon was Implacable too for His Lies to the People and Congress, But No One Died!
    Now We Have Another Event, for the First time in 30 years One of Our Ambassadors is Murdered, and Add in Fast and Furious and the Deaths, of Our Border Patrol Agents, and Hundreds of Mexican Citizens’, and There is No Impeachment, and Still No One, In Congress with the Authority to Take Action? And, Indict this Administration for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, at the Least?
    This is the Question WE THE PEOPLE are Asking!
    Who, What, Where, When and Why are the Questions to Ask All those in the Chain of Command the Administration, Sent out And Reported the False Scenarios, and Still Belittle the Relevance of The Internet to Influence or Credibility, Of the E-Mails they Received, And Requests for Assistance DENIED?
    But Hay, It’s OK for them to Blame a Video Portraying Muhammad for the Attack?
    Now Is The Time for All Good Men to Come to the Aid of Their Country!
    If We Can Find One in Congress I would,
    Guess they are Hiding Under their Desk’s and Resigning from Their Office to Avoid, Their Own Culpability For the Actions of and Inaction to Get the Subpoena’s and Force the Testimony UNDER OATH in Front of a Congressional, Investigation ASAP!
    That Means Immediately Before the Elections are Over!
    And It Means Impeachment, Indictments, Prosecutions and Convictions Where Required By Law of Both Houses, Congressional Rules and Procedures’ and For, Making War on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Violation of them for All Involved.
    This IS, Why I am urging you to join me in calling for an immediate investigation, into the deadly terror attack and subsequent cover-up by this administration.
    Please know that I am monitoring your actions on this issue.
    Kerry L. Marvin/USN/DAV/68-77. OATHKEEPER!

  37. Excellent article! Totally agree! Since we know we cannot trust the liberal, lamestream, lapdog media to really cover anything bad for Obama, Congress should be jumping on this with both feet. They’ve already had high level State Department officials testify. Now, it’s time to get Hillary, Panetta and Petraeus themselves in front of the committee(s), sworn, and on the record before the cameras. They should also demand that real-time video, if they haven’t already, so committee members can see the same thing the CIA, State and WH Situation Room saw 47 days ago now.

    Fox News has learned from sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that an urgent request from the CIA annex for military back-up during the attack on the U.S. consulate and subsequent attack several hours later on the annex itself was denied by the CIA chain of command — who also told the CIA … READ MORE: http://bwcentral.org/2012/10/special-updated-report-on-benghazi/

  39. Maybe now people will wake up to the fact that the Lying King and his confederates are deliberately and systematically destroying the remnants of our constitutional republic. He and they are not alone. There are traitorous hood rats within the Gutless Opposition Party (GOP), too.

    They do not represent the lowly electorate. They represent Kissinger, Rockefeller, Brzezinski and foreign interests who seek the demise of the original consitutional republic that guarantees it’s people’s rights to worship freely, speak freely, and bear arms. Those with their noses to the glass don’t know or don’t want to know that CadaverCare has within it’s broad context the ability to steal these rights. How anyone can believe that CadaverCare is about health care baffles me. For those who have a pre-existing condition, I do believe there needs to be a way of bringing you into the fold without the crushing costs and regulation CadaverCare will impose upon all, except for the hood rats in Congress, the VP & President and their 1,700 strategically allowed exemptions. I do have a question for those of you who do have a pre-existing condition. Do you realize that paying premiums for health insurance does not guarantee you access to health care? What do you think the ‘death panel’ is for? It is to hold down costs!!! If you have a pre-existing condition that requires costly health care, why would you believe you will be allowed to receive that health care? If you are a Demoncrat, a government employee, a union thug or just a thug in general, you probably will recieve that care, but, if you are a Republican, a small business owner, are in the private sector, a true Catholic, Christian or Jew, a gun owner, a believer in the constitution, (in other words, a traditional patriot) you are toast!!!

    Back to Benghazi, the fact that the traitorous pukes inside the District of Corruption had a patent response for the attack, using an obscure movie as the ‘foil’ for the truth, doesn’t this reveal that they already were aware of the attack ahead of time? A brave few are actually saying that these pukes are behind the assissination. I believe it to be true that we have traitors inside the White House who should should be pirated to Gitmo on the next plane, using the Executive Order to take them in the night, without having their rights read to them and without access to an attorney. Use their Executive Order against them!!! Then, turn them over to the inmates in Gitmo!!!

  40. Reading this article just as Face the Nation had John McCain, and Rahm Emanuel on to speak about this terrible action. Whats so funny, is that Emanuel is still an ass puppet to the President. Saying the president is calling for an investigation into thr matter. Emanuel is also saying that the President will bring those responsible to justice, just as he did with Bin Laden. Correct me if Im wrong, but it took better than 10 ten years to happen! Wake up America! We need to correct this wrong before it gets totally out of hand.

  41. I agree that it is treason – at the very least Obama must be impeached. The man has repeatedly proven that he has absolutely no respect for this country. Watch the movie 2016 – it validates everything and then some of what Fox has been saying all along.

    You won’t see any content from the liberal media much like the Administration.

    The families deserve justice here not only from the WH but from the nation and the world.

    God bless the families that are in a great deal of pain over what happened and God bless our nation.

  42. Your analysis is slightly flawed. Please read this article:
    It states, “The evidence suggests that the Obama administration has not simply been engaging, legitimating, enriching and emboldening Islamists who have taken over or are ascendant in much of the Middle East. Starting in March 2011, when American diplomat J. Christopher Stevens was designated the liaison to the ‘opposition’ in Libya, the Obama administration has been arming them, including jihadists like Abdelhakim Belhadj, leader of the al Qaeda franchise known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.”

    In other words, Obama was knowingly giving arms to the enemies of America at a time when America was at war with those enemies, and Ambassador Stevens was Obama’s man on the ground who actually enacted those transaction. So, Obama was actively committing treason against the US, and Stevens was the one person who was most knowledgeable about this treason. To cover up these misdeeds, Obama wanted to let the events on 9-11-12 proceed unhindered. This explains why, leading up to the attacks, Hillary Clinton approved increasing security at the consulate, but Obama overruled that decision and reduced said security. This also explains why Obama again committed treason by thrice ordering all support to stand down: He was attempting to cover up his initial treason.

  43. The Imposter in charge has so many counts of Treason against him that I’ve lost count. This will help to insure his losing the election but because of the left’s voter fraud/atty’s that are going to falsely declare him the winner, we will be enmeshed in civil turmoil which will lead to massive rioting-martial law-civil war, as real Americans will have had enough of this traitor and his Globalist backers. God Save The Republic!

  44. Thank for you for a very concise and comprehensive article. Also, it was announced that Army Gen. David Rodriguez is to succeed Gen. Carter Ham as commander of U.S. Africa Command and Marine Lt. Gen. John Paxton to succeed Gen. Joseph Dunford as assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced Thursday. This was done because General Ham refused to ignore stand down orders from the White House to send in fire power / assistance to those in Benghazi who had asked for help. We have a very, very dangerous man sitting in the White House.

  45. Americans should take notice of all the wrongs that Obama has done and will keep doing if relected. Please don’t vote for Obama again. Get rid of him as our President. He doesn’t care about America or Americans! he wants to turn the U.S. into Socialisum.Obama should be tried for treason and put in prison for the rest of his life.

  46. My gut instinct obama has a control overseeing his decisions VALERIE JARRETT who has known family ties to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. Is she the one that interceded and either directly or in-directly ordered th STAND Down order.

  47. As a former SOF Operator who spent many years traveling the Globe in pursuit of America’s enemies in small teams, I wonder now what the thoughts of those who continue to carry the torch in harms way are? Will I too be left behind? For our Warriors and those who support them it could have ramifications for years to come. They will carry on…but the seeds of doubt have been planted…and the dope smoking turd in the White House has no clue what it takes to be a man.

  48. Thank you for writing that article, it clarified so much!
    But don’t forget that Hillary has been hand in hand with him in lying. They both came out before the whole world and claimed it was the video and lied to everyone. They are thick in their deceit and wickedness in conspiring against this country. She has tried to take away our right to free speech; just as Obama has changed our Constitution. She is pushing Sharia Law in the U.S. They are in that together to give the UN rights over us to bring America down. His flagrant disregard for our Constitution is to embolden our enemies, and is changing our rights He even wants to change our flag to one of his own design!! You are right that Obama is going to break this county financially, and he wants to give our country away in his Executive Orders. I do think there may have been another gun running fiasco in Benghazi (just like Fast and Furious) and perhaps the ambassador knew it, therefore was killed. Maybe that will come out too, they are hiding something big, big enough to let someone die for! This is all TREASON.
    You all must hold their feet to the fire, because good men have died. Not only that, but our nation has been mortally wounded and has to recover. Thank you for letting us know our reoccurring thoughts of betrayal of government is real. Thank God for the people who are helping the truth come forth! That includes you Mr. Andresen!

  49. Hugh Delacey was a dem congressman of wash state in 1970 and a member of the communist party in 1940s -1970s. He settled in santa cruz CA and became friends with then congressman Leon Panetta (of santa cruz) now the secretary of defence. This panetta fought Pres Regan and is anti military. John stewart service, a friend of Lacey and Paneta, was a close friend of 5 leading KGB members in China and USSR. When one finds out that Panetta has communist friends as these two it is easy to see why he is apathetic about our military and whether they live or die. pacificfreedomfoundation.org is where you can order the book titled “barack obama and the enemies within” Isn’t it interesting how almost every high person barry puts into office has communist or muslim or MB ties. The top two leaders of DHS are muslim and sec of state clinton top aid has muslim brotherhood ties.

  50. Unfortunately as a former member of the military, I can’t believe th at our senior military Officers didn’t say to hell with the order to stand down. Then he or she should have sent all of the help that they could send . No one should stand by and let a atrocity like this happen. I feel that all of the Joint Chiefs are as responsible for this tragedy. They should have all stood up and told Obama to go to Hell and never show his face again in the United States of America.
    God Bless You for standing up for America. I feel that this storm that is brewing this near the Elections might give Obama the edge he needs to get reelected, due to the fact that people are going to be more worried about rebuilding their lives, after the destruction The storm leaves.


  52. This is what I just posted on FB to accompany this completely moving article whose author is an obvious brave patriot:

    I’ve just finished reading this incredibly brave article and all of the comments after it up until this point. I too, like some of those commenting, have felt so moved as to share what I could on Facebook, losing as they have, many so-called “friends”, even someone who I value the most in my life. I had to make a choice and I felt that the only way I could make a difference was through having just “one person” read what I had to share and have them become informed. That’s how Mother Teresa felt about her life’s work: make a difference in one person’s life. I feel that’s a small thing to do for one’s country at such an important point of time. I’ve tried to talk to some others who I also value, but in the end, I’ve finally given up on most of them and decided to concentrate on getting the new news shared with those who are more apt at this point to listen.

    I hadn’t yet reached this point when I began reading this article because I have been mired in the vast number of questions I’ve had, which have grown significantly since Day One. Most of them go back to the basic question of “WHY?” and are applicable to all levels: POTUS, Hillary (State Dept.), DODefense (who from his comments to the media yesterday is obviously a lost cause), head of the NSA (who’s been interestingly quiet this whole time), and 4-Star Gen. Petraeus (Head of the CIA–who “just” threw O under the bus; see: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/petraeus-throws-obama-under-bus_657896.html -God bless him!), as well as the many heads of the military all around the world who ALSO received the news as soon as soon as they were attacked. Disobeying the direct orders of the POTUS is BIG STUFF, People, and General Petraeus is the first in the military to do so by giving the statement he did, basically pointing the finger at O as the person responsible. HUGE.

    I’ll bet he felt moved to do so given the simple and loving heroics of the Marines stationed at the annex who disobeyed repeated, direct orders from “on high” to “stand down”. In the end, our soldiers knew where their place needed to be and they went to help their fellow soldiers in arms. Again, this is HUGE. Disobeying one’s superior is NOT something taken lightly in any way, size, or shape by ANY of the forces, no matter at what level; but here in this instance, one of the top (and highly respected) generals in the country has made the only move he could given the circumstances of his current position, but in doing so, has paved the way for others in the military to follow him. Will they? Ah, that’s the million dollar question right now, isn’t it? I imagine most will wait to see if it’s absolutely necessary to do so, in which case–if he’s elected, we’ll see how far it goes…

    Our country once came close to an admittedly serious military coup during the FDR administration, but in that case, President FDR was a Patriot and the military took care of business, thanks especially to General Smedley Butler, “the” most decorated man in military history (other than Gen. Omar Bradley) who was also the only soldier in history to receive of 2 Congressional Medals of Honor. He was the general who was approached with some SERIOUS-ASS funds, to put together his own military group to carry it out–AND he refused to do so, but only after setting said persons up for a quick, quiet arrest.

    Will General Petraeus go that extra mile as well? How about the current Joint Chiefs? We may never know what all is currently transpiring behind the scenes within the highest ranks of the military, NSA, and intelligence services. I think we began to see fissures behind the scenes this past week when a long list of former military brass from various branches came out, with name and rank given, and put themselves and their names and reputations behind Gov. Romney (I posted this shortly afterwards) That too, was HUGE. It’s just not done.

    In Pakistan, for years we (as many other countries) have put our hopes and beliefs (and monetary aid) in the country’s military, those who hold the control of their nuclear arsenal.

    Likewise, I currently hold my hopes and beliefs (as well as repeated prayer) in our military and intelligence services and their many combined “abilities”. As far as I’m concerned, I’m willing to rest all of my hopes in those people who actually put their lives on the line and who have made it their life’s daily work to “uphold and defend THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES”. Too many of our country’s CLASSIFIED SECRETS have been given out during this administration, primarily by the ONE person who is supposed to be acting as the Commander in Chief. There are many indications that the intelligence community is up in arms, as well as the military; see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=X-Xfti7qtT0, in addition to a remarkably large group of national security officials and their supporters; see: http://www.secureamericanow.org/about-san/our-mission . Personally, I’ve seen and heard enough: whatever they do, however they do it, so may it be. This stuff that’s been happening at the very top IS TREASONOUS and they’re the only ones with the power and ability (and balls of true character) to do what needs to be done, without putting our country in even more jeopardy.

    “Please Lord, give them the strength and resolve to do what needs to be done, for our country’s sake, now and in the future and God bless the United States of America.


    -I hope all of us here begin some serious praying if not already doing so!

  53. Very interesting article. At a minimum, the president should personally address the charges. This potentially explosive set of circumstances should be spread through social media ahead of November 6th to allow all voters a chance to consider its veracity. We all know the main-stream media doesn’t have the balls to pick this up.
    Another thing that worries me – all the God references in the comments. I am a non believer (atheist). It’s shocking to me how often people invoke a blessing upon one person while not considering that “God’s plan” would also have included the evil actions.
    Just imagine how much could be done to improve life for all living things if all the money, time, and energy spent supporting make believe was actually applied in a productive manner.
    If you’ll remove religion from the mix – Mr Obama’s actions still qualify as treason.

  54. CALL THE NETWORKS….LET’S MELT THEIR PHONES DOWN until they cover the Benghazi cover-up
    NBC Phone: (212)-664-3720
    ABC Phone: (212)-456-7777
    CBS Phone: (212)-975-4321

  55. I also agree, excellent article and subsequent posts. Over seven hours this attack lasted and what was POTUS doing? Barry Sotero went to bed. This is incredibly sad what these four Americans went through while Barry is safely tucked into bed. He’s our first gay president, as Newsweek said, maybe Joe Biden should check if Barry has any ‘cohones’ (sp?)let alone ones the “size of cue balls.” Nothing is ever done to democrats who lie, look at Bill Clinton. He is their role model!They LOVE him. So very, very sad. The dems are destroying the military so the U.S. is weak. Very dangerous times.

  56. The president is the command-in-chief of our military forces.
    What is the definition of dereliction of duty [Article 92: 3.3]? What is the penalty in time of war? What do you call it when an officer fails to act or acts cowardly, or acts totally for self-preservation at the cost of his troops???? Obama did not just vote “present” again…He apparently voted, NO…do not rescue our Ambassador and his team…to protect his run for president…what do you call that?
    Article 92—Failure to obey order or regulation

    (3) Dereliction in the performance of duties.
    (a) That the accused had certain duties;
    (b) That the accused knew or reasonably should have known of the duties; and
    (c) That the accused was (willfully) (through neglect or culpable inefficiency) derelict in the performance of those duties.
    (c) Derelict. A person is derelict in the performance of duties when that person willfully or negligently fails to perform that person’s duties or when that person performs them in a culpably inefficient manner. “Willfully” means intentionally. I t refers to the doing of an act knowingly and purposely, specifically intending the natural and probable consequences of the act. “Negligently” means an act or omission of a person who is under a duty to use due care which exhibits a lack of that degree of care which a reasonably prudent person would have exercised under the same or similar circumstances. “Culpable inefficiency” is inefficiency for which there is no reasonable or just excuse.

  57. Scandal…

    Hard to believe…if true…Gen. Ham (Commander of AFRICOM) REFUSED to stand down and was relieved of command, and now being replaced. Marines do not leave Marines behind and I cannot image Gen. Ham standing down… IF this story is true…


    Gen. Ham replaced.

    One must wonder if there was some sort of mass mutiny going on relative to the rescue of our people in Benghazi

    – Coincidental to General Ham’s firing:

    Navy replaces admiral leading Mideast strike group

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Navy said Saturday it is replacing the admiral in command of an aircraft carrier strike group in the Middle East, pending the outcome of an internal investigation into undisclosed allegations of inappropriate judgment.

    Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette is being sent back to the USS John C. Stennis’ home port at Bremerton, Washington stae, in what the Navy called a temporary reassignment.

    The Navy said he is not formally relieved of his command of the Stennis strike group but will be replaced by Rear Adm. Troy M. Shoemaker, who will assume command until the investigation is completed.

    It is highly unusual for the Navy to replace a carrier strike group commander during its deployment.
    The Navy did not reveal details of the allegations, citing only an accusation of “inappropriate leadership judgment” that arose during the strike group’s deployment to the Middle East. Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Navy’s chief spokesman, declined to discuss the investigation.

    The Stennis group deployed from Bremerton in late August and had entered the Navy 5th Fleet’s area of operations in the Middle East on Oct. 17 after sailing across the Pacific.

    The Stennis made port visits in Thailand and Malaysia on its way to the Middle East. It deployed four months earlier than scheduled in response to a
    request by the commander of U.S. Central Command, Marine Gen. James Mattis, to maintain two aircraft carriers in the Middle East. The Stennis replaced the USS Enterprise carrier group.

  58. And today we learn that Obama was in the Situation Room watching the attack unfold. Mainstream Americans, such as myself, don’t really know how the military works, but thanks to two high ranking military officials I saw interviewed today, the order to either support or stand down could only have come from Obama. So, he watched, and he gave the order to stand down.

    Then, General Ham is sent home. Why? For disobeying the order to stand down and amassing a force to go in and help.

    The bottom line is, although we that are paying attention pretty much know that Obama is arming the “Syrian rebels” (who are actually Al Qaeda), the unwashed masses don’t know that. If it’s not on a football field or Dancing with the Stars, they don’t know about it. Imagine the furor if it got out to them that Obama was protecting his re-election chances by covering the fact that he is arming our biggest enemy? This would make Fast & Furious look like a school yard game.

    Thank you sir for such a thoughtful piece. I wish I could say it makes me feel better. Nothing short of Obama’s impeachment or losing the election will make me feel better about the future of our country. Where are American heroes in Congress? In Journalism? We so need one right about now.

  59. I couldn’t agree with you more Craig, that Obama should be arrested for treason, but look what happened with Fast & Furious. He was involved with that fiasco as well and what happened there. Same will most likely happen with the Benghazi situation.
    Since the day of 9-11-2012 I have thought of nothing else than what happened on the Embassy at Benghazi, but my restlessness stays with me as I feel nothing will be done about the deaths of these brave men inside the Emabassy that day.
    We have a bunch of knuckle dragging GOPers in the House and Senate who will not step out like you did by writing this article and demand the Congress to get behind an Impeachment or Treason charges.
    I don’t hold much confidence in this countries leaders and if Romney comes into the presidency, who knows what he will do to restore what Obama has done to destroy the US economy in the last 4 years.
    Having Barak Hussein Obama charged for treason would be to lieniate of sentence for him to bare. I would pay to go to his public hanging outside the White House lawn. It’s what used to happen to traitors in years long past.

  60. Thank you for putting this all into perspective. It makes a lot of sense and the facts should be pursued. Whoever is responsible for this betrayal and 4 murdered Americans should be held accountable. We need to keep up the pressure and root out the guilty parties. Whoever came up with the “blame the YouTube video” defense is responsible for a cover-up, as well. We want to know who said what, and when! How could they go to bed and go campaign the next day as if this is inconsequential?

  61. Excellent article.. connecting the dots with many articles that have come out.. Stumbling upon one from Canada, that has a deeper view of the situation:
    First, it is important to understand that Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods were not killed at a consulate office in Benghazi—as there is not such office there. They died at one of the largest CIA operations centers in the Middle East, which was located in Benghazi and served as the logistics headquarters for arms and weapons being shipped out of the post-Qaddafi Libya.

    Although the U.S. government insisted that Stevens was involved in securing and destroying the numerous caches of arms and weapons once under the control of Qaddafi, the operation was more complex than that. The visual accounts of weapons being destroyed were indeed real, but those weapons were not operational. The working weapons were actually separated and transported to holding facilities for their eventual use in Syria. Russia was fully aware of this operation and warned the U.S. not to engage in the destabilization of Syria, as doing so would endanger their national security interests. Deposing Assad, as despotic as he might be, and replacing him with a Muslim Brotherhood-led regime would likely lead to unrestrained Islamic chaos across the region.

  62. By the way you pt MISSING, and i m not so smart but if you gave them to AL QAEDA probably they are not missing them. they still have them. If you give thing to others one things not go to the Missing point, If i give you 100 dollars , they are not missing probably you have it. this is so simple so next time ask to your government to don’t give weapons to people that are terrorist even if they are or not AL QAEDA.

  63. “There are some 20,000 shoulder fired rockets, RPG’s and other heavy weapons MISSING that were provided to Libyan rebels in the attempt to oust Gaddafi from power. We didn’t know WHO those rebels were at the time we armed them and, in fact, within hours of Gaddafi’s death, the flags of al Qaeda were flying in Benghazi.” Can be american intelligent service be so stupid to do something like this twice ???? they provided weapons to Al Qaeda to fight against Russia so, now you are giving arms again to them? you have people of Al Qaeda in your own country doing sabotages flies as in 9 11 and CIA doesn’t even know?? So you are provided arms to terrorist for fight against another president in another countries that are not your country and then you get mad because this guys kill american soldiers? Please grew up, and move back all the weapons and soldiers that you have in anthers countries and you going to see how is to live in peace as all the others countries in Europe and in America.

  64. Craig, you have nailed every thought I have had and confirmed that this admin. is guilty of treason and murder of four innocent American citizens..just like they armed the Mexican drug caterl and they killed two of our border agents…when does it stop. I’ll tell you when this asshole is gone from our White House and he should go on trial for TREASON, DIRELECT OF DUTIES UNBECOMING AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT WHO LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE TO GO CAMPAIGN FOR RELECTION. HOW DARE HE NOT ADDRESS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND TELL THE TRUTH. NO ONE SAID NO WITHOUT THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT’S SIGNATURE…. TELL THE TRUTH MR PRESIDENT SO THESE FAMILES CAN HAVE CLOSURE….WHO DENIED THEM…ONLY YOU MR PRESIDENT!!!!

  65. Mr. Andresen: Thank you for this excellent article. I agree completely with everything you posted. However, I read an article that just made my blood boil and I want you to see some of it. It has disappeared though and I cannot find it so you could read it all. This was from a radio personality who told his theory on the air. He thinks Obama planned this whole thing including, having his Muslim buddies attack the embassy. Obama wanted to have an “October Surprise” and the attackers were to capture the ambassador and then Obama would rescue him at the last minute and it would make him look like a great leader before the election, ONLY, instead of capturing him, they killed him. That was one reason all the pleas for additional protection leading up to September 11 were denied. It certainly makes sense and if it is true, Treason is not enough for him. I know it sounds far out, but he would do anything to get re-elected. God Bless and be safe. Jane

  66. I have to agree with all of the article. It is treason and there’s no doubt about that. This event brought to mind something BO said at some time past during a speech/talk but I can’t remember the exact words but in essence he it was a kissing kin to the push coming to shove he would side with the muslims. I wish I could dig it up again but I can’t. Perhaps someone out there can because everything said and shown on computer is in cyber space. BO needs to be removed from office along with his Cabinet of Marxists. God bless those men who died for their country. I am very angry because they did not have to endure what they did while Mr Obama’s main thought was getting to LasVegas for his fund raiser.

  67. For those calling for impeachment, there is no precedent for that regarding an imposter, which is what Obama is. The only legal course of action would be to arrest him & charge him with fraud,, treason & the litany of other crimes he’s committed over the last 4 years. For starters, he’s guilty of murder. The ppl killed as a result of the Fast & Furious debacle, & the folks killed in Benghazi…he’s as guilty as if he’d been the one who pulled the trigger. Just because he had surrogates who actually did the dirty work doesn’t make him any Les guilty!

  68. Craig, I can finally take a deep breath without fear now that the TRUTH is being revealed. I am not afraid anymore! The truth is coming out at last and it is landing at the feet of Barack Obama!!! This man was/is and always will be evil! There isn’t anything good to be said about him!!!! I just want to say thank you for listening to a stranger and a friend. Thank God for men like you who know how to find the truth!!!! Thanks for this awesome report. From a very relieved and grateful heart, I am you friend, Amber Ann. 😉

  69. I appreciate the fact that you are able to have a forum that allow’s the truth to be told. I have talked till I am blue in the face to diehard obama follower’s. That man should never have been allowed to run let alone win the presidency. I have been wondering why he hasn’t been impeached before now? We could have saved a lot of lives. Now nothing short of finding him guilty of treason and giving him the death sentence will be enough. He deserves a firing squad or to be hanged till dead. The families of those poor men murdered by him ( yes I blame him ) have to live knowing the so called CIC is a traitor. There are plenty more under him th

  70. This clown should never have been president from the get go. And over these past few years he has gotten away with so much, circumventing Congress to get his way. The boy king should’ve been impeached, fired, whatever a long time ago. However with this said, he isn’t the first to NOT lift a finger during a situation like this. Clinton left the Rangers high and dry in Somalia after a request for additional troops and equipment was denied. And what about the Iranian Hostages and Carter. There seems to be a pattern here AND a common denominator…democrats!!

  71. God Bless you Craig, for putting all the facts out about this horrible horrible astrocities that this administration, State Department and DOD has in their cowardly, lying and evil way brought about. Unforuately I don’t think that Congress has the courage to charge and try Mr O with treason because his cronies will call it racism after all. They will never get away with what they have done, it in itself will chase them to the end of their lives. We have a great and mighty God, and it’s a fearful thing to full into the hands of an angry God. Once again thank you and God bless you.

  72. I believe this is no different than the first 9-11. Both parties are working for the same evil forces to bring us into a one world government. We are all expendable commodities in that effort. Seek the Lord while He may be found because we are nearling the end of our republic and significant world depopulation is part of the plan.

  73. All of this breaks my heart. I am ashamed of our government. How could something like this happen ? How could we not protect our men ? How could we let them die ? How could this guy be president of The United States Of America ? Why is he still there ? God help us all !!!

  74. Craig, thank you so very much for this article! I wholeheartedly agree. And the comments posted here, too. I have angered so many of my fb friends with sharing articles like this that expose the truth, lost some friends & the most of the others that remained elected to “hide” my posts in the Newsfeed. Sad indeed. I am continuously baffled by the lack of just plain old common sense & patriotism of the masses that will continue to adher to the Demoncrat Party. It was hijacked by the ultra-leftist “progressives” a long time ago. And it is so thoroughly disgusting & revolting to my patriotic heart to ever listen to or watch or read any of the lame-stream leftist media outlets as many of my air-headed fellow americans do.
    David Rice, you are exactly right on target in your comments. This has been a set up to get rid of the ambassador for a while. Remember the pics of O, Hildabeast, Someone-get-the-duct-tape Joe, in the situation room watching as the raid went on to get OBL? WHERE ARE THE PICS OF THE SITUATION ROOM AS THEY WATCHED THEIR MURDERING TREASON GOING ON LIVE IN BENGHAZI?
    I can only recall two honest statements that proceeded from BO’s mouth: that he thinks he is “eye candy” & he wishes he could use his middle name (of Hussein). His records were sealed because he was born in Kenya, was raised a muslim (his father & step-father were both muslim, and if his mother wasn’t a muslim, too, she was obviously sympathetic to islam because she married into it twice), and he has always been pro-muslim (remember his first grade enrollment in Indonesia shows him as muslim?) & pro-Globalist. I also believe he has been doing all he can to spend US into financial collapse in order to push us into a north american union (Ameridollar). BO, the Clintons, Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi have done more to betray this country & it’s citizens than anything I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. I remember hearing on one of the conservative news talk radio programs right after Obamacare was crammed down our throats with back-room shady deals, an audio recording done on someone’s cell phone in the room (which was supposed to be off-record) of Chuck Schumer gloating over their victory of Obamacare, and to almost quote him exactly verbatim, he states with glee that it was their “first successful step in dismantling the Constitution.” Where is that tape to be found now? I heard it over & over played on the radio. I have thus-far been unable to locate it on the internet. But I promise you, it was played over & over on that radio show. I am thinking it was either Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh…radio program.
    If you have not done so, I HIGHLY recommend EVERYONE WATCH THE MOVIE “2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA”. I watched it on Dish for $5.99 PPV & taped it on copies to share around to them I know that might watch it. I suggest having a “movie” party to view it with as many friends as possible, especially young people, asap before the election. And I recommend a boycott of NatGeo’s movie airing just before the election that shows BO in a “good light” regarding the OBL raid.
    Please don’t forget how we need to keep a Republican House, have a Republican Senate & a patriotic, MORAL man like Romney, in the White House. How I am hoping & doing all I can to see that happen!
    How I hope, if the GOP has the win, that they will pursue the prosecution of O, Hildabeast, any & everyone involved in such an obvious treasonist murdering acts. We, as citizens, need to DEMAND IT!

  75. Throw the bum in gitmo! Indefinate detention with no due course of representation or trial according to the NDAA he himself signed! e

  76. I fully believe this crime is in Barak Hussein Obama’s purpose here in the USA. It is the whole reason he took office. I think Craig, you have it correct…no, I know you have it correct in the timing and the intent. I also wonder if the president of the USA had made a deal with Isamic murders and it has (to get the USA to the point of emploding into itself, like the 2016 movie) so has been over his head or a deal made, that if he does not conitnue to lie to the USA – then his own wife and kids will be murdered….I believe the whole administration is held “hostage” like the likes of V. Jerrod…they are all in the tank with the president. And the president is in deep………….. He is evil in it’s essence. the Enemy is growing tired of Obama. They (the Islamic extremist) are now making moves Obama has been dragging his feet as far as they are thinking…so they did what they did and He had to do what he did ignore the calls and ….and so by doing this his ‘colors’ are becoming very vibrant to many of us who are discernng…but I do think there is a HUGE group of INTEL looking into this ….they will (after the election) hang this evil president.

  77. Thank you so very much for Sharing this! My *GOD BLESS* those *HERO’s* and their Families & Loved Ones! We need to ALL stand TOGETHER and get Obama for “TREASON”. Blessings ~ Cindy 🙂

  78. Why I Bo still active as our president. He should be tried and hung for his cowardly treasonous acts helping the Muslims and communist, instead of protecting our great America!!!!

  79. I would like the special hearing before election. I was also wondering if it would be of any good to stop all early votes that are in and coming in.

  80. The sad part is the Americans who have voted for Obama in the first place dont even care about this. They think it has nothing to do with them. Every person that is voting for obama wants their hand outs, their ‘free health care’. They don’t actually care about the economy or foreign policy. Or they like him cuz hes black… hate to throw the race card but it is what it is.

  81. Thank you so very much for this article! I looked up the definition of treason the other day and was troubled by the state of war part. I assumed exactly what you have laid out here and you have relieved my mind. People are saying Obama needs to be impeached but I don’t see how that solves anything as it is basically a slap on the hand thanks to Bill Clinton. A person can still be president after impeachment but not after treason.

    I think this is just the beginning–the tip of the iceberg–I hate to say it but I think much, much more will come out in the coming days. We as a country have come so close to losing everything. The deaths of these precious souls were not in vain as they have sent out a wake up call and Americans are responding.

    PLEASE–tell us–what do we do now? I am contacting my congressmen and demanding action but that sure doesn’t seem like enough.

  82. All those adamant obama voters and supporters have to wash the blood of the Ambassador and 3 other Americans off their hands too. That’s right !! You are as guilty as the administration because you are “dancing in the streets like our enemies by voting for and supporting him again/still. Sure hope this offends somebody. I’m offended that ANYONE can still support such a sellout as obama.

  83. I had come to similar/same conclusions but didn’t know where to begin to write about them. Fortunately, a friend posted a link to your article. One thing I would like to add regards comments made on Limbaugh’s program yesterday from a retired lieutenant colonel who seemed very, very well versed in ‘situational procedures’ as a former special operations planner. He basically said the protocol for this kind of thing was in place and that the ‘requests for assistance’ would have been done via FLASH communications etc. Very, very fast, digital and secure. The SOP would have been to launch immediate measures for protection, rescue, whatever, in response. It would seem that for what happened, to have happened… there had to be a ‘standing’ order to disregard these SOP’s.

  84. There has been a special line set up for this: PLEASE CALL AND TELL THEM THAT YOU WANT A PUBLIC HEARING ON BENGHAZI BEFORE the Election!!!
    OGR Committee: (202) 225-5074. If Message box is full, call Operator at
    (202) 225-3121 and ask to be transferred to Mr. Issa’s line….leave your message.

    After you’ve called all the media outlets, take your rage here. Let them hear from you!!

  85. I saw a comment that suggested that Benghazi was a plot gone wrong. The thought goes like this. Obama made a backroom deal with an Islamic group in Libya that he would allow them to kidnap the Ambassador. He would then make a deal to release the “Blind Sheik” in return for the release of the Ambassador. The Ambassador would be released right before the election, making Obama a hero and ushering in a big win for the Democrats.

    When the security team asked permission to go, they were repeatedly told to “Stand Down”. When they asked for military assistance, they were denied. Any such help could ruin the plan. The removal of the security detail a couple of months ago, against the advice of those on the ground, may indicate that this plan was hatched a long time ago.

    One of the security team disobeyed the order to “Stand Down”, and went to the rescue. This single act of bravery threw a “Monkey Wrench” into the plan, and led to the Ambassador’s death and the collapse of the whole plan.

    The story about the movie was not to cover up poor leadership by the White House but something much more sinister; “Some Call It Treason”!

    I can’t prove this, and yes, it is a “Conspiracy Theory” but it makes more sense than anything else I have heard. I do believe there is a conspiracy to bring down the United States. I t involves powerful people but it was conceived in Hell and is actively directed by Demons! This is something to think about.

  86. Craig, I agree, this was treason. I think all the conservatives will agree, quite possibly many liberals will agree it was treason. We can read about this on Facebook, Twitter etc…but there are thousands that do not subscribe to either of the social networks. So, how can we influence the news media to make this information public, truthfully. Further, how can we get our elected elite in Washington to impeach the President on these grounds. Maybe that`s a stretch of imagination, they can`t agree on anything.

  87. Mr. President,…You are a professional manipulator, and a pathological liar. You denied any supportive hits for the Ambassador and his cronies, and you know it. You do not answer direct questioning! You always answer in an INdirect sort of way! not once, twice,…but thrice you denied(Judas) This is not your only treasonable item. When our soldiers arrest enemy with evidence of explosives ON THEIR HANDS, you have only allowed arrest for 2-3 days, medicate and feed them, and turn them loose once again to kill our soldiers! Pretty OBvious who you really are! TEASON and IMPEACHMENT!! Marlin Hauer

  88. POTUS reminds us every day he is the CIC his lack of knowledge in the use of our Military assets is obvious.& I am not confident he can lead this country any longer.

  89. Craig. You are exactly correct. The first Threat to Chris Stevens that urged him to ask for additional Security startdd in May! It was at a Public Market Place. In Person by a None Lybian Member. There were 4 Credible Wittnesses. Chris immediately e-mailed the White House. The request was dismisse. Since May, there were several Threats “You have been made a TARGET for a later date!” And Several Request that got Denied. In August Chris Sent a Detailed written Request, which was Denied. Several phone calls to Obama, Biden and Clinton Asking for Additional Security! Of course all of those Phone Request were Denied, despite the Compound being attacked Several times. 9 Days before the Deadly Attack, the Marine Contengent was recalled back to Washington with no relief and without Warning. The Request for Additional Security went to the very date of the Death of our Ambassador, Chris Stevens. Our last Ambassador that Died was in 1979! There was a live Drone watching that 7 1/2 Hour Siege. There was a Armemed Strike Team Ready to Go just 30 Minutes Away! There was a Strike Team in Spain an Hour away, and they did NOTHING WATCHING THE 7 1/2 HOURE LONG SIEGE! THIS was Murder and Treason! The Justice Department saw it as well, they are Investigating! Mark and I voted Romney/Ryan Monday last in Early Voting to Save America, To Bring Honor and Respect back To America! And True and Honest Leadership back to America! And back to God! Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless! Jane

  90. The sad part is, most of us were able to see that he was anti-US and involved in actions against the US going all the way back to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. Sorry Americans serving their country in Libya had to die before more people would realize it.

  91. Craig Anderson – Beautifully concise and exactly what needs to be said… America has some dark days ahead – may we ALL “stand UP” and face them with the courage of those brave and honorable souls who’ve gone before us!

  92. I believe the reason to label this Benghazi bullshit as TREASON is far more sinister than that Obama failed to lift a finger!

    The more incredible lies that come out of the White House from this EVIL President and the more the media covers for them the more I am ABSOLUTELY convinced that the ONLY reason that the President and his State Department Team stood by and actually watched four heroic Americans senselessly die is that the President NEEDED one of the four DEAD! If you connect the dots HONESTLY, you cannot help but …coming to the same conclusion! Two security teams were WITHDRAWN; multiple pleas for help went unanswered (how could they do that, knowing that help was nearby, the first units could be there in one hour or less, including Specter Gunships, multiple units of major help including a Delta Force Team, could be there in three hours or less, the fight went on for SEVEN HOURS!); the two seals that were there, we learn today, were told to stand down and not protect the Ambassador; Chris Stevens had been involved in covert and ILLEGAL weapons sales to Libyan and Syrian rebels INCLUDING AL QAEDA (can you imagine, our Ambassador, the Presidential Surrogate, selling guns to the enemies of America, which are used to kill Americans – FAST and FURIOUS ALL OVER AGAIN); if what he was doing was leaked out by him, Stevens would ruin Obama’s chances for reelection; insider (inside the Obama White House) sources told several news sources that Stevens was about to go public (in part because he felt that he was being hung out to dry); so he became a serious liability for Obama and needed to be ELIMINATED; what better way to do it than letting the “rebels” including Al Qaeda MURDER Stevens, with the other three used as collateral damage to cover the fact that the Ambassador was the target for elimination!!!

    It is beyond sickening to me that his EVIL is allowed to fester in our midst! If the moral climate of America was just a fraction of what it was as recently as 40 years ago, this fraudulent, narcissistic, megalomaniac, lying President would have been IMPEACHED before this horror of Benghazi ever occurred! With what evidence exists right now, that the President KNEW EARLY ON, he is at the very least an accomplice in the murder of 4 Americans, at least two of whom are HEROES!!

  93. Dear Craig- What an excellent, succinct piece you wrote in regard to Benghazi and the cover-up and lies perpetuated from our Presdient, the secretary of state, the defense secretary, and the list goes on.
    Thank you for your extreme bravery in exposing the FACTS and those who are responsible. I only hope and pray that you remain safe and steadfast in your resolve to expose this horrific cover-up. You are a true PATRIOT! Thank you, thank you! You are an inspiration to those who call themselves journalists, but who really are not, but merely bought and paid for idealogues who have no business calling themselves journalists.
    WE THE PEOPLE are indebted to your unwaivering determination for the truth.
    God Bless YOU!
    Sue Bican/ MN

  94. This brought me to tears. Thank you for the points you made. My heart aches over the way they (Americans depending on the White House for protection and the Navy Seals who went against direct orders) were tossed aside like rubbish.

  95. HMMM, last I knew BO WORKS for US the people of the USA. So if he works for us then Hilary works for us. BO is nothing but a COWARD, IMMATURE LITTLE BOY WHO IS TRYING TO RUN A COUNTRY. He FAILED AMERICA & the AMERICAN People. He cannot take responsibility for his actions or should I say NON-ACTION. He always has to blame someone else. Before it was Bush’s fault, now Hilary. Give me a break. BO sat there and watched as terrorists destroyed the embassy doing nothing. He was asked to send help and HELP WAS Denied. Four people died and as far as I am concerned this is ANOTHER treasonous act on BO’s part. He thinks just because he is president he can’t be arrested. SHOW HIM Wrong. arrest THIS COWARD.

  96. You have written a comprehensive, compelling article. You answer questions, thoughts that I have had for days and days and days. I carry that passion for justice, I carry that passion for right over wrong, I carry that passion of absolute contempt for this administration and their cowardice. All of them. I will share your message with a gladdened heart, mind and soul. I have 14 people who have decried my position on this man, and have blocked me on their pages due to this administration and my outspoken disgust; yet, I do not consider them a loss. How sad is that?
    My heart, my prayers continue to beseech those who will not listen to wake up. I trust in God that His will be done, not mine, yet fervently hope His and mine are one and the same. Thank you for your writing and may God bless.

  97. Please correct if I’m wrong, but didn’t President Obama sign an Executive order that stated that the US is a War Zone, and as such isn’t the penalty for treason in a war zone death? Technically did he sign his own death warrant?

    Also putting together three items opens a whole new light on Benghazi:
    1. Leak that administration was looking to do prisoner swap for Blind Sheik. Swap for who?
    2. Supposition that Ambassador Stevens was not supposed to die.
    3. Supposition that Muslim Brotherhood / Morsi negotiates deal. (Such nice guys.)

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