Romney Wins Tonight’s Debate by Showing Up

Tonight…The final debate.

Foreign policy.

How exactly will Obama defend his foreign policy?

We’re talking about a foreign policy which has garnered him the endorsements of Vladimir Putin…Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Well, he killed bin Laden.

Killing bin Laden is NOT a foreign policy. It’s a military strategic strike…Unless of course Obama intends to drop the whole Seal Team Six thing and assert tonight that the raid was carried out by a bunch of pencil pushing diplomats who took the al Qaeda leader down with political correctness.

Of course, we know better don’t we?

Diplomatic political correctness doesn’t take out our enemies…Political correctness only gets OUR people killed.

No matter…Obama WILL try to make the case that killing bin Laden and other assorted terrorists IS a strong foreign policy and reason enough to reelect him.

No matter that he’s snubbed Prime Minister Netanyahu…Suggested TO Netanyahu that Israel return to their pre 1967 borders and that he’s told Sarkosy he doesn’t think much of dealing with the Prime Minister…

He killed bin Laden.

Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement has been a real success…

In Egypt, Obama started his world apology tour back in 2009 and invited the Muslim Brotherhood to be his special guests at the Cairo speech. Obama, back at the beginning of the Arab Spring, when the homicide bombers were starting to bloom…ummm…boom…and the smell of gunpowder filled the air, said Mubarak must go and, go he did. Obama said his special guests from the Cairo speech should have a seat at the table in forming a new Egyptian government. They did.

Obama said the Brotherhood would NOT run for office. They did anyway and NOW, the Muslim Brotherhood CONTROLS Egypt AND they want to shred the Israel/Egypt peace accord.

Well DONE…..

But…He killed bin Laden.


Well, when Obama came into office…Iran was working toward developing a nuclear weapon. After 4 years of Obama’s foreign policy…Iran is 4 years closer to developing a nuclear weapon.

THAT’S a success…FOR IRAN!!!!

But bin Laden’s dead and GM is ALIVE!!!


Assad has killed more than 30,000 of his own people and that number climbs every day. Now of course, we’re arming Syrian rebels via conduits that don’t really like us much and, we also now know that many of those we’re arming are the very al Qaeda that Obama has been telling us are in decline.

But…bin Laden’s dead…Right?

Obama will tell us tonight that he ended the war in Iraq.

There IS a difference between ENDING a war and WINNING a war and he’ll tell us that he…ENDED the war in Iraq. How’s Iraq doing today? Not so good. They’re being overrun by extremists and most of them are coming in from…IRAN…Who we already established is now 4 years closer to a nuke.

A status of forces agreement in Iraq would have been the proper foreign policy but, Obama didn’t even TRY to negotiate one. Simply LEAVING was a POLITICAL and CAMPAIGN policy.

Clap hands…bin Laden’s dead.

How are we lookin’ over in North Korea?

Well…We accepted a simple promise that Lil’ Kim wouldn’t do any more missile testing which turned out to be as binding as the paper it was never written on.

But hey…bin Laden’s dead.

China…Well, China…Let’s see…

They’re still manipulating their currency…we HAVE borrowed more money from them…Obama had the Chinese president over for dinner and entertained him with an anti-American song and Obama hangs Mao ornaments on his holiday tree.

China is threatening Japan and their human rights record is still abysmal.

Bin Laden is dead…Can you hear me now?

Certainly we have some sort of positive foreign policy with our next door neighbors…Don’t we?

Obama allowed a Fast and Furious arming of Mexican drug cartels and we all know just how mild and meek Mexican drug cartel are. So far…more than 200 Mexican civilians and law enforcement officers have been killed by Fast and Furious weapons and…So have a couple of OUR agents.

But…bin Laden’s dead…bin Laden’s dead…

Well, we couldn’t POSSIBLY have pissed off Canada…Unless you take into account that we snubbed them on that Keystone XL Pipeline thing. Now, Canada is negotiating with China…we covered China…right? Negotiating with China for the Canadian oil that WOULD have flowed to Texas.

Spot on.

We got bin Laden though.

Speaking of oil…Gas prices are double what they were when Obama took office because we’re still WAY too dependent on oil from those who DON’T like us. OPEC toys with the price of a barrel every time a camel farts and Hugo Chavez, regardless of his endorsement of Obama, ain’t gonna cut us a break…is he?

Now…If WE drilled in places Obama and the tree hugging left doesn’t want us to drill and built a few refineries…and IF we had Sgt. Preston’s pipeline…Camel farts wouldn’t matter.

Economic policy? Energy policy? Yes but…ALSO Foreign policy because, if we are not over the OPEC barrel…We have more LEVERAGE when it comes to FOREIGN policy.

But…We buried bin Laden at sea because bin Laden’s dead, don’t ya know…

There is a chance that Obama will try to imply that Romney gaffed his way through is trip to England, Israel and Poland last summer but, for the life of me I can’t figure what Mitt did that would qualify as a gaff.

He asked the Brits about their readiness and security for the Olympics but, as a guy for whom the buck stopped on that very topic in 2002, those seem to be perfectly valid questions. In Israel, Mitt met with Prime Minister Netanyahu, went to the Western Wall and refused to answer political questions shouted at him as he left a solemn ceremony. Perhaps it was when Mitt referred to Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital that liberals feel was a gaff.

In Poland…Romney picked up the endorsement of Mr. Walesa and while Lech Walesa is no Chavez, Castro or Putin…It’s not a gaff.

Perhaps Mitt would have given a better account of himself had he given the Queen an iPod filled with his speeches, READ a toast half way through England’s National Anthem, been dismissive of Netahyahu and refused missile defense systems to Poland.

By the way Mr. Obama…Has your invite to the Prince’s wedding arrived yet???

Say…Did ya know we got bin Laden???

And Libya…

With al Qaeda on their collective heels, the lead from behind strategy a complete success, how could THAT go bad for Obama?

234 terrorist attacks in 16 months…48 of those in Benghazi…2 attempts on the life of the British Ambassador, 2 bombings of OUR Consulate in Benghazi…Repeated attempts by security personnel for strengthened security there were denied…al Qaeda flags flying over government buildings…The British pulled out of Benghazi and so too did the Red Cross…And all of that leading up TO the anniversary of 9-11…What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

People died and Obama lied…THAT’S what.

Yep…Tonight is the final debate…Foreign Policy…How can Obama POSSIBLY defend his 4 years of foreign policy disasters???

Hey, hey, HEY…bin Laden’s dead…You GOT that???

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  1. Obama and Muslim Brotherhood

    These are the people Obama and the State dept., wants you to embrace. New FJP leader in Egypt calls for Sharia law By JPOST.COM STAFF Saad al-Katatni elected head of Muslim Brotherhood’s Sharia law…

    An another anti Semite action President Obama appoints another Islamic terrorist supporter.
    President Barack Obama has appointed the Muslim Public Affairs Council Director (Salam Al Marayati), who claimed Israel did the 9/11 terrorist attacks,and not the groups that he supports to represent the United States at a human rights conference in Warsaw.
    Al Marayati…See More — with Tzvi Fishman, Allan Richter, Yamile Love and 44 others.

    9/7/12 Obama has the America Military doing a Military exercise with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Israel enemy. So whose side is he on?

    Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the US government.

    FBI, Justice Department and Homeland Security purged of all Agents that believe the “Muslim Brotherhood” to be dangerous.

    Muslim Brotherhood White House Staff:
    Rashad Hussain, Huma Abedin, Daliah Mogahed, Kifa Mustapha, Momamed Elibiary, and Mohamed Magid.

    See Part 8: Team Obama & the Islamists | The Muslim Brotherhood in America (this goes to lecture 9, so go back to 8)

    Part 8: Team Obama & the Islamists The Obama administration has greatly exacerbated the penetration of the U.S. government achieved during the George W. Bush administration. This part of the course will concentrate on illustrative examples of Muslim Brotherhood-associated individuals who have bee…
    Contact your representative in congress and demand an investigation and Vote!

    Frank Gaffney is the Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.

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  4. All because of: America took GOD out of schools; took discipline out of our schools; took appropriate dressing out of our schools; accepted those bullying in schools by a talking to only and all while some took their own life because of it; added GOV abortion programs; schools passed out condoms to (encourage) students to have sex (?) assuming we did not know it was wrong to begin with (Godless Community); opened our borders; changed our Constitution; President working on his own without Congress and White House; our enemies invited to the White House, etc.

    Obama, so many things, so little time! We cannot take over America without downsizing it first.

    Is Obama the Anti-Christ we are to expect in the Bible?

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