Putting it All on theTable

We are now a week and a day from the election.

What does Obama have left?


He’s running on empty.

The choice could not be more clear.

Mitt Romney is a man of character.

Obama, a man who’s only campaign rhetoric now is character assassination. Last week, his Chicago thugs recruited Gloria Allred to try and embroil Romney is something related to his testimony in a decade old divorce and child custody case.

A judge look at the “evidence” and told Allred to pound sand.

Mitt Romney has an economic plan to grow the national economy, cut taxes without cutting revenue, put us on a path toward energy independence, focus education on students, teachers and schools instead of the teacher’s unions, create jobs by allowing private industry to flourish and crack down on trading partners who gip the system by manipulating their currency.

Obama has the exact same plan he had 4 years ago which has doubled the deficit and added 6 trillion bucks to the debt, seen 23 million people still looking for work, increased welfare and food stamps to historic levels and led to the most anemic GDP in history.

Mitt Romney understands that peace must be gained through strength, that we must stand with our allies and against our enemies and adversaries, that there can be no daylight between our great nation and the great nation of Israel and that terrorism IS terrorism and we must stay on the offensive against it.

Obama thinks a foreign policy of appeasement and apology combined with his own personal arrogance is the right path.

Mitt Romney has spent 25 years in the private sector growing and managing businesses.

Obama has never run a lemonade stand.

Mitt Romney has made businesses successful, and himself successful, by creating and adhering to budgets.

Obama has never received a single vote, not even from his own party, on a budget proposal.

Imagine what would have happened to the Olympics in 2002 had Mitt Romney spent 2 years blaming others for the problems.

Obama has spent 4 years blaming George W. Bush, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the United States itself for everything from the state of the economy to the state of the world.

When Mitt Romney took over the Olympics, they were so full of graft and corruption and so under water with budget over runs that people said nobody but NOBODY could right the ship.

At the liberal convention this year, Bill Clinton defended Obama’s failures by saying that NO president could have fixed it in 4 years.

Mitt Romney rose above the doubters and DID fix the Olympics and turned that ship around.

Other presidents HAVE fixed economic messes, worse that the one Obama inherited and they, Reagan and JFK, did it in 4 years.

Mitt Romney CAN defend HIS record as Governor.

Obama CAN’T defend HIS record as president.

Mitt Romney worked across the political as Governor.

Obama has widened the political divide as president.

Mitt Romney has a running mate, Paul Ryan, who has authored the only 2 budgets to pass either the house or the senate in the past 4 years and Ryan has also worked across the aisle.

Obama has Joe Biden…A guy who can’t get out of his own way.

Obama and his campaign have called Romney’s trip overseas last summer a gaff fest because he questioned British preparedness for Olympic security and refused to answer questions shouted at him in Israel at a solemn ceremony.

Romney never gave the Queen of England an iPod full of his own speeches, never removed the bust of Churchill from the Oval Office, never gave a toast over the playing of England’s national anthem, never told Netanyahu to return to pre-1967 borders and trust me on this…Romney WILL, in his first term, travel TO Israel.

Mitt Romney will not apologize for American exceptionalism.

Obama has.

Mitt Romney won’t bow to foreign leaders.

Obama has.

Mitt Romney will not weaken our military.

Obama is set to do that very thing.

Mitt Romney wants to lower everybody’s taxes.

Obama wants to raise taxes…On everybody. In fact, he already has. Obama care is the nation’s largest single tax bill in history and it contains 21 new taxes…12 of which are levied directly against the middle class.

Mitt Romney thinks that the government belongs to the people.

Obama thinks that the people belong to the government.

Mitt Romney knows that government regulations are stifling businesses.

Obama has put more regulations in place in 4 years than any other president.

Mitt Romney knows that less government intrusion and growing the economy through small businesses is the answer.

Obama believes more government control and government spending is the economic answer.

Mitt Romney will invest in energy research. Research produces results.

Obama has invested in individual green energy businesses that have gone bankrupt with OUR money in their pockets.

The list of such comparisons between the 2 choices is nearly endless.

I understand that in many cases, the economy, foreign relations and such, are hard for people to grasp. It’s not that people aren’t smart enough is just that numbers like 16 trillion and situations involving the complex and contentious dealings between governments, cultures, ideologies and hate born of centuries of abhorrent behavior and mentalities stuck in the 7th century are simply put, overwhelming.

We need a leader who is NOT overwhelmed by it. A leader who is willing to meet the challenges before us. We need a leader who will show strength rather than weakness, resolve rather than retreat.

We need a leader who knows that economic strength at home will create diplomatic strength abroad.

We need a leader who knows that leadership is done from the front and that leading from behind is following.

We need a leader who knows that if American doesn’t lead, others who seek our destruction, will.

The problems are large and the issues run deep…So large and so deep that they seem overwhelming to most who are just trying to get through another day, feed their families, find a job and make the next house payment.

Those are the issues on which voters will ultimately decide.

Are those the issues of people too short sighted to see the bigger picture?

Not at all.

If the issues that affect your bottom line, your family, your home, your income and your ability to make it week by week, month to month are solved, it means the overwhelming issues of 16 trillion dollar debts and leadership on the world’s stage are also being solved.

Perhaps the greatest difference, the most direct comparison which can be made between the 2 choices, the one which puts it all…the overwhelming and the kitchen table full of bills to pay in perspective is this:

Obama wants fewer rich people.

Mitt Romney wants fewer poor people.

We are now a week and a day from the election and it’s time to put it all on the table.

3 thoughts on “Putting it All on theTable

  1. Patriot –

    Excellent comparisons! Spot on!

    How anyone in their right mind could vote for Obama is beyond me! Yet, at the same time, I realize the truth of the old adage:

    “There is a sucker born every minute.”

  2. This should be brodcasted on tv news all the news so people that are trying to put meat on the table are to tired to follow al the lies that oboma put out there and they to tired to know who to vote for,Send this to Rommey campain headqurters to put on tv.NOW be for it to late,Pepole just don’t understand,If thing don’t change and chang fast it will be to late,For us all first religion nex the flage, the consatuion has all ready been brooken,And now the2;amenden is being attack now and every year then we can’t defend our self against corup goverment.WE are allow to owne anny weppon we wan’t from a cannon to high power guns but if the goverment can put what they wan’t in to the seconned amnment we can’t fite against corup goverment.witch been going on be for the mofia,they wan’t a pice of the pie to big pice of the pie.THINK OF IT.WHO REALY RUNS THE USA THE PEPOLE OR WHO RUNS THE PEPOLE.VOTE AND VOTE RIGHT.AND I WONT VOTE FOR OBOMA.SYDMC

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