Obama Voters and Libya – Here’s the Question…

According to Fox News, the ONLY news source covering the Benghazi attack as it SHOULD be covered, Lt. Col. Tony Schafer’s contacts have told him something, disturbing.

VERY disturbing.

From Ltc. Schafer, via his contacts…Obama was IN the White House Situation Room…WATCHING…In REAL-TIME…as the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi took place.


THIS may well be one of THE most important statements regarding Benghazi we have heard to date…

Ltc. Schafer: “I hate to say this, according to my sources, yes, (Obama)was one of those in the White House situation room in real-time watching this. And the question becomes, ‘What did the President do or not do in the moments he saw this unveiling?’ He — only he — could issue a directive to Secretary of Defense Panetta to do something.”

Let that sink in for a moment.

“He — only he — could issue a directive to Secretary of Defense Panetta to do something.”

You do, of course realize what the other side of that coin is…

HE (Obama) –ONLY he – Could issue a directive to Secretary of State Panetta…TO DO NOTHING!!!

For comparison, and it comes as close to a direct comparison as possible…While the terrorist attack was in progress on 9-11-2001…President George W. Bush issued an order to shoot down any civilian aircraft deemed a threat.

Now, think about that.

Had it come to that…Had a civilian airliner been shot down on the order of George W. Bush…it may well have saved countless lives but…What would it have done to his POLITICAL career? There is every chance that Bush would have had to resign. The political fallout of that order would have been devastating.

But, given what had transpired in New York and at the Pentagon, it was the only correct order he could have given.

Imaging giving that order, knowing well the full weight of it and giving it despite the fact that had it been carried out it would have ended his presidency.

THAT is leadership.

Obama, on the other hand, issued these orders as a terrorist attack was in progress:



THAT was the order to Navy Seal Tyrone Woods.


It’s not hard to imagine, Obama…Like a shrinking violet, crouching in a chair in the tight confines of the situation room. Sitting low, like someone trying to look invisible. Watching a screen with night-vision images on it.

We’ve seen him in that very position before.

May 1st 2011.

Obama watched as Navy Seals entered the compound in Abbaottabad and ended the life of bin Laden.

Hillary, with her hand over her mouth to hide her shock and Obama, not at all looking like a leader…More like a person forced to watch something that went so against his ideology, so against his nature, so abhorrent that he just didn’t want to be there at all.

He looked small…self-absorbed, worried about what the world would think…of him.

Now, we have the word of a Lt. Col. That once again, watching what had to be night-vision, Obama was again viewing, in real-time, another attack.

This time WE were under attack. OUR people were being attacked by terrorists. OUR people were dying. OUR Ambassador was missing.

OUR people were calling for help, emailing their distress…TO THE WHITE HOUSE SITUATION ROOM.

To Obama.

½ mile away from that Benghazi Consulate was the safe…The “safe” annex and in that annex was Navy Seal Tyrone Woods.

Woods wanted to go TO the Consulate. HE wanted to do what he was trained to do.




Twice he asked permission twice he was denied.

He went anyway but…he didn’t drive the half mile.

Navy Seal Tyrone Woods, we now know…Took with him a small band of brave men and they…WALKED to the Consulate.

They WALKED…You understand what that means don’t you? They walked, in the dark of night, through the most dangerous streets in the world. They came under fire we now understand from a survivor of the attacks. They, Woods and his charges, couldn’t take the direct route, on no…They had to work their way there the long way to avoid as much danger as possible.

They got in…apparently while Obama watched and, they retrieved the body of Sean Smith, gathered as many of the living as they could find and then…THEN…

They walked back to the annex…Dodging fire…taking a longer route, back to that annex…CARRYING the body of Sean Smith…WHILE OBAMA WATCHED!!!

Then, later, that annex came under fire and joined by Navy Seal Doherty, Woods took to the roof with a machine gun and a laser…pointing out the enemy position to gunships that would never come.

Given what we already know about the events that killed 4 Americans in Benghazi and given the fact that we learn more of Obama’s despicable behavior every day, a question for those planning to vote FOR Obama presents itself.

Instead of an Ambassador, a State Department official and 2 Navy Seals in Benghazi Libya…What if it was YOU…and YOUR family in YOUR neighborhood right here at home?

Do you think it couldn’t happen here?

What happened in Benghazi, a terrorist attack on 9-11-12 DID happen here on 9-11-01.

Remember…Obama, via Fast and Furious, armed Mexican drug cartels with thousands of our weapons and right now, we don’t know where most of those weapons are.

Obama armed the Libyan rebels too. We didn’t know who they were and now, some 20,000 of the heavy weapons we gave those rebels are unaccounted for.

4 Americans died in Libya.

At least 1 American, Brian Terry, possible more have already died as a result of Fast and Furious.

Obama exerted Executive Privilege over Fast and Furious to keep it all under wraps.

TERRORISTS…Hezbollah…have been found by Mexican authorities just south of our border.

By plain dumb luck, the underwear bomber and the Times Square bomber failed.

Do you really think your Obama vote protects YOU?

Seals Woods and Doherty thought that the “Commander in Chief” would protect them.

Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith certainly thought somebody would have THEIR backs.

Obama didn’t have their backs and when Navy Seal Woods sought permission to help…Obama told him NO.

So…What IF it was YOU? Obama got YOUR back? You think YOU’RE SPECIAL??? More special than our Seals? More special than our Ambassador?

Let me tell YOU something.

If Obama could sit there and watch the Benghazi attack, live and in real-time…AND NOT ONLY DO NOTHING BUT…ISSUE THE ORDERS FOR OTHERS TO DO NOTHING to help…do you think it would be any different if it was YOU???

Obama watched it happen.

He gave the order to do nothing 3 times.

And the next day…Obama went to Las Vegas for a fund raising party because getting reelected was more important, far more important, than a terrorist attack that took 4 American lives.

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  1. Let us hope the only help this President needs is to remove his belongings from the People’s House. I for one, will gladly assist him in leaving the premises.

  2. What do you think is going to happen when the US finds out he (Obama) ordered those attacks? I have read several sources that this was a possibility.

  3. Your point of what Obama could have done (or not done) by denying the Secretary of Defense to do something is well made.

    Obama has never supported any American presence in the Islamic world and so the burning of the American Consulate and death of 4 American diplomats is not really significent to someone like Obama. Playing golf is probably more important to him and the death of Americans.

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