Obama Betting on What the Left of Sniffing

Have you ever had a friend go to Las Vegas and you give them some money to bet?

Here’s 20…bet on red.

Here’s 50…Roll the dice and we’ll split it if ya win.

The whole idea is that you would never give your friend more than you could afford to lose. If ya lose…Ya lose.

If ya WIN…Ya split it and go out for a drink.

In a one horse race…Barack Hussein Obama would bet on a bottle of glue.

That would be okay if he was betting his own money but, when Obama bets…He bets YOUR money.

What’s even worse is…It’s more than you can afford to lose.

We can now add Compact Power to the ever growing list of Obama’s bottles of glue.

Compact Power is the factory in Michigan that, 2 years ago, Obama himself proudly broke ground for. Compact Power, he told us, would create hundreds of jobs and crank out thousands upon thousands of batteries every year.

“You are leading the way in showing how manufacturing jobs are coming right back here to the United States of America. Our goal has never been to create a government program, but rather to unleash private-sector growth. And we’re seeing results.”

That’s what Obama said at the ground breaking.

“We’re Seeing Results???”


HERE are the results.

Obama gambled $150 MILLION dollars of YOUR money. Holland Michigan provided $50 million dollars in property tax breaks over 15 years and another 2.5 million dollars in business tax breaks EVERY year.

Compact Power was to produce 15,000 batteries every year for the Chevy Volt and some for the Ford Electric Focus.

So far…Only 200 people were hired.




Well…Because demand for the lithium ion cell batteries is lower than liberal optimism after Obama’s debate performance last week…That’s why.

Chevy Volt assembly lines have been temporarily shut down because the rolling toasters aren’t selling and that means that businesses that provide supplies and parts are also on the ropes.

Unleashing private sector growth indeed.

While Barack Hussein Obama rants, raves and froths at the mouth over Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital…Obama himself has been acting as a venture capitalist, investing OUR tax money and getting zip, zilch, ZERO as a return on investment!!!

Meanwhile…Back in REALITY…

There IS a demand for coal and other fossil fuels.


Because they WORK…That’s why.

Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal/socialist environmental zealots have been making coal the villain in the energy world and the coal industry has been losing jobs at a stunning pace.

As regulation shove coal prices higher and higher, more and more coal fired power plants are going off line. Between 2009 and 2012…more than half of America’s coal power plants have gone off line.

But, remember…That was the plan all along.

Ask Amanda Sedgmer. She is the mother of 5 and wife of an Ohio coal miner.

“If you ask anybody in the coal industry what would happen if Obama is re-elected, they’d say the coal industry is done.”

Ohio, by the way, is a coal state and a swing state in this election and Amanda Sedgmer’s town of Hopedale may change forever is Obama has HIS way.

The Bad News is NOT Limited to Wasted Money.

Chris Cherry is an assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering, and graduate student Shuguang Ji in China where electric vehicles outnumber traditional gas powered vehicles 2 to 1.

His study shows clearly that, the electricity used to recharge those vehicles is produced by fossil fuel power plants and THOSE plants pump more pollutants into the air than do fossil fuel burning vehicles!!!

According to Doc. Cherry: “The study emphasizes that electric vehicles are attractive if they are powered by a clean energy source. In China and elsewhere, it is important to focus on deploying electric vehicles in cities with cleaner electricity generation and focusing on improving emissions controls in higher polluting power sectors.”

Ummm…not so fast there Scooter…

The answer isn’t to shut down coal fired plants and produce electricity from wind of solar to solve the problem regardless of what the Venture Capitalist in Chief would like you to believe.

In a separate study published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology…Factories that make electric cars produce more pollution than do factories that produce traditional gas powered cars.


Not only THAT but…The batteries and electric motors in greenie weenie cars are made of nickel, copper and aluminum, and those things are toxic.

Here’s the Bottom Line.

If green is to become the energy of the future, it will be at the hands of private enterprise and not government forced “investment” backed by oppressive jobs killing regulations.

We can become energy independent AND create more jobs by utilizing the energy we currently have UNDERGROUND and at the same time…According to mounting studies…Be more protective of the air, ground and water by burning fossil fuels rather than fairy dust.

Maybe the frickin’ anti fracking celebrity Obama ass kissers should read these studies if they’re really all about the environment. They’d be more credible shilling for shale than driving as far as their extension cords will allow.

As it is now, they’re just sniffing the glue Obama is betting on with OUR money.