Libya: Another Deadly Gamble

Glaring. Transparent. Arrogant.


The decisions being made by the Obama Campaign Administration led to the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya. Directly.

The narrative on Libya, from the Obama Campaign Administration, since the last weeks of Gaddafi has been…We led from behind. Gaddafi is no longer a threat to his people or his country because, we led from behind. The Arab Spring has taken hold in Libya because, we led from behind. The people of Libya are now, for the first time in decades, free. Libya is safer now because Gaddafi is gone. We will help Libya become democratized. Libya can be considered a success because of the Obama policies.

As the Obama Campaign Administration claimed victor in Libya due to the Obama Doctrine and leading from behind, it fit nicely into the narrative that Obama is a foreign policy genius and that he’s tough on terrorism. In other words, the places where Obama has blessed with his genius are now safer than ever before.

What we KNEW to be true in Libya was this: The black flag of al Qaeda was flying over the courthouse in Benghazi the day after Gaddafi was laid out in the refrigerator section of a grocery market.

What we didn’t know until Ambassador Stevens was murdered in Benghazi was the fact that Libya was SO safe…Stevens had to sneak into the country on a cargo ship. The fact that Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, told us this means that SHE knew Libya was NOT a safe place for our Ambassador from day one.

That’s not the way you send an Ambassador into a safe country and it’s something an Administration wants to keep quiet if they are projecting that their policies have made Libya safe. It’s better for the CAMPAIGN if people are led to believe it’s safe.

In places like the Bahamas and Vienna, our embassies are fortified buildings. They are up to code for our Embassies and Consulates. They have bullet proof windows, blast resistant doors and reinforced walls. Their perimeters are secured and set a specific minimum distance from roads, streets and other buildings.

Our Embassies and Consulates in places where Champagne or Rum drinks will little umbrellas are sipped are protected by United States Marines.

Libya was a vastly different situation. The Embassy and the Consulate were NOT up to those codes. There was no bullet proof glass. No reinforced walls and the doors could have been breached with a swift kick. The only “security” in place at the Benghazi Consulate was a few video cameras.

There were no United States Marines guarding our Missions in Libya.

To have upgraded the security by adding bullet proof glass, blast doors and reinforced walls would have drawn attention and would have pointed to the fact that Libya was NOT a safe place and…THAT would have gone AGAINST the narrative which was being employed by the CAMPAIGN.

Over 16 months leading to the attack which killed 4 Americans in Libya, those placed in charge of security for our personnel there had requested, time and time again, MORE personnel for THEIR security details.

They were denied by the State Department.

Remember that the Secretary of State PERSONALLY knew that Libya was SO dangerous that our Ambassador had to sneak into the country on a cargo ship.

In those 16 months, 234 terrorist attacks had taken place in Libya and 48 of those, in Benghazi. There are been 2 attempts on the life of the British Ambassador. There had been 2 bombings at OUR Consulate in Benghazi. The Red Cross in Benghazi had been attacked. EVERY diplomatic or humanitarian post in Benghazi EXCEPT OURS had pulled OUT of Benghazi.

Rather that INCREASE security as those in charge OF security IN Libya were requesting, the State Department DECREASE security personnel there.

Given the fact that the Secretary of State KNEW how dangerous a place Libya was…are we now to believe that Hillary Clinton WASN’T aware of the numerous requests for added security? Are we to now believe she DIDN’T know that our Missions there were NOT up to code?

Are we to believe that her BOSS didn’t know?

We DO know that Obama only attended about 45% of his daily intell briefings but, we’re told he READ the rest of them. Was this information NOT contained in those briefings? Is THAT what we’re now being told to believe?

We now KNOW that the woman in charge of maintaining security and responding directly to our diplomatic security people in the field was sitting in her office in Washington WATCHING in real time via video feed as the Benghazi attack took place.

Are we now being told to believe that SHE, Charlene Lamb, had NO IDEA this was a terrorist attack? Are we to believe that SHE did not contact HER boss, Hillary Clinton IMMEDIATELY to inform HER what was taking place?

Are we to believe now, that HILLARY didn’t contact HER boss, OBAMA???

Charlene Lamb, Ambassador Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama ALL had to know…WITHIN MINUTES…That this was not some simple “protest” which had gotten out of hand.

All of this was destroying the Obama CAMPAIGN Administration’s narrative that Libya was successfully safe BECAUSE of Obama’s policies and…THERE WAS AN ELECTION IN LESS THAN 60 DAYS!!!

They needed a cover story. Something that would remove THEM from responsibility.

Something OTHER than the facts.

The al Qaeda flag at the Benghazi courthouse. The missing 20,000 shoulder fired missiles and RPG’s that we sent to rebels we didn’t know or understand. The attempts on the British Ambassador’s life, The 234 terrorist attacks in Libya. The attacks against OUR Consulate. The attacks against humanitarian posts. The threats against Ambassador Stevens’ life. The lax and nonexistent adherence to building codes. The denied requests for MORE security and the actual DECREASE in security.

For the sake of the CAMPAIGN…Cover it up.

I suspect that the initial, “Blame it on a You Tube Video” directive came from the CAMPAIGN and was presented to a desperate Obama. I suspect Obama ran with it as he knew he needed cover FAST in a 24/7 news cycle. I suspect Obama decreed the “Blame it on a You Tube video” excuse TO Hillary who then passed it along TO Ambassador Susan Rice who was sent out to the Sunday shows with talking points.

I suspect that those same talking points were also given to Jay Carney to feed to the press.

Obama and Hillary delivered those talking points while standing in front of the caskets of the 4 who were taken in whet Obama and Hillary knew FULL WELL was a terrorist attack.

Obama himself delivered the “Blame it on a You Tube video” cover up talking points to the U.N. some 2 weeks later.

What Obama referred to as a “Rough Day” and “Bumps in the road” was in fact the LAST day for Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

To protect a campaign narrative, those in the beltway sent diplomats into harm’s way.

Obama gambled on Fast and Furious and Agents Zapatta and Terry lost…Their lives…Along with hundreds of civilians.

Obama gambled when he leaked that Seal Team 6 took out bin Laden and 22 Nave Seals lost…Their lives…When terrorists shot down their helicopter in Afghanistan 2 months later.

Obama has gambled by arming those we train for security in Afghanistan and leaving OUR people UNARMED and so far this year…53 NATO forces…Including Americans have lost…THEIR lives.

Obama gambled that nothing bad would take place in Libya until AFTER the election and 4 Americans lost…THEIR lives.

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