Dropping the Question of Mass Destruction

As we speed toward the November 6th election and even faster toward the next presidential debate, I believe there is but a single question which Mitt Romney could pose that would virtually bring the Obama campaign, not to mention his Canadian made bus…To a screeching halt.

Romney would need to preface the single simple question with a statement and that could be done either in his next opening or closing statement. I would suggest that should Romney win the coin toss he should choose to go first.

Now before I reveal that statement and simple question, we should take a quick look back at the last 4 years.

During Obama’s time in office, he has yet to pass a budget and even though his party controlled both the house and the senate for the 1st two years, Obama has steadfastly blamed republicans for the lack of a budget.

When it comes to the deficit, we have racked up more than a trillion dollars per year during the Obama administration and, Obama has blamed republicans for that too. Well…Republicans and George W. Bush.

During Obama’s 4 years in office, our National Debt has increased by more than 5 trillion dollars. Who’s to blame? George W. Bush because, as Obama has blathered over and over again…Things were worse than he thought when he took office.

For the first time in our history, our credit rating has been downgraded…twice…so who might be held to blame by the Obama team?


George W. Bush…Republicans…Republicans…George W. Bush and on and on it goes.


Fast and Furious. Who has Obama blamed for Fast and Furious?

He says it started under…George W. Bush.

It didn’t but that’s the claim by Obama. Obama said HE didn’t know anything about Fast and Furious and THEN…He cloaked it with Executive Privilege.

Libya? Who’s fault is Libya?

Well…Let’s see…What day is it???

First it was a You Tube Movie…Then it was terrorism…Then it was the fault of the Intell people…The FBI was engaged in an ongoing investigation for 3 weeks when they weren’t even within a couple hundred miles of the scene of the attack.


During the debt ceiling debates…Obama was blaming “Tea Party Terrorists!!!”

Now then…I’m getting to that question, believe me but before I do…there’s a little something else we need to reflect upon.

Obama told us that HIS would be THE most transparent administration in history didn’t he?

He told us that the Obamacare discussions would be on CSPAN didn’t he?

He told us that every bill would be shown to the American people for 3-5 days before he signed it didn’t he?

Obama said he would NOT govern by Executive Order…Didn’t he?

Remember all of that? Of course you do.

Okay…Here is the opening or closing statement Mitt Romney can make, including the simple question, that will grind Obama to a halt.

“My name is Mitt Romney and I’m running for President.

My opponent, the current president, promised you the most transparent administration in history.

I will DELIVER such an administration.

My opponent, our current president, promised that t you would have the opportunity to read bills before he signed them.

I will SEE to it that you have that opportunity AND, I’ll insist that congress read every bill, in its entirety, before they send it to my desk. Should you entrust me with the highest office, I will NEVER sign a bill just so that YOU can then see what’s in it.

Should you decide on November 6th, that I will be the president of the United States, I will begin my job, as your employee, and get to work. We don’t have time to place blame on others for the situation we’re in. I will take what I’m given and WE…You…Me…My administration…Congress…WE will begin to make things better.

No longer will this great nation work without a budget. To do so is actually against the law and, it’s immoral to ask you to tighten YOUR belts when government is on a spending spree.

And it’s not just on domestic issues either.

The world is a complicated and dangerous place from our next door neighbors to lands half a world away.

In my administration, we will do everything necessary to protect Americans and American interests in foreign lands from the type of terrorist attacks we witnessed in the last month. Our enemies will not stop trying to kill us and we can NOT afford to let our guard down again.

Should such an attack occur on my watch, I will not send a law enforcement agency and have them wait for weeks to get to the scene of the attack. I will send our military and I will send them immediately and we WILL get to the bottom of it quickly and decisively.

The bottom line is this:

If you elect ME to be YOUR servant…the buck will ALWAYS stop on MY desk.

With that, I would ask my opponent…

From the deficit to the national debt, from Fast and Furious to Benghazi…From our national credit rating to our policies in theaters of war…Sir…over the 4 years of YOUR time in office…With whom has the buck stopped?”

Imagine if you will…THAT question, prefaced with THAT statement…Being asked BY Mitt Romney TO Barack Hussein Obama at the next debate on LIVE television before 60 MILLION Americans.

How on earth would he answer that question?

If he says the buck has always stopped with HIM…He would be admitting the mess we’re in now is HIS fault…AND he’d be admitting that his “blame Bush” strategy has been a red herring.

If he says something like, “It’s not that simple…” he would be admitting that he’s NOT a leader.

If he tries to ignore the question…Oh my…

I’m telling you…Obama would be wiped out if Romney dropped the question of mass destruction.

8 thoughts on “Dropping the Question of Mass Destruction

  1. I would love to see the look on his face! And his answer: AWWWW, UMMMMM.

  2. Craig………..I’m with Lori and Kathleen……..GET THIS TO ROMNEY CAMP ASAP……….Gonna try to help you…..friends with his lovely wife, Ann. Sending copy to her.

    Still waiting for you to get back to me…..valli herrington saucer at http://www.facebook.com/groups/stopbho died. She asked me to take her place and contact you asap. Please contact me asap so I can explain more. Thanks, Amber Ann Wright

  3. Great read!! You def need to send this to the Romney campaign.. Would LOVE to see him say this. I believe all of this needs to be brought out. This will prove how incompetent bho is!!

  4. Ok, Romney should ask Obama the question, “Where does the buck stop?” I suspect that Obama will answer, “I don’t look at anything under a trillion dollars.”
    Truly, Linda Lee Grau

  5. I think this is great & I also think it would work…
    Thank you for this..
    We need BHO out & Romney in, Barack is heading us to mass destruction/Sharia Law, etc…
    Obama needs to pack his bags today,and stand down & resign.
    Impeach Barack Hussein Obama… for tyranny ..!!!

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