Debate 1 – Here We Go!!!

Domestic Policy.

That’s the topic of tonight’s first debate between the contenders for the presidency.

Domestic Policy.

Obama will be spinning faster than the centrifuges in Iran. He’s tried NOT to talk about Domestic Policy as the economy continues to drag itself along, barely alive.

For weeks. If not months, Obama has preferred to talk about his FOREIGN policy because…he felt that was a much shinier ball than his domestic policy.

That all changed 3 weeks ago.


Now he’s pulled the cover-up covers up over his head.

4 Americans dead. A terrorist attack. Failed attempts to divert, as liberals are want to do, the attention to a stupid You Tube Video.

He dodged and ducked, did the View and Letterman…spoke at the U.N. and ran away from even having lunch there not to mention his snubbing of Netanyahu.

He hung with Beyonce and Jay-Z…did a radio show…Pimp with a Limp…The morning after the terrorist attack, he flew to Vegas for a fund raiser.

The foreign policy ain’t got that sparkle anymore does it?

So…Domestic Policy…

There are more people leaving the workforce than getting jobs.

Moving in the right direction?

The GDP numbers are shrinking.

Moving in the right direction.

More people on food stamps than ever before. Green energy companies failing everywhere. Another solar panel company gets millions of our taxpayer dollars. Gas prices double what they were 4 years ago.


There’s 21 new taxes in Obamacare that will hit…everybody including the middle class and Obamacare is failing in the polls, for good reason. It’s costing people a fortune. Doctors don’t like it either.

Moving in the right direction?

Well…At least we still have good credit.


Taxmageddon is coming too.

Let’s see…Obama has promised defense contractors that WE…the TAXPAYERS…will pick up the bill if they’re fined for breaking an Obama law by NOT telling their workers of impending layoffs by the 60 day deadline.


Okay…At least Obama’s budgets are starting to shrink the deficit…right?

Ummm…He hasn’t passed a budget since he’s been in office and he’s added $6 trillion dollars to the debt.

Moving in the right direction?

The Simulus. THAT worked…didn’t it?

Well…Not so much. Unemployment wasn’t supposed to go above 8% if we let him spend $800 BILLION dollars and…oops…We’ve had more consecutive months of unemployment ABOVE 8% under Obama that we had from the last 11 presidents…COMBINED!!!

Well…Mitt Romney would have let the auto industry go into bankruptcy but…Obama SAVED it…GM IS ALIVE!!!


Government Motors is still 26% owned by the American taxpayer…to break even, GM stocks would need to sell for $53.00 and right now…they’re selling for…$20.00. That’s not good and we the taxpayers own…500,000,000 shares.

Government Motors is losing market share and their supposedly terrific Chevy Volt is having its production lines shut down…temporarily…because they’re not selling.

The truth is…in the next year or so…Government Motors will either…go bankrupt or…Need another taxpayer funded bailout.


Ooooookay….Well…There’s the Middle Class. Obama’s all about the Middle Class!!!!

He’s gonna say that Mitt Romney wants to raise taxes on the Middle Class.

Yeah, ummm…here’s the deal…Yesterday, Joe Biden stated, “This is deadly earnest. How they can justify — how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that’s been buried the last four years??”

3 points:

1)      Obamacare

2)      Taxmageddon

3)      Guess who’s been holding the shovel for the last 4 years.


Whoa…not so fast there Skippy.

We now know those numbers were doctored. Border stations have been closed. Despite Janet Napoltiano’s claims, the border is NOT safer than it’s ever been. There’s Fast and Furious…AND…Another border agent was just shot and killed by drug runners 48 hours ago…8 MILES ON OUR SIDE OF THE BORDER!!!

The official order to border agents…Domestic Policy, if you will…Is for our agents to run away and hide if bullets start flying.

Then, of course, there’s the Domestic policy concerning the Dream Act…Which he said himself he couldn’t enact on his own because laws and the Constitution prevented him from doing so…Before he enacted it on his own.

To make a gross understatement, Obama;s Domestic Policy has not been warm and fuzzy for Americans.

What Mitt Romney needs to do is to NOT try and win the election in tonight’s debate.

Romney needs to explain HIS ideas and HIS plans. He needs to provide enough details to the viewing audience to show that under a Romney presidency, he can start to turn things around.

He needs to tout his record as Governor. How he balanced his budget and brought down his state’s unemployment.

He needs to explain how HE would get America back on the right track.

Romney knows that we can’t tax our way to prosperity and we can’t cut our way there either.

Romney needs to explain how GROWING the economy through private enterprise IS the way to turn the situation around.

He will need to tell Americans how Bain SAVED businesses and CREATED jobs.

He will have to offer a solid explanation of his 47% comments on that video.

He’ll need to offer a workable solution to illegal immigration while standing, as conservatives do, in favor of LEGAL immigration.

Romney will need to be prepared to discuss his plans regarding Obamacare and Medicare as well.

Basically, what Mitt Romney needs to do is counter Obama’s wild spinning with facts and, whenever possible, use the most formidable tool in his tool box against Barack Hussein Obama…

Obama’s own words.

Quoting Obama at every opportunity…”I’d give myself an incomplete. “I’ll cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term.” “If I can’t get this done in 3 years, we’re lookin’ at a 1 term proposition.”

“Obamacare is not a tax.” Obamacare won’t cost the taxpayers one dime.”

“I can’t implement the Dream Act on my own. There are laws that keep me from doing that.”

There are a myriad of such quotes and Romney needs to have those at the ready.

Mitt Romney needs to be assertive without being overbearing…Presidential in demeanor…He must go on the offensive without BEING offensive and he needs to provide some specifics.

This is the 1st debate between the two contenders and Romney needs to convince viewers to tune in for the rest of the debates.

If Romney can do that, tonight, he wins tonight’s debate and if he wins tonight…the gap starts closing because independents and undecided voters will start leaning his way.

3 thoughts on “Debate 1 – Here We Go!!!

  1. LOL…if we go any futher “foward” we may end up MUCH worse than we were….oh…wait a minute!

    (or as you so eloquently stated, “not so fast, Skippy!”)

  2. I’m just a wife/mother/grandma in Canada who has studied this Imposter out for 4 years – I WOULD TAKE HIM ON IN A DEBATE IN A NY SECOND & SPARE NOTHING – HE WOULD BE SORRY HE EVER MET ME!!!!! ASK MY KIDS THEY WILL TELL YOU I PLAY TO WIN!!!! AND I ALWAYS WIN – WITH GOD’S HELP!!!

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