A Crisis to Cover the Cover-up of a Crisis

Enough already.


As the mega-storm approached, Obama released images of himself sitting in the white house situation room trying to look…”presidential.”

He’s trying to replace the idea that he sat there on 9-11-12 and ordered those who wanted to save lives in Benghazi to stand down.

It’s pathetic and pathetically transparent.

Since September 11th, 2012, Obama has been avoiding the press corps like the plague.

Sure, he’s done interviews. 60 Minutes, Letterman, Leno, The View, Pimp With a Limp, Univision, some wad of nothing with a dead whatever it was on his head from MTV. You get the idea.

Friendly interviews…nothing tough please. Fluff. Meaningless pap.


He’s been in the final weeks of a failing campaign trying to get another 4 years for his failed policies.

If he really stood in front of the press corps, they’ll ask him something tough. Well, at least Ed Henry would but, can’t take THAT chance…Can he?


However, in the last 2 days, Obama HAS stood in front of the press.

I call BULLCRAP!!!

Obama is using hurricane Sandy to magically appear in front of the press knowing full well he won’t have to field a question on Benghazi.

It’s pathetic and pathetically transparent.

The Emperor is using the hurricane as cover to look “presidential” in front of the press while hiding from Benghazi in plain sight.

On Monday, as the storm approached, Obama hopped on the white house briefing room stage and told us THE most ASTOUNDING THING!!!

He told us all that hurricane Sandy was going to be a big storm. It was going to cause damage. It was going to take a long time to repair the damage and to do what area Governors and Mayors told you to do.

Well, thank GOD because had the EMPEROR not let us all in on THAT late breaking news…WHO KNOWS WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!

Yesterday, AFTER the hurricane…Obama AGAIN appeared and broke some MORE shocking news.

Hurricane Sandy HAD been a big storm. There WAS a bunch of damage. People HAD died. It IS going to take a long time to repair the damage. The storm ISN’T over because…IT’S MOVING…And of course…Do what area Governors and Mayors tell you to do.

Naturally, the EMPEROR’S breaking news reports were filled with more stammering, pauses and “um’s and “a’s” because he wasn’t using his teleprompters.


Emperor: Look, we’re dealing with a storm here and right now, that’s the priority. We have lots of…um…a… people hurting along the…a…um…East Coast. I’m not talking any…um…a…questions on…um…Libya…

Me: My question is about the hurricane.

Emperor Exalted from on High: Go a…um…ahead.

Me: Why in the HELL are you out here telling us crap we already know about this hurricane less than 24 hours after it hit but you haven’t come out to take questions on Benghazi in 50 days???


What was it that Rahm-a-Lama-Dingle Berry said?


This  appearing before the press thing has Chicago thug politics written all over it.

What he have here, Friends and Patriots…Is a CRISIS being used to provide COVER for the COVER-UP of a CRISIS.

And the combined liberal/socialist collective had a simultaneous screaming obamagasm.

The Obama Campaign Administration is trying to use Obama being presidential to prop up his job approval ratings which have been sagging more than a braless Whoopie Goldberg.

While sputtering at the Red Cross yesterday, the Emperor wrapped up his speech by stating: “This is a tough time for a lot of people. Millions of folks all across the eastern seaboard but…America’s tougher…we’re tougher because we pull together…We leave nobody behind…We make sure that we respond as a nation…and remind ourselves that whenever an American is in need…All of us stand together to make sure we’re providing the help that’s necessary.”

Oh no he didn’t…


“We leave nobody behind…We make sure that we respond as a nation…and remind ourselves that whenever an American is in need…All of us stand together to make sure we’re providing the help that’s necessary.”


His pot induced Highness, the Lyin’ King: Security…

Me: LOOK…OVER THERE…Isn’t that a Brazilian hooker???

Apparently, both Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette Commander of the Carrier Strike Group Three (CSG-3) currently located in the Middle East and ARFICOM General Carter Ham have been FIRED because, during the September 11th Benghazi terrorist attack…Neither wanted to…LEAVE AMERICANS BEHIND…THEY WANTED TO STAND TOGETHER AND PROVIDE THE HELP THAT WAS NECESSARY!!!

And for not wanting to “stand DOWN” both of these exceptional American Leaders were rounded UP and kicked OUT!!!

Bring up the Vegas Campaign Vacation on the day AFTER the attack in Benghazi or the FACT that 2 weeks POST attack the Emperor was blaming it all on some You Tube video…Talk about the cover-up and whoa Nelly…

The Appeaser indignantly claims he’s offended and liberal/socialists everywhere get angry and tell you that you’re just making stuff up.

These, of course, are the same people who, during the last 4 years of constant campaigning, said that Obamacare was NOT a tax, blamed Bush, the weather and earthquakes for the failing economy, called the Tea party racists, Astroturf, an angry mob, terrorists and insane…They said Mitt Romney was responsible for a woman’s death from cancer and called him a felon…They claim the republicans are obstructing congress while more than 30 bills passed BY republicans have been shelved by…democrats…They say conservatives are responsible for upcoming sequestration…And they blame America first.

Guess what?

The floors are already covered with crap you threw that wouldn’t stick to the walls.

Your cries of being offended and outrage are as sincere as a Chevy van art gallery selling limited edition, black velvet paintings of the Virgin Mary with the baby Elvis.

In sound byte after sound byte, Obama says he’s going to find those responsible and bring them to justice.


One of them was supposedly killed by who knows who in Egypt last week and right now, the Tunisians have one in custody.

A third, ABU KHATTALA, is thought to be one of the masterminds behind the 9-11 attack in Benghazi.

Find HIM? Bring HIM to justice?

Last week, ABU KHATTALA was spotted by the NYT and Fox News reporter Greg Palkot sitting at a sidewalk café…in Benghazi…sipping a strawberry frappe.

Apparently that’s what he does when he’s not planning a terrorist attack or sitting on his couch with his computer.

He just doesn’t seem to be that hard to find.

Today, the Emperor will take his campaign to New Jersey to survey the storm damage.



In his appearance at the white house briefing room and again at the Red Cross blather op, the Emperor used his and MSNB3Stooges “lean forward” slogan.

Let the gnashing of liberal/socialist teeth begin.

If he drops that thinly transparent campaign line again today, let’s hope Governor Christie tells him to take a long walk off a recently shortened pier.

3 thoughts on “A Crisis to Cover the Cover-up of a Crisis

  1. Date 10/31/2012 @ 5:11pm
    Issue federal
    To Click to view recipients…Congressman BoehnerCongressman IssaSenator CardinSenator CoburnSenator CornynSenator DurbinSenator FeingoldSenator FeinsteinSenator FrankenSenator GrahamSenator GrassleySenator HatchSenator KaufmanSenator KlobucharSenator KohlSenator KylSenator LeahySenator SchumerSenator SessionsSenator SpecterSenator WhitehouseSenator BayhSenator BondSenator BurrSenator ChamblissSenator CoburnSenator FeingoldSenator FeinsteinSenator HatchSenator MikulskiSenator NelsonSenator RischSenator RockefellerSenator SnoweSenator WhitehouseSenator WydenCongressman BilbrayCongressman BurtonCongressman ChaffetzCongresswoman ChuCongressman ClayCongressman ConnollyCongressman CooperCongressman CuellarCongressman CummingsCongressman DavisCongressman DriehausCongressman DuncanCongressman FlakeCongressman FortenberryCongressman FosterCongressman HodesCongressman IssaCongressman JordanCongressman KanjorskiCongresswoman KapturCongressman KennedyCongressman KucinichCongressman LuetkemeyerCongressman LynchCongresswoman MaloneyCongressman McHenryCongressman MicaCongressman MurphyCongresswoman NortonCongressman QuigleyCongressman SchockCongressman SouderCongresswoman SpeierCongressman TierneyCongressman TownsCongressman TurnerCongressman Van HollenCongresswoman WatsonCongressman WelchCongressman WestmorelandCongressman BonnerCongressman ButterfieldCongresswoman CastorCongressman ChandlerCongressman ConawayCongressman DentCongressman HarperCongresswoman LofgrenCongressman McCaulCongressman WelchCongressman BluntCongressman BorenCongressman ConawayCongresswoman EshooCongressman GalleglyCongressman HastingsCongressman HoekstraCongressman HoltCongressman KingCongressman LangevinCongressman MillerCongressman MurphyCongresswoman MyrickCongressman ReyesCongressman RogersCongressman RuppersbergerCongresswoman SchakowskyCongressman SchiffCongressman SmithCongressman ThompsonCongressman ThornberryCongressman Tierney

    To: The Honorable Congress, Senators and Select Committee Members,

    1. I find it Egregious as well as Unconscionable that they could, Arrest AFRICA/COM, Command General, Ham. And Relieve Him of Command, and No One can do the Same to Obama, Panetta, or Hillary for the Same Reason, that they Impeached Nixon of Malfeasances, and Misprisions and Derelictions of DUTY, and of their Sworn Oath of Office.
    2. And, that they Have Justification Under the Constitution, for the Same act, as well as of TREASON.
    3. Yes I Use that Word with all of the connotations, it entails!
    4. And, There is No Other Recourse at this time for Congress other than Impeach, Indict and Prosecute them, for these Act’s as well as Fast and Furious And Holder along with them.
    5. And that they, Have Committed, During this Whole Affair of/and Cover-Up of the Attack, that Killed Four Americans! And that Giving Comfort and Aid to our Sworn Enemies; Islamic Insurgents, And Criminals, and Drug Cartels who are, the Enemies of the United States, is TREASON! PERIOD
    6. Now, Not “When The Election is Over” and, They think that They will be able to Ride out the Clock? Ally, Ally In Free?
    7. I Hope the Congress and Senate that will be Dually Elected will think Differently and Hold Them Accountable for their Actions, And Inaction to DO THEIR DUTY under the Statutes and Laws of United States Constitution, the Congressional Investigation Regulations And the Duty of the Congress to Uphold the Constitution and Their, Sworn Oath and Duty for the Americans that Lost their lives in the Attack, The Families of those Victims’ have Justice.
    8. Unlike Holder and Fast and Furious, this is The Time to Make Sure that Justice is Served COLD! Senator Graham said and I Quote:

    GRAHAM: Yes. I think there would be a lot of military members that be shocked to hear that. How many operations have we launched to help comrades in distress not knowing what the outcome would be but knowing that’s what we should do?
    And here’s what the American people don’t realize. In June, our consulate was attacked, on June the 6th. They blew a hole in the wall that 40 people could go through. About a week later, the British ambassador’s convoy was attacked in Benghazi, Libya. Guess who came to their aid? Lieutenant Colonel Wood, an American military member, a member of the Utah National Guard, part of a security team, left the American consulate to come to the aid of the British ambassador and extracted wounded people out of the convoy while it was being attacked by al Qaeda.
    I find it very odd that we can help the British — and I’m glad we did because they’re our best friends in the world. We were able to help them in June, but nobody could help our people on September the 11th? Don’t you find that a little odd that we could get to the British convoy in Benghazi, Libya, within 20 minutes of being attacked in June, but we couldn’t help them for over seven hours on September the 11th? I find that very disturbing.
    GRAHAM: I think he’s — I think he’s trying to run out the clock. The question — how many — there were three requests for assistance. The president told us that he told his people to help those folks, provide assistance. Well, nobody went to their aid. Why not?

    Was the president told of the April and June attacks on our consulate? Why did we leave our consulate open when the British and the Red Cross decided to leave Benghazi because it was too dangerous? How did it become a death trap? Why did we deny all the requests for security?
    You don’t need an independent panel to address that. The president knows whether or not he was informed of the previous attacks in April and June. The president knows whether or not anybody tried to help after he ordered them to help these folks. And the president cannot possibly believe 10 days after this attack this was a riot based on a mob that never existed. They’re not answering my questions or anyone else’s questions because I believe they’re trying to run out the clock here.
    9. Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/on-the-record/2012/10/31/graham-i-wish-pres-obama-would-have-given-libya-attention-when-it-mattered-it-became-deat#ixzz2Atdi4xrf
    10. Unquote:

    Please Know Well, That I for One, Do Realize the Consequences’ of their Actions and Hold This Administration ACCOUNTABLE!

    IF Not Them, Then Every One of those Members of Congress and the Senate that Do Nothing about it or try to Whitewash this, or BACKDOOR this Out of the PUBLIC realm for American Citizens’ and Constituents’ that are Demanding Answers’ Right NOW! Will Also be known for their Responses on the House Floor and Voting Records over this Issue. Will Not Be Forgotten!

    Kerry L. Marvin/USN/DAV/68-77. OATHKEEPER!

  2. With the chicken hearted Congress we have currently, my faith in ANYTHING happening to this squatter-in-chief is as low as a snakes pubic hair! This entire administration, from day 1, has been the most crooked, dishonest, obscure, duplisitous, moronic, cheating, and thieving group of mental cases ever to hold ANY public office! And that’s a very large group to follow! Should we act! YES!, three and a half years ago! Will we act NOW ? No, we’ll wait until the election so this ass hat can steal another one. Then, with bad sentiments high, a recent national disaster still a problem, overseas trouble, and guns everywhere, he can declare Marshall Law and become KING Obama! So what! We can just stay with our heads in the sand. Nobody really cares, until it’s too late! THEN the tears will fall!

  3. It may be time for a Military Junta! Our Patriotic Commanders are being replaced, probably with Islamic sympathizers. Our spineless Congress will not stand up to this Dictator. Depending on what happens in the near future this may be our only salvation.

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