Weekend Edition: To HELL With It!!!

When Muslims with a 7th century mentality, arm themselves with 21st century weapons and threaten to kill anyone who refuses to revert to their way of thinking…

What exactly do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

When a high school football player points to the sky after a touchdown…What do liberals tell us to do?

Don’t tolerate that.

When Muslims start acting on their threats by bombing buildings and market places, busses and trains…What do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

When a statue of the Ten Commandments is placed in a courthouse…What do liberals tell us to do?

Don’t tolerate that.

When Muslims hijack our planes and kill 3000 of us on a single day…What do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

When someone wants to offer a prayer at a city council meeting…What do liberals tell us to do?

Don’t tolerate that.

When Muslims turn their underwear into bombs, strap explosives to their own children and kill our soldiers on our own soil…What do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

When a cross is placed in the dessert or an artifact that resembles a cross is to be placed in the 9-11 Memorial Museum…What do liberals tell us to do?

Don’t tolerate that.

When we see Muslims stoning women to death because they were raped, see them cut the heads off of journalists, set those of another religion afire before they kill them…What do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

When kids in school want to say “Under God” during the pledge…What do liberals tell us to do?

Don’t tolerate that.

When Muslims sentence a woman to 100 lashes with w whip for the crime of wearing pants, commit murder of their own daughters on our streets because those daughters liked our music and throw acid into the faces of their wives because they weren’t happy with what their wives said…What do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

When a depiction of the baby Jesus is placed in a park or Christmas carols are sung in a school…What do liberals tell us to do?

Don’t tolerate that.

When Muslims capture our soldiers, kill them and drag their bodies through the streets…What do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

When our soldiers piss on the dead bodies of Muslim terrorists…What do liberals tell us to do?

Don’t tolerate that.

When Muslims say that all Americans are evil and need to die…What do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

When we say that Muslims are terrorists…What do liberals tell us to do?

Don’t say that.

When Muslims burn our flag…what do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

When a kid wears a T-Shirt with our flag on it to school…What do liberals tell us to do?

Don’t wear that.

When Muslims want to build a Mosque at Ground Zero…What do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

What a man in Phoenix want to hold Bible studies in his own house…what do liberals tell us?

No, he doesn’t have the right to do that.

When the Crucifix is soaked in urine and dung is smeared across the image of the Virgin Mary all in the name of art…What do liberals tell us to do?

Be tolerant.

When a guy makes a movie mocking Islam…What do liberals tell us?

That it’s, “disgusting and reprehensible and a cynical attempt to offend people for their religious beliefs.”

Since last week, to what do liberals attribute the actions of Muslims?

 “It is in response to a video, a film, that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting.” “It is in response to video that is offensive to Muslims.” ““The unrest we’ve seen is in reaction to a film in which the United States government had no involvement.”

And what have those actions entailed?

Attacks on our DIPLOMATIC outposts and the DIPLOMATIC outposts of our allies and the brutal murder of our DIPLOMATS.

When our brothers and sisters in Israel ask us to draw a red line to prevent Muslims from attaining nuclear weapons which would be used to wipe Israel from the map…What do liberals tell THEM???

“There is still time and space for DIPLOMACY to work.”

Here’s how I see it.

The world’s epicenter for “diplomacy” and “tolerance” is the United Nations which has become nothing but a pit of vipers, thugs and thieves who extend to the world’s most despicable nations and terrorist states the honor of sitting on the very councils which are to protect human rights and keep in check those who wish to develop the most dangerous weapons known to man…All in the name of “tolerance” and “diplomacy.”

In times of the greatest crisis, liberals turn first and foremost to that pit of vipers, thugs and thieves where, rather than lay the accountability for the violence, murder and threats of annihilation of us and our allies at the feet of those responsible, they instead blame a film or, our own strength.

It’s is not just spin or partisanship but reality to state that the only entities NOT due the tolerance afforded to the “religion of peace” are those entities exemplifying Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Well, I’ve got breaking news for the tolerance, diplomacy and appeasement preaching liberals…

Given enough time and space, appeasement and diplomacy will surely eliminate democracies from the planet. Israel will only be the first to go and once they’ve been wiped off the map, the rest will be fair game and fall like dominos.

Diplomacy doesn’t work with those who desire only the destruction and death of those who do not acquiesce to their terroristic threats and adhere to their totalitarian view of the world. You can NOT bargain with those who have nothing to lose and to whom life itself means nothing.

And if we do as liberals tell us to do, we will soon “tolerate” our American values, laws, rights, liberty and the ability to protect the same of our allies out of existence.

“Tolerance” of those who would seek to destroy us, destroy our friends and destroy the fundamental principles of freedom, is a death sentence and every time we are told to “be tolerant” those who seek such destruction win another battle in the war.

Religions are due tolerance but, ideologies, bent on mayhem, death and destruction are not and it’s high time we identify the difference. Were Christianity to revert to such an ideology, I firmly believe that most Christians would abandon it and stand against it.

There are some 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and clearly, not all adhere to the Islamist ideology but, when the majority remain silent and do nothing against it, whether out of fear for their lives or ignorance, they allow the ideology to prevail thus assisting in the demise of themselves and the rest of us.

As an American, as a Christian and as one who stands with my brothers and sisters in Israel and those who follow other religions, I will NOT stand by and “tolerate” our shared destruction at the hands of Islamist ideology.

8 years of liberal tolerance erased 12 years of strength shown by Reagan and Bush 41. 4 years of liberal tolerance has now erased 8 years of strength shown by Bush 43.

Another 4 years of liberal tolerance will erase Israel from the map.

To HELL with liberal tolerance!!!

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 9/16/12

13 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: To HELL With It!!!

  1. This article was shared in our linked in discussion group, Return of the Republic on thread titled “To Be or not to be tolerant? What is your vote?”

    I love the pointedness of this article. Thank you. I post my response here too.

    My vote…Americans should not be tolerant of Anti-American Liberals.

    I am an independent thinker and voter (though I register as Republican in my state of NV in order to participate in primaries). I also passionately appreciate the inherent beauty of the Values expressed so eloquently in our Declaration of Independence and the framework provided to preserve those Values in our US Constitution.

    In our present situation, I see the divide in America between those that feel as I and those that want to undo, dismantle and destroy those Values and the Framework for same.

    This is not a divide between true Democrats and true Republicans, who are united on our Values and the Framework. I remind folks all the time, there are many, many fiscally conservative, gun toting Democrats. They are more social liberal and interpret the General Welfare clause as cause for larger government. But…they still hold to the basic Values and Framework. Remember too….many Democrats have also given their lives in defense of freedom and our nation.

    What I see that has happened is that the Democrat party, being more socially liberal is being taken over by the Anti-American Liberals in the Progressive movement. These folks have no appreciation for America as the beacon of light for freedom loving folks across the globe.

    These are the folks that should not be tolerated by any American.

    That’s how I feel…That’s how I’ll vote.

  2. Lynn, in a way the Bible does……God says to Israel, I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. All of these years Israel and America were bonded as one. Along comes Obama and threatens this bond. In fact if it were up to him, he’d fire the weapon to wipe them off the map, if it were possible. Now because America has stood with Israel so long, blessing her with money and jets, weapons etc., America will be spared. Since this was posted, PM Bibi Netenyahu has now asked all Jews in America to vote for Romney. In the next few days, we are going to learn that somehow this event was staged, planned and not about a video either. Obama and his minions are going to do the tango trying to step on this revelation and the more that comes out from Libya will prove it was planned and also implicate Obama himself in this matter since he actually helped the Muslim Brotherhood get into power in Libya and Egypt. His close associations with the MB are going to be so expansive and deep that no matter how his spin masters try to do it, eventually the Lame Stream Media is going to have to throw him under the bus to save their own ratings or go down with him for sure. Obama and Hillary Clinton both have blood on their heads and their hands. And now we have one glimmer of hope….God will keep his promise to Israel….and protect America from Obama and his evil plans. Instead of America being destroyed, look for Obama to lose the election and be exposed as part of the background plot that got four good Americans killed, raped and drug through the streets of Libya. This was not a spontaneous event, nor was it about a movie, it was about DEATH TO AMERICA and Obama emboldened these barbarians with his Apology tour, bowing to the Saudi Arabian King and kissing his ring. It was also retribution for killing bin Laden in 2011 and killing his #2 guy in July of this year. Obama has deep roots in the MB and sooner or later it will all come out and the manner of his defeat will be so disgraceful that Obama’s sinful, demonic pride will reduce him to a burbling babbler. And great will his fall from grandeur be…..and God will use Romney and Ryan to turn the ship around and put us on solid footing again so when the time comes and Iran does have the bomb, we will be there to shoot it down. God always fights for Israel and will intercept incoming missiles in the nick of time. We must turn our faith to those comforting words of God’s promise, and America is the benefactor of the blessing while Obama is cursed. http://www.facebook.com/groups/stopbho Christians, Catholics, Anglicans and Protestants Against Obama’s Re-election. Thanks, Craig for another great piece of work!!!!

  3. Good news: the Bible says that Israel will NOT be wiped from the map. Jerusalem will be Christ’s seat of government (after the tribulation) during the thousand year reign.
    Bad news: It says nothing about the USA.

  4. It’s the truth. As a Christian, Hollywood, politicians, and leftists have insulted us over and over. Calling us racist, ignorant, supersticious, and intolerant. If I had reacted the way the extremists act I would be a mass murderer by now. Hollywood defends it’s disgusting movies and tells us to just turn the channel but won’t defend someone else’s films? I am very angry. My tolerance is gone but I still wouldn’t kill anybody. What everyone should fear is the justice department is investigating the FILMMAKER. If he has no first amendment rights none of us do.

  5. Quoting you here Craig:

    “There are some 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and clearly, not all adhere to the Islamist ideology but, when the majority remain silent and do nothing against it, whether out of fear for their lives or ignorance, they allow the ideology to prevail thus assisting in the demise of themselves and the rest of us.”

    End Quote.

    You have echoed my thoughts exactly. Excellent post, thank you for writing it.

  6. If you make a movie called “Religulous” which criticizes ALL religions (including Islam) it is okay because you a a million dollar donor and a liberal fanatic. In fact, you can call women c**ts or t**ts and that is perfectly okay. But if you are a major thorn in the side of liberals and have a huge radion audience and call a publicity whore a “slut” then you need to be taken off the air.

  7. Craig, this is right on the mark. I am sharing with everyone, this is brilliant and it is absolutely what is going on in our country with the liberal mentality! We have got to get this POTUS out before he completely takes over. I am worried should he be reelected he will become America’s first dictator!

  8. I have been saying it for a very long time and your piece spells it out clearly, that “liberals are going to get us all killed”!

    Keep writing, Craig, and exposing the soft underbelly of tyranny.

  9. GREAT article; once again you hit the nail on the head (as you ALWAYS do). Another thing I thought of was the attack at Ft. Hood. Obama called it “work place violence”.


  11. Great Message Craig, it is time to be tolerant No More!
    Keep up the great work, I’ll keep sharing with all us
    gun totin God Fearing Christians!

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