Weekend Edition: The Fast and Furious Libya Cover-Up

After 18 days of watching the response to the terrorist attack in Libya, I must admit that I am absolutely livid.

What They’re Covering Up.

It’s bad enough that Obama and his administration knew full well that this attack was a terrorist attack and then they lied about what it was for the better part of 2 weeks but, it gets even worse.

I’ll get to the lies later.

Now we discover that, while indeed there had been 4 attacks or attempted attacks on diplomatic missions  in the region leading up to the September attacks…The Consulate in Benghazi had been classified as a “critical threat terrorism or civil unrest posting,” and, stunningly…

Not one single upgrade in security, either physical or in personnel, was done to protect the Benghazi Consulate or the people who were stationed there.

Not one.

In fact Ambassador Stevens, in his personal journal, found by CNN stated that he feared the rise of al Qaeda in the region and believed he was on a hit list.

Now, cables from the Ambassador to the State Department are being sought but, the State Department is dragging their feet in turning those communications over to the Senate.


Could those communications reveal that Stevens had requested more security…Which was never provided?

Could those communications show much, much more?? Trust me…I’ll get to that!!!

At any rate, the Intell was there, previous attacks or attempted attacks had already occurred and the Ambassador was clearly concerned in the weeks leading to the deadly attack and, on 9-11-12, the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack against the U.S. in history, Ambassador Stevens was on his own. This is a total breakdown in security. TOTAL.

The Lies.

They knew.

Obama and Hillary BOTH knew, within 24 hours of the attack in Benghazi, that our Ambassador, another diplomat and 2 Navy Seals who attempted to come to their defense even though they were NOT assigned to the Ambassador’s detail, we killed in a terrorist attack and that al Qaeda was at the root of that attack.

They knew.

They lied when they stood in the Rose Garden and ignored the attack in Cairo. They knew as they blamed it on some stupid video.

They lied when Obama flew to Vegas to pick up campaign checks.

They lied when they issued a backhanded apology for that stupid video.

They lied while Jay Carney stood in the White House briefing room and told reporters that, “This is a fairly volatile situation, and it is in response not to U.S. policy, not to, obviously, the administration, not to the American people. It is in response to a video – a film – that we have judged to be reprehensive and disgusting. That in no way justifies any violent reaction to it. But this is not a case of protests directed at the United States, writ large, or at U.S. policy. This is in response to a video that is offensive and – to Muslims.”

They lied when they appeared for the photo-op as the bodies of 4 slain Americans returned to Dover AFB and, again, blamed the video.

They lied as our Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, was sent to 5 different Sunday shows to echo the “Blame it on the video” mantra stating: “We believe that folks in Benghazi, a small number of people came to the embassy to – or to the consulate, rather, to replicate the sort of challenge that was posed in Cairo,”

They lied when State Dept. Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said:  “I don’t think we know enough. I don’t think we know enough. And we’re going to continue to assess. She gave our preliminary assessment. We’re going to have a full investigation now, and then we’ll be in a better position to put labels on things, okay?”

They lied when Obama went on Univision and said: “We’re still doing an investigation,” he said. “What we do know is that the natural protests that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by the extremists to see if they could directly harm U.S. interests.”

They lied when Obama stood at the United Nations and said:  “That is what we saw play out in the last two weeks, as a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world.  Now, I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity.”

And where he also said:  “Let Us Remember That Muslims Have Suffered The Most At The Hands Of Extremism.”

They lied when Obama said on “The View”: “We are still doing an investigation,” and to this date, now 18 days after the attack. Not one single “investigator” has been in Benghazi.

These are NOT misstatements.

This was NOT a case of waiting to gather more information.

These are NOT misleading statements.

These are complete and unadulterated LIES.

The Despicable Behavior.

Given the recent history of attacks and attempted attacks against U.S. Missions in Libya…On May 22nd, June 6th, June 11th and June 18th…combined with Ambassador Stevens’ hand written concerns…NO THREAT ASSESSMENT WAS ORDERED OR MADE.

On arguably the MOST dangerous day or Americans in that region, 9-11, The Ambassador and other personnel were left UNPROTECTED in Benghazi Libya.

Within 24 hours of the attack and murders of 4 Americans in Benghazi…INTELL KNEW IT WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK.



The lies come fast and from all directions AT THE DIRECTION OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.


When the interim President of Libya comes forward and says the attack was premeditated and terrorist related and al Qaeda had a hand in it…THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION SAYS WE HAVE BETTER INTELL ON THE GROUND IN LIBYA AND THE LIBYAN PRESIDENT IS WRONG.

While appearing with Letterman…Obama says, “The message we have to send to the Muslim world is we expect you to work with us to keep our people safe,” THUS CHARGING THE VERY PEOPLE WHO ATTACKED OUR CONSULATE AND KILLED 4 AMERICANS INCLUDING OUR AMBASSADOR, WITH KEEPING OUR PEOPLE SAFE…A TASK THAT OBAMA AND HIS ADMINISTRATION FAILED TO DO.

The Bottom Line.

After a gross and complete failure in security, after not recognizing the sever threat posed in Libya on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, Obama and his administration went on an offensive of unadulterated lies to cover it up.

The official administration lie, repeated by Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and others was that the attack was a spontaneous reaction to a You Tube video.

The reason for the cover-up is clear. With less than 2 months to go before this election and after months of spiking the football over getting bin Laden, with Obama trying to portray himself as tough on foreign policy and even tougher on terrorism, a terrorist attack, on 9-11, in the country in which Obama “led from behind” to oust their dictator would be disastrous.

The fact that the FBI has been holed up in Tripoli rather than investigating the scene of the attack is also telling. The Obama administration claims the situation in Benghazi is too dangerous for the FBI to get in. This, we know, is another unadulterated lie as, 4 days after the terrorist attack, a CNN crew WAS INSIDE the Benghazi Consulate where THEY recovered Ambassador Stevens’ journal.

Were the FBI to actively investigate IN Benghazi, what would they discover?

Quite possibly that the U.S. was attempting to strike some deal with members of…al Qaeda…and that the arms used in the attack were processed TO them BY the United States.

In other words, were there were al Qaeda double agents acting as though they were cooperating with U.S. interests?

According to Intell sources, part of Ambassador Stevens’ mission there WAS outreach to the rebel forces who overthrew Gaddafi and, as we all know, the day after Gaddafi was killed…The flag of al Qaeda flew over the courthouse IN Benghazi.

Consider this…

After the disaster of Fast and Furious, where weapons were “walked” to Mexican drug cartels and then used in the murder of Agent Brian Terry…HOW WOULD IT LOOK TO DISCOVER THAT U.S. WEAPONS WERE HANDED TO AL QAEDA MEMBERS AND THEN USED TO MURDER AN AMERICAN AMBASSADOR, A DIPLOMAT AND 2 NAVY SEALS???

And how would THAT play in the weeks leading up to this election?

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 9/29/12

8 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: The Fast and Furious Libya Cover-Up

  1. A letter to America’s rabbis —

    from Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    letter from Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg:

    To my fellow rabbis:

    I write to you at this time of dire trouble for our country and for Israel.

    Last week America was under attack. Our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were slaughtered by Muslim extremists. This was not a spontaneous “protest” against an admittedly stupid video. This was an organized military assault, coordinated expressly for execution on September 11.

    Likewise, the “protests” in Cairo at the American embassy. Where our flag was shredded, and the black Islamist flag of al-Qaeda was raised in its place. Reliable sources say the US was forewarned of both attacks — probably by Israel. But America’s State Department ignored those warnings. Why?

    The Obama administration’s reactions to these outrages is sadly typical. The next day, Mr. Obama flew off to Las Vegas to raise funds. And our government still apologizes for that inane video — made by an Egyptian Coptic.

    Where is the leadership here? What has such ongoing appeasement gotten us? Mr. Obama once promised a “reset” of America’s relationship with Muslim nations. But the reality is far different. The Islamic world holds us in greater contempt than ever, seeing Obama’s America as weak and incapable, or unwilling, to defend our interests and our friends.

    On that note, Obama’s policy toward Israel has been a disgrace from the start. It’s as if his goal is to disenfranchise himself — and America — from the Jewish state. To make clear to the world that Israel, should they dare to defend their very existence, will go it alone. Such signals serve only to embolden Israel’s enemies — who are also our enemies.

    The same signal comes from Obama’s latest snub of Bibi Netanyahu — who was told that Obama will not have time to meet with him when the Israeli Prime Minister arrives in America this week. Meanwhile, Obama can regale on the David Letterman. And extend an open invitation to Egypt’s President Morsi.

    Such actions say a lot to the world. Can we stand silent any longer?

    To the 613 “Rabbis for Obama,” in light of the president’s most recent actions, I ask you: What have you got to say now? What are your excuses for President Obama now?

    I say this with all my heart. I cannot keep silent any longer. The voices of my father and my mother, survivors of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, compel me to speak out — with zeal.

    I urge you to consider the following:

    – Silence did not work in the 1930s, when the looming evils of Nazism could have been stopped in their tracks. Nor will it work today when Islamists, who deny the Holocaust, threaten another one in Israel.

    – Why does the United States say nothing about the daily denigration of Jews and Christians by imams worldwide?

    – Why do we tolerate an American media that continues to play dumb when our real interests, and our very lives, are at stake?

    – Why does America continue to send money (and excuse outstanding loans) to Morsi’s Egypt?

    – Why doesn’t America compel Morsi to uphold the peace treaty with Israel? To rein in Hamas? To act like a responsible, civil government?

    – And of utmost importance, why don’t we rabbis come together and insist that the Obama administration express — in words and in deeds — their unequivocal support for Israel during this most challenging of times?

    I started “Rabbis for Romney” as a counterweight to “Rabbis for Obama.” My message at first was not political. But the situation has evolved — or devolved — into one where the danger to Israel is more paramount than ever. Don’t kid yourselves. We are nearing the 11th hour.

    Please join me in my quest to see that America and Israel stay safe from the growing danger that’s all around us.

    We can no longer afford to stay silent. Let us make sure that “Never again” means “NEVER again.”


    Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg

    Note: To join “Rabbis for Romney,” please contact Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg at chaimdov@aol.com

  2. The Democrats control the Senate. Impeachment is impossible for that reason, among others.

    Craig- Why spend two weeks whipping up a furor over a movie nobody watched until AFTER our Ambassador was murdered?

    Fast and Furious is linked with Benghazi through the planners in the Oval, not through the arms provisions; but, rather, through the intent to destroy the Second and First Amendments! In each instance, the actions show an intent to build a case against the rights to keep and bear, and to speak freely.

    Simply proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ constitutes blasphemy against Mohamed, and the DC Junta was preparing a way to comport with a UN ban against hurting the feelings of Muslims… when Ambassador Stevens was tortured and murdered.

  3. Isnt this grounds for impeachment? Nixon was impeached for lying about Watergate… a letter was sent to Obama from Rep & Dem congressmen asking for further details and requested a reply by Nov 13th…how convenient. Heaven forbid but if Obama wins re-election, how are impeachment proceedings usually started?

  4. I have no more suggestions, Other than Impeachment proceedings! America has ONE MONTH to act, beyond hoping to win the Election! Which may, or may not, Do any good! Voting is one thing, Regaining the WhiteHouse and Political control of America is quite another! The “Haters Of America” have waited over 100 years to get where they are today!!! I pray to God that I am Wrong, but only time will tell!!! Please America, “WE THE PEOPLE”, The Republican Party Must Elect Our Modern Day Version Of Abraham Lincoln and work together to rid ourselves of the Political Tyrrants that are determined to Destroy America as we know it, The way it was created by our Founding Fathers! Stand up America, And follow me to our voting Poles and Place Your Vote On AMERICA “Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan 2012 !!!

  5. Why does so many people have their heads stuck in the sand and not see whats going on .Is it the devil has them already or is it just plain stupidity..People need to wake up .God help us all why can’t someone get in the news and tell what is happing I just can’t understand .I wish I had some way of doing something, but I feel so helpless .Its our country why don’t the people take it back rise up and march to DC and demand Obamas resignation. God Bless America !!! PLEASE

  6. Craig,

    This not only makes me livid, it also is very frightening. All the evil deeds by this administration do not surprise me. What does surprise me is the fact that Congress has all this informatin and is doing NOTHING about it. They send letters back and forth and wait…..wait….wait for something to happen. It is up to them to make something happen. We cannot wait until November 7th to find out that we should have filed criminal charges against these thugs!

    I am tired of ALL the cable news shows, FOX included, that fill up airspace with nonsense about polls, economy statistics, etc. They need to harp on this one criminal issue until someone is shamed into doing something. That assumes, of course, that enough politcians exist that can be shamed into action!

  7. you nailed it! If I ever could be face to face with any of the ‘higherarchy’ in DC, only one word would be uttered (or screamed)-“LIARS”…..God save us from them as they are equal to our enemies!

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