Truth, the WHOLE Truth and NOTHING the U.N. Wants to Hear

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, allies, despots and dictators,

I am not politically correct. I am, instead, politically DI-rect. What I have come here to tell you today, will not sit well with some of you.

I don’t care.

There are, no doubt, some who would LIKE to say what I’m GOING to say but, decorum halts them.

Too bad.

I am here to tell you the truth and if the truth offends you, you need offending.

The world is on fire and do you want to know why? It’s because there are far, FAR too few in this assembly who purport to promote freedom who do quite the opposite.

Freedom is gained through and upheld by strength and not attained as the result of terrorist actions or appeasement TO terrorists.. Terrorism is the tool of cowards and curs and those who employ it mistake fear for respect.

In Syria, Assad, a murderous scourge against humanity, is killing his own people by the tens of thousands. Too much a coward to allow his own people to live in freedom and too damned stupid to recognize the recent lessons of history.

Mubarak is ill and imprisoned.

Saddam was pulled from a hole in the ground, tried and met his end dangling from a rope.

He was lucky when compared to Gaddafi whose sodomized remains were displayed in a grocery store meat cooler for the world to see.

Assad, you will meet YOUR fate at the hands of those you are murdering today…The people of Syria…and once you’re gone, if the people choose a path of peace with their neighbors rather than adhering to the ideologies of hate, free nations will stand willing to help them discover the fruits of freedom. Should they choose the ideologies of hatred and terrorism, God help them because we won’t.

Iran pursues nuclear weapons and they have expressed their desire to eliminate Israel among others. Sanctions, such as those imposed by this body, hold no sway over those who control Iran and to think that more sanctions will is an exercise in stupidity.

Today, Ahmadinejad will open his pie hole and address this crowd, calling for a new world order.

He needs to sit down and shut the hell up…the world has heard enough from him.

Israel has asked that a red line be drawn against Iran’s aspirations and to be frank, any red line that COULD be drawn, has long ago been crossed. Iran should give up their nuclear weapons programs today or face the wrath of free nations tomorrow.

In this regard, Iran has promised WWIII should they be attacked. Well, guess what? The United States is 2 and 0 when it comes to world wars and there is no reason to believe we won’t go 3 and 0 should Iran make that their decision. For too long, in theaters of war, those on the right side of history have been far too concerned with collateral damage.

Were it up to me, those who don’t stand with their leadership should head for the tall grass now.

In this building, tolerance is the prevailing cry.


Those who choose to tolerate those who want to kill them are doing nothing but signing their own death warrants.

If YOUR ideology does not tolerate women’s rights, stones people to death if they disagree with your ideology, believes that strapping explosives to one’s self or one’s children is a sure way to heaven, beheads those who don’t follow the ideology, and advocates genocide on behalf of that ideology…don’t expect those in free nations to tolerate YOU.

Attack us or our interests, attack our embassies and kill our people…Expect to be attacked, as those are acts of war and if you are in charge of a nation which allows such Islamist terrorism against us, you too will pay the price. If you don’t like our flag flying over our embassy…If you don’t like our culture or our freedoms, then you must not like our money either.  If you allow Americans to be killed by terrorists in YOUR country, we have every right to open a can of U.S. Military whoop-ass on YOU.

Speaking of our money…WE have kept this assemblage of thugs and thieves, murderers, dictators and despots afloat for way too long.


Either this organization, the “United Nations” starts throwing those who are diametrically opposed to freedom and human dignity OFF the various councils and OUT of the U.N. altogether or WE will defund this rat hole of deviants and eject you from our shores.

That leaves me with Israel.

I don’t need Obama to tell what Israel’s borders should be any more than Prime Minister Netanyahu does. The bible, in the Old Testament, makes it very clear.

If Palestine want statehood, a damn good start would be to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Hamas, Hezbollah and others who have it in their charters to eliminate Israel and kill all Jews need to rethink THEIR ideology too.

That is the STARTING point and certainly not the finish line.

Ahmadinejad says Israel should be eliminated, wiped from the map.


In fact, tweak the situation just a tiny bit more and, we’ll help ya get there.

This pit of vipers preaches tolerance and diplomacy until they’re a darker shade of blue in the face than are the berets on their heads and frankly, it’s disgusting. I can NOT think of a nation on earth that has shown MORE tolerance and employed MORE diplomacy than has Israel and for what? To be attacked, over and over again by those who wouldn’t know tolerance and diplomacy if it bit them in the ass.

And what do YOU spineless wastes of air do? YOU condemn Israel for standing UP to those who would wipe them from the map!!!

Israel is perfectly capable and they don’t NEED us to fight THEIR fight FOR them. I believe in my heart and soul that they would never ASK us to do so.

What’s more, they should never HAVE to ask us to stand WITH them.

The world’s last great statesman, Prime Minister Netanyahu once said, “Israel has no better friend than America, and America has no better friend than Israel.”

There should NEVER have been a reason to state it. We KNOW that the last part is true and WE should be doing ALL we can to make the FIRST part of that statement true AGAIN and there should NEVER AGAIN be a need to state what is SO obvious.

The soul of freedom should ALWAYS live in America and the soul of HUMANITY…WILL…always live in Israel!!!!!!

Where would freedom be without humanity and where would humanity be without freedom?


Let me be VERY clear…Evil FEARS freedom and humanity and that is why EVIL chants in the streets…”Death to Israel…Death to America.”

For most in this assembly, the threats against Israel are a matter of politics to be adjudicated through diplomacy and to whom there is time and space for that to work.

NOTHING could be farther from the truth.

For Israel, it is not a matter of politics or ideology, it is a matter of existence and the time and space being extended by other nations is nothing but the time and space for the evil of this world to make good on their threats.

In Israel, people can practice the religion of their choice. Not so in the nations which threaten Israel. In Israel, people are free. Not so in the nations which threaten Israel. In Israel, women have rights. Not so in the nations which threaten Israel. In Israel, people are free to get an education, pursue their dreams, build their own businesses and achieve success. Not so in the nations which threaten Israel. In Israel, nobody vows to wipe other nations from the map nor do they advocate genocide. Not so for the nations which threaten Israel.

And yet, in THIS body, it is Israel who is condemned for acting in their OWN defense when THEY are attacked.

Look at you…You bunch of appeasement happy tolerance huggers. Where’s it getting you?

Pretending evil doesn’t exist and making nice, nice with terrorists is getting YOUR nations overrun. But it’s nothing to lose your heads over.


And what do YOU have to do to light THEIR fuse???


Listen…If I owned a pig and lived close to a tattoo parlor…EVERY TIME WILBUR TOOK A DUMP IT WOULD LOOK LIKE MO WAS READING FROM THE MANIFESTO!!!!!

Yesterday, Obama told you exactly what you WANTED to hear: “Let Us Remember That Muslims Have Suffered The Most At The Hands Of Extremism”


This is supposed to be the “United” Nations. United for what? United AGAINST what???

United for freedom, for liberty, for human rights and democracy? United AGAINST the forces of evil bent on genocide and war against free people?


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  1. We should kick that Congo line of despots called the UN out of the country and form an alliance with freedom loving nations to deal once and for all with the “Islamic problem”.

  2. The UN needs to understand that they have no power over us. Our laws are just that our laws. Just because the idiot in chief gives them this doesn’t really mean that they have this power. The UN needs to be defunded , abolished and removed from US soil. And the UN delegates need to got back home and Pound sand.

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