The Empty Chair Convention Begins


Talk about your rough starts…

Obama and his minions are kicking off their 2012 Liberal/Socialist convention amid what is understatedly, a malaise.

Yesterday, the day before the Occupy Charlotte event gets under way, was “National Empty Chair Day,” an event which was born from Clint Eastwood’s Republican Convention appearance which will stretch until the end of the Liberal/Socialist convention on Thursday.

Bolstered by a grassroots effort on social media, “National Empty Chair Day” was replete with a never ending display of creative images of empty chairs posted from sea to shining sea.

Conservative Patriots placed empty chairs everywhere they could think of. In front of their homes, in parks, on streets, the bottoms of pools, stacked, in rows, in offices…everywhere.

We, at The National Patriot, added in our own take on it…seen here.

Over the weekend, on the eve of “National Empty Chair Day,” Mount  Suckmore…The giant sand sculpture of Obama outside the convention hall was damaged by heavy rain.

It’s a fitting tribute…

A monument to the man would fundamentally transform America, made from something that will shift with the wind, crumbles during a storm and has a foundation which can easily be washed away.

It’s the exact opposite of our conservative foundation…The Constitution and the vision of our founders and framers.

Now, we get word that the DNC will be BUSSING people in to fill the 75,000 seat stadium for Obama’s Thursday night spewing of the socialist mantra.

That says quite a bit really.

Charlotte is North Carolina’s largest city, has a population of 750,000 and the DNC has to bus people in because they can’t find 1 out of every 10 people in the city that will be willing to be there on their own.

Maybe it’s because people just can’t afford to drive to the stadium with gas prices at historical highs for a Labor Day weekend.

I suspect there is also another very good reason for the bussing.

Can you imagine, on the last night of “National Empty Chair Day,” having empty chairs at the Emperor’s 2nd Coronation?

It’s also embarrassing for the liberal/socialists conventioneers that their big event starts on the heels of a 3 day weekend celebrating the unions which are bleeding this country dry.

Unions actually have a “Kiss-a-Thug” booth at the convention.

It’s a BYOMW carnival attraction.

Bring Your Own MouthWash.

And in North Carolina no less.  A non-union state which sued to keep Boeing out.

The DNC Attack Poodle…“Let them eat snack cakes” Little Debbie is also the one who once blathered, “Republicans want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws.”

Now, of the decision to hold their get together in Charleston, Debbie What’s-Her-Name-Schultz stated: “We were planting a flag in the South and sending a strong message across the country that we weren’t going to cede any region of this country to the Republicans.”

Ummm…Debbie…The last time you Dixiecrats  were “planting a flag in the south” the strong message your party WAS sending was that Jim Crow laws were there to stay!!!

Over the last several months, we watched in astonishment as teachers unions in Wisconsin scooped up fake sick notes, we listened while Union bosses called for getting bloody and issued thinly masked “hit” orders  and saw unions engaged in violent protests.

Now, for those who will counter this point by stating that Labor Day celebrates ALL working people, not just unions…Well…

There are 23 plus million who won’t be coming to the party this year. At least 8.2% of Americans “celebrated” Labor Day weekend without having a day of labor in more than 42 straight months and in Charlotte, that rate is currently 9.6%.

Then of course, there’s the National Debt Clock.

Ummm…The LACK of the National Debt Clock.

Featured prominently at the Republican Convention, the Debt Clock is a no-show at this week’s gathering. That clock, whether it’s there or not, has not slowed down one bit. In fact, DURING the liberal/socialist convention, it will tick right past $16 TRILLION DOLLARS.

The last $5 TRILLION plus being blown through by Obama.

No matter. As that clock ticks…Sandra Fluke will talk…About how she, and entitlement hook-ups like here, need $3000.00 of YOUR money for birth control.

The debt clock is all about how much we borrow and how much we waste of what we borrow.

While Conservatives make a clarion call to end the waste, balance the budget and cut the debt, Fluke will make an ovarian call for entitlements, government control of religious doctrine and cutting our Constitutionally guaranteed rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by 1/3.

Obama himself will take care of disposing of the latter two.

And finally…FINALLY…Obama stopped by to see how things were going in Louisiana.

If it wasn’t bad enough for the liberals that they ripped Bush for waiting several days to visit New Orleans 7 years ago after Katrina, Obama was 3 days later getting there than was Mitt Romney and before he went yesterday, HE GAVE A CAMPAIGN SPEECH IN TOLEDO OHIO!!!

Were I Bobby Jindal, I would have started every sentence yesterday with, “Well, as I explained to Governor Romney LAST week…”

There can be no doubt, regarding hurricane Isaac, Obama is leading from behind. Again!!!

Clearly, it’s been less than smooth sailing heading into the liberal/socialist convention but, to be fair, there’s lots to look…”FORWARD” to.

Michelle Obama, America’s nanny who was never proud of her country until her husband was nominated 4 years ago will try to come across as a strong American woman who believes in her man telling us all the fable of Obama’s childhood and upbringing. It’ll start with how he was born in a manger in Hawaii and progress from there.

Just like Mitt being presidential in New Orleans, we saw the real deal last week when Ann took the stage.

Joe Biden will be there trying to outshine Paul Ryan in much the same way a dim bulb tries to outshine the sun.

Amid the multiple Obamagasms of the liberal/socialist press we will see the return of Chris “Tingles” Matthews.

Jimmy Carter will bestow the traveling “Worst President in History” trophy upon Obama and it’s about time as Jimbo has had it at HIS Presidential Library and Double Wide Trailer since 1980. The downside is, once that trophy is ensconced in Obama’s Presidential Library and Mosque, it’ll take up the space where his college records, thesis and real birth certificate would have been displayed.

And let’s not forget what we have coming on Thursday when Bill Clinton, who, 4 years ago, told Ted Kennedy that, “You know, just a few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags,” tears himself away from the DNC intern interviews long enough to introduce Obama to the drooling bussed in masses.

Then, the Sandman will take the stage to explain exactly how standing at the bottom of a deep, deep hole with a shovel and digging like a man possessed will get us OUT of that hole.

Maybe he’ll explain how Imperial Rule is better that what the founders envisioned and brag about his 923 Executive orders.

Maybe he’ll reveal what he knew and when he knew it regarding Fast and Furious and why he imposed Executive Privilege over it.

Perhaps he’ll explain why having to produce ID to buy a souvenir Obama birth certificate mug at the convention is required but showing an ID to vote is racist.

Maybe, just maybe, he’ll explain Solyndra, the Keystone XL Pipeline, how he failed to intimidate Sheriff Joe, why he won’t allow border agents to effect arrests, how he implemented the Dream Act after he said he couldn’t and his support of the Muslim Brotherhood rather than Israel too.

And Obamacare. Do you think he’ll talk about how he had to bribe Members of Congress to vote for a bill they never read, how the nation’s largest tax increase in history, containing 21 new taxes, isn’t a tax and doesn’t raise anybody’s taxes not one thin dime and how he stole $716 BILLION DOLLARS from Medicare to fund it.

Essentially, what he WILL do is prove Reagan was right when HE said, “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

4 thoughts on “The Empty Chair Convention Begins

  1. I cannot bring myself to watch or listen to Obama, just like I could not with Clinton. As far as Ms Fluck is concerned, do you really think enough desperate men would want to have sex with her to run up a bill of $3000 for condoms. I would think a paper bag for her head might be more appropriate. My favorite thing in this campaign will be to watch the exchange between Ryan and Biden. I would ordinarily call a debate a battle of wits, but since VP Goofy is unarmed, there can be no battle. Finally, how can anyone who supports the democrap party claim to be a Christian. There are NO Christian values left in the democ-rats party. God bless America and our next president, Mitt Romney!

  2. Patriot –

    Each time I come here to visit and to read your truthful and humorous news commentaries, I am struck with saying to myself: “Patriot has outdone himself again!”

    Great posting and spot on!

    My take of this Democratic Convention is less humorous and somewhat boring. But, at least I possess some sarcasm, – or, whatever:

    Democratic Party time: Liberal celebration of immoral diversity

    Nathan M. Bickel

  3. Since you wrote this great article (again) a few hours ago, much has changed:

    1. The debt clock is now over
    $16,000,000,000,000. That is what we and our kids and our kids kids owe.

    2. The 70,000 seat fiasco is purportedly being changed to 20,000 seat fiasco. MUCH EASIER TO FILL.

    3. I really wanted to watch and planned to see the DNC of 2012. However, after prayer to My God, and watching Senator Durbin’s response to 2 questions,I decided that I did not want to watch. Who really wants to watch or hear a platform that denies
    A. Life to unborn
    B. Massacre of Traditional Marriage
    and much more…

  4. One thing I have to admit is they really got themselves a winner with Sandra Fluck. You can do so many things with her name.
    Fluck U
    Get Flucked
    Fluck yourself

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