Obama’s Pattern of Death and Deceit

Regarding the attack in Libya a week ago today, here is what we know.

First the embassy in Cairo was attacked.

The embassy released a twitter statement apologizing for the event.

The embassy doubled down on that apology.

Mitt Romney released a statement criticizing the apology.

The Obama administration then disavowed the apology.

Hillary Clinton issued a somewhat reworded apology and blamed the event on a You Tube Video.

The attack in Libya then occurred.

Our Ambassador to Libya, another diplomat and 2 Navy Seals were brutally murdered.

Hillary Clinton reissued her statement and doubled down on the “blame the video” rhetoric.

Mitt Romney held a press conference where the press badgered him over the timing of his statement the day before.

Obama made a Rose Garden statement where HE claimed that the 2 events were in response to the video, before jetting off to Vegas for a fund raiser.

At a Memorial for the slain at Dover AFB, Hillary AGAIN stated that the video was at fault.

Jay Carney, on behalf of the white house, stated over and over again that the events were NOT coordinated terrorist attacks but…In response to that You Tube video and perpetrated by protesters.

Then came the revelations that, in Libya, leading up to the anniversary date of the 9-11 attacks in THIS country, the consulate and embassy became attack targets on…May 22nd, June 6th, June 11th and June 18th.

Reports stated that even after those targeting dates, those charged with security at the embassy in Libya were NOT allowed live ammunition.

Then we discover that, on what MUST be considered the most dangerous day in the region for any Americans, 9-11, NO stepping up of security for the embassy or the consulate was ordered.

Throughout the last week, one administration official after another claimed the “video” was the catalyst for the growing attacks around the world.

Last week, the Obama administration had the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen.  Dempsey, contact Terry Jones who backed the “video” in question.

Over the weekend, federal agents took the MAKER of that “video” in for questioning, supposedly related to past offenses.

On Sunday, Our U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, made the rounds of the Sunday shows, again and again claiming that this “video” was the reason for all the attacks including the deadly attack in Libya.

Also on Sunday, the President of Libya was on CBS and stated CLEARLY that the attack on the consulate which killed 4 Americans was INDEED a pre-planned coordinated terrorist attack.

That, in a nutshell, is the timeline of events leading up to yesterday.

Yesterday, in a National Patriot EXCLUSIVE article, we detailed how those carrying signs of support for America IN Libya had to be plants and we showed photo evidence OF it. If you missed that article you can view our evidence by clicking here.

Also yesterday, word came from the State Department via the Obama administration, that NO FURTHER COMMENTS WOULD BE MADE REGARDING THE LIBYA ATTACK PENDING AN FBI INVESTIGATION.

So…Now I will ask you to suspend your common sense and the facts surrounding the attacks and what we know to be true and instead, allow yourselves, for the moment, to buy into the official explanation provided for an entire week by Obama, Hillary, Jay Carney, Susan Rice and the liberal press.

That being the attacks are all in response to a You Tube video.

IF…Regardless of how impossible it is to believe but…IF they are correct, some very probing questions must be asked.

1)      How disastrous has the Obama foreign policy been, for FOUR YEARS, that a simple, low budget and poorly made 15 minute long video on You Tube, produced by a single person, could possibly unravel it???

2)      If, as Obama stated in 2007, the Muslim world would respect us again due to his mere presence as our president should he be elected…What happened as clearly, they don’t?

3)      Why, in the most dangerous places for Americans on earth, was security so lax on 9-11…Arguably the most dangerous day of the year FOR Americans in that region?

And then, there is THIS to consider:

4)      Since, as we know, the Obama administration has leaned on Terry Jones for BACKING the video in question…Leaned on the MAKER of that video AND leaned on Google to possibly REMOVE the video in question…All because they claim that little 15 minutes of video on You Tube is deemed offensive enough to Muslims to result in what we have seen around the world for the last full week…WILL Obama and his administration NOW lean on Hollywood and Sony Pictures regarding the bin Laden raid FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM????

If a 15 minute film trailer on You Tube is, as they claim, inflammatory enough to cause attacks around the globe…WHAT ABOUT A FEATURE FILM, TO BE RELEASED IN THEATERS, REGARDING THE RAID THAT KILLED THE AL QAEDA LEADER???

5)      Will this administration STOP shouting that, “BIN LADEN IS DEAD AND GM IS ALIVE” and cease asking the electorate if they, “Think bin Laden is better off now than he was 4 years ago?

6)       Why, with the bodies of Americans murdered in a terrorist attack we either didn’t see coming or ignored the warnings of, still in Libya and with further attacks continuing, would Obama skip yet another Daily Intell Briefing and then fly to Las Vegas for a fund raiser???

And finally, to connect a few dots.

There are 2 very important events looming for Obama.

The debates and the election.  All are less than 50 days away.

Consider this:

Just as Obama did by exerting Executive Privilege over Fast and Furious…He has done likewise with deadly attack in Libya by ordering it OFF LIMITS to questioning by the press.

Think about that.

There is, quite obviously, a cover-up of 2 events which resulted in American deaths. NEITHER of which Obama can seems to be able to extricate himself.

What to do? ESPECIALLY when the VICE PRESIDENTIAL debate is supposed to center around…FOREIGN AFFAIRS!!!


Rather than have to deal with questions, rather than have to provide reasonable explanations, rather than expose his policy failures…


Were I to provide advice to the Romney/Ryan camp today, I would advise BOTH of them ton jump all OVER this and STAY ON IT for the next 49 days!!!!

Here is the most despicable score card on earth.

Fast and Furious – more than 200 civilians killed and 2 U.S. agents killed…And counting. Obama claimed he knew nothing OF it before exerting Executive Privilege OVER it.

Afghanistan – 51 NATO troops killed by “friendly” trainees including  Americans since the announcement of the withdrawal timeline…And counting. Obama administration promised, “even more rigorous vetting of Afghan recruits, and stepped up engagement with village elders, who often play a key role by vouching for Afghan security personnel.”

Fort Hood – Nadal Hasan, an islamist wearing our uniform opens fire and kills 13. Anwar al Awlaki, with whom Hasan had ongoing email correspondence, called him a hero. The Obama administration has classified the Fort Hood murders as “workplace violence.”

Afghanistan – More than a dozen murdered as a result of a Koran burning including 6 Americans. Obama issues 3 apologies which he insisted, “calmed things down,” before 2 more Americans were murdered.

Libya – 4 Americans killed on 9-11-12. Further anti-American attacks could well add to the numbers. Obama administration issues apologies and blames it all on a You Tube Video.

Camp Leatherneck – 2 Marines killed by the Taliban while a week of embassy uprisings continue. Obama has referred to the Taliban as “peace partners” and Joe Biden said, “The Taliban is not, ‘per sey’, the enemy.”

Here is the bottom line regarding Obama’s policy failures…


7 thoughts on “Obama’s Pattern of Death and Deceit

  1. People Hate US, and the World Does NOT Respect US…Economic Policy is the reason, with Religion the cover for Political Control. The ability to solve both issues is ‘self-sustainability’ of US. Invest in US, US Corporations, US Innovations, US Industry, US; just let US work. Put US to work, takin’ care of US. Don’t depend on the Petro Dollar, the Gold Dollar, but the US Dollar. ONLY US MADE FUELS ON ALL US HIGHWAYS BY 2032; that’s value in the Dollar.

  2. Elaine, Obama is a pompous, arrogant Muslim who is so connected to the Islamic “religion” of peace that he has no choice but to shut this investigation up, as well as F & F. If much digging is done, the Islamic bones in his closet are going to start falling out and he will be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi in Egypt. Obama has been letting these people into the country and putting them in places of power right and left since he got in the door. And last night he said he had endured a rough day along with his campaign workers that was as bad as what happened to the Libyan embassy!!! This is the statement of a “Baffoon” acording to Mark Steyn and every American on both sides of the isle should be ashamed of him. Personally the word “Baffoon” in an insult to the animals, and I have a long list of words to use in its place, but can’t because I don’t talk that way.

    In addition to this, Morsi has DEMANDED that Obama eliminate the FIRST AMENDMENT at once to prevent this from happening again. No one has the right to DEMAND the President of the USA to eliminate any of our Amendments, but Obama is considering “his options”.

    In writing this, links of every statement above are inside the group I direct on FB. If you are interested in checking these out, we are Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants and Christians against the Re-Election of Obama http://www.facebook.com/groups/stopbho

    No one in their right mind believes that the video is responsible for this wide spread DEATH TO AMERICA outburst. And today on Fox, it wasn’t Bush being burned in effigy, it was his royal highness, Messiah Obama who was the guy on fire!!!! I think there is just a sliver of real hope that Obama’s Kingdom is just about to cone down and when it falls, great will be the fall of it!!! And Mrs. Darth Vaderette Clinton is going down with him since she has been drinking his cool-aid for so long she now believes in his cause too.

    Craig, you have done it again!!! Our group is sharing this as far, wide and as often as we can!!!! Keep ’em coming……….!!! <3

  3. Craig,
    This is an outstanding timeline! Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” has uncovered even more information which is at http://www.theblaze.com their source is someone high up in the state department. Why isn’t this administration being held accountable for the four deaths in Libya, the deaths to miltary in Afghanistan, etc?

    What really baffles me is if this was a Republican Administration their would be so much backlash and blame and hearings for impeachment that heads would be flying. We have one very impotent thing and that is Congress. They should be investigating this with a fine tooth comb. Soros is involved and we know that this is “sport” to him, he enjoys seeing the world on fire with glee and gusto.

    The DOJ consults with Soros and asks his advice. This is criminal and why isn’t someone doing something about it? Why is only The Blaze and Glenn Beck reporting the truth about this? Why is nothing being done to hang those involved?

  4. Very well-said! I’ve been trying to express these things to clueless people, but was unable to make the succinct case you just made. I didn’t even know all of the facts that you stated, but most thinking people should have that gut feeling that there is something very wrong here. Thank you for writing this. I definitely plan to share!

  5. I think the Obama administration is THE MOST CORRUPT administration in the history of this country. Even if you don’t care for Mitt Romney, have never voted and think your vote won’t count…we MUST defeat the radicals ruining America. Please register to vote by October 9 and get to the polls. Failure is not an option.

  6. they keep talking about this anti- Islam video, but I hear no mention of AlQueda influence and films of earlier protests and attacks which they themselves broadcasted and droped leaflets spauning unrest and attack support. The very fact that Obama has put a gag on answering questions is proof enough of the ineptness and incompetence of this administration. The media is complicit in keeping the truth from the people. How many more diplomats and other Americans will be dragged through streets before a new President is elected.

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