November 6th – The Bottom Line and the Red Line

You will, I hope, excuse me if I take Prime Minister Netanyahu’s word for it when he says that Iran may well be only 6 or 7 months away from attaining nuclear weapons.

I base this on the idea that the Prime Minister most likely attends his Daily Intell Briefings.

Just a few days ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu, in a most rare statement, ask for our help, as American voters, to, “elect a president willing to draw a “red line” with Iran.”

Our current part time occupant of the oval office has declined to do so.

In fact, Barack Hussein Obama has declined to so much as MEET with Prime Minister Netanyahu on the topic this week while the Prime Minister is in our country.

According to Obama…such a meeting just doesn’t fit into his schedule.

Appearing on Letterman last night, however, did.

Meeting with the Egyptian leader of the Muslim Brotherhood this week, also fits into Barack Hussein Obama’s jam-packed schedule.

The Prime Minister of the only true democracy in the Middle East, whose nation has been threatened with annihilation by the Adolph Hitler of the 21st century…Not so much.

According to what may be the last true Statesman on the planet, Prime Minister Netanyahu, “If you’re determined to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, it means you’ll act before they get nuclear weapons. I just think that it’s important to communicate to Iran that there is a line that they won’t cross.”

According to Barack Hussein Obama, “there is time and space” for a diplomatic solution” to the Iranian nuclear crisis.

The Prime Minister says, “The world tells Israel, `Wait. There’s still time. And I say: `Wait for what? Wait until when?’ Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.”

Meanwhile, Iran has stepped up their nuclear weapons program and the man who attained, through attrition, the title of “Mad Man of the Middle East” on the day Gaddafi was last seen in public, stretched out on the floor of a grocery store meat locker somewhere in Libya, Amadinejad, is spouting, “The Zionist regime and the Zionists are a cancerous tumor. The nations of the region will soon finish off the usurper Zionists in the Palestinian land…. A new Middle East will definitely be formed. With the grace of God and help of the nations, in the new Middle East there will be no trace of the Americans and Zionists.”

Time and space? Time and Space for DIPLOMACY to work?

How exactly? The way diplomacy worked in Libya?

That sort of diplomacy ended with a dead Ambassador, a dead diplomat and 2 dead Navy Seals but, we did give them time and space, didn’t we?

Of course, Obama is relying on the same Intell which led him to believe that, on the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, our Embassies and Consulates were safe enough to not require extra security.

Barack Hussein Obama is relying on Intell that he reads…telling him that the Islamic uprisings in nearly 2 dozen countries is all due to a 15 minute You Tube trailer.

In fact, Barack Hussein Obama READ his Daily Intell Briefing the morning after the Consulate attack and murder of Americans there, deemed that everything was well in hand enough to then fly to Las Vegas to stroke a few egos and collect their campaign contributions.

The day after THAT, Barack Hussein Obama found time in his busy schedule to shoe-horn in a photo op as the bodies of those murdered in Libya returned home while his campaign hawked sweatshirts on Twitter.

Now, Barack Hussein Obama has Embassy personnel around the world, destroying sensitive documents, most likely out of fear of an unannounced visit from a movie critic.

Mr. Prime Minister…

You have asked Barack Hussein Obama to draw a red line regarding Iran. You had to ask, and be polite, as you are a statesman.

I however, am not.


You can NOT trust this LYING weasel who occupies the white house to do ANYTHING that will help Israel NOR can you trust his skinny ass when he tells you he is dedicated to your interests.

This arrogant Cretan actually believed that his mere visage would calm the Islamic terrorists and believes to this day that the best way to defeat them is to tell exactly what day we will leave the battlefield!

Hussein is FAR more interested in keeping HIS job than with what happens in YOUR part of the world

Mr. Prime Minister…

YOU have asked Americans to vote for a president who WILL draw a red line and Sir, I damn well intend to do just that.

Mitt Romney is YOUR friend but, he is also a friend to Israel. Mr. Romney knows that the Capitol of your nation is Jerusalem.

Hussein thinks you should return to your pre-1967 borders.

Hussein says HE knows MORE about Judaism than ANY other American president because…HE’S READ about it.

Let me just say, if this waste of giant ears absorbs as much from his reading regarding Judaism as he does from reading his Daily Intell Briefings…He knows less about your culture and religion than do my socks.

I will stand WITH you Mr. Prime Minister and I will stand with the Nation of Israel.

I believe that MY vote for Mr. Romney will not only save MY country but help you save YOURS.

We, as Patriots, will take a stand this November and an American President will stand with YOU in January but, Mr. Prime Minister, do not wait on us. Do what you must do and do it when you must.

In our country, Sir, this election is focused on the economy. For YOUR nation, our election is about foreign policy.

Allow me to sum up Barack Hussein Obama on BOTH counts.

He’s in WAY over his head ordering a 99 cent value deal at Taco Bell.

2 thoughts on “November 6th – The Bottom Line and the Red Line

  1. Craig, this is another great work of art. My good friend in Israel is so precious. I do not know if she can do it but I am going to share this on her wall and see if she can make copies of it and see that everyone in Israel knows you are speaking for all of us.

    Just FYI, I have been telling everyone that the middle eastern uprising and riots were not about the 13 minute flappy film at all but retribution for the July drone strike against Bin Laden’s #2 guy. The State Dept. and Military verified the kill, but Al-Quada denied it. August is the holy month of ramadan and our illustrious leader always celebrates it, and days after it’s conclusion, finally admitted #2 guys is dead and gone. We went days in the news of movie driven madness, now today it all has to do with the release of the blind sheik. I do not have a loud enough voice to be heard, and surely not one who should have brains enough to figure this out, but I did. It is not about the flappy film, it is not about the blind sheik, it is about the killing of A-Q #2 guy in July. They planned and waited and on 9/11 TWO, they struck Libya and killed our guys. O’s administration had 48 hour notice that it was not wise to have them there, but sent to Tripoli. Now, O’s folks are saying that is only a rumor shut up!!!! The flappy film thing is now lack-luster….so the blind sheik thing is in vogue. UNTIL TODAY….I ran across a post that carried a piece by Newt Gingrich who said exactly what I have been saying for many days. This is the first thing I have actually run across to support my opinion. In addition to this, Morsi had demanded that Obama repeal the first Amendment or else. He demands the release of the blind sheik immediately or else. So why is Obama so willing to see Morsi???? Only one answer…..Morsi and Obama are linked at the hip, thick as thieves. Not only is Obama a communist, Muslim, he is tied to the brotherhood up to his big flappy ears and Morsi is top dog now, and Obama knows the long arm of Morsi’s reach could wipe out his family before obama could blink twice. Obama is not only afraid of Morsi, he is afraid that HIS INVOLVMENT WITH THE MB, AND THE PLANNING OF THIS EVENT was intended to help him get re-elected, but instead, it is going to be his waterloo and ultimately he will be exposed for the traitor he is……the imposter president. Here is the main question….how can we make the newsmedia see through the sheik fiasco as another false lead, force them to review the killing of A-Q#2 and connect the dots at last. The frosting on the cake is linking Obama to the MB ties…..and slowly in bits and pieces it is one puzzle piece at a time….but the clock is ticking and this MUST BREAK BEFORE THE ELECTION…..because even the media will throw him under the bus for this one, and so will almost all the democrats in Washington except those in cahoots with him….and they will go down with him as will Darth Vadarette Clinton who has gone over to the darkside now, never to return!!! I can’t tell you how I know this, Craig, but I do. Newt’s report is so exactly what I have been saying and when the digging is done deep enough, the MB/Obama connection for him to win the election will be found. Slowly, it is all coming together for us, but falling apart for Obama. Now, like I said, he is scared…of Morsi and the plot he planned backfired and his pride is responsible for all of the killings, and death and destruction and madness. He didn’t count on the people who rioted would turn on him….he is one of them, he would stand with them….and he did, he was, and he has…….but he was still one thing they weren’t…half white and they let him be deceived into believing he was their equal….and he did their bidding. Now….he knows he was never, will never be one of them. This rock and a hard place has him trapped. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, an election to win and dark secrets to hide. Keep digging Craig and you will find the right buttons to push, connect the dots as I have and great will be the fall of this evil man forever. He will make Jimmy Carter look like a great president, not just 2nd worst….Carter just got a bump!!!! Take this story and run with it….do your thing….watch the roaches run and rats jump ship. I don’t want any credit for this, I want the man exposed and I know that I know that I know this is right. If I were not certain I wouldn’t say this, but I literally know I am right. Do your thing and put the puzzle together, you have all of the pieces, just make them fit and tell whoever will listen and take it to BREAKING NEWS!!!! Okay, my friend…….it’s all yours. I’m gonna keep telling this story as I have been. I repeat, I do not need any credit, don’t want it, just want the truth to come out and if any credit is to be given, give it to God for showing me the truth. Let Him get the credit, not me. Hugs, my friend <3 😉

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