Netanyahu Draws the Red Line!!!

Today, we saw leadership.

True leadership.

We witnessed leadership from the FRONT rather than from behind.

Today, at the United Nations, we saw Netanyahu.

The man I have referred to as the world’s last great statesman took the podium and gave the world a stern talking to, a lesson in history and, the man with whom Obama has refused to meet with face to face did what Obama has steadfastly refused to do.

HE drew a clear red line against the development of Iran’s nuclear weapons.

Over the last several days, Iranian leaders have threatened a preemptive strike against Israel if they feel threatened BY Israel and Obama, not wanting an armed conflict before the November election has strongly told Israel to wait regarding any attack.

Obama believes the absurd, that there is “Time and space for diplomacy” to work against Iran.

Netanyahu has asked the intelligent questions.

“Wait? Wait for what? Wait until when?”

Questions Obama refuses to answer.

In a letter to the People of Israel yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu said:

Dear Israeli Citizens:

“I am taking off tonight to New York, to represent the State of Israel on the UN podium. On the question of Iran, we are all united in the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

On the day that we pray to be inscribed in the Book of Life, the podium was given to the dictatorial regime in Iran that takes every opportunity to sentence us to death.

On the eve of Yom Kippur, a day that the Jewish people holds sacred, the Iranian dictator chose to call for our disappearance in public, with the entire world watching. This is a black day for those who chose to remain in the hall and hear these hateful words. In my speech before the representatives of nations at the UN General Assembly, they will hear our response.”

Today, at the U.N. Podium, Mr. Netanyahu made his case crystal clear.

The Prime Minister began by responding to Ahmadinejad’s comment that Israel has no roots in the region. Said Mr. Netanyahu: “3000 years ago, King David reigned over our eternal Capitol of Jerusalem”

He continued by explaining the Jewish history of displacement coming to the statement: “The Jewish people have come home…We will never be uprooted again!”

The Prime Minister then took on the current conflict between Islamists and the rest of the world by stating: “Today, a great battle is being waged between the modern and the medieval. Israel stands proudly with the modernity.”

He compared today’s situation, thinly veiling Obama’s desire not to draw a red line, with the events of WWII referring to how the forces of good, 70 years ago, waited far too long to get involved resulting in millions of deaths before triumphing over evil.

In this, Mr. Netanyahu is 100% correct and his meaning was clear. If the United States continues to offer more time and space for diplomacy to work, millions will die.

It was at this point that Prime Minister Netanyahu began discussing Iran and their nuclear ambitions. Regarding Iran WITH a nuclear bomb, Netahyahu asked: “Who among you would feel safe in the Middle East? Who would feel safe in Europe? Who would feel safe in America? Who would feel safe anywhere?”

With regard to time and space, Netanhayu stated, “The hour is getting late. Very late. At this late hour, there is only one way to PEACEFULLY prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons. Draw a clear red line.”

This, of course, is something Obama has refused to do so, Prime Minister Netanyahu, with the aid of a drawing of a round bomb, did it for him.

Mr. Netanyahu showed on the drawing that there are 3 steps in the enrichment of uranium for a nuclear weapon.

Step 1 is to enrich uranium to 70% which, according to the IAEA, Iran has already completed.

The 2nd step is to enrich uranium to 90% and, as Netanyahu stated, according to the IAEA, Iran is well into that step right now.

The 3rd and final step is one that take only weeks to accomplish and the uranium would be fully enriched to weapon’s grade.

Prime Minister literally, with a red marker, drew the line where that final step would begin.

At their current rate of enrichment, drawing the red line where Netanyahu draws it does NOT leave much time for Iran to come to their senses and to be frank, coming to their senses in Iran does NOT seem to be in their wheelhouse.

According to the IAEA, Iran could have a nuclear bomb in 6-7 months.

Iran has now been warned by a true leader. One who leads from the FRONT and one who is unafraid to say what must be said. In this, Netanyahu leaves little doubt that Israel will also do what must be done.

The ball is now in Obama’s hands and the question of whether or not he will stand on that red line is yet to be answered. If he agrees TO it, he is following the leader. If he does NOT, he stands against Israel.

This is a position which Obama never wanted to be in and could easily have avoided by leading himself.

He could have met with the Prime Minister. He could have agreed to draw a red line. He could have stood on that line and announced it himself 2 days ago at the U.N. but, he failed and failed and failed to do so.

Now, once again, on the world’s stage, against forces who only respect strength and resolve, Obama looks weak.

Mitt Romney, an unabashed friend of Israel and the Prime Minister, now has yet another opening.

Were I Mitt Romney, I would immediately state that I would work with the Prime Minister, stand on the red line he has drawn that Obama refused to draw, and, as President, would offer Israel any and every necessary assistance. I would make it clear that we, as a nation, are as willing to stand with Israel to achieve peace as we are ready to stand with them in battle.

Mitt Romney should also make it clear that, as president, should Iran cross the red line, it will be considered an act of war.

14 thoughts on “Netanyahu Draws the Red Line!!!

  1. obama wants israel to wait until after the election, becuz he KNOWS how it will look (and affect his chances on nov 6) when he forces america to stand down & not help our greatest ally…

  2. Obama is not concerned with this because once Iran removes Israel from the planet they will not need to come after America. The reason is that so many branches and agencies of our government are already infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. America is being weakened both economically and militarilly by Obama. In a second term Obama will submit America to Islam & the UN…It is their plan.
    I also believe that Obama would like to become head of the UN in the NWO.

  3. Since WW 11 America has bombed at least 20 different countries. Iran has bombed none. America does not make war with those who have nuclear capabilities and that is precisely why Iran wants that ability. Not to be offensive, but to head off the “war for peace” mentality of the USA. Who are we to determine who should have what military? Are we the leaders of peace or are we continually in a war? Ask yourself that. If it is not one on foreign land we create an invisible enemy right here. The war on drugs. The war on terror. We are catching on and not buying that crap anymore! Leave Iran alone. Treat them with respect, and if it is done with the same amount of energy that it will take to go to war with them, surely we would succeed. My god brothers and sisters. I could figure this all out at the age of 6. 40 years later I am still ashamed of our barbaric actions an thirst for blood. Two million dead Iraqi innocent women, children and troops. 5000 Americans. For what? Something we claim mysterious Saudis did to us with box cutters. That and 3 buildings wired for demolition which our government will not admit. I for one do not need their admission. It would be sour and without remorse. (if you think not, Google “Gulf of Tonkin”) It was just another False Flag. Wake up people. Leave Iran alone and let Israel make their own peace…and don’t tell me it can’t happen. That would insult me.

    • Bruce,

      You have lost your mind.

      Treat Iran with RESPECT???

      If we treat them with the same respect they show to Israel…We would be advocating WIPING THEM FROM THE MAP!!!

  4. I was a teen ager during WWII. I hate to see what the world has come to. !!!! I thought it was going to be a better place. I’m 83 and am glad I won’t be here in a few years, However I can Hope it will be a better place for my grandchildren, as it was for me.

  5. It goes beyond the threat to Israel. The distribution of small nuclear wepons to the rest of the radical Muslim world, is unthinkable. Remember, those people are willing and happy to die, while they are anihalating the rest of the world around them!

  6. April and all other lost souls,

    Ahmedinijad is the most dangerous man in the world. A muslim with nuclear weapons close at hand. Muslims don’t care about human life, they don’t care about their own lives. Hitler did not want to die, he wanted to rule the world. Ahmedinijad has no fear of death, his cult has him believing in 72 virgins at death’s door waiting for him. The goal of the muslim cult is to rule all of us. It is time we stop this madness. To say there are good muslims, they might be dormant muslims but they all know the koran.

  7. He says what are we waiting for..and he is right what are we waiting for? no country can trust these people and if it is put off any longer he will launch his weapons..these people are psycopaths.

  8. April,

    You sound very young and uninformed. There is a difference between those who want a way to defend themselves and those who want kill others. Iran is in the grips of mad men intent on destroying the world not just Isreal. Unless you have been in the mid east fighting these bloodthirsty individuals and had long conversations with them there is no basis for you to argue the point. Your arguement is without any merit whatsoever.

  9. April – when Iran finally gets the bomb and completes the delivery system – what do you think they will do with it?

  10. I, likewise, am compelled to ask: When has Netanyahu or any Israeli said they would like to wipe Iran off the map, throw them into the sea, annihilate them?? Do you really believe that the madman of Iran is merely concerned with self-defense? Your comment is truly puzzling.

  11. Savages need no self defense, when they get tired of killing each other, they will come after you, April !!

  12. I am compelled to ask this:

    What if the tables were turned, and he was drawing that line with the USA developing nuclear weapons? Would you then be saying how great his is (or anyone else that opposed our Right to self defense)?

    Do you truly believe others do NOT have the right to defend themselves? Ironically, that is what the King thought about his subject who no longer consented to his regime…

    • April,

      This is truly one of the most absurd arguments ever employed by Paulbots.

      When one country has, over and over again, threatened to wipe another off the map and is in the process of building nuclear weapons, The threatened country has a right and a duty to act.

      It’s just that simple.

      Iran is interested in using such weapons on OFFENSE and there can be no doubt that they would.

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