Liberals: Victims of Their Own Victimization


We all know that liberals love victims but, it goes much deeper than that doesn’t it?

Liberals NEED victims and where they can’t FIND them, they’re more than happy to CREATE them.

Were it not for victims, liberals would cease to exist. They’d dry up and they’d blow away. There would be no further need for them.

This has been their Mode of Operation for DECADES.

It’s no different today that it’s ever been.

Class warfare.

Those in the middle class are now the victims of the upper class. Just ask a liberal.

It’s those vicious greedy evil people who HAVE money but aren’t paying their “fair share” of the taxes that are the problem. Right? They have to cough up more, and more, and more…Don’t they?

Never mind that those making $250,000.00 every year or more are already paying 64% of ALL the taxes while accounting for only 29% of the people…THEY’RE not paying THEIR “fair share” are they?

Therefore, if you fall below that magic $250,000.00 income number…YOU…ACCORDING TO LIBERALS…ARE A VICTIM!!!

Illegal aliens.

Those who break the law by entering our country illegally are victims.

They don’t get the full on American treatment. They are being victimized by law enforcement. They’re being victimized by the education system.

Illegal aliens are being VICTIMIZED by laws which prevent them from getting a job without a work visa.

They’re DREAMERS aren’t they? Just ask a liberal. The only reason they’re here is because they want to say our Pledge of Allegiance and become doctors and engineers right? They’re Americans in every way they just lack a piece of paper…Right?

Of course, if our kids in school wear a shirt with OUR flag on it or have OUR flag displayed on their bikes…those Americans in every way except for the piece of paper illegal aliens are victimized all over again…Aren’t they?

Just ask a liberal.

The Black Community.

Talk about you’re VICTIMS.

Throughout most of American history, black people WERE victims. REAL victims.

While there still exists racism in our nation, it’s not at all what liberals want it to be regarding the black community but, that’s NOT gonna stop em from creating it where it doesn’t exist.

Black people comprise 12-13% of the American population BUT…Black people make up about 40% of the prison population because they are being unduly VICTIMIZED by whites. Right?? That MUST be the reason rather than actual crime statistics. Just ask a liberal.

Obama and Holder are victims because they’re black. THAT’S why conservatives don’t like them. It has NOTHING to do with their POLICIES does it?

Just ask a liberal.

Any act perpetrated against a member of the black community is automatically a crime and a racial crime at that. Just ask Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. No need to wait for a trial. Just ask the Duke Lacrosse team.

Black on black crime doesn’t count and black on white crime…Doesn’t matter.

Liberals have been making the black community better since 1964 haven’t they? Lifting them out of poverty, providing housing in the projects, affirmative action. Because they are VICTIMS they can’t make it on their own. Their incapable against the racisits.

Thank GOD the liberals have been there for them because without liberals, the black community would be mired in crime, drugs, poverty and high unemployment wouldn’t they? Well, except for those who decided to make it on their own, get  an education, maybe start a business.

Oh, they’re still victims, they just don’t know it…Just ask a liberal.


Women, it seems, are only victimized by conservatives. Just ask a liberal.

Lily Ledbetter was on stage at the liberal convention telling HER story of decades of victimization in the workplace. She was paid less than men where she worked.

It certainly wasn’t the fault of the UNION for which she worked. Unions love liberals and liberals LOVE the unions.

It was obviously the fault of conservatives.

NO woman can make it without the assistance of liberals. NO woman can break the glass ceiling without the help of liberals.

Just ask liberals.

Oh, never mind all those women who DO make it. Those who become doctors, lawyers, heads of corporations, open small businesses and the like. They don’t count any more than those who are elected to office UNLESS they happen to be…Liberals.

And women who stay at home and raise a family?

Well, they’re not VICTIMS…They’re just women who never had a REAL job.

Just ask a liberal.

The list of victim, in the minds of liberals, is nearly endless and, there’s a good reason for that.

VICTIMS are…ENTITLED to assistance. Aren’t they?

The only entity which is QUALIFIED to present that assistance is…THE GOVERNMENT. Right?

And it’s up to the TAXPAYERS to provide everything “victims” need. Correct?

Just ask a liberal who needs a thousand bucks a year for birth control.

Evil conservatives want to make government smaller. Evil conservatives want to CUT government issued entitlements. Evil conservatives want to push grandma over the cliff. Evil republicans want to deport illegal aliens instead of giving them in-state tuition.

Evil conservatives think, for some reason, that illegal aliens and dead people shouldn’t vote and that if one has to present a photo ID at the bank, the airport or at a store, they should have to present one to cast a vote.

Evil conservatives.

Liberals think that GUNS create victims but evil conservatives believe CRIMINALS do that.

Since 2012, states that elected evil conservatives have seen their unemployment rates drop, their tax rates drop and their state’s revenues go up.

States with liberal governors and higher taxes have seen their state’s unemployment rates remain as they were or increase and their states are still swimming in debt.

Evil conservatives.

More women and minorities were elected by evil conservatives to state and national positions than by liberals but it’s the conservatives holding women and minorities back. Right?

Just ask a liberal.

If you’re wondering why liberals seem so desperate facing this election in November, maybe it’s because their fictionalized victims are waking up. Maybe it’s because reality paints a very different picture than the imagination of liberals.

Perhaps it’s because evil conservatives, of all races and both genders, are seizing the opportunities afforded to everybody, opening businesses, making them successful, raising families, getting their education, running for and being elected to public office, understanding the economy, taking personal responsibility for their future and thinking outside the boxes liberals have locked them in for decades.

Maybe it’s because liberals are running out of victims of their own victimization.

One thought on “Liberals: Victims of Their Own Victimization

  1. Spot on patriot! As usual; and excellent commentary.

    Yes. I believe that liberals are, as you say “victims of their own victimization!” [Your apt words]

    The very nature of being a liberal these days is their political correctness house of cards built upon lies. They cannot be elected if they would say what they really think and believe. Hence, they lie all the time.

    I, somewhat expand upon this in one of my own authored blogs. Please allow me to post it here, as it will help to evidence my assertion:

    Democratic National Convention: Beware of liberals who claim to be the rank-in-file normal

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