During a presidential election year, there is one pressing question which must be answered. Especially if you are the incumbent.

Reagan was the first to pose the question and, in the closing months of the 1980 election, the answer propelled him to the white house over Jimmy Carter.

Today, that same question is being asked and the answers from the incumbent’s party are…


Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

It’s a simple question.

It’s a question which requires a one word answer.

Are you better off then you were 4 years ago?

Yes or…No?

Well, at least it seems like a straight forward question.

Early this morning, in an interview, Gretchen Carlson posed that question to Minneapolis Mayor Archie Ryback.

Rybacks response was stunningly confusing.

“I’m just the lowly Mayor of Minneapolis but, the good news is, I’m also a Mayor.”

Ryback went on to attempt an answer that was all over the board while trying to skirt the actual question so as to not give either a yes or no answer.

Mayor Ryback is not alone. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

All day yesterday, during the Sunday chats, one liberal talking head after another, one show after another, advanced to the desk and all but refused to answer that question.

Oh yes…They WERE asked…ALL of them but answer it?

Oh boy…

Many launched into an answer blaming Bush. Obama, they would say, inherited such a mess. Or…Because of the previous administration, things were much worse than Obama imagined.

Look, there’s plenty of Blame to pass around but…

That is not the question. Nobody asked “Who caused the problem?”

The question is…”Are you better off then you were 4 years ago?”

Some attempted an answer by trying to say things like, “Well, we’re now seeing job growth.” Or…”Well, we were at 10% unemployment and we have certainly seen that number drop.”


That wasn’t the question.

“Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?”

We KNOW the unemployment went to 10% but, we ALSO know it went there under OBAMA who told us he could keep it under 8% if only he were allowed to spend almost $1 Trillion dollars. He WAS allowed and…He DIDN’T keep it under 8% did he?

I really hate seeing people struggle with such an easy question so…Allow me to help.

That was exactly 11 months ago today.

What’s even MORE astounding than the spinning heads who try to hedge their answers by altering the question are those liberal/socialist pundits and bloggers who actually DO give a straight answer.

From “The Lion of the Left Speaks” blog just last Friday: “During his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention, Mitt Romney repeatedly asked the crowd if they were better off today than they were 4 years ago.  If this had been an audience of honest brokers, they would have answered in unison, “…yes we are!” “

I’ve heard that same reaction from liberal/socialist pundits in various interviews over the last several weeks as well and yesterday, the spinning head of Obama’s reelection campaign, Stephanie said it too.

Let’s examine that shall we.

When Obama took office, unemployment was 7.8% and today…8.3%.

So…If you had a job 4 years ago and you don’t today…You’re better off now than then?

When Obama took office, gas was $1.85/gallon. Today it’s…$3.89/gallon.

So…If you’re paying more than twice what it took to fill your take 4 years ago…You’re better off now than then??

When Obama took office the median income in the United States was $54,000.00 but today, it’s $50,000.oo.

So…If you’re making less today than 4 years ago…You’re better off???

If the bank owns the house YOU used to live in 4 years ago…You’re better off????

If you’re paying more for health insurance today than you were 4 years ago…You’re better off????

Obamacare institutes 21 brand new taxes making it the single largest tax increase in history and THAT makes you better off now than 4 years ago???

When Obama took office, the national debt was $10.6 Trillion dollars and, before the end of the liberal/socialist convention, it will be over $16 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

Better off now than then??????

Ask cities in California that have gone bankrupt is THEY’RE better off today than 4 years ago.

Ask the coal industry if THEY’RE better off now than 4 years ago.

Ask small business owners who DID build their businesses if THEY’RE better off today than 4 years ago.

Ask the 23 million Americans who are looking for work if THEY’RE better off than 4 years ago.

Ask retirees who have seen their savings dwindle if THEY’RE better off now than 4 years ago.

Ask today’s college graduates who can’t find a job and are living with their parents if THEY’RE better off today than 4 years ago.

Ask our Members of the Military who have had their every move telegraphed to the enemy if THEY’RE better off than THEY were 4 years ago.

Ask Brian Terry’s mom and dad if they’re better off than they were 4 years ago.


Hell no.

No way IN hell.


Americans are NOT better off than they were 4 years ago and that is exactly why the official liberal/socialist talking point is to divert the answer to the question as far away FROM the question as possible.

But look at it this way…

If Obama gets a second term…You can always say you are better off today than you will be 4 years from now.


  1. I’m better off then when I was under George Bush, in fact the world seems to better off, people can actually criticise the Feds without loosing their jobs, homes, Internet access, freedom of expression and nationality.

    No one is going to call you a terrorist hugger, unpatriotic, anti-Semitic, Commander-in-Chief hating God denier, just because you disagreed with the Commander-in-Chief during a war!

  2. The question was asked all day on Sunday and not one democrat could answer. Now they have been given permission to answer the question, a day late. They want to brainwash you to thinking “Yes” but really? The only ones better off are those that work for the government that got their automatic raises.

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  4. I AM NOT better off than I was four years ago….remember that giant sucking sound? well thats cash going from small business to the utility companies for the “necessary skyrocket” he was talking about. We have invested 50k in expansion, but will be waiting a while for the return….that is basically 500 more for bills a month….:(

    But my wallet is lighter so I guess thats all that counts huh? LOL

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