A Potato Will NOT Get Us All Killed

Back in 2002, we caught a Member of the Muslim world, Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda bin Qumu , in Pakistan and locked him up in GITMO.

He wasn’t there because he let his kid play in a cul-de-sac.

Well, Back in 2007, we let him go. We sent him to his home country…LIBYA…on the ONE CONDITION that he would be KEPT imprisoned there.


Now…Obama HAD to KNOW this on Tuesday evening when he appeared on Letterman,  as the report ON it was obtained by Fox News Yesterday.

And KNOWING this…he told Letterman and the world that, “The message we have to send to the Muslim world is we expect you to work with us to keep our people safe.”

I had to run that one back on my DVR and played it over and over again.

Did he REALLY say that?

Is that what he REALLY thinks???


“The message we have to send to the Muslim world is we expect you to work with us to keep our people safe.”

I am going to explain this as delicately and with as much insight as I possibly can. I am going to make this so crystal clear that even liberals stand an outside change of grasping it.

I am going to make this as nonpartisan as is humanly possible so that those independents who are, at this moment, undecided as to how to vote in November, can make a completely unbiased decision.

Here we go…

This is a potato. It is neither a red potato nor a blue potato.

This potato, in matters of politics, holds no slant.

It is…

A potato.

This potato, in many respects, is not all that different than our current president.

The potato has no verifiable birth certificate. Neither does our current president.

The potato has no verifiable Selective Service registration and, neither does our current president.

The same can be said of their respective Social Security card situations.

Neither this potato nor our current president have a thesis we can read nor have either of them ever released their college records.

Our current president will not be meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu this week and, in an odd coincidence, neither will this potato.

The potato has never run a business.

Our current president has never run a business.

The potato pays no mind to the constitution. Likewise for the current president.

And neither, as far as we can ascertain, has ever passed a budget.

There are some stark differences as well.

This potato has attended fewer Daily Intell Briefings than has our current president. HE has attended 44% of all the Daily Intell Briefings in the last 4 years.

This potato has attended…Zero.

When the current president does NOT attend the Daily Intell Briefings, he reportedly READS them. This means that 56% of the time, rather than ATTEND the Daily Intell Briefing, he READ’S the Daily Intell Briefing.

This potato has read exactly…Zero…Intell Briefings.

The current president has a Joint Chiefs of Staff to advise him on all things military.

The potato has NO Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The current president has a Department of State which advises him regarding all things diplomatic around the world.

The potato does NOT have a Department of State.

The current president has a National Security Adviser.

The potato? Nope.

The current president has traveled the world, watched news reports, spoken with various world leaders and is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces in what is clearly a time of war.

This potato has traveled from Idaho to the grocery store and then to my home where is resides in a bag contained within a closed pantry. It has never, even once, spoken with a world leader. It has never once, watched, despite the fact that it has eyes, a news report.

This potato is Commander in Chief of NOTHING regardless of war and peace of which it has no concept nor has it read.

Clearly, in the realm of world affairs, the current president, regardless of your feelings or beliefs about him and/or his performance on the job, exists on a much more well informed plain that does the potato.


And I can state this will full confidence…

The potato has no expectation, regardless of whether or not a message is sent, that the Muslim world will,  “work with us to keep our people safe.”

The ONLY conclusion which can be drawn, with 100% accuracy, is this:


There is a reason why nobody wants a fox to guard the hen house.

There are good reasons for not allowing blind people to drive the school bus.

Nobody ever offered John Dillinger a job as a bank guard and nobody ever asked Amelia Earhart for directions.

Things such as the above are regarded by thinking people, to be counterproductive.

THE REASON WE SHOULD NOT EXPECT THE MUSLIM WORLD TO, “work with us to keep our people safe,” IS BECAUSE…


Obama has a pattern of this and it’s as absurd as the potato comparison.

By telling Netanyahu to revert to Israel’s pre-1967 borders, he is entrusting Israel’s safety to the Palestinians, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Obama is entrusting the safety of American troops in Afghanistan to the Taliban “trainees” who have, so far, killed 51.

And now, 4 more Americans have been killed in Libya at the hands of those he would entrust to keep Americans safe.

Only somebody with fewer brain cells than a potato, would believe we should expect the Muslim world to, ” work with us to keep our people safe,” and only somebody with fewer brains that that guy would vote for him.

11 thoughts on “A Potato Will NOT Get Us All Killed

  1. ovomit isn’t stupid, he’s evil. Big difference. Edward, I love the idea of him having to do an apology tour of Israel and the United States of America. Starting with his lack of credentials…. better yet, everything he has ever said and done is based on lies. He is most definitely the Liar in Chief.

    Eva, I couldn’t agree more about your assessment of the rattlesnake. EVERYONE with half an ounce of intelligence knows you don’t EVER turn your back on a rattlesnake. Unless you really do want to die a very painful death.

  2. Obama’s Terrorist Philosophy; APPEASE THEM FIRST TRY THEM AFTER THEY KILL YOU. Mr. Obama you do owe an apology tour; you need to apologize to Israel, the Middle East, North Africa, the entire world and most of all the American people. Your divisive rhetoric has ignited the flames of hate every where you set foot or open mouth. May your christian God have mercy on your soul while your muslim brothers burn you in effigy.

  3. Where I come from, the smart answer is to kill the rattlesnake, cuz if u turn ur back on it, u may very likely get bitten in the arse!

  4. Saddly enough neither Romney’s (lets go kill em) approach not Obama’s (lets hold hands, and sing kombia) approach will do anything better then the potato in regards to our safety or liberty. There is no safe way to pet or poke a rattlesnake. But you can walk away.

    • Jesse,

      Walk away from al Qaeda???

      If you think that’s the answer…You are sadly mistaken.

  5. its clear to see he,s holding the door to america wide open for al-queda to come here and do their worst. also over there for the rest of them to wipe us from the rest of the world.we need to kick his ass out of the door and stop this insanity.then arrest him for treason against america!

  6. Obama is not stupid. This is willful intent to destroy America by any means necessary.
    People make a huge mistake in attributing his actions and inactions as stupidity. He is managing the decline of America. Some of it is managed decline, and some of it is due to opening Pandora’s Box and seeing what flies out. Whatever gets the job of destroying America done, he is for it and encouraging it at every turn. He is a Communist potato.

  7. What’s really scary is they will defend him and his lack of action. In fact they will applaud him for not jumping the gun. Look at the way some have attacked Mitt Romney for even suggesting anything else. We need leadership and this man has no idea of the concept.

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