11 Years Later, Remembrance and Forewarning

11 years ago, we were doing whatever we normally did on a Tuesday morning in September. We were at work or going to work. We were at school or on our way there. At home, maybe in a car, a bus or on a train.

Tens of thousands were on planes or ready to board one.

It was just another Tuesday morning.

Then, it changed.

The World Trade Towers. The Pentagon. A field in rural Pennsylvania.

Everything changed.

Nothing would be quite the same again.

We were saddened, apprehensive, scared and looking for a sign of hope.

In the most abnormal of situations, those were the proper emotions.

We were also shocked, stunned and in disbelief.

We shouldn’t have been. We should have seen it coming. We should have realized we were a target and it wasn’t the first time.

8 years earlier, the World Trade Center had been attacked and that attack, like 9-11, had been at the hands of the same murderous group.

Al Qaeda.

The Kovar Towers? That was al Qaeda too.

The USS Cole?

Al Qaeda.

They had been at war with us for a long time but we were not at war with them. 9-11 was the next step in their escalating reign of terror against the United States and we should have seen it coming. We should have but, we didn’t and we paid a very high price for being asleep.

After 5 years…10…11 years…Are we any more awake than we were on that Tuesday morning in September back in 2001?

Sadly, in some ways, we are not.

We should have seen Nidal Hasan coming in November of 2009 but, we didn’t. All the red flags were there but, due to political correctness, nobody was willing to step forward and blow the whistle. Hasan actions, his activities, his emails, his words…All should have been more than enough to have stopped him before HE opened fire.

Who were HIS friends? Who did HE talk to? Who did HE trade emails with?

Al Qaeda.

8 years between the first Trade Center bombing and 9-11.

8 years between 9-11 and Nidal Hasan.

And yet, surprise and shocked. Again.

So politically correct is this administration that they refuse to call the Ft. Hood shooting an act of terror. It’s workplace violence.

Have you seen Dearborn Michigan lately? Will we be stunned when the next terrorist attack is planed from there?

Not IF…When.

Obama issues a drone attack on al Awlaki turning the American al Qaeda terrorist into a grease spot on a highway in Yemen and what does he do next? He sends a letter of condolence to the family.

It makes you think, doesn’t it?

Last week, at the liberal convention, God was left off the platform.

A mistake? A simple oversight? Hardly. It was purposeful. It was on the agenda to remove God from the platform.

It was collective outrage from conservatives which forced liberals to put God back in the platform but that wasn’t the end of it was it?

When they brought it to a floor vote, they had to try not once, not twice but, three times and then, although there were as many yelling NO as YES and, amid boos God was added back to the platform. Because it was passed by 2/3 of the delegates?


Because the outcome was already visible in the teleprompter.

Stunning? That God had been removed from the liberal platform? Shocking?

We should have seen it coming.

The red flags were there and we should have seen it coming.

In the rubble of 9-11, during the days and weeks which followed, there stood a piece of the Trade Center in the shape of a cross. Responders gathered there day after day and prayed first to find survivors and then for the strength to do what needed doing. Family and friends of the lost too, gathered there or looked upon that artifact and prayed.

In the last few weeks, atheists have filed suit to keep the Ground Zero cross from inclusion in the 9-11 Museum.

It was atheists and Muslims who, last week, yelled NO and then booed God being put back into the liberal platform.

Should this come as a surprise? After all, it was the Obama administration which just couldn’t find room for first responders at last year’s 10th anniversary of 9-11 ceremony.

They also couldn’t find time for a prayer at that ceremony.

At a flag ceremony at Ground Zero one year ago, Michelle Obama, caught on camera, leaned towards her husband and asked, “All this for a damn flag?” When he smirked and nodded yes, the look of disdain on HER face was clearly evident.

Today, as we look back, 11 years to the day of 9-11, at the death and destruction and as Patriots remember those who were lost and those who rushed in to help…Many of which today suffer health issues from their time at Ground Zero…We find issues.

The Memorial at Ground Zero has turned from a place of reverence and retrospection into a playground of sorts. Parents allow children to run, yell and climb on the Memorial.

A place which should be respected, the site of thousands of deaths on that awful day, has, one year since its opening, become a place where people don’t care what happens.

If they don’t care what happens there today, can they really care about what happened there 11 years ago?

And even more disturbing is a recent report stating that Obama has only attended about 44% of his Daily Security Briefings.

In his first 1225days in office, Obama personally attended only 536 of those Daily Briefings.

While Obama, it is said, READS the briefing every day, it’s not the same as ATTENDING the briefing is it? There is no chance for feedback when Obama isn’t in the room. There is no opportunity for security and intell officials to gauge what the Commander in Chief wants or needs, if he’s not there.

Since 2011 through the 1st half of 2012, Obama has only attended 38% of the Daily Intell Briefings.

Since the bin Laden raid on May 1st, 2011…Problem solved?

Hardly. Just mop up work left to be done? Not on your life.

It was nearly 2 years ago that our Homeland Security Secretary, Napolitano, told us: “Homeland security starts with hometown security, and each of us plays a critical role in keeping our country and communities safe,” said Secretary Napolitano. “I applaud Walmart for joining the ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign. This partnership will help millions of shoppers across the nation identify and report indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to law enforcement authorities.”

With the Obama administration content with droning terrorists rather than capturing them for intell purposes, Obama himself attending fewer and fewer  Daily Security Briefings and remembrances of 9-11 being scaled down…The Department of Homeland Security has us looking for terrorists in the aisles of Walmart.

I will be accused of politicizing 9-11.

So be it because, when politics make us less safe and return us to 9-10-01 it needs to be brought to the forefront.

When those in our highest offices disregard our flag and show disrespect for the one entity that gives us hope…God…and actively tries to remove him from our American culture…It needs to be brought forward. Those who turn their backs on God and Country are not deserving of our highest offices and we, as Patriots, must vote them out.

As Patriots, we WILL remember 9-11. As Patriots we must never forget. As Patriots we will pray for those who were lost, for those who were there to help and for all their families and friends.


4 thoughts on “11 Years Later, Remembrance and Forewarning

  1. Excellent post, Craig. We have a Communist in the W.H.!! We must wake people up to the TRUTH~the Islamics/Muslimes are out to KILL us! Ovomit is helping them!! We MUST vote all those COMMUNISTS out of America! Our life’s depend on it!!

  2. The Obama’s don’t believe in what made America great, they have a different vision for America. Nobody should trust the Muslims!, we have no reason to trust them and people should wake up. God Bless all the victims and the soldiers we have lost since that terrible day 11 years ago.

  3. Not Al-Queda—–MUSLIMS! Leave us not be sucked into the belief that there are ‘moderate’ Muslims. We are in deep kimche here in the U.S. , on several levels. May God help us.

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