Today’s One and Only Convention Speech

Today, at the Convention, not much is going to happen. They’ll gavel in…Go into recess…And hit the cocktail parties because of the big storm.

All the speaker who were scheduled to orate today from the podium, have had their slots shifted and some, like the Governors of the gulf states, have far more important thing to attend to.

ALL the speeches set for today…ALL of them, ar postponed.

All but one.

I figured that, since the podium was open…

Why not?


Greetings to…well…nobody in particular.

I saw on NBC News a couple of days ago, where Neil Young died. This came as quite a shock to me and, I’m reasonable sure, to Neil Young.

It was Neil Armstrong who passed away but, to NBC…Really…What’s the difference? One was an American Hero who became the first man to walk on the Moon and the other is a guy who horned his way into somebody else’s band.

I’m sure NBC’s coverage of this convention will be filled with the same attention to fact as their announcement of the passing of Neil Young.

Here at this convention, over the next several days, we’re going to hear all about Mitt Romney and His plan for the future.

This is what sets us apart from next week’s liberal/socialist convention when we’ll hear all about…Mitt Romney and his plan for the future.

The liberal/socialists will tell you all about how “extreme” Romney’s plan is and for those who believe there is no difference between Romney and the Emperor, I urge you to pay close attention to the vastly different renditions of the Romney plan.

The liberal/socialists will tell you how extreme it is. They will tell you it takes America back to the failed policies of George W. Bush.

Well, I have read and listened to Mitt Romney’s plan. I have discovered in that plan, ideas that give more power to individual states. I have found ideas that allow us to tap our own energy resources which will put Americans to work, drastically lessen our dependence on foreign energy which will drop the prices at the pump and that puts more money back in American’s pockets.

I see in the Romney plan ideas that will strengthen our economy in respect to the economies of other nations like China where, instead of punishing American businesses, we would punish those who cheat by manipulating their currency.

In the Romney plan, I have found ideas that remove many of the regulatory measures that hinder existing businesses and make it nearly impossible for people to start new businesses.

Mitt Romney’s plan will close loopholes in the tax system and lower rates for…EVERYBODY. The last time that was implemented, revenues went UP, especially from the wealthy. I see in Romney’s plan a cut in corporate tax rates which will not only keep bigger corporations HERE but will encourage those who have left for countries with already lower rates to return to OUR country.

I see smaller government.

I see a stronger military.

I see less government intrusion.

And I understand that as power is returned to the states, it also returns to the people.

Like I said, liberal/socialists will tell you that these measures and ideas are…EXTREME and that they will take us back to the failed policies of George W. Bush but…

It seems to me that these ideas are no more “Extreme” than the idea that gave birth to this great nation to start with and they seem more likely to take us back a lot closer to the intent of the founders and framers than to Mr. Bush.

The real difference is, for those who still seem to think there is little, if any difference, between Romney and the Emperor, the fact that the liberal/socialists will be talking about…Romney…At their convention.

They will NOT be talking about how Romney and their Emperor are the same…They’ll be talking about how different Romney and their Emperor are.

What liberal/socialists, at their convention, will not spend much time discussing, is THEIR plan for the future.

They have had 4 years to make things better and, they’ve failed.

They can’t talk about how the Emperor cut the deficit in half, like he said he would, because he’s added more than $5 trillion dollars TO it. They can’t talk about how they didn’t raise taxes like the Emperor promised because, they passed the largest tax increase in American history.

They can’t talk about how they closed Gitmo, like the Emperor promised they’d do because, it’s still open.

They can’t talk about how successful their budgets have been because, well, they haven’t passed a budget in 4 years. As a matter of fact, the Emperor’s budgets have never garnered even a single vote in the senate…EVEN FROM HIS OWN PARTY!!!

He can’t talk, with any degree of believability, about American exceptionalism because, the Emperor spent a great deal of time APOLOGIZING for American exceptionalism.

Oh…They’ll talk about the “Do Nothing Obstructionist” congress but, they’ll conveniently leave out the fact that it’s thr republicans that keep passing bills and the liberal/socialists in the senate that refuse to bring them to the floor for a vote.

I’m willing to bet they won’t mention how their Emperor said that if he can’t turn the economy around in 4 years, it’s a 1 term proposition.

Maybe they’ll try to talk about the Emperor’s leadership abroad but really, leading from behind, his words not ours, is a lot like pushing a rope and so far, the only positive aspects regarding his “leadership” abroad have been in favor of our, and our allies, enemies.

Oh, the Emperor said that if he was allowed to spend almost a trillion buck he could hold unemployment under 8% but, low and behold, it went up to 10% and he can’t really say, as he did a couple months ago, that things are heading in the right direction because, unemployment just went from 8.2% to 8.3%.

The liberal/socialists can’t talk about how successful their energy policies have been either. One by one, green energy “investments” are going bankrupt with OUR money, he declined the Keystone XL Pipeline and gas prices and double what they were when the Emperor ascended to the throne.

The liberal/socialists will talk about Mitt Romney and his plans because “Hope and Change” was nothing but a bumper sticker attached to a “Cash for Clunkers” lemon.

While the liberal socialists try to convince people that we should not go back to the George W. Bush years, they will feature Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke…In the same room. Is THAT a good idea?

The former Horn-Dog in Chief and little Miss, I-Need-Taxpayers-To-Buy-Me-$3 Thousand Dollars-Of –Birth-Control-Per Year???

And they’ll roll out old Jimmy Carter because, one can only surmise, the last time the economy was this bad off, he was in charge along with their liberal/socialist party.

I wouldn’t put it passed them to try and resurrect the ghost of Teddy Kennedy…who actually WAS responsible for a woman’s death as a contrast to Mitt Romney who actually…wasn’t.

Let the liberal/socialists trot out the $10 million dollars of taxpayer funded vacations Michelle Obama who was never proud of her country until her husband was nominated… We’ll highlight Ann Romney.

Let the liberal/socialists trot out the Gaftastic Joe Biden…We’ll highlight Paul Ryan.

Liberal/socialists have the Occupy movement and the Unions…Conservatives have the Tea Party.

Over the next several days, at this Convention, we will highlight the issues.

Next week, at their convention, liberal/socialists will prove that they HAVE issues.

Thank you for your time, enjoy the Convention, stay out of the rain and may God bless the United States of America!!!

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  1. GREAT piece! Makes me wonder why it all has to be so difficult to understand for some!

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