The Image says it all.

Mitt Romney has officially chosen Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan to round out the Republican Ticket.

This is a GREAT choice.

Paul Ryan, the 28 year old wiz kid who became a Congressman from Wisconsin 14 years ago is now the 42 year old budget genius who will, in a couple of weeks, become the Vice Presidential nominee!!!

Yesterday, on Right and Wrong Radio with John Matthews, I said that, from the short, short list, if Romney wanted to refocus the dialogue and the discussion on the issues that matter the most in this election…The economy, unemployment, jobs and the deficit…Paul Ryan would be THE best VP choice.

While the Obama campaign flounder about trying to talk about anything BUT the issues…

A Romney/Ryan ticket will HAMMER on those issues AND on Obama’s FAILURES regarding those issues!!!

Paul Ryan has put forth budget proposal after budget proposal which have been passed by the house only to be referred to as DOA and put on dusty back shelves by Harry Reid in the senate and never voted upon there.

Contrast that to OBAMA’S budget proposals which HAVE been voted on in the senate and have NEVER RECEIVED A SINGLE VOTE!!!

Mitt Romney, in the 80 some odd days leading up to the election will highlight America’s future greatness while Paul Ryan will focus on Obama’s 4 years of economic failure.

That is a 2 front plan while Obama has…nothing.

Ryan also brings the Tea Party with him to the fight and THAT is no small feature. After the “Shellacking” of the 2010 midterm, the Tea Party has been gathering strength much to the profuse sweating of liberals and, as we have approached this 2012 election, Tea Party favorites are winning again in Texas and Missouri.

Now…The Tea Party is officially ON THE TICKET and that is going to bring people to the polls AND money to the campaign!!!

The choice of Paul Ryan, a bold selection for VP, also signals a quantum shift in the position of Vice President.

In Ryan, Mitt Romney has much, MUCH more than a possible president in waiting.

Paul Ryan will…WILL…help Romney GOVERN.

Am I the only one salivating at the mere THOUGHT of a Ryan/Biden debate???

This choice of Paul Ryan places a great deal of pressure on the Obama campaign in that respect. Will Obama stick with Biden who is a non-stop gaff machine known for the most inappropriate statements at the most inopportune times or will he make a change in the ticket reflective of his fear of Paul Ryan’s gravitas???

Paul Ryan is everything the Washington elite are NOT.

Paul Ryan sleeps in his congressional office and goes home to Wisconsin on weekends to be with his family.

Paul Ryan is a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment and is an avid hunter.

He’s an outdoorsman who likes to hike, camp and fish.

He’s frugal beyond belief.

Paul Ryan is a devout Catholic and a man of great faith.

He’s a family man.

And Paul Ryan has never been afraid to take on his opponents and that includes…Obama.

Liberals supposedly have a 298 page attack plan locked and loaded against Paul Ryan and that is because they fear him. As liberals feign joy at a Ryan VP choice, behind the scenes, one can easily suspect they know they are in trouble.

No doubt, liberals will attack Ryan for his Medicare plans but, nobody buy NOBODY understands the Medicare numbers better than Paul Ryan and liberals know it. Medicare, if left as it is, as the liberals want, will be gone in 12 years. Broke, bankrupt and gone.

It HAS to be reorganized if it is to be saved at all and no amount of Paul Ryan look-alikes pushing grandma off a cliff will change that.

In fact, the Ryan Medicare plane is the same that had been agreed to by democrats since the Clinton administration and it includes OPTIONS where people can, if they wish, sty on the plan they have today OR, move to a new plan which will lessen the burden on the budget FOR Medicare.

What scare the bejeebers out of liberal/socialists MOST about Paul Ryan is that he is aggressive and an attack dog but the difference between Ryan’s attacks and those coming from liberal/socialists is pronounced.

The difference is SUBSTANCE.

Paul Ryan can attack steadily and aggressively on SUBSTANCE…and substance is what Obama and his liberal/socialist minions have been running from like scared little bunnies.

While Paul Ryan is the budget genius, he’s anything but a one trick pony.

Paul Ryan is very well versed on foreign affairs and our military needs as well. Does he have foreign affairs EXPERIENCE?

Not much but, he KNOWS the faults, and there are many, in the foreign affairs approach of Obama who had NO foreign affairs experience when HE took office.

And what of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has been pretty blue for some time and Ryan has a wealth of campaign experience swaying independents and some blue dog democrats over the course of 14 years.

That TOO will work in the favor of a Romney/Ryan ticket as most will agree that this election, the most important since 1860, is going to hinge on independent voters.

It seems very appropriate that, to announce the ticket, it was done this morning in Virginia.

Virginia is the birthplace of the republic and will now be highlighted as the launch pad for reclaiming the republic!

The announcement took place at the Navy shipyard.

First, Romney, the establishment candidate, walked off the U.S.S. Wisconsin to introduce his pick for VP.

Then…Congressman Paul Ryan THE FUTURE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY…in a jacket but sans tie…strode to the podium and set the tone for the ticket’s vision and his role in to to the American people.

It’s simple really.


Friends and Patriots…We’re gonna WIN this!!!!!

6 thoughts on “THE TICKET IS SET…ROMNEY/RYAN!!!!!

  1. I am with the “Admin” in the above comment regarding the misreading of the opening piece……here’s the question which needs no answer: As it only seems to radiat from the left, Why is it that ‘some’ people can’t seem to fathom American english by actually reading and understanding it before they go off 1/2 cocked……? This isn’t just an example of (1) misunderstanding….it is the norm when it comes to Liberals bent on making ‘some’ irrelevant point with their “wack-a-mole” mentality…..
    My suggestion to the deaf ears: ((ATTENTION THE LEFT)). Try to accept the undeniable fact that we *DO* have an economic crisis in this country and work with those who are actually trying to address it…..*NOT* with the ones who can’t seem to figure it out. Regardless of any party affiliation.
    I *am* an Independent, and I approved this message. And I did write it myself… one helped me especially the Government!

  2. one thing that should scare the crap out of the democrats, AND the media, is that NOW the fact that congress hasn’t passed a budget in how many years(?) is going to be brought to the american public “front & center.” it can be brought up in any of the debates, and the MSM won’t be able to censor it out (as they can in any of the interviews, speeches, advertisements, etc.). the other side will watch their heroes (she said in jest) debate their opponents… and, that’s where romney & ryan have to force the other side to talk about the fact that the democrat-led house & senate never passed a budget; yet the GOP-led house did, and the dem-led senate still did nothing…

    i believe that ryan has the cahones that romney doesn’t… i don’t think ryan is the conservative he supposedly was… but, i’m better w/ this than any of the other potential candidates… (and i was really disturbed about rubio possibly being the one!)

  3. I am thrilled with Paul Ryans selection, my only fear is that the establishment will try to throttle down his attempts to attack Obama on all fronts, aka Sarah Palin.

  4. Ryan vs Biden?? That’ll be a hoot to watch! U bringing the popcorn, Craig??

  5. Just a small error to point out, Paul Ryan cannot be 28 years old and a 14 year veteran of the House of Representatives. He would have had to be 14 years old. Actually his DOB is January 29, 1970.
    I agree with the rest of your piece, I do hope Boehner can find someone as equally qualified for the vacant budget committee chairmanship.

    • ANNE,

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